New OL coach?

Don't post on here much even though I'm on the site everyday, but has anyone heard anything else about the new OL coach, saw this tweet, but not sure if any truth to it or how credible the source is.....What you guys think???

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Interesting, I have never heard of this guy before. But hope he is right.

Im not sure Bostad would go well with our current commits or players, based on his style

I would hesitate to believe that tweet...I'll believe we have a new OL hire when Andy Bitter reports as much.

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I did a bit of searching on the guy, he's a Tech homer (which is fine) but it looks like his website is more of a service to get noticed, not a news breaking site.

Looks like a nice guy though.


But he might have ties to recruits. I feel like the recruits are well informed on the situation- so he may know something.

If anyone is going to let something slip, it is most likely going to be a teenager.

Yeah, maybe.

But I'd be hard pressed to give any info like that if I was a recruit, especially at a major institution. It'd be cool to break that, but it could pose issues I guess.

I was shocked when I saw the Fab5 tweets. I am sure it was "don't say anything till..."