OSU "Sexualized Culture"

So, just read this about OSU's famous Band.

Fox Sports

So, prepare to hear a lot about this while watching the game in September on TV.

EDIT: I should put more than just the link. It's an article talking about the band leader getting fired after a two month or so investigation into conduct. Apparently, among other things, band members were forced to keep certain things a secret about what went on to include a late night "underwear march" where band members were told to strip down to their underwear, some went naked, and such, and drinking was involved. According to the article, one female band member was told to make sounds of having an orgasm while sitting atop her brother who was also a band member.

After seeing American Pie, I can't say I'm too surprised this stuff goes on.

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So that's where she ended up...

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The Most Sexualized Damn Band in the Land.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

You all would be surprised how common this sort of thing is at college bands all over. The difference is how much the director knows about and how much they participate in/allow to happen while knowing. Theres a fine line between acting cool with the kids and being the responsible adult in charge.

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My college experience was pretty sexualized. Giggity.

FWIW, I knew of nothing along these lines happening in the MVs in my time. That's not to say people didn't get a little bit crazy from time to time, but certainly nothing like what that article gives as examples.

And I can guarantee that the director wouldn't turn a blind eye if he knew of anything happening in the band that crossed any lines.

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Not going to admit anything, but not every section pissed unicorns and rainbows. It is college after all.

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I'm not saying we/they did. And I'm not sure how you got that out of my statement. But whatever.

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The way I read your statement was "we did things, but we didn't do things". I was neither confirming nor denying what you said, only offering that some sections were different than others so its hard to make a general statement about the band as a whole.

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The way I read that article, and I could be wrong, is that a large portion of their band was forced to march around in their skivvies. haha. I'm just simply saying nothing to that degree was done as a band. Now, what went on at various parties and whatnot... well we won't go there. haha.

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One of the many differences being expected participation vs. 'typical' college parties. Being a band member that does something crazy at a party is, as I think you intended, a huge difference from being expected to 'practice' in your underwear. Nobody is saying the MV's were saints, even while at or traveling to games. I don't think anyone would say there were 'sexualized activities' being encouraged by the heirarchy.

It seems kind of counter-intuitive, but I think there is a level of "accepted hazing" that goes on all over the place in organizations and clubs during the preliminary initiation phases. Not trying to stereotype but I know of people that were hazed during rush to get into a frat. Its not just on tv and in the movies. But again, thats just something most will "accept" as a rite of passage and back to what someone said earlier, all it takes is that one person that decided it wasn't acceptable and they got parents involved and started a revolution.

*Disclaimer, I do not condone hazing in any shape or form (and hazing does come in many shapes and forms)

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Interesting that "Rites of Passage" aka "hazing" have been around forever, and several of them accepted, particularly when based in religion.

Fighting against it has only ever altered the way it's done, and in many ways made it worse because then it goes underground and gets hush hush.

It's also interesting to see how different cultures react to different things. For instance, if you were to look up college initiations in other countries, you'd see similar things, and they're widely accepted in other countries because of the cultural background.

Not quite the same but similar transition:


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What more cleavage? That's what stood out to me.

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God that sucks to hear. I have two friends in the band at anOSU.


narcs ruin everything amirite?

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I believe it was a parent who first brought it to the attention of the Administration.

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Breaking news: OSU band fires back, organizes protest in OSU administrative offices
osu band

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now ive got to go watch that movie again.

Auto-leg for WOW reference

Soooo....band kids were being band kids. Big shocker. Some narc ruined it for everyone. Forget about Stick It In ever being resurrected. This is all the more reason we need to smash them on the field in a few months.

See, this is the problem. Between comments like

After seeing American Pie, I can't say I'm too surprised this stuff goes on.


Soooo....band kids were being band kids. Big shocker.

there becomes this assumption that this is typical of band students. Reality is that this is very atypical, but hazing like this happens in all forms. Look at FAU and all the heat they went under when their drum major DIED due to hazing. Regardless of the form, where this is many forms of sexual harassment and assault, it shouldn't be tolerated. I have no sympathy for a PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR losing their job by not putting a stop to this. If you are employed by a state university, you are a mandatory reporter per Title IX. That means that you have a responsibility by law to report sexual offenses such as this. It's quite possible that he could face other charges due to his inaction. With regards to the "band kids being band kids" comment, this statement is highly generalized and completely inaccurate. It's no better than saying it's "frat boys being frat boys" when there's an instance of a fraternity dropping roofies into the drinks of girls attending a party. Just because pop culture has made an association between the two, it doesn't mean that it is a factual assumption.

Sorry, blood boiled a little bit after reading that article and comments like this make me defensive of something that I spent my entire college career doing, representing the University in the best way I knew how, and entertaining fans just because I enjoyed it.

/rant over

Unfortunately, there are a fair number of bad eggs that spoil the rest of it for everyone. My dad was in the Stanford band in the 70's. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen them, but they're the craziest band out there, IMO. Things like making the back end of a dog on the field during the halftime show at Washington (with a Tuba, ah, no-so-tastefully placed), drumming on beer kegs (at least one guy does it every year), having certain plant symbols and others painted on tubas, the tree mascot being drunk during games (now gets breathalyzed before kickoff), the band shack being plastered with signs stolen throughout the years, etc. etc. etc. The point is, some bands just have a culture of being pretty crazy. Is it everywhere? No. Should it be tolerated? Not remotely. Do a lot of higher-ups let it slide because "band kids will be band kids"? Unfortunately, too often.

I have to say, you could have picked nearly ANY other band and I might find something to dispute what you said, but Stanford is probably the worst there is. There is a reason why they have been banned many times from many different states, schools, and games including ones at their own school. They take great pride in being obnoxious, drunk, high, offensive, and just plain annoying.

Oh, yes. They are forever banned from playing at Notre Dame after doing a piece titled, "The Irish, Why Must They Fight?" I figured they would effectively prove my point of a few bad eggs ruining things for the good ones. But man, does my dad have some good stories.

I'm probably going against the grain here, but the Stanford band sounds pretty hilarious and fun. Oh, back when I was in HS marching band our director was commenting on how uva didn't have a marching band (before they finally added one) and said they used to do the most ridiculous dumbass shit stuff. He said one time at an away game at Tenn the Volunteer marching band just came off the field after doing an amazing halftime show. The UVA pep band came on and had a grave of Elvis Presley and pretended to relieve themselves on it. He said "you don't make fun of Elvis in Dixie" and apparently the pep band was disbanded after that incident.

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The uva pep band is where my hatred began for the whole school. My parents went to wvu law (I hate wvu just so you know) so we went to a bowl game in Charlotte that was wvu vs uva. I already hated wvu so I was cheering for uva until the halftime show. Those fuckers did a "bachelor" theme show. The uva girl was all sun-dressed up, articulate and what not while the wvu girl wore overalls, was ignorant, bad accent: the works. Most tasteless thing I've ever seen. That day was when I started to loathe uva and it's only gotten worse since I went to Tech. Fuck uva

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Yup, completely low class by the lolUva band.

But WVU has a law school???

(Glad to see you hate both of them. It's an easy club to join!)

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Your folks took you to THAT game!?!?
I am so sorry you had to experience that. The horror...the horror...

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UVA vs WVU? That is when you sit back at home with a scotch and root for the meteor impact!

at least some good came from that since uva's "scatter band" got banned after that. talk about trying to rip off stanford.

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If you're a Stanford fan, the band is awesome, hilarious, and in no way a good representation for your school (but who cares about that as a 12-18 year old?). As anyone else, it's awful, offensive, and whatever the exact opposite of tasteful is.

Never said I was a fan (not sure how you got that). The MVs and Highty Tighties are my fave and co No. 1 collegiate bands. I just find some of that stuff funny and hilarious. The "Why Must The Irish Fight" incident kinda spoils it for me though. I didn't realize they took it THAT far.

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I'm the fan. Personally, there's a significant, immature part of me that absolutely loves the Stanford band. I also find "Why Must They Fight" to be nothing short of hilarious (but then, I was raised to despise Notre Dame). The point is, it's all a matter of perspective.

I was raised to despise Notre Dame

I think that's a tune we can all play along with.

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Honestly, it's hard to be shocked and appalled at seeing or learning about anything for me. I've seen good things from people, and bad things from people. Is it bad? Yes. Should it be accepted? No. But learning about it happening and not being shocked is far from accepting or condoning it.

The investigators must discover what the director was aware of and what he really didn't know. If he was aware, then he deservedly lost his job.

Sorry for making your blood boil. I understand your defensiveness. It's hard to read negative comments about something you are/were a part of and feel strongly about. Fact is, when your activity and your own band is represented by so many different people, the results can be positive and negative. I guess we will see how this story develops. If it comes down to underwear marches and dirty song lyrics and humiliation as hazing, I don't know a marching band that is innocent.

I don't know why, but when I see the word sexualized....I think:

really hope our band plays a Barry White melody during the game

I wonder if the band will be on probation for our trip up there. Wouldn't that be funny if our band made the trip and their band wasn't even there.


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As of right now, the MVs aren't going unfortunately so what would be even more amusing is if they didn't have any band at all in the stadium.

What a bigtime missed opportunity that would be. They usually travel twice a year and I see that one trip is already set for UNC and when UVA is home (this year) they travel a second time to some other place. So maybe DM is trying to work out getting the band to Columbus? Doubt it and if not, he really missed the beat on this one (pun intended).

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If not, I'm guessing it'll be Wake simply because they're fairly close and cheap. Bleh.

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Not sure if it's a surprise to be revealed later, but that's a very costly trip. Despite how much of a big game this is, the cost of an overnight trip, transportation, and per diem outweighs the benefit of going to the Athletic Department. Maybe stuff like that will change with Whit in charge, but I'm sure that JW's budget did not account for that, especially as the MVs are constructing a practice facility to be complete in Fall 2015. This year they are only travelling once, to UNC. I'm surprised they aren't going to Wake (which we've done before), but if the reasoning is so that they can take that money and put it towards the new facility, I'm okay with that.

Ah good info. I too am surprised about Wake... that one is an easy trip.

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"one female band member was told to make sounds of having an orgasm while sitting atop her brother who was also a band member"

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GoT incest jokes always get a leg from me

The "tricks" sounded pretty bad/excessive , but the nicknames weren't shocking at all. Some sections in the MVs do nicknames of a similar nature, although we're a bit more clever and subtle about it. Most never get used after they're assigned
The MVs director, Dave, has the often thankless job of getting 350 college students to stay within the realm of tasteful humor, but he does a great job. Certainly he's never been present at anything even close to some stuff mentioned in the report, and I believe he would do the right thing if he did witness something like it

RIP Stick It In

Let's get an investigation started and get these sexual assailants and predators off the campuses and behind bars.

Sorry, my brain's a bit slow tonight. I initially thought what you meant by "behind bars" was making them bartenders, not putting them in jail. Stupid brain is stupid.

Here, look at this.