Quincy Patterson Video from Elite 11 Show on NFL Network

Hey fam -

So I stumbled on this video during one of my Youtube rabbit trails and it shows our boy Quincy putting in some work at the Elite 11 camp. Did not see this posted anywhere else on here so enjoy! They do a little spotlight on him at 11:43.

Playback was disabled by the poster on Youtube so below is the URL link:

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About the show: The top quarterback prospects in the nation compete for a spot on the Elite 11. The Elite 11 is the premier quarterback competition for high school quarterbacks across the country. Watch Elite 11 Tuesdays 10:30pm EST on NFL Network.

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First of all

Second of all, QP looks like an absolute beast out there. He's got the body of a Logan Thomas or Jerod Evans with seemingly the arm strength of a Vick. From what I could see in that video, he's also got some accuracy as well. It might be incredibly difficult to keep him off the field in Blacksburg.

Just took a look at how his team is playing so far this year, and it looks like they're straight dominant. 3-0 and their last 2 games were scored of >40 to <10.

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We'll have to teach him how to throw the gang sign properly once he's on campus

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At least he's not doing it backwards like most of the students I see at games.

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any NCAA rules or things a group of chicago hokies should be aware of if we decide to take in some high school football in the next month?

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just set my DVR for this! Thanks for dropping this on us, great way to finish work on a Friday.

Maybe I'd think differently if I saw him in person but I don't think my initial thought upon seeing Trevor Lawrence on the street would be "best high school quarterback in the country". But damn if he can't sling it.

Quincy going to be another good one for us. Looking forward to that quarterback competition.

Thought the same until they said he was 6'-6" and then went "oh, well ok then"

True. But I'm 6'-8" so I suppose that 6'-6" does not always register as impressive. His arm though is definitely elite.

QPII looked so good in that. Really poised, the camera loves him. I think he was the only guy under #10 that they really gave air time to. Hopefully signs of good things to come.

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Next year!

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that last throw from opposite 35 to about 15 yard line was filthy...

Just saw this posted on twitter by the NFL Network account, after Patterson retweeted it. Don't know how I missed this post when it first came out.

Here's the shortened portion of QP. He talks about his 4.7 GPA, his desire to major in mechanical engineering at VT; all this while escaping the violence from his gang-riddled neighborhood, where one of his friends was killed on the corner of his street when he was in 6th grade.

Damn forgot a 4.7 was possible even in high school

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Some schools now go up to a 10.0 or a 12.0.

Source: I read college apps for a living.

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Wow. I'm extremely proud of him too. Can't imagine having to deal to that neighborhood and excel in school and football. Regardless of how he does on the football field, this kid has his priorities straight and I hope VT gets to help him successes on and off the field.

Anyone know where I can watch episode 3? Don't have NFL Network at home.

The Mud Dogs are going to the Bourbon Bowl!!!

Just posted on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-ud6Q28qc

Quincy is definitely a centerpiece of this episode, having moved up from #23, to #12 and fighting for a spot in the 11 on the last day.

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Thanks man. Just watched it and he's definitely spotlighted here. Showed some great reads and really good touch on some of those passes.

The Mud Dogs are going to the Bourbon Bowl!!!

So is Hooker being moved to WR already? JJ this year and next, then the QP show?

Oh we might get the Hook show. That's the best part having multiple QBs. Competition will give us the best one possible.


Amazing, but Hooker may have the highest ceiling of all 3. Certainly in terms of size, speed, athleticism, and arm strength, Hooker and Partterson have the upper hand on JJ. However, it's going to be hard to unseat a rSo returning starter who just led the team to an NC while throwing for 40 TDs and only one INT.

Yeah, but once we repeats that performance next year and we win back to back Natties, he will be drafted #1 overall. So that will allow QP to redshirt a year and Hooker (to good of a name not to play) will just be rSO.
AJ Bush will be a heisman candidate at H-back

Quincy is beyond his years mature. I am a Quincy Patterson fan.

Whether he commits to another school, comes to Virginia Tech and plays backup for 3 years or he comes in and eventually assumes the starting role, I am a fan. This kid is going to do big things. Im excited to see him do them at Virginia Tech.

Penn St put the full court press on QP to test the strength of his commitment to VT when their own Elite11 QB Justin Field de-committed. He didn't even entertain their push. He is solid to VT, imo. He really loves the engineering program, Fuente, and I think the location is actually a positive for him.

He must know what we all know... smart kid!




The best part of watching this is that as much as they play up the "who will make the 11, and who's the best here" bit, none of that matters. QP is coming to Tech next year with that skill set you see on display.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Episode 3 is up FAM. QP or better nicknamed "Q" has two spots in the video

LINKY -> Elite 11 - Episode 3

Start at timestamp 3:47 for Q's family story and jump to 12:49 for Q's 7vs7

Q is legit and now I know why he is a hard VT commit.

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Of course he's brilliant! He chose the Hokies!

But seriously, I love this kid. Looking forward to a few years from now when he outplays that surfer dude that's going to Clemson.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

This is the best post I have ever seen in here! Go Hokies and looking forward to having this young man in the Hokie Nation! Welcome Q!

Jeremiah 29:11 and Go Hokies!

I don't think I have ever been this excited over a 3* recruit

Will probably get bumped before signing day.

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Hopefully this is the place to post this. After stumbling upon this thread a while back I have been watching the elite 11 videos on youtube. Just watched this most recent one Q didn't have a great outing on this day according to the video but everyone spoke very highly of him and he has a great head on his shoulders. I am super excited about this kid. The section on him starts about 1:41.

Edit: cannot embed video due to NFL stuff, so here is the link to the right time: Linky

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