OT: What's your favorite bourbon?

So I've wound up with a little cash from a "here, buy yourself something nice" Christmas gift from family, and I'd like to splurge on a good bourbon I've never tried before. Looking to spend up to about $75.

Right now my favorite is Four Roses Single Barrel. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is catching my eye, but looking for input on other gems that are out there.

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I am

Well played...and quick too!!

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More of an Irish whisky fan myself. Can't go wrong with Jameson, Paddy's, Redbreast, Bushmills, etc.

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if you like Irish whiskey and want something really smooth and really tasty for a reasonable price check out Knappogue Castle.

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Evan Williams. Is this even a question?

C'mon bro, do you even bourbon?

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Evan and I got in a fight, and we haven't spoken in years.

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I was about to say this. Oh God...the horrible memories...

Memories? Yeah, I don't have those...

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

Beach Week.................................... Good lord.....

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I went to upvote this. And realized I already had. Two years ago. Wow. Lol.

all of 'em

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

You have good taste, dollar for dollar Four Roses Single Barrel is my current go to. Another few that I enjoy are Mitcher's and Bulleit 10 year. I've had the Woodford Double Oaked, it was good, but again for the money I would suggest the few I just mentioned.

Woodford Double oaked is not particularly better than woodford. Waste of money.

Ten high bitches!

On the note of Mitcher's, their Rye is simply fantastic. Easily my favorite whisky.

currently going through a bottle of woodford double, ...it's....just okay.

I really enjoy bookers bourbon if you can find it. About that price range.

That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

If you like the rye at all, High West is tasty...
Or you could always #TeamScotch

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This is a solid comment. Went on a cross-country road trip from Atlanta to Sacramento to help my brother move out for a new job. Stopped in SLC and found out about High West (didn't start distributing to the South until this year IIRC). Amazing. I've had all their bottles. They're all good in their own right.

My knee jerk was to just grab a bottle of Laphroaig. I'm actually relatively new to ultra-premium bourbon, though, so I kind of want to broaden my horizons there.

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my favorites of the premium bourbon class are Noah's Mill (super rich and beautiful) and Baker's (very smooth and just a delight)-you should be able to find both at Total Wine for around $45. Booker's is a runaway locomotive with a very high alcohol content (I think around 130 proof) but full of awesome flavor. If you can find Pappy Van Winkle anymore, that's the gold standard, though you'll probably pay over $100 for it (I'm referring to the 22 year old rye and good god, it's amazing).

like others have said Knob Creek is great for medium to high end. I'm a big fan of Old Grandad for a daily sipper and mixing in drinks...1.75L for $20. Now that I'm writing about it I think I'll get some soon as a nice christmas present for myself...I've earned it

That is scotch son.

Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch

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Whichever one is currently in my mouth


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In all seriousness, though... a few favorites of mine are 1792, Gentleman Jack, and Larceny. If you can get any of those, I highly recommend.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

They actually have Larceny in my local wine and spirits section. (Best thing about leaving Virginia, liquor in the supermarkets.) I'd never heard of Larceny before, so I appreciate the recommendation.

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.... Phrasing?

Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

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Thanks Frank!

I'm looking for the exact opposite. I need a new bottle but only want to spent
around $25-$30. I really liked Buffalo Trace...almost just as smooth as Makers.
Any suggestions welcome. Sorry I can't help with suggestions Illinois Hokie!
Enjoy your selection!


Elmer T. Lee if you can find it, also Elijah Craig 12 yr. Both are about $30

Second the Craig...

Elmer has been almost impossible to find. If you see it, buy it. Buy all of it.

Don't waste your time looking for anything under $30 besides Maker's Mark. Time saved and money well spent.

A bourbon that I had recently that I liked a lot was Jefferson's Small Batch. If you can get around the name and the picture of TJ on the bottle, it's actually quite good. It might be a tad above $30 but it's definitely worth giving a try.

Such tackle. Very D-Line. Wow.

I'd recommend Four Roses Small Batch. Right at the $30 price point. Not quite as rich and complex as their Single Barrel, but still a steal for the price.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

I tried this for the first time tonight and I only have one word: quality

You (and many others) have good taste. Merry Christmas to all

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve - I've always been a huge fan of Knob Creek. Plus, at Christmas, you can have a custom label made for free!
Blanton's Original Single Barrel

I second the vote for Blanton's. It's no Maker's (IMO) but it's good.

I like Knob Creek and it's my fallback when I'm at a bar that doesn't stock Woodford, but for some reason I always find the ethanol to be overly assertive in their product. Have not tried their single barrel yet though.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

I wholeheartedly agree, it's too hot for its ABV.
Needs at least another year in the barrel.

knob creek rye is my all time favorite it can be kinda pricy though

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Barterhouse of the Orphan Barrel Collection is a really good bottle if you can find it, should be close to that price range. They usually have it on Ezra's. Booker's is very good, Blanton's is solid. I've heard great things about Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch or Single Barrel.


Happy hunting!

another vote for Barterhouse 20

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I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction:
“I served in the United States Navy"


If you were in Virginia, I would suggest getting a bottle of John J. Bowman Single Barrel. It's within your price range and a great drink, but I'm not sure if they have it in Illinois. Angel's Envy is also good, as is Eagle Rare. Never had it, but I've heard nothing but good things about W.L. Weller 12. Made by Buffalo Trace in the exact same process as Pappy, just aged less.

Eagle Rare is very good.

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Colonel Sanders via Ricky Bobby

Seconded. I was just about to suggest this one myself.

It was a catch

About to suggest which one? The John J Bowman? That stuff is great. Their 10 year small batch is also good. I buy a lot of their stuff since I live 5 minutes from them. I wish I had gotten a bottle of their limited edition double barrel from earlier this year. Right now they have a vanilla bean infused bourbon available. I'm wary of spending the money on it because I don't know if it would be good or not.

I was meaning the John J, but the Brothers is pretty good too. Where in Fredericksburg are you? I'm South Stafford, myself.

It was a catch

Yeah, the Brothers is good. I just knew that when I tried all of them, the John J was the one I had to have. The rum they bottle under their label is also pretty darn good. I'm seriously 5 minutes from the distillery near the New Post and Cosner's Corner area.

Right now this is my fave
This is what's gonna get me through the holidays at the OL' in-laws residence. Hey-ooohhhh!

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

And I'll be partaking of this Christmas "Spirit" from this
*apologies for the large pixel*

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

We share the same strategy for Christmases at the in-laws'.

Love it brutha!

Drinking on the rocks = woodford reserve double barrell
Bourbon Ginger = Wild Turkey 101

Twitter me

WT101 is currently going strong in my eggnogs. I'm a bourbon neophyte, but I'm enjoying it immensely

RIP Stick It In

Wild Turkey, yes.

Greetings TKP Bourbonites: As a Kentuckian, I highly recommend Blanton's Single Barrel and even has a cool pewter racehorse for a cork-stopper. Delicious with not too much alcohol burn. As mentioned above, the Larceny Bourbon is a steal for a good Bourbon.

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Blanton's is what I am currently drinking and it's awesome. Definitely easy to drink. The bottle is really cool, looks like the Holy Hand Grenade.

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Is that you George?

I love Blanton's, and for my birthday yesterday the Mrs got me a barrel stave from Blanton's that is predrilled to hold the racehorse corks, and will spell out B-L-A-N-T-O-N-S when I get them all.

I plowed through an entire flask of the stuff during the UVA game last month, and at this point I'm convinced it's good luck as well as delicous.

This is the one she got me. It smells charred and bourbon-y, which means I'm finding excuses to walk by and get a whiff.

Barrel display

FWIW this week my wife just found a bottle with the "B"...they told me at the distillery that the "B" and "S" were really tough to find

Well, look online. Sure isn't hard to find a little BS on the internet.

Come to think of it, since he's in F'n Clemson don't even have to look on the Internet, just look around.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Blanton's is nice. I prefer a sweeter bourbon personally, but it was very very well made.

Free Bourbon

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Maker's Mark

Slightly off topic but do any of you experience a heightened sense of anger or meanness drinking bourbon over other options like beer? When I get drunk off bourbon only I tend to be overly confrontational, in a bad way. Other drinks mellow me out. Wish it wasn't so because I love bourbon best...

[Says the guy with wild turkey in his TKPName]

Eh, I didn't say it kept me from partaking. Plus, perhaps the 'wild' was in reference to more than just my favorite beverage?

It has little to do with the bourbon itself, but a lot to do with the fact that "one" bourbon drink you have is really worth 4 normal alcoholic drinks. UVA fans enjoy legal pours while VT fans free pour.

Real men drink bourbon...wahoos drink zima. It's that simple.

If you like Woodford, Eagle Rare is of a similar taste profile. It wasn't available in Va until relatively recently. I tried it and I liked it right off the bat.

It's not particularly expensive as well so you could get it and another bourbon for your $75.

Eagle Rare was my bourbon for the season. I had about 3 glasses left for the UVA game, but I saved enough to bring half a flask of it to the bowl game.

Mine was Bulleit. I think I have 2 fingers left.

Because of the noon kickoffs, we made a habit of Irish coffee at every game. I went through 2 bottles of Bushmills this season just for Irish coffees.

Big fan of Bulleit. Polished off a bottle of their bourbon Friday with some homemade eggnog for a holiday party with some friends. Their rye is also a great buy for a great price.

Just got turned on to Bulleit. Got a bottle of it from a coworker at my work gift exchange. Heard it was contract distilled by Four Roses but can't confirm that.

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I need your homemade eggnog recipe.

I need a god one.

I make mine with raw eggs if that makes any difference to you. I couldn't find the exact recipe I used last year. I think it came from an old Seagrams bottle. Regardless, looking at the list of ingredients on this one, I found it to be nearly the exact same from what I remember and it tasted just as good when I made it last week. Just know that the more you whip the egg whites, the more frothy it will get. The faster you whip the heavy cream mixture, the thicker it will get. Also, the whites and the liquid mixture will separate over time so definitely stir again before pouring yourself a glass.


Thank you sir.

I don't worry about raw eggs in something like this. The alcohol will suppress biologics here.
A quick early in the morning figuring puts the ABV at about 7% which will at least prevent any growth.

For those with health concerns or diminished immune systems could use pasteurized eggs available at the grocery in the egg aisle.

Yes, mixing the alcohol in it will kill any harmful bacteria. Some suggest letting it sit overnight if you're that worried about it. I mix it at the time that I drink it so I can determine the strength, though if you use fresh eggs, such as those from a farm or farmer's market, you are less likely to have an issue with anything harmful even if consumed without alcohol.

Bulleit bourbon is like butter. You can find 1.75 L for~$50 which is a steal. The rye ain't bad either.

I was informed Thursday night that I am required to do it again on Saturday for the game.

I'm probably going to pitch the canopy up and get a fire ring going and really over do it.

If you got around $10,000 laying around buy a barrel. Otherwise, buy Woodford Reserve Distillers Select.

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

I like Woodford a lot. I haven't had Pappy but I need to try it. I liked 1792 a lot, and when I went climbing at the New River in September I drank a whole bottle of Elmer T. Lee so apparently that's pretty good.

My staple drinks in general are Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and Scotch.

This may be my favorite thread in the history of TKP, you beautiful alcoholics. I can't wait to try a few of these.

No joke. I keep adding names to the notes on my phone so I can check them
out at the ABC store.


Literally doing the exact same thing right now. Scrolled through the whole thread and typed them all in.

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Bourbon is my favorite liquor. I have more bottles of bourbon in my house than the rest of my liquors combined. I even managed to turn my wife into a bourbon drinker by sharing some mixed drinks she'd like. For instance, if you have some whole berry cranberry sauce this winter, mix a spoonful of cranberry sauce with 2 oz of bourbon, 1/2 oz of lemon juice, and a little bit of water. Add seltzer water if you want some bubbles instead. Another good one, 2 oz. rye whiskey or bourbon, .75 oz. maple syrup, .75 oz. lemon juice, shake with ice and strain into a glass over ice.

Could be a stupid question but how do you measure out .75 oz of syrup and lemon juice? Is that like a tablespoon or what?

"These people are losing their minds" - Mike Patrick

I just made a double ;) 4oz whiskey, 1.5 oz of lemon juice and syrup.

Google says that .75 oz is 1.5 tablespoons though.

My ass pocket approves of this post!!!

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- The BoD

Sooo I'm a college student who doesn't have much experience with bourbon. Is Benchmark #8 worth getting for $10 or should I got with like a Jim Beam Honey Whiskey?

I would go with Ancient Age over either of those.

I'm also a college student with a low budget as of now and my typical go-to for the weekend is Evan Williams. Good bang for your buck in my opinion.

"These people are losing their minds" - Mike Patrick

Hello, my name is Alum07 and I approve of this message

Evan Williams is a great gateway bourbon. Yeah, drink a lot of it and you'll wake up feeling like the ass end carpet of the ugly bus, but its quite enjoyable to drink before you get to that point.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

If there was a gif or meme for this expression...

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Old Crow is cheap and not half bad

In college my go-to at that price point was Ancient Age. Solid all around, best budget bourbon I could find at ABC stores.

Agreed. Surprisingly good for the price.

Surprisingly effective

Both of those are excellent...and I would add Bookers to that list for your price range. Of course, the Holy Grail would be Jefferson's 21 year....but it is hard to find.

for every night drinking bourbon without killing the bank - Heaven Hill (don't be afraid of the plastic container. great bang for the buck) and Jim

for a more festive occasion that isn't high end but not cheap either - Buffalo Trace and Four Roses (Small Batch)

if i'm trying to impress someone or i'm hanging with people who will appreciate what they're drinking - Pappy Van Friggin Winkle Reserve 23 year...if you can find it and have $250 burning a large hole in your pocket/ass cheek. Worth even damn cent, every damn time.

Grab about 45 peach lokos for that budget... Duh!

The only TKPer to not like Bourbon

Tin Cup whisky out of Colorado is my ride!
tin cup

Not too expensive and easy sippin

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

My home made is my favorite and depending on each cycle usually runs 105-120 proof. But as far as abc store bourbons my two favorites are gentleman jack and Blantons.

Let me know if you need a tester....I would LOVE to learn how to make bourbon.


Gentleman Jack is very good Tennessee. Whiskey but it is not Bourbon.

Tennessee Whiskey is just the name of the class of bourbon distilled in Tennessee. They meet all the specifications needed to be a bourbon but they like to separate themselves from the pack, much like how Champagne and Sparkling Wine are the exact same, but can only be called Champagne if it is made in the Champagne region of France. (in fact, if you see something labeled Champagne and is not from France is generally crap.)

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

It's the sugar maple charcoal filter that differentiates Tennessee whiskey from other bourbons (besides, y'know, being distilled in Tennessee). So I don't think a traditional bourbon distilled in Tennessee but lacking the "Lincoln County process" could be called Tennessee whiskey.

Also makes me wonder if there are any Kentucky bourbons that use the sugar maple charcoal process in their product.

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I was under the impression that it's all whiskey. But if it's at least 51% distilled from corn and distilled in Kentucky then it can be called Bourbon. If it's from another state it's just whiskey. If the folks in Tennessee have designated a corn-derived alcohol made with a specific distillation process then good for them (but it's called Tennessee Whiskey, not bourbon). But from what I understood, it can only be called bourbon if it's at least 51% corn and distilled in Kentucky.

I guess it's similar to Scotch in that it has to be distilled from wheat and be from Scotland. Similarly, Irish Whisky is distilled from wheat as well but it's from Ireland, so it can't be called scotch.

More cultured drinkers: please correct me if I've messed any of this up.

No such legal requirement that it be distilled in Kentucky. Now of course only bourbon distilled in the state can be labeled "Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey," but any liquor distilled from a mash of at least 51% corn and aged in charred new oak barrels for at least two years can legally be called bourbon.

There are a number of bourbons (all labeled as such) coming out of Colorado right now.

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Tennessee Whiskey is a subset of Bourbon

Tennessee whiskey is straight bourbon whiskey produced in Tennessee.[1][2][3] However, most current producers of Tennessee whiskey disclaim references to their products as "Bourbon" and do not label them as such on any of their bottles or advertising materials. All current producers are required by Tennessee law to produce their whiskey in Tennessee and, with one exception, to also use a filtering step known as the Lincoln County Process prior to aging the whiskey which some assert makes the product distinct from the more generic product category called Bourbon.


"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

What's the exception?

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

Benjamin Prichard's

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Never heard of it. Have you tried it?

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

I haven't but now I'm curious.

$50 for 750mL doesn't seem too outrageous to sample the exception to the rule


"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Thanks a lot for this, fellas. Great info. And I'm now on the hunt for some of Prichard's finest.

Bourbon actually doesn't have to be distilled in Bourbon County. What makes it Bourbon is the fact that it's at least 51% corn and aged in new, white oak barrels. It can be made anywhere. Interestingly enough, it's actually Tennessee Whiskey that is more closely aligned with the Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine analogy.

Also, Scotch is predominately malted barley. Single Malt = only malted barley. :)

whoops, little late...

I always thought single malt just meant it wasn't blended scotch, i.e. the product in the bottle was distilled from a single mash. I wasn't aware scotch could be distilled with adjunct grains in the mash.

This is why I love TKP as more than just a VT football blog.

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Bourbon county Kentucky is dry.

It used to be very much larger and the portion that is now the Kentucky County IIRC, never had a distillery.

That used to be the case and that's where I got caught up.

Very interesting that it changed. I bet some large distiller opened facilities outside Kentucky.

As far as I'm concerned, if it's not from Kentucky, it's whiskey or whisky.
I'll still be calling it bourbon only if it's from the waters of Kentucky.
Tennessee whiskey is still Tennessee whiskey to me.

As far as I'm concerned, if it's not from Kentucky, it's whiskey or whisky.

Fun fact, generally, if it comes from a country with an 'E' in the name of it, it's called "whiskey." If it's from a country without an 'E', it's "whisky." Ireland and US vs Canada, Scotland, and Japan.

Bourbon is actually made all over the country, and has been made in states such as California, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

You might be thinking of the distinction between Bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

You need to give yourself the bird... And by that I mean a nice bottle of wild turkey!

There are wolves and there are sheep, I am the sheep dog

So...my Uncle calls me yesterday inquiring about gifts to get family members.
Asks what I want and I said bourbon. This morning I have an email saying "How
about we sip on this" http://oldripvanwinkle.com. Apparently he has a Van Winkle
connection. So Excited!!!!!!!!


Or he's messing with ya.

Man I hope not....but he's been known to bust my chops. But he knows I
love my bourbon and I take it very seriously.


I think you're about to have a VERY Merry Christmas, indeed! I have to admit I'm quite jealous right now, but congratulate you on your good fortune...cheers!

Thanks Kop!! I have been looking for this bourbon for a long time so I am VERY
excited. :)


I was able to get my hands on a Van Winkle 12 yr Lot b this year and it's fantastic, best bourbon I've had; though I haven't been able to try any of the other PVWs. Don't know what year you'll be getting but I imagine it will be divine no matter what!

drank about 6oz of the 23 yr fam reserve a couple weeks ago. yum..

I had the honor last month to drink Pappy Van Winkle 25 year thanks to a friend. It was so smooth yet the robust flavor would last forever. Four Roses Single Barrel is a great somewhat budget bourbon.

I simply cannot believe the quality of Four Roses Single Barrel at the price point. Makes me really want to try the 2013 Limited Edition.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

Sure, I'll make this my first contribution to TKP, hopefully it's worthwhile. I like Basil Hayden's if you're ok with a lower proof option (blasphemy!), as well as Knob Creek Rye.

Someone above mentioned that a lot of bourbons come from the same few distilleries, which is true. They're often the same mash, just aged longer or differently. Handy chart:


I'll stand there in the liquor store with this up on my phone when I'm thinking about which new bourbon to check out. I've tried to get the Weller 12 year since it's supposed to be the next best thing to the impossible to find Pappy, but haven't been able to find it either. Lesson: MoCo, MD liquor laws blow.

Chart is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!


Leg for the new guy for making his first contribution to the most important thread in TKP history.

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― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

leg for you for knowing what's up

Definitely go to the Montgomery County liquor stores this time of year, they have a sale all December long and it's at least 20% cheaper than in Virginia. A godsend for those on a budget and a love of alcohol. Hope they still do it, I haven't lived in the DC area in nearly a decade. By the way, I bought my one and only bottle of Pappy 23 Rye in Montgomery County but that was years ago.

Also forgot to mention the A.H. Hirsch 16 year old is definitely a medalist in the bourbon olympics. Probably impossible to find as the distillery went belly-up a few years ago but if you ever see it, just buy it. Trust me.

Yea I've heard that A.H. Hirsch 16 yr is unreal. If you find it and want to buy it you better have at least $500 handy, it's worth it from what I hear. And if you don't want to drink it you could probably sell it for 3x as much.

I've heard that as well about the price of that stuff, it's basically a collectors item now. Sad thing is I had a bottle of it about 15 years ago (and it was about $80 then) but failed to see the investment potential. That bottle kept taunting me to have a go and I succumbed. And after tasting it, I feel like I did the right thing. I'd rather have tasted near perfection than made a few hundred bucks.

I'm with you on that. Unless I found a bottle of Pappy 23 year I don't think I could resell anything. Only reason I'd do it with that is you could buy 2-3 years worth of amazing bourbon with the money you can make off that right now. You'd be silly not to sell it.

I made the unfortunate mistake of looking for it on the internets...and the cheapest bottle I could find is on sale for $1125. Yikes, do I feel dumb now.

The sale is going on now! I just picked up a bottle of Bulleit for the office white elephant the other day and got some Jefferson Reserve for myself, looking forward to trying that. Both were in the range of 20-25% off.

The sales can be great, the selection... not so much.

I love reading liquor/wine reviews:

94 Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $39.99.
Deep amber copper color. Aromas of cashew brittle, buttercream, leather and salty spiced nuts with a satiny, fruity medium-to-full body and a long, complex and vibrant finish with layers of dried fruits, spice, mineral, and cream vanilla. A rich and delicious bourbon that will be fantastic neat, in Manhattans, or with desserts. (tasted on Feb-07-2013)

Cashew brittle? WTF does that even mean? What does cashew brittle taste like, and when was the last time you had it? I'm terrible at pulling out specific flavors in beverages so I find these things hilarious.

Nevertheless, it's nice to have my good taste validated by the "experts."

Oh man cashew brittle is so much better than peanut brittle. Cashews are my favorite nut, and their natural buttery flavor makes it perfect for brittle.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

Well I love cashews too, so I guess I need to try some cashew brittle. Didn't even know it was a thing.

I know, right? This site has been around for a while and I remember when they had the Pappy Van Winkle 23 year reviewed at the top of the list (naturally), the description had something to do with the nose of a catcher's mitt or tobacco (can't remember which one, think it was tobacco). But since it was at the top of the list and it was available during the Mont County sale I pulled the trigger...and have been searching for its equal ever since.

I feel like this is appropriate here....


"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay

Even if I knew what salty spiced nuts tasted like, I'd never admit it.

Wow. Based on that I am giving serious consideration to just picking up a bottle of Maker's 46 and another bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

I've been looking for some Weller 12yr and/or George T. Stagg for a couple years now.

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

I'm a big Maker's Mark fan and just recently opened the bottle of Maker's Mark 46 that I got last Christmas. It's a little pricier than the standard Maker's, but well worth the extra couple bucks.

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My wife just brought home a bottle of Maker's for me.

It has a great clean taste profile it's perfect for mixing. Manhattans and juleps are fantastic with it.

My parents used Wild Turkey to soothe my gums when I was teething and I've been a fan ever since. But thanks to this thread, I just returned from the ABC store with bottles of Blanton's and Bulleit small batch rye to broaden my horizon.
side note: When I was in college my roommate and I would mix Wild Turkey with Old Forester and do shots. At the beginning of the night we called ourselves "Wild Foresters". By the end of the night, everyone else was calling us "Old Turkeys".

While reading this thread Larceny peaked my interest. I grabbed a bottle today at the local ABC, man is this stuff good.

In summary... Stick to all of the bourbons (and sometimes Scotch when you forget there's a difference) and you'll be fine.

So say we all.

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Decided to double up within my price range. Picked up a bottle of Larceny and a bottle of Maker's 46 from the wine and spirits section. Going to do a bourbon tasting with friends on New Years for those two plus Woodford Reserve, Four Roses Single Barrel and Bulleit.

A million thanks to everyone, and I now have a "to try" list about a mile long on my phone.

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Here are 20 whiskeys that just won the highest honor at the International Spirit Competition. Knob Creek made the list! Have any of you had these?

Via Business Insider

Since this discussion is not dead yet, I thought I would mention that the results of the 2017 International Spirit Competition will be posted on May 15 on the competition website here..

Wait, what?

I recently tried Knob Creek for the first time ... I didn't think it was all that. :(

Anyone here been on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Going for my bachelor party Memorial Day Weekend.

Any must hit spots? We are staying in Shelbyville, and definitely going to Buffalo Trace, Maker's Mark, and Wild Turkey.

On my bucket list. Congrats and hope you have a great time!! :)


I live here in middle of bourbon country so whenever someone comes in from out of town we take them out to one of the distilleries. Here's my view on the ones you listed and some recommendations:

-Buffalo Trace is not on the official "Bourbon Trail" but is still one of the best stops. The employees there tell great stories and really care about the distillery. The last tour guide I had there, both his father and grandfather had worked there before him. Tours are usually large but still great. Definitely a must see. (Plus it's in my hometown. That's where I'd go see Santa as a kid.)

-Makers Mark is fun because you can dip your own bottle in wax. Long drive to get there though.

-Wild Turkey shows more of the large scale production side of bourbon than most of the others.

-I would recommend going to Woodford Reserve and/or Four Roses. Both give great tours and are in my opinion the most scenic. The drive to Woodford Reserve is through some beautiful horse farms, too.

My favorites are Woodford, Buffalo Trace, and Four Roses, but really you can't go wrong with any of them. As is the case with all tours, the tour guide makes the tour. Most of these places all have great guides. If you are hitting these all in one day, be prepared for a lot of driving because they are fairly spread out around the region. You will find many of the tours are very similar, though each has something to make them unique. Also, I will warn you don't expect to have a wild time on the tours. Good times are had but I wouldn't categorize it as rowdy or crazy drunk tour. I'd mention to the tour guide you're on your bachelor party trip and they'll make sure you have a good time.

Also (below), that White Dog is pretty rough going down. Don't recommend it unless you're trying to make someone suffer. Buy some bourbon cream instead and you'll be happy you did.

VT '10 #AllMaroonEverything

Yeah it didn't sound all that good. I guess if you were trying to taste exactly what the aging process does to the bourbon, then you could try it, but sounds like its more of a novelty than anything else.

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Good deal,

Thanks for the intel.

We are traveling from Warrenton in VA in an RV, so a lot of "rowdiness" will occur there. Hit two on the eastern side (probably Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace (my favorite)). Then head to Walnut Grove Farm in Shelbyville for the night, to get rowdier, then to Maker's and one other that is on the way there, or the way back.

Think we are going to rent a shuttle/limo service that day so everyone can have a good time. Any suggestions on those? I've had a few people recommend R&R.

Any good food spots along the way to consider?

I went to heaven Hill/Evan Williams. I did a tasting and tour. The tasting was obviously fun and so was the tour. It was very informative and they taught you about differnt aging techniques and recipes.

Tyrod did it, Mikey!

So since this awesome thread reappeared has anyone tried this? I'm curious but haven't tried.


Is that just Maker's Mark that hasn't been aged in barrels? Is it even still considered Whiskey? Or is it more like vodka or an eau de vie type of liquor?

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From their website:
Maker's White
Maker's Mark at one day old is a crystal clear product that has been dubbed "White Dog." If you visit the Maker's Mark Distillery you can not only taste White Dog, but you can take it home, too. Maker's White is what we call our White Dog, and, while it is not quite bourbon, it is Maker's Mark. And you'll still get that same corn-heavy, less bitter taste with red winter wheat in place of rye, but without some of the woodsy, sweet finish.


So only available at the distillery?

I took the distillery tour earlier this year, and tried some. Tasted like good moonshine. They have several varieties only available for purchase only there, though I cannot remember if this was one because I had no interest in buying it. Most of the others are private label for certain customers - like race tracks, where they let the entity chose different slats to add to the bourbon for a second aging, like what they do for the Maker's 46. If you join the ambassador's club online you get a cool gift every Christmas (not bourbon), and a free tour.

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I had some white dog at Buffalo Trace during the post-tour tasting, don't think they typically package theirs as it was a bit oily with leftovers from the corn mash. Definitely drank hot / rough compared to aged bourbon, but a splash on the hands made for a great sanitizer / moisturizer combo.

Alcohol dries out your skin

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all of them ... you guys drink them down so they can send those empty barrels to breweries to load full of delicious imperial stouts.

Cafe Deth by Revolution. Russian Imperial Stout aged in Woodford Reserve barrels, then cold steeped with coffee. Just a dab'll do ya.

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revolution is a very good brewery. love unsessionable. feel free to send deth in a bottle, growler, whatever!

Count me in on Larceny. Finally grabbed a bottle to try when it was on sale. Bought the next one at full price.

Very very good. Straight up or on ice.

Added bonus: Higher octane than most others. And still very smooth.

Recently took down some Garrison Brothers bourbon out of Hye, Texas.

Really good stuff (and reasonably priced) if you can find it this far east of the Pecos...

Gonna pump some life into an old thread, if I missed a more current one, my bad. Tonight I attended a Christmas party that all my friends put on every year in which we exchange gifts, mostly alcohol. I made out like a thief, I got a bottle of Glenlivet 12 (not a huge scotch guy but if I drink it that's my favorite) and a bottle of 4 roses single barrel, oh momma is that some good stuff. Has anyone else tried it?

Yea that's some good stuff. If your not a scotch guy but want scotch, do Glenmorangie. Very smooth and light for a scotch (and good in general)

Thanks man I'll keep a eye out for it

Holy Necro Batman. Glenlivet 12 is properly good, though I still prefer the blended Johnnie Black or Green (I know, I know, single malt and all that). I haven't tried the 4 Roses but I've heard good things. I still drink Evan Williams (for reasons I'm sure all of you can understand) but I prefer Scotch in the end.

That 4 Roses Single Barrel is awesome stuff. I've been nursing that bottle for a good while now. The only reason it isn't gone is because I have about 7 other bottles of whiskey to enjoy as well:
4 Roses Yellow Label & Single Barrel, Filibuster Dual Cask Bourbon (very smooth, finished in wine barrels), Blanton's, Noah's Mill (my favorite), Corsair Triple Smoke (uses 3 different wood smoked malts), Glenlivet 12, and Aberlour 12.

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I'm usually an Islay guy when it comes to scotch, but I'm a big fan of Aberlour. It's about the smoothest of the Speyside scotches I've tried.

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I don't know all that much about scotch regions and what makes them different to be honest. I don't tend to buy it since I can get higher quality bourbon for the same price. But I completely agree, Aberlour is very enjoyable!

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Islay scotch smells like a band-aid and tastes like a campfire.

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I looked more into it and I definitely like Islay scotch. Laphroaig is fantastic. Bowmore is softer, but their scotch is a pretty good bargain. Their younger scotch is aged on bourbon barrels which makes for a nice mixture.

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Is the 4 Roses cask strength? If not, just imagine what you have with about 5x more flavor. Be on the lookout for that, it's a top 5 for me.

I believe it is.

4 Roses is my favorite. Seriously smooth stuff.

I had a bottle of 4 Roses Single Barrel earlier this fall - didn't last long.

Gotta bottle of WhistlePig 10 yr Rye - its very nice.

Seconded on the WhistlePig

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

For those of you in DC, my brother in law got me a bottle of Joseph Magnus bourbon for Christmas last year. It's expensive ($100 a bottle) but delicious. If you have the opportunity I highly, highly recommend.

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I did their distillery tour a few months ago, which was a good time. It's in Ivy City and shares a building with Atlas Brewery, so you can double up your drinking. The bourbon is really good but to me wasn't worth the $90+/bottle. My palette isn't that refined.

They also do a vodka (it's vodka, so it was fine, whatever) and a gin. I'm not a gin guy normally, but that stuff was amazing. I was much more tempted to bring that home at ~$30 than I was the bourbon. Cool place, though. Highly recommended.

Thanks, I was wondering where this was. I'll have to check it out over the holidays, only a few minutes from me.

A colleague just sent me a bottle of Woodford Reserve 1838 Style White Corn. Anyone had it? Will probably break it out over the holidays with some family.....or hoard it for myself if someone here tells me it is really good.

It's very good! My brother bought it for me as my Best Man gift, and I finished it within a week.

I have been enjoying Eagle Rare 10 Year (Buffalo Trace Distilleries). Great flavor, do NOT put on the rocks (I think it tastes better neat)

Evan Williams 1783 best bang for your buck, $33 for a handle. Favorite is Blanton's.

Matty Ballgame

Ah my wheelhouse.......I'm from Kentucky and am a big Bourbon fan and have been to most of the distilleries in the Commonwealth of KY. I am really digging the Bibb and Tucker right now and highly recommend it. It is however a bit expensive outside of KY. I was fortunate enough to just pick up a 10 year old bottle of Pappy Van Winkle that I will save for our National Championship (next year). If you can find Michters it is a fantastic Bourbon as well (although I don't care for the Rye). For my money, right now it's hard to beat the Bibb and Tucker. Love to hear from folks who have also tried it. Go Hokies!

Jeremiah 29:11 and Go Hokies!

I've been on the hunt for Pappy for about three years now. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever taste the stuff.

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Agreed. There was a bar around here selling it for $65 a pour sometime within the past year but I didn't know anything about it until months later. If I ever do find a bottle I also plan to save it for our national championship.

For all you bourbon lovers, if you love or were ever wanting to try Booker's go buy it right now if you can even find any. They recently announced they will be increasing the price to $100 and cutting their releases from 6/yr to only 4. Happy hunting!

Shit really? Just looked at a bottle today for $46 i believe. Gonna have to send the misses out on a mission while I'm at work lol

yea I would do that, i'm not sure when that will go into effect. I guess there's always the chance it's just a marketing ploy to clear off the shelves, I'm hoping that's the case even though that's pretty f-ed up.

Sit rep: acquired a bottle of Bookers for Christmas, my brother is the best. Also, didn't know it was 130 proof. Admired the bottle and nice wooden case it came in, some how missed the proof. Had a nice nap and have a new favorite.

Shoot, that is one of my favorites for the price. Got a buddy who gives me a bottle for my birthday every year. Thanks for the heads up.

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Booker's is my favorite. Guess an alphabet store run is in order tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

Where's the beef?

DC Costco has it on sale for $40 (plus tax). Picked myself a few bottles last night (they had a ton).

Shhh! I wasn't going to let that secret out ;)

ooops. I almost bought 5, but i figured 3 was plenty

picked up a couple of these (bookers) to try.

Also grabbed a bottle of Larceny... wow is that smooth for a 92 proof.


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It happened...damn

glad i still have 2 bottles from last year

I like to play the devil's advocate. For 75 bucks you can probably get 10 bottles of this.

That way you can drink for days.

Actually for the price I'd go Knobb Creek.

Year 3 is coming up!

Stone Barrington and I agree.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

Got tired of the escalating cost of scotch*, so I bought a bunch of bourbon this summer to decide on a favorite. Blantons, Angels Envy, Four Roses, Bulleit, Makers, Knob, etc. Had about 10 in all, and my favorites were Four Roses and Angels Envy (single barrels). I am enjoying a bottle of Bowman Small batch at this time, pretty good Virginia bourbon.

*Anecdote about scotch. Was returning from a fortnight watching motorcycle racing on the Isle of Man and the Heathrow duty free shop had bottles of 25 year old Lagavulin for around $50. I emptied my suitcases and brought home about 20 bottles. Lucky this was before they were strict about rules.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

Has anyone on here gotten to try the Ironclad bourbon yet? New distillery in Newport News that just sent out its first batch for sale

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I haven't dipped my tongue too deep into the world of quality whiskey, but my Dad got me a bottle of Basil Hayden's for my birthday that I've yet to open, but am very excited about trying.

It's a good one, one of the more unique bourbons that I've tasted. to me it has a more herbal, floral taste than most. Try that but then go try others suggested on this thread, I think you'll notice a difference.

There's so many I'm gonna have to make a note in phone.

What a great thread, I'd completely forgotten about this one.

Currently in my cabinet are Evan WIlliams green label, Evan Williams 1783 and Tin Cup. None of them break the bank and are pretty easy for me.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is one of my absolute favorites - basically, it's what got me hooked on bourbon when I went to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for a buddy's bachelor party. Wasn't really a fan of bourbon prior to that, but oh boy, that Double Oaked roped me in reallll good.

One for those who don't mind the splurge - Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea is incredible. My brother-in-law bought this for my father-in-law last Christmas. Just, wow. For those who haven't heard of it, it's pretty much as advertised... they take the barrels and let them age on ships that are traveling around the world. Pretty cool, and gives it unique, slightly salty, briny notes.

Can confirm with the Ocean Aged, I bought a bottle a couple of years ago I think it was the 3rd release and it was very good. Well worth the $70.

Still need to try the Double Oaked.

I tried the Jefferson's Ocean Aged at a bourbon bar on a company tab (one drink). Bartender told us it was aged in a boat on the sea, but was not actually sailed anywhere, the idea being more the constant rocking of the waves would impart more flavor to the bourbon. It was very good, though I would not pay $50 of my own money for a shot. I also did not get a hint of brine, but was also smoking a cigar at the time, so may have just missed it. Definitely worth a try though.

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Evan Williams Black Label is far superior to Green. Good bourbon needs to be at least 86 proof, I just can't accept an 80 proof corn whiskey as bourbon. Hasn't sat long enough in the cask if it's 80. Go for the Black, you won't regret it.

If you like the Jefferson's Ocean, you should try and find the Jefferson's Groth. It's far better whiskey, and I've always seen it for less money.

Reviving this thread to say I was gifted a bottle of Jefferson's Ocean, and holy shit is it a good bourbon. It's also the strangest bourbon I've ever had. A high rye that only tastes like high rye on the finish. Aroma is dark chocolate and dark fruit, and the flavor follows the nose until the end, when oak, rye and brine washes all the sweetness away. It drinks hot, reminiscent of Knob Creek, but I found a half teaspoon of water opens it up nicely.

First Jefferson's product I've had. I'll be trying more.

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Went to my buddy's new place last night for the first time and I see his roommate drinking some bourbon. Ask him what he's drinking, and sure enough, Jefferson's Ocean. Mentioned your comments and he instantly gave me a generous pour. Your description was spot on.

Be aware that this is not the typical Jefferson product. I believe this spent some aging time actually on the ocean. Their regular bourbons are also very good.

I can't believe no one has mentioned Willet Pot Still. It is incredible stuff and comes in one of the coolest liquor bottles of all time.

I'll also back up anyone championing Four Roses Single Barrell (best bang for your buck ever) and John Bowman.

Agree it's a really cool bottle to have on display:

That said, if you like this one you should definitely try Noah's Mill, which is also distilled by KBD. It's a little hot at 114 proof but I think it's a better pour.

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Noah's Mill is amazing. Sure, it's 114 proof, but it feels like it's maybe 100 proof to me. It's one of my favorite bourbons.

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It looks like when I open it, Jeannie should come out.

Not that it would be a bad thing.

I know probably 90% of you all just drink your Bourbon straight or on the rocks, however, IF you were to mix, what do you all mix with? (besides ginger ale cause I do that all the time... looking to expand my horizons)...

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Maple syrup. (The real stuff, not Aunt Jemima.)

Also, I know you said you do ginger ale, but try a Kentucky mule. Bourbon, ginger beer (different than ginger ale) and fresh lime juice.

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Wow, that sounds awesome.

edit: So does Ginger Beer just make things "Mules?" There is also a Moscow Mule.

There's a ton of recipes for an Old Fashioned that uses maple syrup instead of sugar, but I prefer it without the orange and bitters. About a teaspoon of syrup for every ounce of bourbon. More to taste.

Aaaaand edit: yeah, a "mule" is just a cocktail with a liquor, ginger beer and lime. There's Moscow mule (vodka), Kentucky mule (bourbon), Lynchburg mule (Jack), Dublin mule (Jameson or other Irish whiskey), etc. Kentucky mules are my favorite because of the natural combo of bourbon and ginger.

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I'd probably like the Kentucky Mule better. Thanks for the info, I was legitimately curious about that naming pattern. I've also had a "Dark and Stormy" that a friend made for me that was a Dark rum (like Kraken) and ginger beer, that was pretty good.

Make sure you give Gosling's dark rum a shot. That's the original

-Stick it in

It's not a "mule" but I'm particularly fond of Dark and Stormies. Spiced rum + ginger beer.

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Just tried the Knob Creek Maple over a single cube of ice last night. Sipping made for a nice winter warmer. Likely the same as your adding a bit. Have tried the Maple Crown before, but just not a Crown fan.

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Knob Creek Maple is the only decent bourbon with maple flavor added. Most of the "maple" bourbons taste like a stack of bourbon-flavored pancakes. (Looking at you, Jim Beam.)

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I prefer Manhattans when mixing bourbon. Martini and Rossi sweet vermouth and bitters. Wife likes a cherry in hers. Got some craft bitters for my birthday, and they can really elevate a Manhattan.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

The boulevardier is a good bourbon cocktail. Bourbon, sweet vermouth, and campari. Use a high-rye bourbon like Bulleit or Wild Turkey.

Illinois Hokie, I've lived in Kentucky for over 30 years and tried many Bourbons. If you pick a Kentucky made bourbon aged between 4 and 5 years it's normally very good at a reasonable cost. I've noticed no improvement in taste in Bourbons aged longer than that even though they are considerably more expensive.

On the rocks - Jameson
With Coke (also Mountain Dew) - Jimmy B

Has anyone tried anything from A. Smith Bowman? I've got a bottle of the John J. Bowman that I have been sippin on this year. Really smooth bourbon, finishes dry, notes of leather - overall a great one that comes out of Fredericksburg.

Trying my first Bowman now. Their "Pioneer Spirit" is really good.

It would be a big bottle that lasts a year around here.


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I concur. When we sip it might last a day or so. I love going to other people' houses where they have a "Liquor Bar" and proceed to drink the bar dry!

Just a report, I passed through Knoxville a few weeks ago and stopped at the McScrooge liquor store. I used to stop here because they always had "hard to get" stuff, but they are now reporting that their ability to do this has dried up with the recent surge in bourbon popularity.

They did have a large assortment and I picked up two Jefferson Bourbons. While I really liked the "aged at sea", the Jefferson's Reserve is probably my new favorite. Not sure if this one is available in Virginia but I am going to look for it.

They also had a bunch of the 4 roses single barrel. It turns out they have like a dozen recipes for bourbon. When I asked the guy at the counter, he said it was a special arrangement with McScrooge, to get the different recipes with identifiers on the label. There is a little "pamphlet" hung around the neck which talked about tasting notes for each. About $15 upcharge for this, and I like the "run of the mill" 4 roses single barrel just fine... so I didn't get any. Probably just too many choices.


I never met a project that couldn't justify a new tool.

I'll spoil it for you: they're all good.

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Jeffersons reserve is one of my go-to's. It's available in VA for somewhere around $50ish per bottle. I think I've paid anywhere from $40-$55 for it.

For the price I like .....Bird Dog...

Ugh. Bad memories. Never had their plain stuff but one of the worst hangovers I've ever experienced was the day after me and a friend killed a bottle of their blackberry infused nonsense and a case and a half of PBR during a blizzard bonfire last year. I didn't buy either one so I didn't complain but man was that stuff rough...the PBR though always goes down easy.

I'm glad Illinois Hokie revived this thread. I didn't really comment before, but I've recently had some damn good tastings.

A few that I can't say enough about in order of preference:
Widow Jane (If there is a better bourbon, someone please tell me. Even Mrs. APFOW liked it and the woman hates dark liquor.)
Whistle Pig
Jefferson's Reserve
Basil Hayden's

And if you enjoy Irish whiskey:

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Just read that Virginia ABC is having a lottery to buy one of three bottles of Pappy Van Winkle for 1799.99. Any takers?

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

My great aunt and uncle bought one a few years ago.

Lesson: Get a Ph. D. and become one of the best in your field while not having kids. Your reward will be the resources to buy an $1800 bottle of bourbon.

This is 25 year old Pappy BTW. I had only heard of 23 year Pappy until that article came out, so it's supposed to be pretty rare. Obviously still overpriced, but a more rare bourbon than the others that people are chasing.

I'm shocked at the retail price being as high as $1,800 for a bottle of bourbon, but when you consider that bottle would sell for $5,000+ ($10,000+?) on the open market, $1,800 doesn't seem so bad.

I managed to get a bottle of 20 year from the Blacksburg ABC a few years back. It's now just waiting for the right reasons to get opened.

Mind sharing how much it cost you? And how many years back is "a few," just out of curiosity

About 4 years ago, and I paid $179. They go for almost $2000 now, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to sell it.

If you sell it you'll regret it as you watch Coach Fuente raise that CFP trophy

So I decided my wedding 2 years ago wasn't a good enough reason to open it, so I'm kinda screwed now.

If opening it is as a big a deal to you as it would be to me, I don't think you should share the event with another. Your wedding (hopefully) was a great day without it, so you saved it. This is worth its own day. Just pick a random day, call it Pappy Day, take the day off from work, offer a few select friends the opportunity to share it with you if they take the day off too. That way nothing is "competing" with your wedding for being special, and you get to add another fun holiday to your life.

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I'm so thankful. Two of my favorite TKP threads ever have been revived recently: bourbon and beer.

Derby Day is tomorrow. I have a bottle of Blanton's (which seems to be difficult to get in Michigan right now) ready to be cracked. What's everybody planning on drinking tomorrow?

There is a story behind this bottle. I am particularly loyal to one liquour store (in Michigan, they are privately owned). I asked the girl working the counter if they had any Blantons and she said they were out. The manager, with whom I have had many conversations about Scotch and Bourbon, was standing right behind her and said "For him, I've got one in my office. I'll be right back!"

I think I might be spending too much money on whiskey. :-)

The ABC stores around Blacksburg have had trouble keeping Blanton's in stock as well. Unfortunate

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, and hetzers gonna hetz

Hosting a party tomorrow and will be stopping by the ABC store today for a handle of Ancient Ancient Age.

For me, there's no better bargain for the product as it's $30 for 1.75L and it's the same mash bill as Blanton's and Elmer T Lee. It's said to have been discontinued for several years now, but anytime I head to the ABC store I never have trouble finding it.

Do you mind sharing what ABC store you are finding this? It was the first bourbon I fell in love with and I can't find it anywhere.

I'll be damn. Thank you.

I have a bottle of Blanton's (which seems to be difficult to get in Michigan right now)

This won't help you in Michigan, and I don't know if it's already been mentioned, but in Virginia you can do an online search to check each store's inventory of a specific product. Definitely helps save some time if you can know the store will have 5 bottles of Blanton's instead of having to check several stores

Then there was that time I used that website and also called ahead to confirm, but when I got to the UniMall ABC 15 minutes later they told me someone bought all 6 bottles of Buffalo Trace 10 minutes ago.

Sad day.

Happy day? Last weekend I hit the mother load in the Bristol ABC that had 10 bottles on the shelf when I got there.

I won't tell you how many we bought that day, but I will say we did leave at least one bottle for the next poor soul that came in on a BT hunt.

VA ABC stores can order you anything that their supplier sells for no extra. But I never asked if they have a quantity limit. My wife used to order a different Cointreau that the local store did not stock.

Most things, yes.

According to the ABC manager I spoke with, certain things are on a lottery system. The individual stores have no idea of if or how many bottles of select things (including Buffalo Trace) will arrive at their store each week.

I am not sure if it still the true in VA, but it used be true there, and is still true in NC, that they can and will place special orders, at no extra charge, if you order a case. If you can't get an order in for a bottle, and would be willing to take down a case, it may be worth asking. Not sure if that would work on a limited availability item, but it does not hurt to ask.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Keeping it simple. I've got a bottle of Makers and Bulleit for making mint Juleps.

I don't drink bourbon often, but I really enjoy Trey Herring.

As Egbert said 2 years ago, Eagle Rare is pretty similar in taste to Woodford Reserve, and I always have one bottle of either of those on hand. But I usually have a 2nd bottle of something I haven't tried before, so this thread has been a good source of material for my shopping list.

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Actually, I generally follow this model myself. I always have 3 bottles around. A cheap one that I don't mind mixing and sharing, Eagle Rare that I share with a few friends that know to enjoy it, and a third that I'm usually trying for the first time.

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I'm pretty close to this model as well. Some Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek for sipping, Maker's Mark and Wild Turkey to mix or drink faster, and Canadian Club for those who don't appreciate Bourbon, or me after I've have had too many of the others. Just finished the 1792 I was trying out, but have not replaced it yet.

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SB Nation just posted a pretty good and simple mint julep recipe for tomorrow.

That's awesome.

I will probably make 1.5 mint Juleps (1 for me, a half for the wife who will take two sips of it and give back to me.) Then I'll just be consuming bourbon like that. Well maybe not like that, I am not crass enough to drink it straight from the bottle.

Of course the mint julep part is contingent on me finding mint which seems to be out of stock everywhere I have looked right now.

Crass? A pint of Jack black passed amongst two around a bright western campfire...don't need no stinkin' glass.

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For Jack black, maybe. But a $40+ bottle of bourbon deserves a glass and some ice.

I could just say that your idea of crass might be my idea of a good time, but really, I was just making a joke.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Fair enough.

Just want to say a thank you to everyone for all of the suggestions. This will make the next meeting of our neighborhoods "Brown Water Night" a little bit easier.

Brown Water Night is a guys night in our neighborhood that rotates hosts. Host provides appetizers/snacks, guests bring a bottle of 'Brown Water' to share. We typically have them in spring/summer/fall evenings. Its a great way to get to try new brands and ages. Some of the neighborhood craft brewers also bring whatever is ready to tap.

I've learned my lesson about pacing and not really needing to try 2 of everything that get put on the table, when I had to have help staggering 4 blocks home.

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Recently was given a taste of a Wheated-Rye blend at McCormack's in Richmond. It was called Contradiction from Smooth Ambler.

The distillery is in WV and my Pops stopped by it on the way to the Spring Game and picked that up as well as 2 other Whiskeys they had. All of them were very good. They're essentially just Indiana bourbons, but they do them very well with the Contradiction being the most unique.

I'm so excited to see this old thread resurrected. A good bourbon discussion is always worth reading. Kudos to whomever resurrected this thing, especially in light of my current situation. I recently won one of those ABC limited-quantity product lotteries and picked up my bottle today. (It's apparently been waiting for me at my local ABC store for weeks, but they never notified me of its arrival, like they're supposed to, because the dum-dums in Richmond forgot to tell them who actually won the silly thing. So, my question is: who knows anything about Elijah Craig Barrell Proof Small Batch bourbon? It's aged 12 years and about 127 proof. I've read some good reviews of the previous iterations and seen that some of them are actually drawing a nice premium on the secondary market right now. Is this an outstanding bourbon or just pretty good? Is it likely that I could double my money selling it? Would I be crazy to do that instead of drinking it anyway? If you got your hands on this bottle, what would you do with it?

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It just won best small batch bourbon in the 11 years and older category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. You got your hands on some seriously good shit.

My advice is the same as with any exceptional bourbon: crack the bottle open immediately and have a dram. That way, you get to see for yourself if you like it (the only critic that matters), and you won't wring your hands over finding the "right" time to open it. Then, put it away and bring it out when you want to commemorate a special occasion.

Congrats on your score.

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Inappropriate but yet funny.

Whiskey related. Bought a bottle of Jameson's Black barrel for Cinco De Mayo festivities. Great stuff, rich and smooth with a sherry note. It makes an excellent Whisky Ginger.


Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Found this one in Belgium...super smooth....it's my new favorite.

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