OT: Best Barbecue Restaurants

The Best Burger Thread went well, but this thread may tread on the edge of violating the "No Religion" piece of the thread. Very little raises the blood of many of us meat-eaters than a discussion around where to find the best barbecue. Even the definition of barbecue causes arguments.

For me, when I tell someone about barbecue, I am talking about slow and low cooked pork and beef. My preference has always been for fall off the bone pork (diced pork has no room in my list.) The best pork barbecue doesn't need sauce, but if sauce is applied, I am a fan of South Carolina-style mustard sauce, with a sweet, tangy Memphis style tomato based sauce. Despite my love of traveling to North Carolina, I am not nor every will be a fan of vinegar-based sauces.

My top BBQ options based on my limited travels are:

1) Ridgewood Barbecue in Piney Flats, Tennessee
Absolutely perfect, pick picking style fall off tender juicy goodness. The meat is so juicy, you don't need sauce. They don't have a website or any advertising, but it is almost impossible to get a seat and their catering gets booked up months in advance.

2) Hartland B-ar B-Que in Omaha, Nebraska
I stumbled upon this place on a work trip, and I bought a combo plate because I expected the beef to be the standout even though I prefer pork. The brisket was ok (comparable to Rockwood BBQ in Arlington) but the pork was out of this world. It was tender and juicy, and they had an excellent sweet tomato sauce that complimented it perfectly. I had the pork the next day for lunch, and if I ever return to Omaha it will be my first dining stop.

3) Buz and Ned's (West Broad) in Richmond VA
Very similar in taste to Hartland, but larger portions. The meat is juicy and only needs sauce if you want to add it. They only fall behind Hartland because their sauce was good, not great. It was comparable to store-bought Sweet Baby Rays.

I know I am just scratching the surface, but these are the ones that are fresh in mind. Locally to DC, I still have not found the "great" BBQ that folks talk about. I love Rockland's sides, but their pork BBQ isn't as good as the brisket. Famous Daves doesn't move my needle. My favorite place was Bubba's in Falls Church, and both Joe Key Play and I shed a tear when it closed down.

Ok, shoot. Where are all the awesome BBQ places that I am missing. Here, we, go...



Barbecue just might be my favorite comfort food out there.

Greater Richmond: I prefer the excellent Hogshead Cafe, and also Alexanders BBQ. Neither need sauce added, but you certainly can if you wish. In Chester, there is also Sibley's BBQ, which has one of the best lunch deals out there.
What I consider to be the pulled pork BBQ sandwich, perfected: "The Hogshead Special" http://www.alexandersbbq.com/

Outside of the South, I must say Ranch House BBQ in Olympia, WA is superb. Along with the 'cue, their garlic french fries are a must-get side order.

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I work across the street from Buz n Neds and get to smell the smokes any day the wind blows North. I eat there often and have never had a bad BBQ from there. I also like Q's BBQ. The founder is Tuffy and he appears on the BBQ competitions on the Food Network. I have been to Hogs Head as well. Nice but the place is tiny so get there early.

Do you work at the strip club? Carwash? Or tattoo shop?

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Lol I wash just about to ask this exact question as I had to work this area once upon a time!

You are thinking of the original Buz n Neds near the Diamond. I am talking about the new on at Parham and Broad.

I keep forgetting they opened the second one. I left Richmond in 2008.

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The amazing thing about Buz & Ned's is the chicken skewers are even better than the pulled pork.

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In a thread dedicated to barbecue, I'm not sure that would be considered a positive.

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Your assessment of BBQ is inherently flawed...there is only one true BBQ, and that is Eastern North Carolina style. All others are pretenders that create their flavor from a "sauce". But if you must have a sauce, the SC style (mustard based) is probably the only acceptable choice.. Alas, the lack of true BBQ is one of the regrettable aspects of living here in SC...but having Charleston nearby more than compensates.

My problem with Eastern NC BBQ is that all the restaurants I have been to serve it chopped. To me, that dries out the meat to the point where you need sauce to eat it, and I don't care for vinegar.

Give me a southwest Virginia pig picken any day.

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me no likey chopped. i don't need someone to prechew it for me.

pulled pork with lexington/western nc sauce is coming correct.

The best barbeque in the world is either Eastern NC or Lexington Style. They are both chopped or sliced(pulled).

However, the only reason most barbeque joints here in NC serve sliced/pulled is for profiling purposes. Real Southern barbeque connoisseurs wouldn't dream of eating anything but chopped barbeque. Same goes for the slaw... White slaw is for profiling, red, vinegar slaw is for the OGs.

Leonard. Duh.

As far as a vote...
While I think they're all good, my favorite barbeque is Lexington Style, and to get the best, you need to go to the source. Speedy's in Lexington, NC. They never miss, and they pile it high.

Leonard. Duh.

I assume this is because "real" bbq connoisseurs do not actually like bbq? This comment is confusing to my taste buds.


I was never able to zero in on why I found Carolina bbq so underwhelming but I think this is it. The meat is dry and the smokiness never really comes through. I've yet to go to a Carolina bbq joint that can compete with the good stuff.

I vehemently disagree with your opinion of NC barbeque, but we're cool. Different strokes and all.

Most places around here use hickory for cooking, and that is generally a pretty smoky wood.

Leonard. Duh.

I'd love to be shown otherwise. Got a recommendation?

Speedy's and Lexington Barbecue in Lexington. Little Richard's in Winston-Salem.

B's Barbeque in Greenville for Eastern style, AND... the Hokies will be there this fall.

Leonard. Duh.

There's a Little Richard's in Winston Salem, too? I knew there was one in Mount Airy

Might I also recommend Wilbur's BBQ in Goldsboro, NC or Bill Ellis BBQ in Wilson, NC? Best ENC BBQ for those who like vinegar & based sauce.

While I'm at it, Hursey's BBQ in Burlington is amazing too. Not quite as much vinegar as the East, but still delicious. We had them cater our wedding all the way up in SWVA. The food was so good we actually ran out by the time my wife and I got back from taking our photos.

Go Hokies

Back in the day, Wilbur's Wilbur's Wilbur's was my jam. Loved that vinegar based. But at the end of the day, I must say, it is not a cake vs. pie issue (Pie all the way here), the vinegar based vs red sauce to me is moot ---> it's all great.

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Nonsense! You can take the tomato-based bbq from my cold dead hands!

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Just a little fyi. Eastern NC BBQ has a sauce too it just doesn't contain tomatoes. Vinegar and spices is still a sauce. If it is added to the damn pork it is a sauce! Sorry for the rant I compete and not a single BBQ judge wants a plate of Eastern NC BBQ to come in front of them!

That's atrocious.

I love Eastern NC style BBQ. The vinegar ads a nice acidity and helps cut through the fat of a nicely cooked pork.

Best of all, that sauce never goes bad. Vinegar, brown sugar, red pepper flakes and ground black pepper. I have a bottle of it in my fridge that's been there for two years. When it gets low I top it off, so it still has some of the original spices from the first batch. Flavor is amazing. Sometimes I'll dribble some over my spareribs if I want a little more kick.

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There shouldn't be any fat in pulled pork except the fat that disappears into the meat when pulling and the only time you see that is when you are getting ready to reheat leftovers.

But it's still there. It's melted but still there.
It's there because you can see it when chilled. It disappears into the meat as well as the dissolved connective tissue which is a gelatin.

The Smokin Pig right there in F'in Clemson (well, Pendleton, really) is one of the best BBQs out there. Highly recommend to any Hokie that might travel there for a game some day. The meat is amazingly tender, and there's a variety of sauces to choose from. They serve the meat sans sauce, with bottles at the table, so you can even go sauceless if that's your style.

I will second Smokin Pig. Good variety of meat. Good atmosphere during football season too. There's always people playing cornhole and passing a football around. It was a favorite when we lived down there.

Smokehouse / Galax ,Va. The pulled pork is outstanding!


The Pit in Raleigh. Done.

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I was kinda underwhelmed by The Pit honestly, maybe because it was hyped up for me, but still good barbecue no doubt.

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Been to the Pit twice. Two times too many, IMO. The brisket was alright but the pulled pork was inexcusably dry. Smokey's BBQ in Morrisville is a decent lunch spot.

The Pit isn't worth the money. Go to Backyard BBQ in Durham for better BBQ for a third of the price.

I just read today that Ed Mitchell has deserted another restaurant, this one in Durham. He's taking his traveling road show to somewhere else, where he'll play for the media & quick cook his pork with fat & soaked in vinegar. (News flash - I really dislike his dishonesty)

Vinegar-based sauce fan here.

But regardless of sauce, the best BBQ joint I've ever been to is Killen's in Pearland, TX (near Houston).

I think I ruined BBQ for myself because nothing else I've had even comes close.


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That's deep man - I hope you don't live too far.

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Unfortunately it went out of business in 2010, but The Smokey Pig in Ashland, VA, served the best Virginia AND NC sauce on their sandwiches. Not only that, the hushpuppies, baked beans and green beans were some of the best around as well.

It was also my first job so I'm partial, but it was the best damn BBQ I've had.

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I do miss that place. We used to hit it up after Kings Dominion.

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Used to work there as well woops

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What years did you work at KD? I worked there as well from '02-'04

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My brother would have been in the candy shop those years, I'm a young'un and just worked summer of '08. In rides. It was awful.

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Yea I did security and then games supervisor then back to security. I enjoyed my time, except for the DC sniper night and the BET parking lot shooting. Those were just stressful.

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Yep I remember that BET night, pretty sure that might have been the last time KD hosted them after that went down.

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The next year we hosted it but the new rules were VERY strict and hardly anyone came and BET pulled out of hosting it. Went from 25,000 plus people to less than 12,000.

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Used to go there a lot when I was at RMC and then a Hanover Deputy, was sad to see it close.

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Ha that's crazy, I lived right outside of Ashland until I graduated from Patrick Henry

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Was that the little place that was next to the old Greentop location? I liked that place, but it closed when they moved and I had no idea what it was called.

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French it was a little farther north on Route 1. In "downtown" Asland, in large wooden building.

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French, that was Phat Boyz BBQ. Not bad from what I remember, but there were always better options. But I do love the new Green Top. Glad they made use of that Gander Mountain space. I also can't wait for the Cabela's to finally get here.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Yep- smokey pig was money -- how in the hell did that place go out of business??? Health trends? WTF?

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Carolina Brothers in Ashburn, VA. Unbelievable pulled pork sandwich. Definitely worth a try.

its been a long time since I've been there (like 6 years) so take this with a grain of salt, but my memory of their baby back ribs is amazing. Amy's Cafe in Fredericksburg, VA - little hole in the hole place just north of the river

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also Pierce's outside of Williamsburg near Great Wolf Lodge. more of a fast food joint but still really good

VT CEE Class of 2016/2017

5 years, 2 degrees, 33 football games as a student, and 2 Cassell court stormings later, I bleed Maroon and Orange

I think some national magazine named Pierce's the best BBQ in the USA. Maybe it is worth a trip down 64 to try it.

Pierce's does it well. Like mentioned above, their menu has grown to a lot beyond just the barbecue, though. I kind of like it better when the place sticks to just barbecue. They do well, though, and when you step out of your car in the parking lot, the wood smoke & pork fat will make you feel starved even if you've just eaten already.

it's trash in my opinion. their sauce, which is unique and not for me dominates the meat. could put it on chicken no difference. why waste time smoking the pork to overwhelm the flavor of the meat?

I was unimpressed. I liked Country Grill and Smokehouse when I spent New Years in Williamsburg, but it wasn't a top 3 contender.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

i love county grille because it has the best craft draft beer selection on the peninsula and it's 20 mins from my house, but their pork bbq is only solid. their brisket is superior.

Give Two Drummers brisket a try. On par with county grille.

I never understood the hype on pierce's. Deep Run Roadhouse is the best I've had in Richmond (it's about 2 mins from my house, so email me, French, (should be on the fishing thread) if you're near and I'll treat, and take you fishing if you have time). Way better than Buzz and Neds, and alexanders.

If you're ever near Corolla, NC go to Agava Roja and get their ribs. The best you'll likely get in the obx.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

Love Pierces. Grew up on the stuff (my family used to pull over on the side of the highway and cut through the trees. I was unimpressed by Buzz and Neds.

Never been to Deep Run Roadhouse, but I'l have to check it out. I'm assuming its near Glen Allen'ish?

I should qualify - Pierce's is good, but you hear a lot about it being the best you'll ever have, and so I went in with very high expectations. It was good, but no better than others these days.

Deep Run is very close to Alexanders - think Tuckahoe area. The whole menu is legit (love their chicken bbq, beef brisket, and mac and cheese too) and worth a trip if you're already in the area. Not something I'd drive for out of town for, but if you're near short pump, definitely give it a try.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I grew up in short pump, so I find myself down there every so often. I'll have to find it and give it a try.

I think pierces is better than good, but I'll admit it might come with some nostalgia.

Glad I found this thread today. I'm in Richmond all week (Short Pump area) and was looking for lunch and/or dinner options. Sounds like a stop at Deep Run is called for, probably later this week.

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Sorry I'm a little late following up, but I managed to hit both Buz & Ned's (twice) and Deep Run Roadhouse. For my money, Buz & Ned's is significantly better.

Buz & Ned's: Happened to see this place on the way to our hotel (Westin) so my buddy and I decided to give it a shot. We got the onion rings for an appetizer and they were probably the best I've ever had. Both times I got pulled pork and was impressed. They (correctly) serve it unsauced. The first time the bbq was so juicy I forgot to even try the sauce. My buddy got the ribs and they were also very good, if a little overcooked -- gobble gobble is spot-on below about "fall off the bone" ribs. Still, it's tough to get them perfect at a restaurant that has to serve all day long, and with ribs it's always better to slightly overcook than to undercook. The second visit the pork was a little drier, so I tried the sauce and it was decent. I'd give this place a 4/5 and would happily recommend/return.

Deep Run: I took my team to dinner here in between the two visits to Buz & Ned's. Started with the BBQ nachos, went with chicken since one of the guys doesn't eat pork. They were decent but not spectacular. I ordered a 3-meat platter with pulled pork, brisket, and sausage. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed. The sausage was pretty good, but it was easily the best of the three. The pulled pork was average, not bad but not notable either. However, the real disappointment was the brisket. It was greasy/fatty and more like what I'd call pulled beef than authentic (sliced) brisket. Overall I'd give the place 3/5, and frankly I feel like that's a little generous. Maybe they just had an off night, I dunno.

I'm in Richmond fairly regularly for work, so I'll try them each again (and again, and again), but those were my first impressions. Obviously there are wildly different opinions about what makes good bbq. For example, Mrs. Freefall and I are on opposite sides of the coleslaw fence, she likes carolina bbq and I tend to lean more Memphis, etc. YMMV.

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Try the Buzz and Ned's near the Diamond in richmond it's better than the old fudruckers they moved into off Broad.

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Will do. I definitely want to try Deep Run again too. There are too many good reviews here and elsewhere that I wonder if we didn't just catch them on an off night. It happens.

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The old Bill's Barbecue on Boulevard was the place to eat and hang out in the 60's. All the hot rodders cruised the Boulevard.

I played baseball across the street all through middle school it was the best after game meal.

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OT, and we can take this private if you prefer, Did you work for City or County FD when you lived in Richmond?

Chesterfield County firefighter, Hanover County Sheriffs deputy.

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Was curious because I have a relative that is 30 years into the Richmond FD.

Buz and Neds ribs in Richmond are GOAT

Recruit Prosim

I had them. Quite disappointing.

Never had Buz and Neds. Only had goat ribs once, in Jamaica. The jerk sauce was excellent, but I still prefer pork or beef.

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Maybe it's that I'm slow right now because I've been celebrating a job offer, but I can't tell if you're being sarcastic about the GOAT reference.
As for Buz and Ned's - they're ribs are hit and miss. I grew up in the RVA area. There are days where they are incredible, fall off the bone and flavorful,, and other days it seems like they weren't smoked long enough so they're a little tough and chewy. Inconsistency is definitely a bummer.

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hot take: fall off the bone ribs aren't good ribs. need a lil pop to the bite.

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I'll 2nd Deep Run Roadhouse as the best in RVA. It's run by a friend of mine's older brother, and it blows Buz and Ned's out of the water. They also have a location on VCU campus now

I live about 5 miles from there. Love it.

I know there are doubters, but the place is always jammed, so they're doing SOMEthing right.

Two Drummers is in Toano and is better then Pierces in my opinion. They are located right on 60. There is also a guy who has a travelling BBQ named Chad's Dad that is really good. He is usually on the middle peninsula.

Best all around I've had probably would be Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City. If you're there and they have burnt ends, get 'em. If not, try the Z-man. Burnt ends (done right, and most people screw them up) are just the most amazing thing I've ever eaten.

For brisket, I took a week a couple years ago to try all the 'best' bbq spots in Texas. My winner was Black's in Lockhart, TX, but most lived up to their billing. Cooper's in Llano (the original) is up there.

Most of the time I'd rather have Eastern NC vinegar sauce pulled pork with slaw on top. I like Wilber's in Goldsboro, but there are tons of other good ones. Just drive about 3 miles in any direction in NC and you'll find another one.

Cooper's is really good. I've eaten there, and really liked it. Great smoke ring & your choice of cuts.

I''m in KC now. OK Joe's is awesome. I also like Jack Stack. A lot more classy in terms of dcor and such but their BBQ is still awesome. The "Big Pig" Sandwich is phenominal. Their ribs are really good too. Their baked beans are the best I've ever eaten. Burnt ends there are another win as well. Pretty much anything bbq there is good. KC is a great place for BBQ. I am still a fan of Carolina style though and love some vinegar.

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For the NOVA crowd, District BBQ in Vienna by the Mosaic District is amazing. The guys who opened it were competition partners with Oklahoma Joe's. Their baked beans are amazing and so is the burnt ends.

Ridgewood is #1. Period. Whenever I am home I don't have to ask. It's a given that we go to Ridgewood. Tucked away on a side road, worth waiting for everytime. And you always wait. Love on a bun.

Now that my love for Ridgewood is out there, here in the Charlotte area so far I have found Lancaster's in Mooresville which i highly recommend. The scenery is also especially nice if you are a Nascar fan. Another back road goodie. They also offer combo plates so you can have different meats. Variety is the spice of life.
Mac's Speed Shop in Cornelius is also amazing in a different way. Real smoked meats. The wings, brisket, and ribs are all great. if you go for the first time, get the Lot of Stuff platter. Four meats and four sides. The sides are half the greatness. Cheddar grits, collard greens, mac and cheese, red beans and rice, chili, brunswick stew. Also a great place to watch a game. Kind of a biker/sports bar with great beer and BBQ. Also hooked on the fried Catfish.

My new place in Mooresville is a minute or two from Lancaster's.

When I saw French posted a BBQ thread I knew he would put Ridgewood at the top. If he hadn't I would have been really disappointed.

I too knew Ridgewood would be at French's #1. Last time I went there, it was a Thursday at 5:30 (fastest i could get there after work) and had to wait 30 minutes to get a seat for 2.

Fellow Hokie from Charlotte here... have you ever had Lexington BBQ?

Keep calm, Gobble on

I work in Statesville, and have people from that area working for me. They swear by Lexington BBQ. The wife and I will definitely be taking a trip soon, as she is a barbecue lover as well. However she is from Florida and our tastes differ greatly on what great BBQ is.

Fellow Charlotte Hokie here. I haven't found any place that has what I consider good pulled pork in the area. If I want it, I make it because nothing really stacks up. Most of the local places just lather it in sauce, which can be tasty but limits the overall appeal of great pulled pork. On the other hand, some of the smoked sausage offerings are pretty solid and I've never had much luck making my own brisket, which makes some of the local options serviceable.

Mac's is definitely the best here in Charlotte. Acutally got sick of BBQ - here in South Charlotte - I can drive 15 minutes and hit up ~20 bbq joints.

How is that possible?

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Mac's is terribly downhill. Best in town is Midwood Smokehouse for brisket and Queen City Q for pulled pork.

Other than my own, I currently like Phil's Dreampit which is inbetween Gray and Kingsport TN.
I just moved back to SWVA and am looking for other recommendations... I had a few places out in CA, but not comparable.

Ridgewood in Bluff City. It's on Elizabethton Hwy.

mine own (and yours too) is better than most places.

Now you are speaking my language. The best part about moving to the Midwest, the pork here is like nothing I've ever tasted.

The best barbecue in my neck of the woods comes out of my own smoker. Ribs are by far my favorite, pork shoulder a respectable second, and brisket lags far behind. Brisket is expensive to buy and a temperamental bitch to smoke.

Ribs, I like St. Louis style. The night before the smoke, I rub them down with a mustard glaze and apply a liberal dose of my own recipe rub that I've spent a few years perfecting. The next day they go into the smoker with a mix of hickory and apple wood, smoke at 215 for 3 hours, pull, apply a mop of two parts apple cider vinegar to one part olive oil, wrap in aluminum foil, return to 215 heat (no smoke) for 2 hours. After this "Texas crutch" step, remove the ribs from the foil. At this point some of the bones will literally fall out of the meat. Return to heat out of the foil to firm up the meat again. And while some barbecue purists tell me it's a wasted effort, I reapply smoke during this period.

An hour later, it's time to eat.

French is right. Good barbecue doesn't need sauce. But if someone insists, I have a recipe for a homemade tangy bourbon tomato-based sauce.

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I consider myself a BBQ whore, any and all kinds welcome.

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I'll give a shout-out to Due South in Christiansburg, they make some good pork and have a reasonably priced all you can eat pork deal on Tuesday night.

Although personally I'm trying to master the art of smoking meat myself (I've done pork shoulders, brisket, and I nailed the Christmas Ham) and make my own tomato based bbq sauce and east Carolina style bbq sauce.

I think I posted this way back in the 4th of July thread, but this is what I made to smoke meats.

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This is a thing of beauty.

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Thanks, it's my way of rebelling against foxridge not letting me have a grill on the deck, and also let me learn about something I love.

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I can vouch for those pork shoulders. They were on point.

I'll definitely do a brisket at some point this semester, and hopefully ribs at some point.

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Brisket for sure. I am willing to drop a good amount of money for it.

Great mop for brisket: Apple cider vinegar, Guinness stout, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, black peppercorns and red pepper flakes.

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That sounds good.

So does the Guinness go into the mop or directly into my mouth? Just to be safe I'll put it in both.

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You absolutely have to taste it to assure quality of ingredients. Usually quality is determined after the fourth or fifth Guinness.

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VT '13, Georgia Native in Alexandria, VA

There's the McRib at this one restaurant called McDonald's. I think they specialize in Irish food (hence the "Mc" theme being part of most of their menu items).

My top BBQ joints:
1. In my hometown of Shelby, North Carolina, Alston Bridges Barbecue...NOT "RED BRIDGES BBQ" ON THE HIGHWAY.
2. Barbecue King in Lincolnton, NC.
3. Woodlands Barbecue in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

MY hometown SHEBLBY byatches! You're f'in OUT!!!

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If you've ever been to Nashville, you have to go to the Loveless Cafe. I don't know if I've ever had better better pulled pork


I think Due South does really well in Christiansburg. They give you pulled pork, not chopped. They let you sauce the meat as you wish - Eastern NC vinegar, Western NC vinegar/tomato, SC mustard, Eastern TN tomato, etc. Also, the pork is moist and smoked well even with no sauce.

Pierce's Pitt does well in Williamsburg. The best Eastern NC that I've had was B's Barbecue in Greenville NC. They're only open 3-4 days a week, though. Cooper's Barbecue in downtown Raleigh used to be good, but they've got new ownership & I've not been in a few years. Knightdale Seafood & BBQ just east of Raleigh does pretty well. I've had Ridgewood & just wasn't very impressed. I think it is popular because there is hardly any other barbecue joint around in the TriCities. It's not bad, just okay. It wouldn't get a mention if it were in NC.

I've had barbecue all over Eastern NC, and most of the places are overrated, though. They're popular with locals because they were the places people have visited since they were young. Most of them are lazy, now, though. They quick cook the pig, chop it way too much until it turns into mush, and soak far too much vinegar into it. FTR, I like vinegar sauce, but not as a substitute for quality pork.

I used to be sanctimonious about NC pork being 'the only true' barbecue. Then I went to Austin & had some good brisket. I lost all my piousness when that happened. Franklin's in Austin is the best I've ever had, and it's not even close. The only problem is the wait.

I agree with the entirety of your post.
I spent significant time waiting in line at 'B's' wondering if there could be any rival.....
only to find myself eating multiple helpings of Dallas brisket unsure why I hadn't discovered it before.

The first brisket I ever had was at Rendezvous in Memphis as part of a combo platter with some dry rubbed ribs. The waiter talked us into it while we were downing too many beers. The ribs were good but the brisket was better, shocking all of us.

Then I had several occasions to be in Texas on bidness, and got to try the brisket. I was a pork snob prior to that, when I learned there was a different world out there. Now I like a lot of different types for different reasons. Barbecue is indeed a religion for many, and the talks are always fun.

I had the same experience as you did with brisket in Texas. I was with my dad on the road (truck driver) and we pulled into this roadhouse type BBQ joint. We asked for pulled pork and they said, "You boys are from back east aren't you? Out here we do beef brisket. Try some, you won't be disappointed."

So we did...and holy moly. Opened our eyes to a whole new world of bbq.

There are plenty of BBQ places in the Tri-Cities and Ridgewood is the best. It beats Pratt's (big indian), Firehouse in JC, Phil's Dreampit, Hokie-Smokey whatever it's called, any of em.

If we're talking ribs, Rendezvous in Memphis was a religious experience for me. That dry rub on those ribs! I hope I'm lucky enough to get back there one day.

I gotta try Ridgewood next time I'm home. But the thing I like about Pratt's is they go so far off the reservation with their menu items. Pulled turkey and blueberry habanero ribs. So many barbecue places just feel like they're trying to outdo each other with the same menu. Pratt's actually does some things differently.

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I believe Due South is prob the best in the NRV. I love how you can choose your
sauces. Also you can choose between the pulled pork or brisket but the brisket
seems to go fast. My cousin used them to cater her wedding and it did not disappoint. Highly recommended.


Yep, they did my wedding as well and I couldn't have been happier with it! I love Due South, their smoked chicken is some of the best I've ever had.

+1 on the B's BBQ in Greenville. It's in a trailer on the side of the road. I went there for lunch in the middle of the week and had to park way up the street and walk because it was so packed. Best NC style I've ever had though.

I would recommend that any Hokie traveling to an ECU game check it out while in town, but my ECU friends have said that if you're not standing in line early in the morning on gameday you won't be getting any. They only fire up the pit once per day. So when they are out, they're out and they close up shop.

I've been looking forward to this.

Lexington #1 BBQ in Lexington hands down the best I'll drive an hour out of the way to go here
Ralph's and Parkers are good as well.

In Metro Atlanta
Sams BBQ1 in Marrietta is great. He also offers a full day BBQ class I can't wait to take
Fox Bros solid choice
DBA again a solid choice also has a cooking class
Sweet Auburn some folks love this place but it's just average to me
PignChick a favorite juicy pork with good bark vinegar or tomato sauce
Terminus City Wow incredible chopped whole hog you have to order in advance they only make it on weekends
Heirloom MKT BBq a Texas Korean fusion joint very good
Harold's and Williamson Bros are OK

Its been a while but I tried Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City and wasn't impressed

Golden Rule in Alabama is pretty good, I didn't think much of Dreamland

Its been decades but there was great place I cant rtemember the name in Lewisville tx run by a former TI engineer who said to hell with it and opened up a joint superb brisket - its damn near impossible to not find good BBq in Tx.

I went to Williamson Bros about 10 years ago for lunch on the spur of the moment. I thought it was excellent, but it might have been one of those "time and place" things.

No, Wmsn. Bros. is real good. Maybe not the best, but very good and very consistent.

Zarda in KC is really good.

Lexington #1 BBQ is my favorite in carolina.

Re: Atlanta, +1 for Heirloom. I've heard good things about Fox Bros, but have never been.

Gotta add Fat Matt's on Piedmont to the list though. Ribs slide right off the bone.

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+1 for Fat Matt's. Hit that place up before the 'bama game in '09 and it was excellent.

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Only addition I'd suggest to that list is CommunityQ in Decatur, GA.

Haven't been to fat matt's in decades wasn't so great but I'll give it a retry
One of the partners at Community Q worked for the aforementioned Sam and it is good
Just tried Grand Champion BBQ at Krog St very good pulled pork but the sauce is put up in little prefab containers and it was OK

Lexington's BBQ is the best, worth a long drive.

Lexington #1 was the only thing that made the drive back from the Sugar Bowl not the worst two days of my life.

exit light

I threw up in my mouth a little bit at 'Texas Korean fusion'. NC bbq=awesome. Texas brisket=awesome. Korean bbq is cooked on a grill in front of you. It's only barbecue in the same way that Yankees call hot dogs and hamburgers barbecue.

Asian food isle is a very good place to find ingredients for BBQ

Sam's BBQ1 is my all-time favorite. Anytime I'm in or near Atlanta I'm going out of my way to get it.

I'm definitely a fan of the eastern North Carolina style of BBQ. Smithfield's BBQ in multiple North Carolina locations has always been good. Roger's in Florence, South Carolina has pretty solid BBQ with a great buffet. Pierce's is always a must visit anytime, I'm near it.

Leg up in agreement on Smithfield's. I think it is the best franchise barbecue I've eaten.

It definitely is the top for BBQ franchise for me as well. Always have to get some anytime I'm in NC.

Agreed. +1 for you all.

As is the case for most everything in life, Maryland sucks so all I can get is Mission BBQ. I'm not skilled in the nuances of BBQ, but their juicy brisket is tasty and turkey is fantastic. Their cheesy potatoes are also stupid good.

in Fuller we trust

Adam's Ribs is isn't bad. Their pork is just ok, but their ribs and slaw are both top notch.

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I used to love O'Briens in Rockville, but they lost their luster when they turned into Branded 72 or whatever they're called now.


I go to the Canton Square location of Mission. When it first opened it was lackluster, but they've got their act together. I'll never claim it to be the 'best', but it is solid and consistently good. The carolina pulled pork sandwich is no slouch.

Yeah, Maryland is a wasteland when it comes to great barbeque. There's some good places, like Mission, but nothing truly outstanding. I'd love to hear something different. What say, ye, Marylanders?

I grew up in Rockville, live in Columbia, MD now. My go-to for baby back ribs is Bare-Bones in Ellicott city. They also serve fried onion loaf. I basically grew up on this style of ribs. I do work in Annapolis now, so I may have to try Adams (Taphouse and Grill)

BUT maryland barbacue is Baltimore Pit Beef. The Canopy on Rt 40 is very good barbacue takeout dive. Tiger Sauce and all.

Adam's ribs are just okay - I was there about a month ago, and I felt like they were:
1) small portion
2) oven cooked and finished on the grill
3) overpriced

Now, the wings at Adam's are just fine - would recommend the wings over the ribs.

which wings: hot, gator, or pig?
I visited Adams in Annapolis, not Edgewater, and was not impressed. not bad, but barbecue should be a bit sweet, a bit spicy, and a bit smokey. this was just sweet.

I've been to 3 places here in Athens, GA, and I rank them in order of preference:

1) Harry's Pig Shop - only downside is that they serve pickles with their plates, and the pickle juice ruined part of my meal
2) Rooter's BBQ - very tender, if not overly flavorful, meat; the sauces are all made in house and are all outstanding
3) Butt Hutt - was my go-to before I tried the other two; they're usually very good with the pork, but the brisket can be hit or miss

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

If you're ever lost going from Winder to Braselton on 53 Johns BBQ is pretty good. I want to say it was highly rated by some national magazine about 10 years ago.

I don't find myself on that part of 53 very often. I may have to get myself lost out there some time during my spring break.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Danny's in Morrisville, NC is routinely listed as one of the best in the Triangle up there with The Pit, but you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Also highly recommend Wilber's in Goldsboro on highway 70.

Don't care for the sauce based BBQ. Always seems like those places go to heavy on the sauce to cover up a poorly cooked slab of meat. The vinegar based doesn't really allow you to cover it up and puts more emphasis on getting it right.

I did find it cute how there was a list about the best BBQ place and didn't list a single place in NC, KC, or Texas....

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there are definitely some great BBQ places out here in KC.

Leg for the that and the GOT gif. Awesome, can't wait for the new season.

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Korean Barbecue is the best barbecue.

Although I do find this comment offensive, I will restrain myself from downvoting.

I was actually surprised I didn't get more downvotes.

If it makes you feel better, the term Korean Barbecue was foreign to me until I moved to Northern VA. Until then, it was just food that my mom made.

Technically speaking, it should be called grilling - and I make that distinction with basically any other cuisine (my friends have heard me rail against any event calling itself a barbecue and serving hot dogs & hamburgers) - yet somehow Korean barbecue gets a pass.

Call me a hypocrite, I guess.

I love Korean BBQ, but it is a different bag. Best Korean BBQ in Annandale would be an impressive local thread. To me, the meat is good, but the pickles radish is the best. I can eat that like M n M's

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

My friend is the same way. I took her to Oegadgib and Yechon to introduce her to Korean food - and both times, she was most excited about the radish.

There was a side discussion on Korean food in Annandale in one of The Fifth Fuller's articles a while back.

Don't get me wrong. I certainly enjoy Korean BBQ. Went to K town regularly when I lived in NYC. It just falls into a different category--grilled stuff. Thanks for acknowledging that.

As I said in another post, Korean BBQ is bbq in the way northerners use the word. Basically anything from a grill.

whoa...let's not get too hasty here and throw Korean barbecue in the same group with northern barbecue.

Korean BBQ in the South Korea is unbelievable. It is definitely BBQ but at the same time so different. Hard to say they are the same thing.

Readily available, fresh bulgogi is what I miss most about living in Annandale/NOVA

Bulgogi is great, but my daeji gogi is where it's at.

Bon Chon. nough said

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Having lived most of my life where bbq isn't prevalent (unless you count asado), I don't know very much about it. But when I graduated college, my roommates and I did build a cinder-block oven in our back yard and cooked a pig over night. I think that's probably the best bbq I've had.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

I'll be making a trip to DT Nashville at the end of May to check out the town, bars, and hoping catch a Preds game, while I am there. Planning on moving out there for a new job. Anybody been there and can recommend any good BBQ spots there??

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Years ago "Whit's BBQ" was always pretty good with their pulled pork. I don't know if it's still open or not as this was like 20 years ago but it was still good.

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I live about an hour out of Nashville and there's a fast food/chain place called Whitt's BBQ a few minutes away, not sure if we're thinking of the same thing or not but they have a fair amount of locations in Middle TN I think.

Whitt's BBQ in Nashville. Just went there last week. They didn't give me the owners discount though, even after I showed them my ID.

We put the K in Kwality

I went to Jack's BBQ right on broadway a few years ago and thought that it was pretty tasty.

We don't have a lot of BBQ up here in central PA but this place both looks and tastes the part:

Clem's Wood-Fired BBQ

Cowling's BBQ in Waverly, Va is pretty damn awesome, I always take 460 back from Va Beach just to go there. In RVA I like Alamo in Church Hill and Q. Buzz and Ned's has pretty good ribs, but I always go with pulled pork for BBQ. In NC Lexington #1 is amazing, maybe the best BBQ I have ever had. I also think that Pierce's is way over rated. never understood why people think it is so good. Due South in Christiansburg is pretty damn good in the Blacksburg area.

exit light

I've been wondering about Cowlings.
We take 460 from Roanoke to get to the beach.

I will stop next time. Thanks.

Cowlings is awesome, been going there for years.

Pratts BBQ in Kingsport, Tn.

Also, someone in the area told me that the Ludwig family run a BBQ place on Volunteer Parkway in Bristol. As much as I go to Bristol I have never tried it or even looked for it. I believe they run out of a old Java J's building.

"You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four."

My uncle was the one that mentioned it to me awhile back. My cousin played football with him at Abingdon. I would up vote your comment but since I don't post often I do not have enough turkey legs to vote.

"You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four."

We can change that.

Wife's a NC girl, so on a visit to Charlotte she wanted lunch at Lexington Barbecue. Was a good 90 minutes in traffic to get there, but she was not wrong.

1) Parker's in Wilson, NC: Best BBQ in America - I will take the 30 minute detour off of I-95 just to get a sandwich.
2) Pigman's Bar-B-Que in Kill Devil Hills, NC - I have to throw this one in as well. I spent a summer working here and had the pork sandwich with hot sauce almost everyday and it never got old.
Finally, outside of North Carolina
3) Shealy's BBQ in Leesville, SC. I am not a fan of the mustard sauce, but their meet is cooked so well that more than makes up for the mustard sauce they add.

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I went to parker's on the way home from a funeral in Pembroke, NC not too long ago. Well worth the detour.

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Parker's is definitely worth a stop off I-95. There's one in Greenville too.

Pigman's is a must when you're in the OBX. They're also one of the handful of restaurants there that is actually open year round. So if you're at the beach during the offseason it's an easy choice for where to have lunch.

Pecan Lodge in Dallas (Deep Ellum), Texas. Each morning they open at 11 am but people start lining up outside around 830 am. They serve BBQ until they run out which is usually around noon and then shut it down for the day. Went there last time I was in the area and haven't found anything even close to comparison. We went on a Sunday morning and waited about 2 hours in the Texas heat just to get in the door. I am an impatient person (especially when hungry) and it was well worth the wait. I was with a group of friends so we ordered what was essentially the sampler platter (for like 100 bucks to serve 4 of us) and we were all uncomfortably stuffed and had plenty of food to take home. The Ribs and Brisket were the best I have had. If you love BBQ and ever get the opportunity to go, don't pass it up.


Concur. Pecan Lodge is legit. Best brisket I've ever had. My son lives in Deep Ellum.

Also, you can get the food to go and beat the line, but it's not the same.

Have to agree with PL 100%. I was in Lawton, OK for 3 1/2 months for work and drove there every other Saturday for BBQ. Best beef rib ever and the brisket and burnt ends were "slap your mama" delicious. I went in the off season (Jan-Apr) and the Saturday lines weren't bad if you got there by 10:00. No BBQ on the east coast has compared, although a good slow-smoked pork (pulled) is a fantastic option for any day of the week.

Also, SC "mustard" sauce is an abomination and should all be buried in barrels in the desert (if it wouldn't be an EPA violation).


Hands down best BBQ in the country:
4Rivers Smokehouse - Florida (Brisket, "The Messy Pig" Sandwich, sweet potato casserole - all off the charts)
2nd Place - The Salt Lick - Texas (did a BBQ tour in Austin, Franklins was way over hyped)
3rd Place - Fiery Rons Home Team BBQ - Charleston, SC - honestly wouldn't say the brisket is the best yet, but the wings at Home Team are something to write home about

I've had food from Salt Lick but it was hours old and still great, can't ebpven fathom how good it would be fresh and right there.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Nah. Salt Lick basically just an average Texas bbq spot compared to what surrounds it in the little towns around Austin. Went there several times when I lived in Austin. It's not as good as Coopers in Llano, Black's, Kreuz Market, or Smitty's in Lockhart, or the City Market in Luling. That's just a couple. Salt Lick is definitely good barbecue, but nothing special as far as TX goes.

Ive only had Rudy's in Houston fresh I was happy with it but I can't say whether it was top quality for Texas places. Only place I have been more than one day in Texas was Houston.

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In Richmond, Alamo is a must have. Fall of the bone juicy with an incredible smokiness and only a touch of auce. Their brisket is fantastic as well. And their spins on bbq sandwiches (burritos, tacos, a pulled pork cuban, are a nice way to mix it up).

It took me years to realize it, but NOVA doesn't have a single great bbq joint (I loved bubba's, but I don't think it's on the same level). Pierce's and Due South were other long time favorites that became distinctly less interesting after having Alamo and Buzz & Ned's.

This is the best BBQ down here in the town I work in. It's called C&W BBQ. The building is a household kitchen with a big pit. You walk in, say hello, grab an off brand soda out of the fridge while you place your order. You eat on her picnic tables or lawn chairs or your tailgate. She opens about 1030 and closes when she sells out for the day, which is usually about 1 or 130. She does pulled pork and chicken. Her house sauce is not for me (it's a bright orange, vinegar and mustard based sauce) but the meat doesn't need it anyway.

So - this thread is pretty much the worst thing to read right before lunch.

I do need recommendations for barbecue in the DC area. I just haven't found any that stack up, yet.

Umm how about today being Ash Wednesday for us Catholics meaning NO MEAT!!

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Can't wait? Tofu-Q!

Try saying this out loud 3 times fast to your boss.

...Congratulations, on your unemployment.

Willard's in Chantilly is easily the best brisket and burnt ends you'll find in the DC area. Great pulled pork too but you could probably find better.

Btw DC does a bbq festival every year. Just confirmed my love for Willard's

I like Willard's too but I prefer their oink to their moo.

Ever find yourself in Columbus Ohio again and need "fast" BBQ try city BBQ. Nothing earth shattering but good ribs and sides and banana puddin.

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I have not found anything worth mentioning in Roanoke.
It's a big hole in the market.
There's 3 little pigs but, it's not great, just serviceable.

I was disappointed by Blues BBQ in Roanoke. They have a food truck in Frederick, MD near my parents house that has decent pork (which is equal to excellent normal food) and as good as you're going to get from a restaurant in Maryland, but the location in Roanoke is pretty meh. Also, there's a hipster vibe in the Roanoke store that bothered me too, but I could have gotten over that if the food were good.

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I agree, the food was just ok.

For a completely different type of Q, I like the Baltimore style sandwich. It's not a 14 hour smoke and it's not a quick cook but somewhere in the middle.
slow and low for just a few hours on a bottom round then sliced real thin so it's almost just a smokey roast beast sandwich.

While it's not really Q, it won't have a category it fits into.

My brother had me do this for his wedding reception. I do a whole bottom round - just salt, pepper and some paprika. Put it onto a low heat but smokey direct fire type of arrangement and flip it every 15 minutes for about 4 - 5 hours. that should get you just warm pink on the inside and a nice even smoke penetration on the outside.
Slice it thin and serve with a selection of sauces, aioli or horseradish. Toasted roll, coleslaw a la NC and corn on the cob.

Like I said, not really BBQ but doesn't fit anywhere else either.

You know, I lived in Baltimore for 4 years and didn't hear about pit beef until the area was featured on Man v. Food.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I grew up in Bel Ari and went to Ocean City for summer beach trips. Bull on the Beach was outstanding stuff and got me hooked on this style.

Like Boog's at Camden Yards...

That remains my favorite stadium chow at a pro game of any kind.

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Best in SW Virginia: Galax Smokehouse, hands down. Love that place. Everything from the pulled pork to the brisket to the chicken is fantastic. The hush puppies and corn nuggets are so good you risk filling up before the meat arrives. And they have a variety of sauces, all of which are delicious.

Best in my travels: Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q in Bessemer, AL. Tremendous food here, good prices, great atmosphere. The only downsides are location (not the best part of a not-so-great town) and lack of beer (they almost make up for that with the best damn sweet tea in the south).

Honorable Mention: Blue Mist, Randleman, NC. Awesome little hole in the wall with really good Carolina style BBQ.

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Allen and Son in Pittsboro, NC is fantastic. One of the best in NC, (which makes it one of the best in the world), family owned and run for a long time. Allen still splits the hickory logs out back every morning. It's closed Sundays, but absolutely worth the trip if you are in the Triangle area.

Get Angry, Bud!

Went to the Chapel Hill location after the UNC game this year. The pork was great, sides were a bit disappointing.

I may be late to the party, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, VA (outside Charlottesville). It is one of the bright spots to having to live in Charlotttesville. If you come up for the game next fall you won't be disappointed making the short trip up there.

I concur. Will add Belmont Barbecue as another suggestion.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Interesting you thought so highly of Bubba's. I literally live about a 3 min walk from where it was and probably went there no more than a handful or so times. I found it okay, but nothing remotely special.

I'm a pig guy and I much preferred Willard's in Chantilly.

Hey we might live in the same neighborhood. Also thought Bubba's was weak but loved supporting a local business.

I'm across lee hwy on the lake.

Yeah, I should have gone there more, but it just never was at the front of my mind.

Not going to read all 150 comments in order to see if someone has already said this or not, but Pierce's Pit BBQ in Williamsburg is great. Great portions, reasonable price. It's a great pick-me-up after a long day at Busch Gardens.

Also, I know Richmonders love Buzz and Ned's but Extra Billy's in Midlothian is the best I've ever had. I think they have two now or something like that, but their shredded pork and sauce is to die for, along with the onion straws. Crazy unhealthy and expensive, but I would strongly recommend it if for some reason you ever find yourself taking a stroll through the great county of Chesterfield.

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Pierce's has been mentioned, almost all in a positive manner - which is good for a discussion of barbecue. Buzz& Ned's also mentioned, but Extra Billy's had not been.

When I'm down that we I always stop at Pierce's. pretty good food and nice prices.


Pecks in Staunton is good.

When Mill Street Grill in Staunton has the BBQ Brisket on the menu, that is awesome. Problem is they don't have it very often.

Though I haven't eaten at the Smoking Pig in Harrisonburg in years, it was good as well.


In Myrtle Beach, Little Pigs BBQ on 17 Bypass is good.


Which one? There are multiple "little pigs" all claiming to be the "original". Do you live here? I'm in Murrells Inlet.

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No I wish I did (maybe some day), I come down about 3 or 4 times a year. My mother in law lives at Market Common. We go to the one over by the MB Emergency Center on 17 Bypass closer just north of Broadway. Its in a little plaza.


For NC BBQ. it doesn't get any better for me then Allen and Sons in Chapel Hill (The Allen and Sons location in Pittsboro is actually a separate entity and cooks their food differently then the restaurant in Chapel Hill). My second is Hersey's in Burlington, NC.

Best kept secret in Virginia is Wilsons BBQ in Emporia. If you are salty getting a ticket in that speed trap, well have some of their Brisket and beans and you'll feel better. I had to unfortunately spend 6 mos there working a job and I ate there almost every day. Nothing on their menu was bad, and the service, albeit on the short side (the waitress is under 5' tall). is wonderful..

Wilsons is in South Hill right?

"Welcome to the terror dome!"

That's Wilson Brothers BBQ, I'm talking about the hole in the wall that's in Emporia. Place is an absolute gem.

Middle Tennessee knows what it's doing when it comes to barbecue. My personal favorites are:
Edley's - Nashville, TN
Center Point BBQ - Hendersonville, TN

In North Carolina:
Prissy Polly's - Kernersville, NC
Little Richard's - Mount Airy, NC

Also, even though it's a steakhouse, shoutout to Cattleman's Ranch in El Paso, TX for making an amazing brisket.

Born in VA, living in Cary, NC. Eastern NC is the best. I have no clear favorite but I like Ralph's in Roanoke Rapids, Bill Ellis in Greeneville, The Pit in Raleigh. I haven't been to Backyard or Danny's yet. Kings in Petersburg is good.

"Welcome to the terror dome!"

I hope somebody is creating a google map with all these.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Working it...

Due South BBQ in Christiansburg is great.

Good sides too - fried green tomatoes and banana pudding is good stuff and I don't like banana pudding.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but I'll throw out Deep Run Roadhouse in Western Henrico (RVALand). Decent enough (I don't count myself as someone that is that discerning with BBQ - just don't ruin it) but they have the "Train Wreck Burrito".


#TeamPeanutButter - because your cakes, pies, cookies, and ice creams are better with it!

As a fellow TKPer pointed out to me earlier, that also happens to be a spinoff of Church Hill's Alamo BBQ. I have to imagine Deep Run is pretty spectacular as well.

I moved to Richmond a few months ago and have been looking for some good barbecue. I've had Alamo but I'm excited to try these other places.

Only thing I've had in the DC area worth mentioning is Hill Country, which is an overall awesome place.

I need to try DCity Smokehouse and Mr. P's.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

I used to eat at Rockland's on Wisconsin Ave. when there on business.

Not great, but okay.

D.C. Is not great for BBQ.

In Chicago for work and I finally made it up to the north side to try Smoque, supposedly the best barbecue in the Windy City. It didn't disappoint. Had the brisket platter with a taste of Texas sausage, barbecued beans, slaw and cornbread.

The sides were so so. When they say barbecued beans, they mean smoked beans. They flavor them with brisket but then actually throw them in the smoker. It was a little overpowering and almost artificially smokey.

The slaw was Carolina style, vinegar based, which I love. Really fresh and crisp. But they put Carraway seed in it. I love e Carraway seed in a mayo based slaw, but it drowns out the flavor of a vinegar base.

The cornbread... Midwesterners just don't get cornbread, y'all. They make it with yellow corn meal instead of white, and sweet as a cupcake. Smoque uses yellow cornmeal, but it's savory. Very good.

The brisket. Holy shit, the brisket. Melt in your mouth tender, smokey, juicy, and just in general amazing. Brisket is the Jekyl and Hyde of BBQ, amazing if you get it right but shoe leather if you fuck it up. But they get it right.

The Texas sausage was great as well. Best way I can describe it is a spicy smoked Polish. I love smoked sausage, and this is about as good as I've had.

If you're ever in Chicago and in the mood for some 'cue, check this place out. It's easy to get to, about a block from the Irving Park blue line stop on Pulaski. I say skip the sides (except cornbread) and go straight for the meats.

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I lived in Savannah for a bit, they have an amazing BBQ scene

Fuzzy's in mayodan nc has been doing it right for a while, if you are ever in Savannah, Angel's BBQ. It will change your life. Wiley's Championship BBQ in Whitemarsh island lives up to the name.

Pigs R Us, Martinsville VA. Damn good ribs and chicken.

Blue Ridge Pig at the base of Wintergreen - The pulled pork sandwich is definitely a little different tasting with a spicy tangy mustardy sauce, but it's just freakin good. Ended up on one of those food network shows. For a 15 seat restaurant, that's kinda cool. Potato salad is a must.

Willards BBQ in Chantilly is solid. The bay of pigs cuban sandwich is amazing.

"How you doin', Randy?"

In Kansas City for a work safety event. Just got done eating at Fiorella's Jack Stack (the Freight House location on 22nd). Allow me to say up front, going into the restaurant, of the four main staples of barbecue (Kansas City, Memphis, Texas pit, and Carolina) Kansas City has always been my least favorite. Of course, least favorite barbecue style is like saying least favorite sexual position, so take it for what that's worth.

Had the crown prime beef ribs, which is what Jack Stack is famous for.

Holy shit. Holy mother of God. Sweet sheeba.

The only way I can explain it is, it's like a point cut brisket and a beef shortrib got drunk one night, and nine months later this happened. Absolute melt in your mouth perfection. Two bones probably rendered sixteen ounces of meat. The smoke ring went all the way to the bone in places, and unlike all other KC style BBQ I've ever had, the bark on this was strong enough to stand on its own. No need for sauce.

I sampled some of what everyone else was having, and everything else was meh, exactly my experience with KC BBQ. But if you are in Kansas City, you MUST try the crown prime beef ribs at Jack Stack.

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Umm aren't there five styles? St. Louis?

Edit: maybe more "styles" eastern Carolina/western Caroline. I've even seen some California "style" this is great too me, LOVE BBQ.

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I consider St Louis BBQ a poor imitation of Kansas City style. I know that's not a universally shared opinion, and the sparerib cut is named after St Louis, but I haven't found anything to distinguish KC from StL style, expect KC is a hair better.

Plus I'm a Cubs fan. Fuck St Louis.

"I mean, you know, fuck them, but good for them." -Too Druck to Funk

In Roanoke, I love Mission BBQ (chain, I know) and don't mind Blues BBQ in the Market. In Atlanta and Nashville, my wife and I always make a stop at Jim & Nicks. Also, for any Tidewater/Williamsburg people here, I grew up on Pierce's Pit BBQ. Still my sentimental favorite and the best Hush Puppies.

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Well, French...

When I was with NASCAR I made it my personal mission to enjoy all the BBQ joints I could, and I have to agree with your number 1. It's no secret that when we were in town, Ridgewood fixed a lil' extra just for those in Race Control. If you can get a seat, and get there before they run out for the day - you'll be hooked. Be careful if you're getting there though - the Piney Flats officers take that 25/35/45 reallllllly seriously.

Another good one is Checkered Pig / Pigs-R-Us in Martinsville, VA (Liberty Street). They were on the Kingsford BBQ show, and Tommy and the gang fix a great plate. Pigs on the Green may be the best salad you'll ever eat.

Aside from that though - with the growth of BBQ it seems that every zip code has that one special family-owned joint that has their own signature. I'm sure the vinegar vs. tomato sauce discussion would be as heated as Pie v. Cake. I vote that we engage on a TKP BBQ & Fishing Tour next spring...

And no surprise there, it's Wally Lancaster with an airball that looked gorgeous on its way to nowhere...
2/15/89, VT vs. South Carolina...


This thread definitely violates the "No Religion" clause, and I'm a pastor, so you can trust me.

(PS: Please note the sarcasm as it can be challenging to convey through text and some will always inevitably miss it)

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

Wendy's ! /s

NC pulled pork Prissy Polly's in Kernerville - I can get great Eastern and my wife can get great Lexington.
SC Style - Little Pigs in Columbia - you can it without sauce and add to your liking - its so fresh pulled it works
Ribs - Memphis BBQ Company - WOW!!!
Burnt Ends - Jacks Stack in KC - go when its busy
Brisket - Green Street in Chicago - not a big fan of BBQ Brisket when I'm not making it, but that was good stuff.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Best brisket I've ever eaten. If you get the chance, go there.

Love BBQ, so when this thread got rejuvenated today, I had to scan thru to get some recs. One rec I didn't need is pecan lodge. The praise on here for the brisket is not hyperbole. Absolute fall off the bone, melt in your mouth goodness. I have yet to visit a BBQ spot that compares. It's a must stop any time your in the metroplex.

I have never had good "fall off the bone" brisket. What bone does it fall off of?

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Oops, didn't mean brisket, meant the beef rib. Was waxing nostalgia while sipping bulleit last night.

I've always been partial to Pigman's in KDH OBX. Perhaps some tradition is spicing the sauce up more fondly than it truly deserves, but it has a good tang to the vinegar that I still enjoy at home whenever I buy some bottles. The meat has a good smoky flavor also.

I'll open myself up for scorn and ridicule by saying that anyone coming up for the BC game should check out either Sweet Cheeks (Boston) or The Smoke Shop (Cambridge). Cambridge Brewing Company is next door to the Smoke Shop and worth checking out also.

Need to do in Petersburg, va. All you can eat at Nannys and a classic in Kings. Heard another great spot opened up recently too.

Just got back from a biz trip in Kansas City (Edwardsville), Kansas, and tried some good hole in the wall BBQ (and one okay not-hole-in-the-wall spot).

  • Papa Bob's - Brisket is amazing, fantastic sauce selections, and these AMAZING sweet horseradish pickle chips. They also had a mustard based potato salad that I loved. Ate there thrice in 7 days.
  • Roscoe's - This was the local favorite, but I thought Papa Bob's was way better. They shredded their brisket, and it tasted like they trimmed the fat off before cooking it. Their potato salad was interesting - sour creme based, which I didn't hate, but they mixed in bits of cheese, and I'm #TeamNoCheese. Their sauces weren't bad, but a little too molasses-y. My coworker mixed their sauce with ketchup, and that made it better.
  • Famous Dave's - I know this is a chain, but their roasted chicken was really, really good.

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Spent about 6 weeks working in KC not too long ago. So I'll throw out a couple suggestions.

- BBs Lawnside BBQ on the southeast side of the city. True hole in the wall. The burnt ends there are amazing. Melt in your mouth deliciousness. They pair it with really good pit beans and twice fried potato wedges.

- Burnt end BBQ in Overland Park. All around solid BBQ. Really enjoyed burnt ends and the smoked turkey. A solid selection of sauces to go with them.

Not sure if this has been mentioned and I haven't TKP'ed hard enough to read through this entire thread, but the Bone, which has locations in Gainesville, Manassas and Verizon Center. They also do events at Jiffy Lube Live.

The restaurants are owned by close friends of mine who happen to be Hokies!

The barbecue is really good but my favorite is the Habanero wings.

The old barnwood used on the location in Verizon is actually from the farm I grew up on.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Andy Nelson's Q in Cockeysville, MD for some good Memphis-style Q. Plus, Andy's often there in the kitchen, so if you're an old school NFL fan, you can get Andy to sign your cup, lid, plate, ball, arm, forehead, or anything else as a key member of the 58 and 59 NFL champion Baltimore Colts (2 ints in the 59 championship game BTW). The place is small with no-frills, wooden tables and chairs, like most would expect from a BBQ joint. I've also heard that he's won some big-time BBQ competitions.

I often get the Turkey Q, and I've never been disappointed.

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You are 100% correct, and I cannot recommend the Dixie Wings enough. They smoke them like everything else they make instead of frying them, and they are my favorite wings of all time.

Danny Coale is like 7-11, he's always open

For me, after having Texas BBQ, I don't get excited about east coast BBQ anymore (and I was never really in to the sauce or vinegar-based stuff). In my experience, if a restaurant has a bunch of sauces on the table it's because the meat isn't that good (usually dry and/or flavorless). Willard's in Reston would be a great example. Maybe I haven't been to the right places. But for my money, and in my neighborhood, DCity Smokehouse is Tx.-level good (especially the smoked wings) and Sloppy Momma's ain't bad for bar BBQ.

Franklin's gets all the hype down in Austin and always has like a 3 hour wait but La Barbecue is just as good for a much much much shorter wait. Plus they have free beer, so yea....

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Ralph's in Roanoke Rapids. They got a lady there who just makes hushpuppies all day, and she's damn good at it.

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My two personal favorites that are not located in Texas would be:

1. Lewis Barbecue (Primarily TX beef barbecue), Charleston, SC. Chef/Pitmaster: John Lewis who worked with Aaron Franklin, Franklin Barbecue, Austin, TX.
2. Rodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQ, Charleston, SC. Chef/Pitmaster: Rodney Scott. Again...whole hog, baby!


Recently moved to CHS, and have been meaning to try Lewis. Haven't been to a pick-pickin' yet, but apparently that's popular here and Rodney Scott's is supposed to be good.

Pierces Pit BBQ in Williamsburg, Va is the best I have ever had.


I'm a huge pierce's fan, I was surprised to see you could get the sauce(which I love) in the Christiansburg Walmart.

"And guess what, you've wandered into our school of tuna and we now have a taste of lion." -Allen Gamble, The Other Guys

Harris Teeter (in the local section) has the sauce as well as far north as Baltimore (that I've seen)

Next time anyone is in Jacksonville, I'd highly recommend Mojo BBQ #4. It's not Kreuz Market good, but it's damn good stuff for Florida. They have other locations around town, but #4 is also a whiskey bar with a great whisk(e)y list.

Anyone traveling to Asheville - 2 recommendations.

1) Buxton Hall - don't ask questions, just go. They do whole hog bbq, and is a must go to spot.
2) 12 Bones - fantastic ribs. Try their Blueberry Chipotle sauce.

For anyone in Northern VA - a trip to Monk's BBQ in Purcellville is a must go to spot. Their brisket is amazing, and on Sundays you can get burnt ends. I have yet to find another BBQ restaurant in the greater Northern VA area that stands up top to bottom to Monks.

I went to Monk's a couple weekends ago and have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. I like the restaurant and vibe but the meat didn't hit the spot for me.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

but the meat didn't hit the spot for me.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I believe it was the pulled pork. Though I did get a side of smoked wings as well and would recommend those.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I should have probably clarified in the earlier endorsement of Monk's - their pulled pork is just okay. For Monk's, the other meats they offer are much better - Brisket, Pastrami, and Burnt Ends (Sundays Only) are worth it every time, as well as their sides and Bacon on a Stick. The pork at The Bone down in Gainsville is much better than Monk's.

My personal favorite is Saw's Soul Kitchen in Birmingham, AL. Moved there after finishing my undergrad at Auburn, and man. Just fantastic. They don't do brisket or sausage, but their pork is wonderful and their smoked chicken with peppery Alabama white sauce is to die for. Smoked chicken wings with that white sauce are amazing too. They make fried food too (not BBQ, I know), and their fried pork chop sandwich when they have it seasonally is incredible.

Looking for good recs in Charleston, SC area. I've had Swig and Swine and that's pretty good, but PRICEY!

Alabama white sauce is to die for


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Upvote for Arrested Development.

White sauce on smoked chicken is delicious. Just don't give me any of that "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce BS. Hard pass on that trash.

1) Rodney Scotts - hands down the best pit master in SC and is in my top 3 all time of places I've eaten BBQ. Go to his new shop in CHS, but take a trip up to Hemmingway just to see the original. Plus Rodney is just an all around awesome dude.

2). Lewis - it's a Texas joint and it can be expensive but man the brisket is damn near perfect as well as the hot guts

3) Swig and Swine - just an all around super good BBQ place, probably has the best sides. the meats are all cooked really well. worth the price

the rest are just kinda meh to me because they're all mustard places. I'm not a mustard BBQ fan

Arthur Bryant's and it isn't even close, but you have to go to the one that's in the not-so-great part of KC. I ordered a half chicken sandwich and it was literally a chicken leg (bone and all) between two pieces of bread. But that sauce, it was truly a religious experience.

Rip his freaking head off!

Growing up in Tidewater, I worked in a pickle plant in Norfolk a couple of summers. In addition to the fried chicken sandwich with bone in pieces between two slices of white bread, some of the workers there would also have bone in pork chop sammies, and my favorite to watch them eat...fried spot sandwiches. Yep, beheaded, scaled and cleaned spot, fried whole, then served between two slices of white bread. Still have trouble wrapping my dome around that particular lunch box staple, but it was common enough in the summer.

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DIXIE Bones in Woodbridge is really good, the sides and homemade pies are the best. I believe they have a place in Fredericksburg too

+1 for Dixie Bones. Don't leave close enough to go there much anymore but it was a staple Sunday Lunch during the NFL season for years.

For anyone in or near Atlanta - Red's BBQ on Chattahoochee Ave. It's in a rough part of town, and the building looks real run down. There's also a mockup of a plane crashed into the roof. However, the BBQ is magical, with or without sauce. I usually get no sauce, and just put tabasco on it, whether it's the pulled pork, brisket, or chicken, but I'm a heat seeker like that.

Another really good one is Moonie's in Flowery Branch. More of a Texas style, but it's really good too.

I went to a BBQ Championship they used to host at Brenau University in Gainesville, GA. Met Myron Mixon and a few others that win championships. Got to try a bunch of competition samples. It almost ruined me on BBQ, they were all top caliber.

We've also went to Myron Mixon's restaurant, Jack's Old South. It's good, but obviously dumbed down some for mass production. I bought an electric smoker last fall and have gotten my pork butt and brisket recipes down pat. I bought a rub package that listed the ingredients at the BBQ Championship one year, and have been playing with the recipe. Got it dialed in now. Comes out great.

I've been by Red's many times and will have to stop in.
Have you tried B's Cracklin BBQ over off Bolton Rd?

Not yet. I'm down that way all the time, though. My company does a lot of work the City, and I'm at their water plants and the Quarry a few times per week. Red's is 5 minutes from the Quarry site, it's a popular lunch stop.

I'll have to try B's, though. It's somewhat of a hobby of mine to try to hit new BBQ places since there are so many.

If you find yourself in NJ, head over to Local Smoke. Locations in Red Bank and Neptune. Recommend the brisket, the pork bbq, and the jalapeno poppers. Mac and cheese bites are the side of your palm and will sit in your stomach like the best lead weight you've ever eaten. Lil on the pricey side, but in NJ you tend to get what you pay for a lot of times.

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Anyone headed to Oak Island should give Bar-B-Q House a try. They have a family feast that will easily feed 4...or 2 hungry versions of me! Fireman: they also have a branch in N Myrtle.
Link: (Warning, do NOT view if hungry!!)

Also one in Surfside.

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Have any of you smart computer people, nerds, taken all of our food threads and done a food map for TKP?

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Long time lurker, but I just saw this thread revived and had to give my input so I joined. The Hickory Notch Grill in goochland va, has the best BBQ I've ever had. Get the pulled pork sandwich or plate, it's falling off the bone tender deliciousness. Saturday special is a hickory smoked prime rib, and I've never had a more tender, juicy, or flavorful cut of meat. Everything in that joint is hickory smoked for hours and hours, and they know what they're doing. Owned by a couple, awesome atmosphere, and they also happen to be huge Hokie fans. Kinda in the middle of nowhere, but definitely worth a visit. I'd make the drive there over any BBQ joint I've been to in Richmond, used to live in the area.


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I'm a little late to this discussion but if any of y'all are in the Bluefield Virginia area there's a really good BBQ their called savory flavors but they're only open Thursday Friday and Saturday from 11-9

What if i take my life today? Its not like anyone cares anyway

Long time lurker here, finally decided to get involved in the community and use my skills/dead time to do something productive. A couple of members asked for it, so I compiled a Google Map list of the various recommendations from this thread. If you don't see your recommendation, it's either because: 1. It's permanently closed (via Google Maps) 2. It's a national chain (seriously, I'm not going to put Famous Dave's, Red Hot and Blue, etc on the list) 3. I couldn't find it based on the information given or 4. Human error.

I'm a GIS guy living here in Germany and am really missing good BBQ (there's a food truck on base that is OK but only do pulled pork) and thought this list would get me excited for when I get back to the states. I also tried to give credit to the first person to suggest a restaurant in the metadata. Anyways, explore it and feel free to keep posting other recommendations. I have a few that I'll put up when I get the chance. I can add other layers to the map (breweries, distilleries, Emma Watson sightings for example) to make it more than BBQ. Those would be for another thread, obviously. Also, if you see a mistake, or have trouble viewing it let me know and I'll check it out.


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Someone moved Swig and Swine into the ocean!!! But seriously amazing work and welcome. Also Hog Heaven in Pawleys Island SC area is a must try. Cheap lunch buffet.

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Ahhh, my QA/QC department let one slip by. Thanks for the heads up, it'll be corrected after I leave work and I have your additional suggestion which will be included in said update! And my first Emma gif to boot!

3 hour member and you have already contributed more than me in 4 years. That BBQ map is a thing of beauty.

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It's a labor of love. And considering I do more with data management than actually map making for work, this allowed me an opportunity to make something visual

This is great, and odd timing for me. A friend of mine here in the Charlote area just threw around the idea of doing a monthly BBQ outing. I had the idea yesterday to map out our visits and create an ESRI web app to showcase our visits and reviews. He just finished a CS degree so I'm going to see if he wants to make a blog site and integrate the web app. Definitely a labor of love project to show off our talents.

And I feel your pain when it comes to data management vs. cartography. I'm working on a fire station site analysis for the city I work for and it is the first project I've had in months that wasn't primarily database management or web app configuration/python programming.

One last note, the (in)famous AssPoocketFullOfWhiskey is also a fellow GIS professional.

That's awesome. I'm working (slowly) towards my Master's in GIS and am wracking my brain for my capstone project. I'm hoping this will help inspire me. I look forward to seeing the blog!

Big Perm! Playing with my BBQ is like playing with my emotions, Smokey!

This is an amazing map that I plan to use for the rest of my life, thank you so very much.

A couple adds:
Deep Run Roadhouse VCU location (West End Richmond is the only one on the map)
Mac's Speed Shop in Greenboro, Fayetteville, and Cornelius NC

Got 'em. They'll get in the update!

Awesome Job, I think that this map along with the map of TKP members should somehow get permalinks at the bottom of the TKP page. Maybe in the resource list? It would be nice to be able to find this without a tracker search and remembering what post it is buried in

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I'll throw in Bonefire in Abingdon. Most days, they're pretty good.

Alamo in Richmond will always have a spot in my life. I look forward to the brisket sandwich everytime I'm in the area.

All DFW based:

1. Pecan Lodge hands down numero uno. Long lines, TV fame, order till the run out... Helped once they got out of the farmers market
2. Lockhart - A little greasier but damn delicious. Medium sized line depending on which of their two locations
3. Ten50 - Not quite competition but a nice location and always crowded, but no lines. Even their catering is awesome (somehow the brisket arrives still juicy and warm.

I don't know if it has been mentioned yet, but on the way back from Key West this spring my wife and I stopped at Shuler's BBQ in Latta, SC. Buffet with really good sides and the pulled pork and fried chicken were both excellent. My only problem was that the dog was waiting in the car so we didn't get to stay as long as we wanted to.

exit light

The Smokin' Pig, in Pendleton, SC (though Clemson fans claims it, and one also exists in Williamston)

I'm not even the biggest fan of pulled pork (gasp, I know). But I love their BBQ, and their half chicken is absolutely amazing. Plus they have incredible sides/rolls. It's also got a feel of being an experience because it's so crowded and only open a few days a week.

I forgot to mention Hogfather's. They have great fried chicken, brisket and ribs. I have only been to the one in Washington, PA and didn't know they had other locations (Canonsburg, PA and State College, PA). But it is delicious. I would highly recommend if anyone is nearby, especially for the Washington, PA location.

Due South Barbecue in Christiansburg is pretty damn good. Check it out when you are back in the Burgs. Also, Cool Smoke BBQ, better known as Q-Barbecue in Richmond is fantastic...

+1 for Due South. We put together a tailgate package with them a year or two ago and it was fantastic.

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Just saw this thread pop up. In regards to BBQ in Raleigh,The Pit is absolute trash, their pulled pork is so underwhelming and the sides are never done right. Best spots in the triangle IMO are Smokey's in Morrisville, really close to the airport and a great lunch spot. Brew N Que in Cary is easily overlooked in a crappy strip mall but their smoked potato salad which is made with pimento cheese is unlike anything I've ever had.

Buzz n Neds definitely good.
Pappy's Smokehouse in St. Louis is very good.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Need intel from anyone who's done BBQ in St Louis Missouri

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

Pappy's smokehouse, can't go wrong. Get there early 'cause they run out.

#Let's Go - Hokies

While I cannot personally vouch for Pappy's food, I can absolutely vouch for Mike Emerson, the man behind Pappy's. He is a good friend of one of my best clients from my fishing days, and Mike has fished with me a few times as well. Mike really hit it big with Pappy's. If you go, and happen to run into Mike, tell him Perch says hey, and to get his butt back to Virginia to go fishing with Tom T. and I. The amount of meat he goes through in a day is prodigious, and I've heard nothing but raves.

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You can say that again, I guess. (It's literally the comment above the comment with the question.)

The Poster Formerly Known As The Spirit Of Bernard Basham

Will second PMS' post above - Pappy's is great. Went there in 2012 and was not disappointed.

Bogart's, Adam's, and Dalie's are all supposed to be top notch as well. Bogart's is Pappy's sister location. Adam's is run by a few Pappy alums. Dalie's is another sister location of Pappy's, as is the Notorious P.I.G.

Sort of strange, but the only BBQ I have had in St Louis was from a chain called Bandanas. It was surprisingly good. Disclaimer: This was over 15 years ago; it's probably closer to 20.

Thanks for the info guys....gonna be there in june....planning ahead.

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

anyone have BBQ recommendations for Jacksonville FL area?

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The newest spot in RVA is ZZQ. Finally got to try it on Saturday and whooooooboy, that shit was delicious. A perfect way to soak up all the great beer you'll be drinking in Scott's Addition

More like Scott's Addiction amiright, but seriously the over-saturating of that area with craft breweries is not going to end well.

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

Anyone with a recommendation for Louisville? Might need some good Q to equal out all of the bourbon I will be drinking!

Food Truck turned into a restaurant in Lynchburg.. BlueRidge BBQ

So Good

"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

Since this thread is revived again, I might as well take the opportunity to go full Arnie here. Last year I stopped at Pierce's based on the hype from this thread and, I'm sorry to say, but if someone believes that is the best BBQ in America then they need to get their head examined (or try a lot more BBQ places). I understand opinions might be affected by nostalgia and all but I wouldn't say the actual BBQ is even better than Dickey's or Mission BBQ. Personally I've had found that local food stands/trucks can put out excellent BBQ and would choose many of those places over what I tried at Pierce's.

Sorry for stirring the pot and espousing a potentially unpopular opinion but I've been thinking about this ever since my visit. To finish on a more positive note with places I enjoy, I haven't had Ridgewood in years but I won't ever forget it and I recall The Barbeque Exchange in Gordonsville being pretty good too.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Agreed on the BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville. Worth the trip. Sauces are on point, especially the Carolina sauce. Chicken is excellent too. Haven't had the brisket (I can't talk myself into it, when that delicious pulled pork is calling me), so I can't comment on that. We're getting BBQ from them in May for my son's graduation party.

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This might be a good place to ask if there's *any* good q in silicon valley. Headed there now for work, but have a couple of evenings to eat. Thoughts?

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Even if they call it bbq, it'll probably have some tofu and sprouts of some kind involved. G'luck.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

3 Pig's BBQ in San Carlos is good.

Jon Jon's BBQ Trailer is supposed to have good stuff in San Jose.