Another VT Football 2017 trailer

Found on twitter today. Some guy named @jordanlong_4 did a good job and it deserves some attention!

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I will never not laugh at Stroman laying that guy out around the 3:05 mark. Awesome video.

Friend of mine! He did a great job with this.

Inspired me to release a little clip from my WVU video. It'll be up later tonight.

Thanks Henry!


Let's start giving each other heads up when these videos are going to be released so I can know in advance to bring an extra pair of pants with me wherever I may view them.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Buy some new pants

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
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We need an entirely "Offense" highlight hype video to remind ourselves how awesome it is to finally have an offense that will score at ease.

PS. Where does he get all these highlights. When I did mine, I got a ton from Hokie Vision, but seems like he had more sources.


I just rip them off YouTube wherever I can get good game footage from. Usually download the entire games and rewatch each one and grab the good stuff as I go through.

What video editing software do you use? I had a free trial of Adobe Premier when I did mine, but that has expired and I can't cough up the money to buy that completely.


Online Stupeflix is reliable for anything not too complicated. For better stuff I use VideoPad on my Mac
I wish I had the money for premier

You put those words together, those are my favorite words, Popeyes and bahama
- Mike Burnup

I use Premiere. CS6 on my personal laptop but work gives me CC so I use that mostly.

Outside of iMovie I don't have many suggestions for cheaper alternatives. Final Cut costs a good bit, and I'm personally not sure of the cost or quality of Sony Vegas, or if it's even around anymore.

What video editing software do you use? I had a free trial of Adobe Premier when I did mine, but that has expired and I can't cough up the money to buy that completely.

Premiere Pro is the way to go, unless you can find an older version of Final Cut (newer version is crappppp). I learned on PP so that's my default and it's pretty good for personal use and low end film work. Really begins to struggle when you start cutting things over 30 minutes with very high quality footage, or at least that's been my experience.

Also, PP comes in monthly subscriptions now. I think it's like 20 dollars for that and photoshop.

Always choose joy.

Adobe CC is the best bang for your buck if you're invested in the work, you can get all the other Adobe programs and help justify the cost of Premiere which I think is $50/month? Could even be $70 now with everything.

I know Avid now does monthly subscriptions, which is the original TV-standard editing software, and when they first started doing that it was around $30/month but that was a couple years ago.

Party Positive.

While we are on this topic, Mike.....

when is something cool happening on your end

CC is 50$ but all you have to do is call up and complain or threaten to end your subscription and they give you a nice discount :)


I used a combination of iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro to make this video.

LETS GOOOO is my best friend when it comes to these videos.

Allows you to download a certain time stamp from a longer video.

Oooh, that's yummy. I may have to play around later.

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Im the one who made this video, but I'm friends with a lot of guys on the team. I make some of my friends personal videos as well and they send me videos they have. I also work for Hokie Vision as a student video guy. There are a few videos on my YouTube channel of the personal videos If you want to check those out as well. My channel is hokiefan513


Great job love the song from 2WEI


Love the Coach Fuente overlay. Go me Hyped!!!

Bring on WVU now.

The Dude Abides

1. Great video!

2. I know it's been done, but you can't find them anymore (and I want one). So... next TKP shirt re-use the Corso quote??? "I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of 'em".

3. Go Hokies!

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

Watching this reminds me that we need to see more of those highlights from 34. Something just didn't quite click last year but he has ginormous play potential.

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completely agree!


Fuck it. We are going undefeated!!!! Prove me wronnnnnng

“I turned down 12 other opportunities. You know what I mean?” - Fuente

Wow. That was REALLY good. The music, the transitions, that tick tock at the beginning, all the quotes, the clips, all really well done. Im crying as I punch holes in my wall right now!

Thank you sir! I worked hard on it. Glad you enjoyed it.


Excellent choice of Amish Gangsta's Paradise.

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Great video! He's got a few good ones from years back

Party Positive.

I'm the guy who made this video. I didn't have enough "turkey legs" to post it on here myself, so thank you for doing that. I'm glad you all liked the video. Go Hokies!