hokie NFL combine

the most overrated statically event there is but,
marcus with 4.4 and corey with 4.37 and painter dominating all around in his events yesterday

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I don't get how someone can be such an athletic freak like Marcus Davis and still give such little effort. A 4.4 at 233 lbs. is absurd.

Rip his freaking head off!

That sound you just heard

Was MD7s draft stock spiraling downward

We put the K in Kwality

way off

man the nfl network timing was way off, they had 4.4 for a 4.56

super duper senior status

It's a 10th of a second, and the clocks at the combine, while stopped electronically, are started manually. There's a ton of error in these numbers. Never really understood the excitement over them, myself. If a guy plays fast (and you can tell when you watch them play), then they're fast, regardless of what some guy with a stopwatch says.

It was a catch

I think to give scouts more accuracy, I think all players should do the 40 yards with pads and without pads. It is deceptive when somebody blazes through the 40 yards, and then looks to be a step slow when going up against veteran defensive backs. I think that is one way to give scouts/coaches/GM a better barometer of what to expect when they actually draft said player(s).

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.


With him doing so well in a lot of these categories, I still don't see how they have him rated so lowly. I know he will only be a 6th or 7th round pick at best, but I believe he has a lot more potential than that. Could be bias since I went to HS with him, but I hope he finds a team that can groom him to be top tackle.

I imagine he's low, because you're just drafting potential. Newsome had in no way polished him. It's a shame.

It was a catch

My point was that he was drafted solely on potential

He might have had slightly better measurables, but he was still only something like 2nd team all-ACC.

ratings are old

Pretty sure they were showing these same ratings numbers before the combine started. And the writeups sound like they were written before last season and then given a quick update to include the latest stats.