Football Study Hall: Can the 4-2-5 still stop the spread?

Interesting article on how the 4-2-5 scheme similar to what Bud has deployed since 2004 is evolving to keep up with spread teams figuring out how to attack it.

Doesn't mention Bud unfortunately (more about the Big12 coaches who have to deal with it day-in day-out) but reflects some of the changes we've seen in our defense. Namely, the rise of the super versatile backer that plays more like a nickel that can still stop the run (Nickel-Whip) as well as a preference for OLB-type defensive ends that play around 250 and can fly across the line when unblocked. Team speed is stressed above all, which has certainly been a Fuente maxim in his time here. Also more than a little distressing when they get into just how important it is for a DT to be able to eat up double teams in this scheme. Hopefully Walker can continue to be the same player without Settle wrecking things inside.

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I mean I don't see why not, as long as the defense plays sound assignment football and doesn't get baited into misdirection. You just need to make sure your LBs are plus players (great to elite level talent) who you can trust to make the tackle at the point of attack 99 times out of 100, and the times the tackle isn't made, to at least make contact to slow down forward progress so the secondary can clean it up. Where we've consistently run into trouble over the last few years is when we whiff on that tackle, and the ball carrier is released free.

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Triggered - traumatic flashbacks of our safeties and DBs trying to bring down James Connor

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Don't you know that Bud can't defend mobile QB's.


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Why is this sarcasm?

If you have to ask, you'll never know.

It seems more like truth than something to be sarcastic about. I think James Summers just ran for another 15 yards.

It's been talked about here a ton (and so I really don't care to get back into it any more than this) but basically no team/scheme defends mobile QB's well. Every fan base thinks their team is worse at it than everyone else.

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Pretty much this. If you perused any other teams TKP-like board, you would find similar sentiments no matter how big the team. I've heard Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, FSU, etc fans complain about their struggles with running QB's.

more like...if you have to already know the answer!

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This post reminded me that i have not mentally prepared myself of the hot takes this season.

Keep in mind, most teams do not play the 4-2-5 the way Bud does. Take a look at what Narduzzi does at Pitt. Cover 1 or Cover 4. DL penetrates. ILB look for bubbles and fill them. Bud slants and uses counter intuitive movement up front much more often than you would see Pitt, Michigan State, or (spoiler) FSU will. They want to shoot gaps and get up the field.

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Take a look at what Narduzzi does at Pitt.

Fuck Narduzzi

Take a look at what Narduzzi does at Pitt.


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i think Bud going to enjoy the flexibility he has having 220+ lb athletes like Hunter, Floyd, and Deablo in the secondary. Conner will be another after a little time with Hilgart. Tisdale at lb is another example.

....Interesting that in big bold letters they talk about getting smaller and our D line runs small....

Fully expected an article on TCU. I love their defense, similar to Bud's in terms of alignment, but like New Mexico (Urlacher, I think it's called the spur), Bud has a hybrid position Nickel/Whip that's a player maker.

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Dime. Package. VT's defense seems almost invincible when I use that online against others. Even against the power run teams! Surely that'll translate in real life, right? Sometimes, also the 3-3-5...

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I only know of one team that runs a 3-3-5 and that's WVU, and they're pretty bad against the run. They stack their defensive linemen and linebackers though, which leaves massive holes for running backs to run through if the defensive line isn't disruptive.

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WVU has the second worst DL VT played all year. Delaware was even better.

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Yeah their best defebsive lineman went to a AA school in WV (800 students). That doesn't necessarily bode well in power 5 football.

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Iowa State moved to a 3-3-5 a lot of the time last year and ended up with a top 30 run defense, so it's possible.

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Even better in that article was a link to this one:

Optimal College Offense

I have to say, this sounds like Fuente's offensive philosophy on the button. Maybe I am wrong, but I swear we run the same QB option/WR screen play regularly. Any greater football minds care to confirm or shred my suspicions?

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