Mihota injury

I've seen posts on a couple other sites (247 & TSL) about Mihota getting hurt at the end of the Pitt game and hadn't seen anything posted here. Apparently he tore his ACL😐. You can see him go down after his knee gives out while he's rushing the QB on the 4th down where Reggie chases down the Pitt player. I was so focused on the chase down and Mook getting knocked out I didn't even notice it until I watched it a few times. Gotta feel for the guy, he's been working his ass off all season after missing the spring with the shoulder surgery and now he's gonna be out again. We've really been hit with the injury bug at the end of the season. Just makes this game against UVA that much tougher. Next man up. Go Hokies.

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Well. shit.

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That's a shame. Shoulder injury last year and now this during his senior year.

I don't think he is a senior. Says he is a redshirt junior on football site

If ACL recovery is still a year, may cost him much if not all of that senior year.

I think he could apply for medical hardship, no?

He can try, but to succeed in winning the hardship waiver, he needed to have an injury during his redshirt year. The medical hardship waiver is only available for players that had two seasons derailed for injuries. Most teams work around that in this same situation as Mihota by always documenting all injuries during a redshirt year as a freshman, and then saying he maintained his redshirt that year because he was not 100% healthy to play.

The good news if we look for a medical hardship waiver, is that he got hurt his senior year in high school, and VT may be able to argue that injury is the reason he did not play his freshman year.

Next man up

ummmm is there one? Depth is paper thin at DE, this might not go so well.

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Gaines was in the goal line stand, and played quite a bit on Saturday. I have no worries.

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Edit. I read it as Moto, not Mohota

I don't think he did. Ffrench?

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So did Saturday's announcers.

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Welp - at least we can season our younger players quicker.

i'm worried, Belmar and Minor have gotten some looks.

Also Hill has been a little banged up here and there. Worst is switching guys in and out when someone gets hurt on a play, your vulnerable to change. Especially on Defense.

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Fuente remains mum on the subject.

I loved Fuente's exchange with the press guy on that question. The reporter prefaced with "I know how much you dislike giving injury updates"* to which Fu responded by saying "yea but I bet you're going to ask anyway."*

*Not exact quotes

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Hill and Gaines will play fine but the depth is getting very scary now.

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Im more worried about next year. Yes we will miss him Saturday and the bowl game, but everybody is banged up this time of year. DE is not a position we need to be losing unexpected people next year, before we even finish this year. It is possible he could be ready to go but just depends I guess.

Question. Are the new redshirting rules in effect this season or do they take effect next season with regards to amount of games played?

if the new rules are already in effect wouldn't we be able to use the UVA game and the bowl game as a chance to see the younger players get reps without wasting eligibility?

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very sad for Vinny, wish him the best in the recovery process

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