Zbig Kepa, William & Mary OC resigns after 31 years

Saw this on coachingsearch.com. He is leaving to pursue other career opportunities. Seems he did well at W & M, and was loyal. Seems odd for him to just leave to pursue something. Definitely caught my eye...

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His name alone...

should be worth 25 yds/gm, LOL!


he actually averaged about 400 yards per game. He also did some good grooming on QB and wide receivers.

Anyway, thought it was awkward that he would all of a sudden quit like that, after spending that much time there. There were no other coaching changes.

Made me wonder if he was somehow related to VT. Could be the OC or a positions coach.

The offense has been a tire fire the last few years

I'm glad changes are being made, and I hope Laycock goes outside the program for replacements.

William and Mary was 80th something in FCS total offense this year, just sayin' ...

have you seen some of the other prospects people are bringing up? haha, they don't seem much better...