Auburn apparently stole signals in NCG

I did not know that the former FSU QB coach 2010-2012 was now with Auburn.

The mediocre backfield of Auburn sure did a good job of covering the seriously good WRs and TE of FSU that first half. Blitz packages and run coverage was right on too.
Really good job of anticipating.

Apparently too good.

Auburn was stealing FSU signals

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This happens. Is it shady? Sure, it can be. Is it illegal? No. Did Auburn have someone secretly taping them from the stands? No. So really can't blame them for knowing their opponent. Even Jimbo said he "didn't have a problem with that."

"I didn't have a problem with that"

translation: "We won mofo's, so nothing matters"

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Yes, had FSU lost I'm sure he would have had a problem with that and some choice words for the ex-FSU QB coach as well. All about perspective.

oh man. i'm so glad they won.

ALL we would have heard this entire offseason was "omg they stole our signals" and "omg how did the refs not call that horse collar???"

Clemson done all this before. Remember the VT/Clemson games just a few years back.

Jack R.

They stole signals in those games? Maybe I didn't pay as much attention during that time period, but I don't remember hearing about that. Got any articles I can read?

Yeah, I just wouldn't do it and didn't know it was this prevalent.

Danny caught that ball.

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its part of the game. i'm sure if bud knew an opponent's signals he would take advantage.

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Hasn't Bud said that we've played ECU so much he practically knows their signals at this point?

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As long as this isn't another instance of spygate, I dont see an issue here. Like everyone has already said, its a part of the game. The coach already knew the signals so he used it to his advantage without actually cheating. Of course I think this is a completely different conversation had FSU lost the game

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It's really only common sense and if you're not doing it, you're almost an idiot. It's the equivalent of the FBI listening to radio chatter and noticing that when certain words are said they correspond to events. Now, if they were filming their practices, which there was no evidence, then there's be a problem.

So, if they were filming the practices without permission, what would that be like in government agency metaphor?

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I agree with what others have already said. I don't have a problem with it as long as its not being video taped or they are watching practices. In HS baseball we used to go and scout games for the playoffs and see if we could pick up patterns in their base coaches' signs. I believe its the same type of thing. Just gamesmanship, nothing wrong here.


Why didn't FSU, knowing the Auburn had an ex-qb on staff and had a month to prep, not change their signals? That's a major failure to protect "sensitive" information.

It was a catch

Yeah, no kidding. If you know they know the signal for, say, a zone stretch play, why not change the signal so that sign now means a PA off of a zone stretch action? If they're gonna cheat (borderline, but, as mentioned, still sketchy), make em pay.

It's not cheating or sketchy, it's being smart. If you have an assitant watching the other teams signals and they notice that when a picture of Bob Barker comes a receiver always runs a certain route you use that to your advantage. If that's cheating then so is adjusting because they line up in a certain formation. That's why teams change most of their signals week to week.

Fair point, maybe I just consider it cheating because of how my brother reacted to me watching his screen whenever we played 007 Goldeneye on our N64. The information was there, why wouldn't I look? Apparently I was cheating.

Exactly - the problem isn't on Auburn for noticing and taking advantage of the organization's lack of encryption - it's on FSU for failing to protect their playcalls. Now if a school is doing something like sneaking in and stealing notes or something, then it's a different story - but this is totally different. Auburn had outdated FSU codes that were still being used.

It was a catch

Auburn had outdated FSU codes that were still being used.

Immediate thought when I read this: "It's an older code, but it checks out."

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As an Auburn fan, I have little doubt that Malzhan and Co. would take advantage of this. Part of the game IMO.

The interesting part is that it took Jimbo Fisher almost a half of football to figure it out and his solution was to have someone stand in front of the signaler with a towel to cover him up so Craig couldn't see the play being called. I though this was standard operation procedure for most teams, and was shocked when I saw that Jimbo wasn't doing it for almost a half of football. It's akin to the pitcher covering his mouth when talking to the catcher in baseball IMO.

This is pretty standard in football. It's the logic of hiring coaches or signing players of your main rivals in the NFL. And players have been very vocal about being willing to share plays and calls with their new teams.

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This makes me wonder, why does major college football still even use hand signals? This could easily be eliminated by going to a radio in the QB's helmet like the NFL uses. And I don't buy that cost would be an issue... D-1 FBS teams are already spending tens of thousands per year on helmets alone; a few hundred for some radio equipment would be a proverbial drop in the budgetary bucket.

The NCAA needs to pull their collective head out of the sand, realize it's the year 2014, and update the rules regarding sideline-to-field communication.

wrong thread.

"And it is caught, it is caught for a touchdown"

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"And it is caught, it is caught for a touchdown"

It's not stealing if you're giving it away. Change/Hide your signals. I have no problem with this at all.

It's not stealing if you're giving it away.

If only this worked in the Santa Clara County courtrooms...

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Maybe this means teams will stop doing the stupid sideline signs with pictures of Honey Boo-Boo and Beyonce. At some point, D1 will mandate the QB radio like the NFL.

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But I like the Honey Boo-Boo and Beyonce signs. They make me laugh a little.

I was wondering what was up in the second half when the towels came up.