Devin Carter in the 141lb National Championship today.

What a story for a kid who had a ruptured hamstring tendon a few months ago.

Proud, as always, to be a Hokie.

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I goggled his previous matches against the OSU kid, both losses. It looks like they met in lighter weight classes while in HS , on the national scene. The OSU kid has great offense and is excellent at leveraging his body. If Devin can counter well and stay aggressive, he might be able to take this kid out of his game. But in the one match I watched, Devin lost 9-2, or 10-2. It was pretty decisive...narrowly escaped being pinned. We all know how hard it is to get to this stage, I hope his body can handle the strain and pressure. I can't wait to watch! Go Hokies!

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always tough going up against someone you lost to previously.
Magnified exponentially in the NCAA Final!

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Everyone tune in on ESPN at 8 tonight. Carter will be the 7th match. This is huge for Hokie wrestling. He's the first ever finalist and hopefully, the first champ for VT. Congrats to Coach Dresser on what he's done with the program. He needs a raise.

A little OT, but that Delgado-Garrett match was fun to watch. I went to high school pretty close to Delgado's and saw him wrestle in a bunch of tournaments. The commentators made a point of telling us about his outstanding scrambling ability, but that actually has gotten him into trouble a few times. Once, at 5 Counties (Huge CA wrestling tournament), he managed to pin himself during a scramble in the first round. Of course, he was so good, he wrestled back through the entire thing to win 3rd. Kid's a freak. Dance did well to hold his own against him.

Just one more match until Devin is up...

For all you not watching, our man is next on ESPN

I was wondering if he had won.

Carter lost 10-1 to arguably the best pound-for-pound wrestler in the tournament. Kid wrestled overseas, for the US national team, is now a 3x All-American (with one year of eligibility remaining), just an absolute stud. Still, what Carter did this year, making the NCAA finals after having his hamstring forcefully removed from his pelvis, was absolutely unbelievable.

Unfortunately that other dude just got his number. Whelp, maybe next year I guess...

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That dude's got a lot of peoples' numbers. Just think what Carter could do with a full season of training.

You really think Carter could take that guy and get Tech it's first MNC?

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I'm not sure, but I'd be very surprised if the result wasn't better than 10-1. Taking 3 months off and trying to beat one of the best wrestlers in the entire country is challenging to say the least.

To have the conditioning in place to even make it to the finals with a 3 month hiatus is amazing. The kid he wrestled is a buzzsaw, but nothing is more Hokie than Carter coming back next year and keeping him from a 4 peat.

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If Carter won his weight class, it would be right up there with all of our Track & Field individual National titles. We'd need more than him to win a title in order to win the team National Title. And considering that Wrestling has a tournament format, it's not a MNC.

Well, he'd still be Tech's first individual champion, which I think was the point that was being made.

i think he's referring to the fact the "m" in mnc stands for mythical

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Seemed to me that he was stating the first ever National Championship won by the school in any sport, which would overlook the many accomplishments our athletes have had in Track & Field. In wrestling, yes, he'd be our first national champion, but hardly the first ever individual champion at VT. Unfortunately though, the claim used against us is that we have never won a team national championship and that would remain true, but we have plenty to celebrate with our individual successes. And besides, we can continue to tell UVA about how we beat them in those small sports of Wrestling and Swimming while they tout superiority in sports we don't offer like Rowing and Men's Lacrosse.

How did Tech stack up as a team now with these additional results?

I think we'll finish 8th (where we are now). Not sure if anyone below us has a wrestler in the last couple finals matches. 2nd straight top-10 national finish.

Tough loss, but the kid has the fire to get back to the big stage next year. Highest finisher in program history and is going to be the leader on a very deep team next year. I would say a three peat in the ACC and another top ten NCAA finish is a very real possibility next year.