Huge respect for Stinespring

This is not a joke, and I am not trolling.

While it remains to be seen how the dynamics of the coaching staff play out with the changes, it took a tremendous amount of courage for Bryan Stinespring to accept his new role under Frank Beamer.

I'm sure a couple of you will make some snide remarks along the lines of "Of course he accepted it, no one else would take him." To that, I say No Way. Stiney is one of the best recruiters on the staff, and he is a tremendous asset for that alone.

But in order for Stinespring to stay on board, and for this situation to work, he essentially had to look Scot Loeffler in the eye and say, "The Virginia Tech offense is yours, and, when it comes to coaching the players on offense, I work for you."

That actually takes balls.

So, Coach Stinespring, I tip my hat to you.

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Confirms Suspicions

That Stiney actually is a great guy. A great OC? No. It's nice to see that he'll still play a big part of the team in recruiting.

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I see what your saying but at the same time, I think Stiney may be relieved and actually kind of happy that he doesn't have to man the offense anymore and be the butt of our jokes/criticism. So yes, he's probably not the happiest that he got demoted but he probably doesn't hate it either.


Way to man up and know your role! Lets hope that there is no hard feelings on the staff. I.e. my allegiance is with _____.


I mean, if Stinespring actually approaches this as a student of the game and the offense clicks, this provides him with a great learning opportunity to see how to correctly run an offense. There may come a time where we are fighting off other schools because they want him to run their offense.

i agree 100%. stiney definitely had to swallow a lot of pride to make this work. dude must seriously love virginia tech. i totally have respect for that.

now lets get out there and get a te who can catch and block, not one or the other.

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Classy move

It was also a classy move by Beamer to take the time to point out Stiney's impressive recruiting record, including Kam Chancellor, David Wilson, and many other NFL contributors.

Devil's Advocate

VT needs Stiney to recruit the 757...
Stiney needs a I-A paycheck...

I'm sure he had to swallow some pride, but this is a 100% business decision on both accounts.

I've met Stinespring before and he is a really nice guy. I'm glad we can keep someone like him as a recruiter. OC was not his calling, though.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

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Point on, friend. I personally have never met the man, but I hear only great things about him. He carries a high moral-code, likes NASCAR, is loyal to VPI, eats country grits on Saturdays, and loves Jesus. If I'm a parent of a high school recruit, this is the kind of guy I want my son playing for. Kudos to the Beamer clan for recognizing his intrinsic value and making room for Stiney. He's rec'd a lot of flack over the years, but what he accomplishes for us on the front end--earning the trust in family living rooms across the eastern-seaboard, pays dividends year after year.

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Good guy

I've met him as well, fixed a tv for him actually. He is a very nice guy along with his wife. You also have to think that he's been in Blacksburg a long time. He has a family. I know his son is a pretty good player at Blacksburg High and he has a couple daughters. I think he wanted to stay here for the family aspect as well. I know he was basically hated as OC, but I always felt bad for him because I know how nice of a guy he is. I know it's a business, but I guess i'm just soft haha

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Can you imagine what that kid in high school has said to him going to school in Blacksburg by hardcore Tech fans? Wow... Feel bad for him.

But agreed, Stinespring is a good guy and a second-father to some of our guys. I am glad he is staying on the staff someway. You can tell he really does love Virginia Tech or else I believe he really would have left by now with the way he has been treated.

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I'm sure Shane heard worse at the beginning of Frank's career.

I think we need to also acknowledge the Frankinator for handling this with utmost class.

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A lot of people were complaining throughout the hiring/firing process. Now that it's over, it ended very cleanly. No public complaints from anyone leaving the program, no players leaving the team, no dirt from anyone. Players have tweeted excited about the new hires, and relief that BS was still on the staff.

On field results pending, this hiring went as clean as possible. I hope everyone credits Frank for handling this well.

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I know it wasn't an HC change

But all the football staff changes seemed handled so well as compared to what happened with the basketball coaching change.

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Need I say more?

The first thing I want to say, the guys that aren’t here … they’re good coaches, great people We ran into a situation as a group, me included, where we weren’t as consistent on offense as we need to be. The bottom line is that we weren’t as efficient as we need to be. I felt like we needed to make some changes.
I feel like when things are not working as well as they need to, we need to change it around. I found three guys here I feel great about and I think will really add to the program. When you add new people, new personalities, there’s a freshness there, starting over, that gets everyone excited. Meeting these guys, I certainly got excited.
I’m proud I convinced Bryan Stinespring to stay with us. It’s an unusual situation, but he’s a guy who’s extremely knowledge about football. When you look at recruiting, he has a strength that across the state is very valuable.
If he wasn’t the kind of guy he is, I don’t think it would work. There’s a love for Virginia Tech and the players in this program. Bryan is going to make this thing work. I feel very fortunate that he’s staying on. He means a lot to us.

- Frank "Winningest Active FBS Coach" Beamer

It's all about The VPISU
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I wouldn't be surprised

If Stiney staying directly impact LT3s decision. Those two are real close.

Never Met Stinespring

But I have to acknowledge that he is a terrific recruiter. I recall reading a story about how he recruited Darren Evans. The story goes that when his wife (back then, girlfriend) was giving birth to his son, Evans committed to Virginia Tech after the birth with Stinespring in the delivery room.

Later, when the Evans got married, Stiney was the first person Darren informed. That's how much respect he has from the players.

I agree he is a terrible game caller, but man can he recruit.

I am sure that Stinespring is disappointed he won't be calling plays anymore, but at the same time, I would imagine he is somewhat relieved that he don't have to continue to receive flaks for his playcalling. I also seem to recall he said he was stressed out because he was responsible for a) coaching tackles and tight ends, b) recruiting, and c) drawing up game plans. That's awful a lot to ask for one man.

So, now he can simply focus on coaching the tight ends, an area of strength, I believe, and recruiting.

With Grimes in the fold, I think they both are going to start landing top recruits soon. The class of 2014 and 2015 are going to be very interesting to watch.

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Ruh roh?

@DoughtySports: Hearing rumblings that #VTfootball assistant Bryan Stinespring is in talks with the Indianapolis Colts. Hmmm.