Thursday Night Game

So David Teel is reporting that we might not not have a Thursday night game this year
"#Hokies have hosted a Thursday night football game each of the last 11 seasons. Believe that streak is about to end."

If this happens,
a) I'll be really pissed, because I want a Thursday nighter my senior year. Also, Thrusday Night games have kinda been our thing for over a decade, and it would be a shame to lose that tradition for even one season.
b) I really hope we somehow get College Gameday in town. I don't know if any ACC matchup will warrant this, but it would be nice to have a national broadcast from Blacksburg (rather than just Atlanta). I guess I'd settle for any sort of national exposure (random Saturday night game, Friday night game), but think the chances for that are slim with the best team coming to Lane Stadium being UNC.

I give this thread about 3 hours till the full schedule comes out and Joe makes a post about that. Till then, what are your thoughts?

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I think you were correct about Joe's post.

Party Positive.

Sorry for wrecking your thread.

I actually checked the board first and didn't see anything, and then after I posted I did. I had spotty internet service and only my phone handy so I couldn't un-publish.

Haha I think 3 schedule-related threads are enough. And I did the same thing, no worries

RIP Stick It In

need... more... footballlllllllll

Ironically, that gif pretty much sums up the state of the 2013 schedule.