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Hello...been on a golf kick recently, and looking to branch out from the usual LA munis. They're fine, but looking for something like a Draper--a good public course that isn't going to break the bank. Any suggestions from any fellow Southern California Hokies? Anywhere in LA, Orange or San Diego County is within preferred distance.

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Torrey Pines -- It's a pro-level course that's open to the public. Expensive as a non-SD resident though.

My game is not quite up to that challenge yet. Would love to play it in the next few years. Need to get my handicap down a little to really enjoy it I think...just now playing consistently under bogey golf.

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Neither is mine. The course isn't at the most difficult level during most of the year. It's only at that level right before the tournament in January. The tee boxes are also at amateur distances.

I second Torrey Pines. I haven't played it in 10+ years, but it is a great track.

I live in Chula Vista. Salt creek and eat lake are 2 good courses down here. The vineyard in escondido is nice too. Check golfnow for coupons.

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Do you ever make it to Bub's in PB for the games? I used to go all the time, but lately have only gone for the big VT games.

I've been a time or two. Now that I've got a youngn and another on he way I tend to stick at home for the games if I can. I love the bar though. Tough to beat those tater tots.. and who knew there'd be a hokie bar in sd? Lol

February..'96...the steak: ribeye, the whiskey:Lagavulin 16, the lady next to me: a bit**.....

Those tots are delicious. Yea, a great bar for sure. Hopefully I make it to there for a few games this year. I'll be starting my job in Anaheim in the Fall, and thus I may not be in the SD area too much longer, so I hope to make it to a few before I move into the OC area.

Steaky Steakums. If you have never had them, you need to try them. Also, my brother is the president of the Hokie Club out there. If yall haven't already, you should take a look at it.

The muni in Long Beach is a good course but a round can take over 5 hours, same with Palisades in Redondo. Pretty forgiving but crowded. There's also a good course by Long Beach airport (forget the name right now)...and I mean it's right next to the airport so it should be easy to find and reasonably priced.

I played Los Verdes in Palos Verdes this week. Took us 5.5 hours. Unbearable. Really good course though for the price. Stunning views.

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I also second the Torrey Pines advice, was my fave course when I was stationed in SD long ago. Loved playing Coronado municipal also, but I bet it is pricey nowadays.

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