One Hokie Fan celebrates too hard on the field after the Pitt Stand

The open field tackle by VTPD was a beauty.

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I love the fact that first cop tried to lead him off the field non-violently.

First cop = Mook
Second Cop = Floyd

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

The first cop is the VTPD police chief. Trying to keep things quite and peaceful out there. He is an awesome guy, former FBI agent.

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He certainly wasn't hired for speed.

The bosses never are.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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The commitment was there, though.

Are you saying the first officer intended only to remove the fan from the field? That would seem proper - if only he could catch him. Despite that, cop number two's tackle to the ground seems a bit excessive unless he thought the fan had absconded with Pat Narduzzi's head phones, in my not-so-informed opinion.

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The fan actively resisted Chief trying to remove him. Had made contact with a Pitt player. At that point a potential dangerous situation existed.

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When you knowingly run away from a police officer you have to accept some logical risks. Being tackled to the ground has to be one of them.

I don't know anything about VA. Where I practice that kind of law, hopping down onto the field, he starts off with trespassing, which depending on how much you piss everyone off is probably only a low level misdemeanor or petty offense. No one cares.

When he ignores the Chief's verbal commands to stop and get off the field, he's then 'obstructing governmental operations'.

When the Chief places his arm on him and tries to physically restrain him, he's now resisting arrest. Same level misdemeanor as obstructing.

He then proceeds to taunt someone associated with Pitt and possibly interfere with some AV equip (the guy in the fatigues appears to be cleaning up some wire). Probably harassment, lower level misdo, but now there's a victim so people start to care more.

Making contact with the Pitt player is where I have a fucking problem. Possibly an assault, definitely another harassment. How you get treated for all of this stuff is extremely dependent on the discretion of the people making the decisions (cops, prosecutor, judge).

I'm the last person to defend law enforcement. My job puts me on the other side 99.999999% of the time.

All that being said, good tackle. Guy definitely earned it. I said earlier that he had numerous opportunities to not wind up tackled and in cuffs, and I stand by that. Good takedown. The cops are lucky that it's on video like that. Going to make it a lot easier for VTPD and the Commonwealth's attorney to rebut the inevitable police brutality allegation. (Which reminds me, I gotta get that motion alleging police brutality finished)

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It's a dumb world where that would stand up as assault

Recruit Prosim

Depending on the jurisdiction assault does not imply battery it can be the mere threat of bodily harm.

In VA you're probably looking at similar charges - Drunk in public (I'm guessing he's pretty lit), trespassing (or common law trespass), disorderly, obstructing, fleeing law enforcement, A&B. Definitely idiotic behavior, but if LEO was feeling reasonable they just give him the DIP.

Not an expert, but I think my brother would assign one of the following charges: either Contempt of Cop or Stupid in a No-stupid Zone.

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First cop: Old school tackling dummy at cop school.

Second cop: 21st century robot tackling dummy at cop school.


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Mook looked banged up after that play and I don't recall seeing him on the goal line stops, has anything come out in the injury report?

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this wins the day! I died!

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lol, that looked so leisurely.

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We stood in the stands after the game and watched them wrestle with him on the ground and handcuff him. We were all wondering what he did to get to that point - thanks for clearing that up!

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best part is the fact that chief foust tweeted the video calling himself out for not running fast or holding onto the guy

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So the first thing out of my mouth after a few choice words of celebration was "dear God please do not let the students rush the field."

We did pretty well - just 1 fan who should probably be on a football scholarship with those shifty moves.

as if fuente wasn't tired enough of the coleman fox questions now weve got another running back on the field that produces late in games when the outcome has been decided.

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

They showed that on TV? Isn't that the one thing you're NOT supposed to do in this situation?

This is internal footage.

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It's standard practice for VTPD to do a ffilm review after the game . They, like the coaches, need to look back and see what worked and what didn't.

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It's standard practice for VTPD to do a ffilm review after the game

Maurice Ffrench approves

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This is a seriously good catch and funny response. I've never said it before to my knowledge, but I really wish I had more than one leg to give. We had a lot of fun at Mr. Ffrench's expense watching the game.

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I have a feeling John Gruden will have a review of the "Spider 2 Y Banana' performed by the fan against a field full of defenders up on YouTube in no time.

They showed that on TV? ACCDN?*

Go Hokies

For those whose screen wasn't frozen.

Baby they're sorry


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I am always shaking my head at the situation of field rushing etiquitte.

More than 10 people do it cops are like "Just let it happen, nothing we can do"

Less than 10 people do it "You done fucked up now, A-A-Ron"

Guess this guy just really got hyped for denying Pitt a post season birth. Like he is running around saying "Fuck Nardoozi!"

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To be fair, it's kind of like a campus police officer was telling me (not being arrested or anything mind you):

"We only have so many slots in the drunk tank. If you ended up there, you had to do something pretty stupid to get our attention."

Leg for A-A-Ron!

Year 3 is coming up!

The slow speed chase was hilarious. The guy probably would have been alright, but it looked like he was trying to get in Pitt player's faces, which is a huge no-no. He also looked like he was either a) more crippled then I am (and I'm pretty crippled) or b) more drunk then I was (and I was pretty drunk). His evasion skills and speed were awful.

Numerous points where that could have ended for him without getting tackled face down and handcuffed, but alas, it was not to be.

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New Sigline: lol it's football season.

My wife saw the hit "holy moly that cop just LEVELED that guy!"

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I'd have to rate the fan:

'A' for reflexes.

'F' for judgment.

Drunk AF.

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Hey Pat, haven't you forgotten your 9 iron?

I got a close up look at him as they brought him around the stands. He appeared to be pretty hammered...

And was begging the cops, "Please don't do this to me... please!"

Was he stuttering?

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

hahaha I actually walked by them escorting him as well and also heard him say "I can walk.... you don't have to carry me!"

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Not sure what happened but the video doesn't show up in the post for me anymore?

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Of course...failed to wrap up on the initial hit, which lead to a big gain. Typical for the past few games. /s.

Getting tackled like that I just assumed he had thrown a paper airplane.

I wish.

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You guys remember when that kid got slammed into another dimension after our win over Miami in 2011?

That was Officer Geoff Allen. That guy will eff you up.

Officer Allen is also an amazing dude. You really have to mess up to piss him off.

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This is first thing that came to mind when I read his name.

For sure. I guess what I was trying to say is that he's a bad ass.

I wish Reggie Floyd was the one to hit him

I feed off of nightmares

a belly to back suplex would have been amazing.


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I wouldn't have blamed the Pitt player if he had decked that fool. Don't mess with somebody after losing like that. It was funny tho, I think he thought he could just leisurely out run that cop all over the field till he made his exit.

I'm waiting for somebody on here to fess up to being the guy

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*hangs head in sorrow* it wasn't me guys but he is about my dopple ganger, although I'm a bit quicker on the feet. Dude must have been hammered.

Might have been SoupHokie's drunk brother at it again.....

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Nice side-step hurdle by Henri Murphy to avoid the guy getting tackled. It's also funny how the players just stopped walking and watched it take place.

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I was curious, so I looked at the blotter, just to see what charges had been levied. The guy looked like he was over 21 when I saw him. So, i'm ignoring the results for underage possession.
At Lane Stadium, on that date, there are charges of Public Intoxication (a definite) and Simple Assault. There is another charge of Disorderly Conduct listed, but it was referred to Student Conduct. I don't think it would apply to that guy.

Simple Assault looks like up to 1 year in jail and max $2,500 fine. Class 1 Misdemeanor. Based on the descriptions of Simple Assault, looks like it totally applies.

Moral of the story: Don't be that guy.