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Van Zegeren is horrible, Erick Green is a God among men, and we play stupid. The fact that the we kept going under the screen on Larkin is evident of that. And why we run that horrid 2-3 I have no idea

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Why did we get out of the man defense? It worked fine in the first half. Why does JJ play Van Zegren? Why do Robert Brown and Jarell Eddie choose to make one shot, get our hopes up, and the crush them? And most baffling, how does a player like Erick Green end up on our basketball team?

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

I'm sorry but this is one of the most ridiculous, hysteric comments I've seen on here in a long long while, which is a remarkable thing considering the football season we just had. Chill.

Our team is just not that great this year. We knew this coming into the season. Our first 7-10 games jaded SO many people into thinking we might be better than expected, but the team has settled down to become who we thought they were. Now, are guys like RB and Eddie underachieving? Sure. But who would you rather have out there? Johnston and Beyer? I know they give great effort, but c'mon. Let's be realistic. Everyone short of EG needs to improve and this offseason will be very important.

And for what it's worth, EG came to Tech as a good HS player that was recruited by a couple of good regional schools. He was a 3-star recruit. Might he have been underrated? Maybe, who knows. He has put the time in on his own and his been coached (*gasp!*) during his time at Tech to get to where he is today. If you go back two years to his Sophmore season, he started showing flashes when he spelled Malcolm Delaney, but those flashes resulted in a couple of double-digit scoring outputs. No one saw this coming back then, so maintain some perspective that the same thing could evolve with guys like RB/CJ/Rankin (Sophs) and JVZ (R-Fr).

Patience my young Paduan.

erick "ended up" on our team because he loves vt. he shut his recruiting down after he got the offer.

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What is with the JVZ hate? Kid has a monster dunk every game, is pretty much the only post player who knows how to screen properly (sans the moving pick this game) and is only a redshirt freshmen. He will get faster, he will get bigger and hopefully with determination will be a force for the next couple years.

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I agree with you in full. He plays BIG, and is still getting better. He's much improved on defense, just needs to adjust to the speed of the game to keep his fouls down.

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Man I love JVZ. Guy plays with a mean streak, challenges anyone who tries to dunk in his area, loves to tomahawk one in someones face. Would like to see him develop a baby hook and a high post, FT line J. He's going to be really good.

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He's soft. He got blocked twice on one possession yesterday, my big man shouldn't be getting blocked so easily. And more importantly, he has no shots in close. You can't give him the ball in the post and expect a bucket, his only buckets come on dunks or layups. He needs to develop a jump hook.

Rip his freaking head off!

He's a Redshirt Freshman from overseas

Its going to take awhile to adjust to ACC basketball. I think we are overreacting and thinking he was highly touted. The guy was recruited last minute as a project. The fact that he gets as many minutes as he does now says something about his progression in my opinion. I mean, he is better than Robert Krabenndam already.

Like slicktrip said, he's a redshirt freshman. Settle.

I don't understand why people dislike JvZ so much. He's practically playing his first year at college. Also like you said European style of play is completely different than here. The bigs are more finesse players than anything. Also, how's he supposed to learn if you never let him play?


JVZ is having a rough time adjusting to ACC play. He has bright spots, but picks up too many fouls (and a lot of them on illegal screens). Probably should bring him off the bench the rest of the way. I thought Raines had a good game going when he was in, don't know why he didn't play more.
I think we needed to go back to man to get our transition game going in the second half. The second 20 minutes was all at Miami's tempo, and we just sat back trying to weather the storm (I guess?) in zone. We also had no hope rebounding from the zone, which you'd think would be fixed after a couple weeks of practice since we started using it.
Brown and Eddie's disappearance was baffling. Late in the game, neither of them had made a shot in the second half. It wasn't the air ball barrage from a few weeks ago, they just weren't taking shots. Jarell went 4-5 (3-3 from behind the arc) and Robert went 3-5 (2-3). While looking at shooting percentages, Erick went 11-20 (5-8) but Rankin, Barksdale, and Wood all went 0-fer. Wood might be still coming off an injury (although he missed 3 crucial free throws), but Rankin and Barksdale STARTED THE GAME.
I think the game really came down to how much Miami's defense clamped down in the second half, the pace they played, and talent. Miami only had 1 more assist than us (12 to 11); the game was dominated by isolation. We need to be moving the ball around to get people besides Erick open looks, and drawing more fouls. Green is really the only person who can create his own shot off the dribble, but no one was open in good shooting position (credit Miami). The team only shot 11 free throws (six from two fouls) and missed FIVE of them.
Sorry I probably stole a bit of mikey4vt's thunder, but that loss left a bad taste in my mouth: the taste of a missed opportunity.

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He was battling the flu which has been passed around the entire team now and ended up throwing up halfway through the first half then came back and held his own for the most part.
Miami did something we didn't do which was make a positive defensive switch taking larkin off brown which put a taller player on him which shut him out the rest of the way. Eddie was shut down must of the same way, but somehow he always gets open three looks at the end and ends up in the mid teens which makes his stats look better than they really were.
That really should have been a steal win at home against a ranked team and they just fell flat in the end. Hopefully they can find something in themselves to finish out strong. NIT would be a good thing at this point for next year.

if only he was Michael Jordan

I wonder how many more wins we could've had without that damn flu bug... thanks for the info. Hopefully #11 doesn't catch it
/knocks on every piece of wood in the apartment

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He already had it during the OK State game. And he still put up 28.

Rip his freaking head off!


I thought we played really well. Miami was far better than us in nearly every aspect of the game, but yet we had a lead for much of the first half and then battled in the second. With the exception of Rankin and Wood, I thought everyone played very well.
As for the 2-3 zone, I think JJ knew that the huge matchup problem that Kadji presented by simply being on the court more in the second half required more zone. I probably would have played a little more man in spurts in the second half, but JJ saw his team getting tired and knew our best chance was to zone them and try and stop Kadji/Johnson/Gamble that way.
Miami is simply way more experienced, bigger, and far more talented than us.


Is it just me, or does it seem like Erick Green is the only one who can run the whole game? I know they don't always have him covering the best guy on defense, and it seems like sometimes JJ will give him a rest on the floor just by moving the offense through other people. But seriously, late in the game he's still flying around the court trying to get open while everyone else looks tired

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jj has said repeatedly that he's switched to the zone for the simple fact that we dont have that many guys. the zone doesnt wear you down as much and (at least in theory) cuts down on the fouls.

we're a young, undermanned team who has walk-ons playing against legitimate acc ballers who have nba futures.

i dont see many wins coming up on the schedule. i feel like we're a long shot for the nit

in erick we trust

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

The days Hokie Basketball was fun to watch 2003-2011 -R.I.P


Regardless im still gonna watch, but i find myself wanting to bang my head on the coffee table untill i knock myself unconscious.


we havent been all that fun to watch since deron left

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I'm ok with going under the screen, if that's the play JJ wants to make then fine. But if you're going to do that, then the guy guarding the screener has to step up. Why is it that every team we play is able to do that to Green but none of our guys can figure it out? It's frustrating to see. But Erick Green is the best player in the country. McDermott is a great player, but he isn't even close to Green.

Rip his freaking head off!


And you've just got to tip your cap to Larkin on that play. He hit a (somewhat) contested 24/25 footer on the biggest possession of the game. I'm sure JJ was content to give him that shot.