Hokie Scholarship Numbers for 2017

Hokies Under the 85 Scholarship Limit

We are around 83, maybe one of the walk-ons will get one late.

Here is a blurb from the Article, full list is in the Article:
The Hokies are at 83 projected scholarship players for the 2017 season.

Christian Darrisaw, a three-star offensive tackle out of Maryland, is the lone 2017 recruit that has not enrolled at the university.

Two Virginia Tech players, running back Marshawn Williams and offensive lineman Billy Ray Mitchell, have taken medical disqualifications and may remain at the university on scholarship but will not count towards the 85-man limit. Both have retired from football due to injury concerns.

Virginia Tech also lost tight end Chris Durkin, a former four-star quarterback that transferred to Youngstown State, Jaylen Bradshaw and Shai McKenzie following the 2016 season.

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Saving one for Drew Harris and one for Lawson? *ducks*

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You should be ducking...

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So how long does Lovie Smith last at Illinois? I would bet all parties are about ready to move on after the next 2, maybe 3, seasons.

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Illinois has probably endured enough garbage football over the past decade that they can put up with Lovie for a few more years. Especially since his contract is $21 million over 6 years.

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The numbers always work

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Sorry, I had done this initially on the good ole Cell phone, but just edited it for a small preview. The full list is in the Article. Thankfully its not a Slideshow...I find those a bit Annoying.

Overall we are looking good. Still think we need more Running Backs. If either Travon and/Or DJ Reid don't have agood season, We might have a problem. Hope that everything works out at RB

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I was really hoping McClease would be a weapon in Fuente's offense. I haven't heard very much on that front. Fuente and company really play everything close to the chest.

I think there is plenty of time for that to happen still. He missed most of the year with an injury last year didn't he?

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Upper extremity injury. I think he redshirted.

especially at Running back. On the other hand, ask Foster about any defensive player and he is brutally honest.

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Any idea if Steve Sobczak may return, or have I missed something?

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i'm gonna ask bitter on the mailbag. we may not know until the start of camp or even start of the semester. I don't think we were told about why he left. If its academic, he has time over the summer to pick things up. If its family related or something else personal, its all up in the air. I hope he returns. Jerrod Hewitt has been a beast in off season workouts but then after that it get a little dicey on the depth chart and even Hewitt is a redshirt Freshman. We have some smaller guys like fullwood and Jimmy taylor but until the pre-season starts we really dont know the depth chart.

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Bitter mentioned this about a month ago.

This is where losing someone like Steve Sobczak comes in. He might not have been a starter, but he'd played in games before. (And I still haven't gotten clarification if his departure is permanent.)

tight end Chris Durkin, a former four-star quarterback

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I have us anywhere from 83-85 depending on if Peoples and Willis have scholarships. I've gotten mixed signals about both.

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Peoples isn't (or might not be, I guess) on scholarship? admittedly I've never been really up on that aspect, but that would really surprise me.

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