Gayle is staying

Gayle just tweeted confirming he will stay for his senior season. Now all we need is Logan!

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nice! just saw it too, our d could be lights out next year. i think logan may wait to see what happens with the offensive staff, but i really hope he stays too

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!


...this is exactly how I felt last year before the season started. We really came together towards the end of the year, but man.... the start of the season was just...rough. I'm going to hold my tongue this year and see how things play out. But, GOD, do I hope we play lights out every game.

The tweet

Here's the tweet:

Can we go 3 for 3 with Logan?


"I got a low draft grade"..

either way, this year could really benefit him (and the team as a whole). I think he has the potential, especially if he plays every game like the Clemson game. I think Taji is still looking over his shoulder wondering if Gayle is there.

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I agree with this to a point...Gayle is the type of physical freak who would soar up draft lists after he ran a 4.5 at the combine. I think he could have gone in the 2nd round this year. Not that he can't run a 4.5 in next year's combine, and do it then, though.


How do you do that?

I was gonna post the tweet but had no idea how to haha but yeah I was 95% sure Gayle would stay. I mean we are bringing back pretty much the same defense next year. They are only going to get better. I could only see Gayle getting better next year, where as for Logan, i think it depends on the staff changes like you said that will determine whether his stock goes up or down

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If you expand the tweet, then click on details, then click embed it will give you the link and you just copy and paste it here.

I thought he went through stretches where teams went out of their way to stay away from him, but he has to be more productive given the skill set and measurables that he has.

And there is absolutely no way you can convince me that he didn't come to fall camp a bit to heavy. I think it contributed to his early injuries and the coaching staff's frustration with him. He defintely wasn't in top shape based on my eye test.

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I saw a picture in a t-shirt, thought the same thing. I think he'll be on top of it this year.

only words for this...



Also sources are saying Lacy and Milliner are declaring for the NFL Draft. I'm cool with that

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I want no part of Lacy.

Bane Gayle

gayle to mccarron after the first blindside sack: "victory has defeated you"

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Looking forward to another year of twitter trashtalk from @JGayle99

Things are falling into place #BEATBAMA I am really excited to watch our defense next year!

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

So pumped to hear this.

We need as much defensive help as possible next year. I think many of us are smart enough not to think a new OC is going to come in and fix everything overnight because there will probably be some serious growing pains (personnel, coaching style, scheme, program culture). However, the disparity between offense and defense in Blacksburg has been SO glaring for SO long that I think we all have visions of this new OC (whoever he is) being a savior, and that will lead to lofty, and possibly unrealistic expectations for a big part of the fanbase. The reality is that we need the defense to carry the water through the early part of our schedule in 2013 so we can have a shot at an ACC title later in the year. Gayle staying is a big step towards making that a reality.

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Haha beat me to it! Bleacher Report's Teamstream has done a great job

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