VT 75, BC 86

Quick thoughts: We shot better than them, out rebounded them, and they only made one more 3-pointer than us, so how did we lose?

They scored 29 points off turnovers. We scored ZERO. They had five turnovers and we had 17. We were sloppy with the ball and it cost us the game. Our defense wasn't the best, but when you give a team more opportunities to score, they will take advantage of them.

Boston College scored 42 points in the paint; keep in mind that was a team that predominately shoots threes. I think we miss Victor Davila. Everyone used to give him a hard time, but he was the defensive presence we needed.

If the Hokies want to get back to winning, I think we need to try and outscore the opponent, rather than out defend them. The coaches have tried every defensive drill in practice and it hasn't worked. Our defense at the beginning of the year was no better than it is now. The difference was we scored. During the seven game win streak, Robert Brown averaged 13.4 ppg. In the past eight games he's averaged 7.85. Jarell averaged 17.14 ppg during the win streak, and 12.37 the past 8 games. That's over 10 less ppg combined. Not only is that 10 less points, but the defense doesn't have to respect the outside scoring threat, making it tougher for the big men to score. Our success for the rest of the season will be determined by how Jarell and Robert play. Who knows, maybe Marshall Wood comes back and provides the spark we need too.

Point Guards: Erick Green got his points, like always, but did a great job finding his teammates too. He racked up 9 assists, and managed to get others involved when the defense would collapse on him.

Marquis Rankin started last night in place of Robert Brown. He made a three, but was out of control for much of the game. When he drove to the basket, he would throw the ball at the rim as hard as possible, and hoped it would go in. Not surprisingly, that didn't work. We had him cut to the basket all night and tried to get him the ball. That works with Robert, but how is someone 5-10 going to make the shot surrounded by 7-footers?

Shooting Guards: Robert Brown did not participate in the game due to illness.

Will Johnston hit a three-pointer in the first half and had a nice and-one in the second. Often times he was open in the corner but his teammates didn't trust him enough to pass him the ball. When he did get the opportunity, he knocked them down.

Forwards: Jarell really struggled to find his shot in the first half, going 2-8. Like all good shooters, to get out of a slump, they have to keep shooting; he did exactly that, and finished 6-9 in the second. He looked confident late in the game, and we can hope that transfers over to Saturday.

C.J. showed more effort, which was nice to see. He's extremely athletic for a big man, and has unlimited potential. I hope to see him improve even more.

Christian Beyer has been the second best player on the team since he started getting minutes. He led the team in rebounds, and was perfect from the field. Six points and eight rebounds from a walk-on in ACC play is more than I could ask for.

Centers: Cadarian didn't box out, and hardly had an impact on the game. We need production from our big men, especially when our starting shooting guard can't play.

JVZ seems to have one big dunk every game. He uses his height very well, but still needs to bulk up more. I would love to see us run an actual pick and roll with Joey and Erick, not just use the pick as a way to get Erick an open shot. They usually double team him which leaves Joey open. JVZ's free throw stroke looks nice and I'd love to try a pick and pop with him too.

Stat of the Game: Boston College scored 29 points off of turnovers.

Mike's Player of the Game: Erick Green. Shocker, right? I wanted to give it to Jarell for his great second half performance but he had five turnovers, which contributed to the loss. Erick had 24 points with 9 assists, one short of his career high.

Our guys need a win bad. Going into BC I thought we would get it but having Brown sidelined affected us. Hopefully everyone is back and healthy Saturday when we take on Georgia Tech at 2:30.



Agree with assessment on Beyer. Right now he is the most consistent interior team member on the floor. He blocks out and rebounds, defends well (let one guy get baseline last night and I don't know who is at fault with those crazy post double downs in the paint), passes well, doesn't turn it over, and shoots decently. He'd be another Tyler Hansbrough if he were 4" taller but he isn't and that speaks to the talent level of this VT team. With the exception of the final few minutes of play when he was in the game Tech mostly closed on BC and when he was out we fell back. I hate to say it but he deserves to start and needs to be given a scholarship for the year if he hasn't gotten one already.

Green would be averaging 5 or 6 assists per game if our guys could finish. Beyer works his butt off and deserves all the playing time they give him. Eddie has just been pressing, but he seemed to turn the corner in the second half yesterday. JVZ is still as soft as they come inside, hopefully he gets better.

Rip his freaking head off!

JVZ did have a poor game yesterday but I still think he'll end up being more useful than Raines and Barksadale. Eddie did play a solid second half yesterday but he's still turning the ball over waaaayyyy to much. Beyer and Johnston both contributed well yesterday on offense but continue to be defensive liabilities simply because of size/athleticism. Beyer was guarding BC's best player for a solid portion of the game- no surprise that he put up 26 points and shot 65% from the field.
This teams looking at a max of 2 or 3 wins in the ACC in my opinion.

I think we're also missing Dorian Finney-Smith.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.


Dorian would be a HUGE help this year. He's a great rebounder, good defender, and his offense continually developed last year. He would be our best big man and leading rebounder this year. While he may have started off slow in his freshman year, he's going to be a solid player for Florida.

Forget about Finney-Smith, I wish Harrell stayed committed to us. He's a big contributor for Louisville right now (which means he would be starting for us without question).

Rip his freaking head off!


Didn't Finney-Smith go 0 for 25 last year? Are they wearing down already? Need to go back and watch the OK State game, they are a good team that we beat by 10 points. They beat NC State by 20. Confidence and a load of enthusiasm is needed.


Watching the games it seems that most of the time we are still standing around the 3 point line with our hands in our pockets waiting for things to be handed to us.

Allen Chaney

Considering the need is for a big body and someone that can shoot, Chaney is one of the biggest misses this season. Averaging a double double at High Point the last time I checked.

Someone threw out Tyrone Garlands name out the other day as a joke, but he is killing it LaSalle and would probably be better than Rankin at this point. Rankin needs a full period of not being injured and not having family setbacks to recompose and be the player he should be.

We are known as a fast paced team but, that is in transition. If we get caught in a half court play based situation it seems that there are very few plays being ran if any. It still looks like last years stand around the 3 point line offense to me.

I honestly think the biggest difference between now and when we were winning is three point shots.

It seems that every game some guy on the other team, or just the team as a whole, has a career night from behind the arc against us. It's that double team down low that does it most of the time. They just kick it back out and swing it around and then our rotation isn't nearly fast enough to contest the shot.

I think this also leads to our rebounding problem, once we rotate to try and contest the shooter, nobody is inside so it's easy pickings for the offensive guys underneath. I love JJ, but sometime don't you have to say, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't let these guys get so many easy looks from out there?"

But the pace does hurt us to, I did like the pace in the second half of this game though.

I would love to switch back to the 2-3 zone. I know it doesn't necessarily help our 3 point shooting defense, but it should keep a lot of guys out of foul trouble and allow Beyer and Johnston to not be complete liabilities on defense considering they're going to have to play now.

Rip his freaking head off!

2-3 zone

The 2-3 is also much more difficult to rebound out of which is already a huge problem.

I would like the idea of switching into it once in awhile to give a different look. But I don't want to implement it as a majority of our defense just because we have a few guys who aren't as athletic.