Star Wars Themed Video for Kentucky Game

Great Job by the VT Media Team!
not sure if anyone has seen this yet

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I didn't need to work today anyway

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I was about to go get lunch...but now I can't stand up from behind my desk for a while...

Lol nice. They needed Calipari w/ Snoke's voice. Other then that pretty cool


Is it bad that I died laughing at the 45 second mark?

I think it was kind of funny how the camera quickly stopped panning... kind of like the cameraman got the thought "yea 3 banners in the last 22 years ain't so great"

and vacation starts now...

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

So Based off the sounds that accompany their highlights....

Bibbs is a droid (he's certainly got enough B's)
NAW is a Wookiee
And Hill is.... Rey or a Sith lord?

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

That was pretty bonerific.