Bama fans' response to Scot Loeffler hire

I was fiddling around on the Alabama fans' forum site called They have a forum going discussing their views on our OC hire. Surprisingly, around 50% of the posts are somewhat supportive of our hire and of our program itself. Needless to say, the other 50 is not so friendly. One encouraging nugget that I have gained from this site is a somewhat confirmation of what I have assumed. Many stated how Loeffler's career at AU is an inaccurate representation of his talent due to the Chizik choke hold. I came to this assumption a couple of days ago after a bit of research but it was good to see that some loyal bammers agree. Others also commented on how Logan will be the biggest QB they have ever faced and that Loeffler could potentially find success at VT. Most, however, were very confident.

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They definitely look at Logan Thomas and see last years version, and not the potential he showed his first year. Hopefully their team underestimates us as much as most of their fans do. Not saying I don't understand it, they have won back-to-back national championships.

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i saw alot more hating on Tech than praising for my taste... Way to much Logan bashing for me!


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Let them bash Logan as much as they want

Come 8-31-13, they'll be wishing they had watched his 2011 game film instead of his 2012 game film. #BEATBAMA


I sure hope you are right.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster


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The more Bama fans who think we're shit the better, because when we are 1-0 on August 31st, we'll either get mass respect from Bama fans or Bama fans will spend the entire season bitching and moaning about how we were the only team keeping them out of the NC.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

We will beat them and they will still probably end up in the NC....I can hear Mark May now making the case for a 1 loss SEC team over an undefeated VT, regardless of the fact that we beat them already. That's how teh SEC rolls....

No way in hell a one loss Alabama team (with that loss being Virginia Tech) makes it to the NCG over an undefeated Virginia Tech team. If it's that exact scenario, then we would be voted in over Bama, just on the fact that we beat them head to head. At least that's what I would expect to happen.

EDIT: I know you're probably not really serious in saying that either haha


Just a couple years ago a one loss SEC team that did not even play in the conference championship gets into the NC game in a rematch of the game they lost.

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But the team that beat them was unbeaten

and got in too. His point still stands, in my book.

Though I doubt it happens

I can see Mark May saying that too ("well, Bama plays in the SEC and that makes them better than any team in the ACC, even if Bama has five losses"). I get it that he hates VT from his Pitt days and from our defection to the ACC in 2004 (which he cannot criticize us for anymore since Pitt jumped ship as well) but he really needs to keep it out of his reporting.

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Well, we'll just have to beat them twice.


Nervous Confidence

I will be on pins and needles until August 31st. Trying to be optimistic. Overrated.


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I have 3 favorite teams. VT, Kentucky, and whoever the hell is playing Tennessee.

Couldn't of said it better myself


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I hope

Throughout Saban's career at Bama, he has made a point not to overlook teams. Even teams like Western Kentucky and Florida Atl get their A game. I think it would be foolish to assume that Bama will show up underestimating us. I'm hoping that we put up a fight due to our own talent. If Scot Loeffler is the QB guru that many are claiming, a consistent LT would give us an advantage. Foster won't let last year happen again and should have a solid game plan to protect against the run and get pressure on AJ. And if Jeff Grimes is OL coach, I think we will see productivity out of our line that we haven't seen in a while.


agreed on Saban. What will

agreed on Saban.

What will happen though are gratuitous camera shots of their fans in disbelief sitting in the stands watching their team staring down 0-1, all because they underestimated us.

Right now

Saban is the best prep and game day coach in the country. That motivation you pointed to is key: not only can he get his team up for LSU but also Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky. It seems as though he makes it a point of emphasis to discuss pride in wearing the Alabama uniform- a point which more coaches need to make. I hate the guy as a coach and loved the fact he bombed in the NFL (that 9-7 was with Wannstedt's team which had nearly won the AFC East not three years earlier) but do respect him as a college coach.

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Bama has fans?!? Noooo :)

On a serious note, from what i saw it seems most of their fans so far find it amusing. But they obviously dont know what its like to have an offense that has been so horrible for so long. A couple give Scott L. the benefit of the doubt for not being successful at Auburn.



They may be acting somewhat civil on that forum but I can barely stand to look at twitter. Stay classy, stay classy... If we don't beat them (staying optimistic) I sure the hell hope someone can knock them off their high horse. Keep on underestimating us and knocking us for hiring Auburn's OC. I do believe we are looking into Grimes too, who I might add was OL coach when they beat you. Aren't mentioning that, are you?

"Tyrod, looking desperately, now throws it deep, has a man open, CAUUUGHT! Danny Coale, all the way!"

I have 3 favorite teams. VT, Kentucky, and whoever the hell is playing Tennessee.

Let's do what the golden domers could not:

Beat the mobile homers!

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We'll just need to keep Jack Tyler...

...from being catfish'd.

They are choosing to forget the recent past when in 2003 they went 4-9, in 2004 6-6, and then broke through in 2005 going 10-2. Big turnarounds can happen they just are forgetting because of recent success.

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Bama mindset

Bama fans are great at forgetting past failure. I live here in the state and I know the way they think. It is a little easier for us to continue to acknowledge our shaky history because we have yet to truly capitalize with the talent we have been fortunate enough to put on the field. Bama fans on the other hand, live in the present. For now, they are the best team in the nation and in their minds, its not changing. I hope our team and fans can come in with a mature and realistic attitude towards the sport and respect our history and Bama's history and treat game 1 of the 2013 season like the blank page that it is.


After Russell Wilson's (804!) last game in the playoffs, he immediately started watching film in preparation for next season. That's the kind of story I'd love to hear from our players!

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Rockin in The Bakken.
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Here's some thoughts from a Bama customer of ours

We have a customer based in Alabama and he's a Bama grad, so we always talk football. I sent him an email asking his thoughts on the Loeffler hire and here's what he had to say. Nothing groundbreaking, but about as biased/logical as it gets from a Bama fan:

As for the Scott Loeffler situation, I’ve included a link below to the Birmingham newspaper’s coverage of his VPI hire…you may get some good insight reading the comments; or you may want to Google one of the Auburn fan websites or message boards and see their reaction.

All I can tell you from my perspective on the opposing side of the aisle is former AU head coach Pat Dye apparently convinced Chizik that in order to slug it out with Saban instate, he had to go to the same power football offense, even though he had spread players recruited by Gus Malzahn before he left for Arkansas State…that said, Loeffler was probably dealt a bad hand he couldn’t win with under any circumstances……but you can’t look at things in a vacuum. Awbarn (as we call them) had all kinds of internal problems, dissension within the coaching staff, lack of discipline/arrests among players, to the point the program imploded on itself.

All that to say it’s hard to judge Loeffler by this past year. I’d look at what Temple did while he was there as a better barometer of his ability to develop players, draw up an offensive strategy and make game-day calls and adjustments on the fly….here is the article:

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That is encouraging

Having numerous rival fans praising him is enough for me. Even if his team did go 3-9.

I find it some what comforting that even as horrible as Auburn was last season they were still able to produce RBs (2 RBs i think) that averaged like 5-6 yards a carry (dont know the actual stats just going off memory from somewhere i read). Thats pretty good in the SEC, in my opinion. But im sure there are some other variables that led to this; however, still better then our production at tailback. If i am Edmunds/Harris/Coleman i am excited and working my tail off right now in the off season.


Now or Future?

A lot of you guys are posting and saying that this coming season with all these changes will be a good year? Do you think that with all these changes, we will come right out and be good? No settling in? Learning (not really a new offense per say, but a different offense) with a different guy calling all the shots. I know defensively the talent is there, but I have a hard time believing that just after one spring and a some fall practices that we will have some amazing OL or that LT with be back in prime form. I definitely feel that these changes are better for the future, but realistically how effective do you think we'll be next year?

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Honestly, I expect some significant improvements.

As far as the line goes, I expect our new coach to start teaching technique and holding game film sessions, a few things Duane Brown said he never had until the NFL.

As for the quarterback, if LT3 could regress that much in one year's time I expect him to be able to get back to his 2011 self, if not better, with the proper coaching.

As for the offense as a whole, I don't expect much to change regarding the playbook. Maybe a few extra looks, potentially some new blocking schemes for the offensive line, but not an immense overhaul. Something else I expect is improved play calling. A lot of what we have seen on that front for the last few years has been atrocious.

I'm not asking for a complete shift in our offensive paradigm. All I want is for it to operate smoothly. And I think that is a reasonable request in one year's time.

Perhaps some of our execution issues were due to too...

large of a playbook...seems like I've read that BS put a high importance on surprise and variety. Not surprising that an inexperienced group of players would be confused and overwhelmed if that was indeed the case. Maybe SL needs to simplify that playbook.


Tech will improve, for sure

Look at what Loeffler did at Temple, at what he was able to accomplish in one year after the entire coaching staff was changed. They had a darn good offense and if Tech averages 30 points a year and finishes 7th in the nation in rushing, I believe Tech will win the ACC.

Heck, if it wasn't for the fact that Frazier is one of the least talented throwing QB's in all of CFB Auburn would have done just fine. Seriously, that guy was AWFUL. Just watch the game tape. Frazier made the wrong reads, couldn't make the throw on many correct reads, and couldn't run in between the tackles when asked.

There's a reason the Auburn O sucked in 2011, and it held true through 2012. There's only so much a coach can do when his X's can't beat the other teams O's.

But forget the passing game, look at what Loeffler was able to do with the rushing attack in one season. He put up pretty good numbers against the SEC... with a team that couldn't force defenses to respect the Pass.

Tech has at least twice the talent on Offense that Auburn did last year. Loeffler will improve the O and, in conjunction with Foster's D, will improve Tech's record.