Hokies make Hand's Final 5




Read he always lists in alphabetical order

So he doesnt tip this hand. Everything I read makes me love this kid. Seems very professional in all of his interviews. Engineering program at VT is maybe second biggest draw after the Fosternator.

"So he doesn't tip his hand."

Get it?... Tip his hand....

His name is HAND.

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if the Hokies want Da'shawn, they're gonna have to talk to the Hand.


there's a joke in here somewhere i just can't seem to find it. can anyone give me a hand?

These people are losing their minds!

Glad we made the top 5! I hope he decides to stay home and come to VT... but Bama looms...

Maybe August 31st can sway his decision a little towards Blacksburg...

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that's a really good point, we have a chance at h2h competition, Foster can use that when we #BEATBAMA.

I thought Butch Davis left UNC...how do those guys still compete for top-level talent? $$$$$

So we are one of the 5 fingers?



Are we the index finger?

Hopefully not the middle or the thumb.

#Let's Go - Hokies