cruiting! hardest scholarship offers to catch (power 5)

im not able to get the picture to post. ive tried to embed it from IG and a couple other options but I think this is very telling of the reasons some recruits don't commit, decommit, and why the system of recruiting right now is so crazy. I doubt this is anything new but I do believe its becoming more and more common. ive read a lot of comments on TKP about why the word "commitment" should or shouldn't be taken more seriously for the kids that are doing the commitment but this really puts in perspective the commitment that the schools are giving to the kids with the expectations that when I kid commits that they honor that commitment.

here is a list of POWER 5 schools class of 2019 ONLY offers. most schools have between 15-25 scholarships available each year. this is NOT all power 5 schools but we are in the lower portion of this list. the list starts with Stanford at 69 and ends with Nebraska at 401. I listed the ACC showing up on the list below and a couple of other teams I thought folks would be interested in. to see the entire list click the link. discuss below.

UM 117
DUKE 198
UNC 229
PITT 274

OHIO ST. 179
WVU 220

Unbelievable... Too many uncommittable offers being thrown out. Curious to see what happens if all these athletes accepts those offers... 😨 🔱 #JustWin A post shared by Demigawds (@demigawdathletes) on Aug 8, 2018 at 8:35am PDT

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He's just throwing them out there to see what sticks:

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As a recruiter (Not Football) by trade, if you are trying to fill a position, its all a numbers game. Once you start filling spots, you can put the pressure on others to sign sooner.


If I was a recruit, I wouldn't choose any school in the country over Tech. Except Stanford.

and this is why fans need to control their shit when a recruit decommits. cruitin' be shady.

This also explains why recruits always seem to have some of those "offers".

Seems to me that those schools with too many offers would have a tough time keeping coaches in contact with those recruits, so it could backfire.

LOLUVa with 235? And they STILL need recruits from Germany and Denmark to fill out the roster...

I'm actually curious about those European recruits, a few had other P5 offers. They all went on what looks like some camp circuit on campus at a bunch of programs through some agency. Looks like they were pretty planned out with the hopes of their kids getting offers. The German QB Wentz while obviously playing lowly competition through a nice ball and I liked his highlights.


I wondered if that would be worth looking into for VT. Looks like they come to the school, work out for a day, and the school decides whether to make an offer.

I suppose we can see how it works out for LOLUVa

Holy Schnikies! Dino throwing out 380 Schollies?!?

UNC: 229

- Is this the number of Course Credits given out or scholarships?

Does Alabama really need to throw out more than 35 or so offers?

Is it basketball season yet?

Come on.... it's little nicky.... you know his favorite part of recruiting is telling some poor kid their offer isn't commitable when they try to commit.

It seems to me the word "offer" has a much looser definition than the word "commitment".

And I'm not necessarily blaming schools (although they're almost certainly not blameless). I suspect the recruiting services and the kids themselves are as much - and probably more - to blame. Why differentiate between "commitable" and "non-commitable" offers when recruiting services make subscribers happy with the more schools they can show as offering and kids get bragging rights - even if the vast majority of "offers" are not committable?

This is why I don't put much stock in P5 offers as a barometer anymore. It meant something 5 years ago. Now? Meh.

I would disagree, I think it means the opposite and a lot more if a player doesn't have a P5 offer based on what's shown above. If schools are just throwing out scholarships from 5 stars to unranked. What does that mean about the ones that don't get one? They probably have some glaring issue( size, academics, personality).

It's like if you're at a party and you and your buds meet a group of girls. If your buddies all get hit on but non of them take an interest in you...probably should tell you something.


If your buddies all get hit on but non of them take an interest in you...probably should tell you something.

Personal experience, here. If none of them take an interest in me, that's because they see me as way out of their league.

That's what it has to mean, right? Right?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

yeahhhhhh if saban and the rest of the P5s don't want you its because you should be in the NFL.

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If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Huh? How is this the opposite of my point? It's just an extension of what always existed...a lack of P5 offers has always meant you're not very good.

I think you missed my point. Having lots of P5 offers meant you were likely an elite recruit as little as 5 years ago. Now it means you might be an elite, but there's a decent chance you're a good, but not elite, recruit.

This means the tier 2 schools, like VT, are getting kids with more P5 offers, but not necessarily better recruits relative to their competition.

I think there is a math and/or strategy point here that some folks are missing. I don't see offering in the 150 range as shady at all.

If you offered the 150 all at once, and you figure that on average you have a 1/6 chance of landing a player you offer, you are just making the exact number of offers you would need (on average) to fill your 25 scholarships.

That's not how it works though. Some offers are made early and it becomes clear that there is nearly 0 chance of them being accepted. Many of those offers are probably to elite athletes that for a school like VT the chance is much less than 1/6. As you fail to make the kid's top 12, you move on and make more offers.

While there are coaches out there throwing out way too many offers, my guess is that Fuente is trying hard to avoid making uncommittable offers, and when he does it is because more people committed than he expected (or some other equally unpredictable reason).

I agree on this, but I do think that if a school offers a kid, that school should be prepared to give that player a scholarship. Personally, I think players should be able to sign a LOI immediately after they are offered a scholarship, instead of waiting until national signing day. That gets rid of all of this confusion over what is an 'offer' and a 'commitment'.

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The shady part isn't the offers out. It's the fans losing their shit when a recruit decommits or goes on another visit. The coaches who feel disrespected and pull an offer if a recruit goes on a visit to another school like they haven't offered potentially tens of kids to fill that position.

If a school is going to send such a wide net then fans and coaches need to respect a recruit taking a look around and sometimes changing their mind. Until the rules change it's shady.