Hokie Joker Wishlist for 2013 Football Season

I did this last year, coming up with a few things I wanted for the 2012 Season, Sadly I got none of them... so this year, my list is simple, even though some maybe a littel hard than others.
1. Overall, a better season/record. We were one ACC Win away from playing in the ACCCG. When you look at it there were a Few games we should have won: FSU, Miami (Especially Miami). we finished with a 7-6 Record. I'm sorry but that is not Virginia Tech Football. Things need to get better. Hopefully with the new hires we can do that...and this brings me to my next point...
2.Return to the Top of the ACC! Win games, beat teams you should. that's all i have to say.
3. NO DAMN ORANGE JERSEYS, ORANGE PANTS, NEON Whatever, NO HOKIE BIRD HELMETS (Except the Russell Athletic Bowl) NO GOD AWFUL CRAP.  Virginia Tech Branded Maroon, with Orange Accents. We look Intense in Maroon, we look Fierce in Maroon, and for that face. BRING BACK MAROON PANTS.  All we need is two Jerseys: White and Maroon, All we need is two pants: White and Maroon, All we need is ONE Helmet: MAROON. I was in utter facepalm when I found out my last game as a VT undergrad, Tech wanted to look like fairies in Orange Jerseys. Sorry, that's my rant about Uniforms. If you want opponents to fear you, Dress like a warrior.
4, Better Student Section. Last year was attrocious. Super Hokie and I tried to get OUR STUDENT SECTION, pumped up. but a vast majority of them in the north would rather tweet, or chat, or pass out, or show up late, or socialize, or tell us to "shut up" when we told everyone to get loud. IT's a Football Game, not a Greek Mixer. Act Like it, you don't like loud noises, do us a favor, don't go and give your ticket to someone who actually cares. 
My rant is done. That's just what i want. If anyone wants to send this to Beamer, feel free 
Much Love,

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I love going to football games and being loud... but... and maybe I'm in the minority here...

If someone standing next to me, who I don't know, tells me to "get loud", they are most likely going to get some type of sarcastic reply. Nothing personal.


Why not just get loud instead?

it was all in the north end zone

i thought those would be the loudest most pumped up students

Hokie Joker

I'm the same way. You can't yell at random people to get loud and expect them to obey you. People aren't wired to be subservient and starting to cheer at that point is basically conceding to the other person. Nobody wants to do that in front of their peer group, so it's actually less likely the person will cheer and more likely they'll be defiant. The best thing you can do is lead by example and contribute to an atmosphere that is exciting and contagious. If a large group of people is doing something, then becomes fun to join in and be part of the crowd. On the other hand, if a one or two guys are screaming at everyone else, those guys are going to look like jackasses and further ostracize other fans.

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In all of my years at LANE, I've never seen anyone look at one person or a small group of people and say get loud. Maybe just me though.

I'm usually pretty into the game even though I'm not really one to yell the entire game (my voice can't take it and I'd rather save it for critical parts of the game) so I can't remember having any major issues personally, but I've seen fans call others out to stand and get loud and it only causes tension. Some people just aren't there to be loud, but the bottom line is more people will get loud if they feel like they are part of something bigger. If most of their peers aren't making noise, they probably aren't going to start on their own.

Overall I think the cheers, chants, and traditions that are meant to bring the crowd together as part of the experience have gotten a little stale. Everybody loves Enter Sandman and "key plays" still work well too, but outside of that, we fall pretty flat. The Hokie Pokey is, for lack of a better term, completely hokey and most students aren't going to get excited over doing it (I certainly wasn't). The "block that kick" motion is no longer exciting since the death of Beamerball and big special teams plays. The stomping and arm motion for kickoffs is ok, but it doesn't involve anything unique or tied to VT (i.e. Clemson or Notre Dame's cheers on kickoff). Other than that we have Tech Triumph (which the crowd only joins for the "Go Tech," "H O K I E S HOKIES" and "Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi" parts) and "LET'S GO... HOKIES," which is a bland, cookie cutter type of cheer that you'll hear at any other school. "Stick it in" was unique and obviously a favorite of the students and kept them vested in the game during red zone possessions. I don't know what the exact solution is, but I am pretty confident handfuls of diehard fans in the stadium trying to will the rest of the fanbase to be like them isn't going to be a successful method for rebuilding the excitement and atmosphere from ten years ago.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Is it time?

Maybe there needs to be a contest for a new cheer? Something simple enough to learn yet unique, recognizable, and enduring for all time.

Do we really need an identifiable cheer or cheers? Do we already have one or more?

I think a good cheer should bring every Hokie fan of any age together to make some noise.

#Let's Go - Hokies

For starters

I wish the stadium did the Old Hokie cheer in unison at some point during the game. Does anyone know if this used to be a consistent part of the gameday experience? Literally the only time I ever heard it at VT was during freshman orientation. I think it's a great cheer and we don't seem to utilize it at all. Honestly I was confused when it was featured on an ESPN Gameday commercial a few years back since I never heard it on campus.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

In my 3 years in the student season ticket section...

I never once noticed a problem with a lack of loudness.

The nosebleed section of the south endzone is another story... damn lottery tickets. But that isn't the issue here.

That said, I do understand the point where people don't want to be told to "get loud". Just like I didn't like being told to "sit down and shut up" when sitting in the rich old alumni section in the west stands for one game my freshman year. Haven't ever sat there since, and will never do so willingly.

Not all alumni are physically able to stand for an entire game, or have the energy to yell for an entire defensive possession. Standing in front of them blocks their view if they have to sit.

I have no problem with Alumni telling people who come into their section (sections that they most likely spent lots of money to sit in) and act like children to "sit down and shut up".

We have student sections for that.

Wasn't "entire game" (at first). Wasn't blocking his view.

In either of those cases, I could understand, but not in this case. Let me paint a word picture for you:

FIRST quarter, FIRST play on defense, I'm standing and yelling. End of the first play, when it has quieted down a bit, a guy from 3 or 4 rows back yells at me, "Hey, sit down and shut the hell up". Not wanting to make a fuss, I sat down. Didn't make noise on 2nd down.

3rd down, I start yelling again. I don't stand up. I don't pull out my keys and start waving them around or anything. I just start yelling. After the play, the next thing I hear is the same guy yelling again, "Will you shut the hell up? I'm trying to watch a football game here."

I wasn't obstructing his view or anything, he still had a perfect view of the field. Only thing I could figure is that he was trying to listen to Mike and Bill on the radio or something. While that's not as bad as taking a Walkman to a rock concert, I thought it was mind-blowing how little energy there was on that side of the stadium, and how resistant they were to anything except sitting down and quietly watching a football game in one of the loudest venues in college football.

If I was physically blocking his view, I'd understand. If I was being drunk and belligerent I'd understand. If I was being loud and obnoxious beyond just making noise on defense I'd understand.

After that experience, I now competely understand why my dad has always bought tickets in the alumni section in the East stands, everyone is so much nicer and livelier over there. And I will personally never sit in the West stands again.

I don't understand why they spend those thousands of dollars each year just for the privilege of buying "great seats" in the West stands, if all they're going to do is sit there in the cold rain and watch a football game in silence, no different than if they could be watching it on tv anywhere. The atmosphere is, to me, the main reason to go watch a game in person, and they were trying to suck their section dry of it.

West Stands

I sat in the west stands this past season and while it was different from the student section, it really wasn't too bad other than people didn't understand the whole even/odd/separate section concept. Many times I looked at the student section and was disappointed, but I'm pretty sure there was a pretty long post on that during the season.

Just to Clarify

I meant the North Endzone. I know Alumni have their seat and they paid their due in the past and i respect them for that. but last years north end zone was terrible. I Thank all the Alumni, I thank the passionate fans. I'm not mad at all fans, just the ones that treat it like a greek social. I'm not trying to piss people off, I just want a student section that is passionate about the game, and not wondering what they are wearing downtown that night

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Can we add no more paper airplanes to this wishlist?

I hate those fucking things!!!! I say it's ok if we're up 3 TD's with less than 10 min on the clock, otherwise leave them in your pocket!!!

Twitter me

Well what's interesting is that was a direct result of the ticket office switching from physical tickets to "print-at-home" tickets. The paper that the print-at-home ticket was printed on becoming the airplane.

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ive got an awesome idea

lets bring back the stick it in cheer...and maybe get some first downs consistently so we do have something to cheer for!!!! i thought we were mediocore at least for the FSU game, but its hard to cheer for a team that manages to lose by like 20 to pitt...fans like a winning time and will get rowdy when we have something to cheer for, however we should also support our team through the bad (being a skins fan i know whats up) hopefully the next season when we're good we'll just be that much louder

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Bandwagoners like a winning team. Fans like their team regardless. There's a big difference. Win or lose, a real fan is always loud.

Agree for the most part, but nobody can reasonably expect a roaring stadium when our worst team in 20 years is either killing a team like Bowling Green, or shitting a brick against Duke (first quarter).

I am a die hard fan. For some reason I enjoyed watching this team even when they struggled. I just like Hokie football. While I went to every game and yelled at shitheads sitting down or being crappy fans I disagreed with all of the people blaming stuff on the current students. I'm sure there were thousands of bandwagon fans/students in the previous years, but they never went through a 6-6 regular season to distinguish those fans from the diehards.

I have no doubt in my mind that the stands will get better with the team, but the fact of the matter is that most people like to watch an exciting and winning team. That has been the case since Beamer started coaching in Blacksburg.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson