2018 Hokies Pre-Combine rankings

Terrell - 5.54, 4th round
Tremaine - 7.28, 1st round
Facyson - 5.42, 3-4th round
Phillips - 5.09, 7th/UDFA
Settle - 6.17, 1-2nd round
Stroman - 5.4, 4th-5th round
Teller - 5.42, 6th-7th round

Here is the link: https://247sports.com/college/virginia-tech/ContentGallery/Pre-Combine-G...

I am curious to see how they change after the combine.

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Personally I think Wyatt Teller grade is a little low, I hope his ADD doesn't negatively effect his draft stock (as someone who has ADD)


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Ditto (on the having ADD part).

With the comments I'd seen on how 2017 wasn't as good as 2016, and that Teller had seemed to lose some aggressiveness this season (lolwut?), I would guess that the medication he was taking this year affected that somewhat. What I take tends to calm me down somewhat, so I can see how aggression would be affected.

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Another ADHD sufferer here. I can definitely see how Teller's medication could make him "less aggressive" especially if his dosage was too high. Not that I saw any indication of that on the field last season, mind you. As someone that was diagnosed as an adult, I can tell you that it is night and day different now. I have more patience, more likely to think things through versus making snap decisions, and more ability to listen and process what someone is telling me, which is good considering my line of work.

So maybe his meds do take away some of the aggression, but he'll be better off in the long run with improved focus and attention in games, practice, and life in general. I wish the best for the guy.

Teller may be a smidge low but I would be elated if Stro and Facyson went 3-5th rounds. I'm just afraid Stro's size and Facyson's injury history will bump them down further than this. Also I think Tim would have to ball out at the combine (which I expect him to) to go 1-2nd round.

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I'm seriously holding out hope Settle ends up in Philly. That situation there is absolutely perfect for him, with their ability to cycle in 2 and 3 deep. Combine the fact they have Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham anchoring that line with Derek Barnett, who broke Reggie White's collegiate sack record at Tennessee, ready to take a much larger role next year, offenses wouldn't be able to double Settle, and he's completely wreak havoc on a play by play basis.

That 1-2 grade seems like he'd be there and ready to be picked at 32.

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Yes. All of this!

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Man, Tre is shooting up there. And the combine is only going to help when they see how much of a beast he is.

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Teller is definitely underrated, will probably go 4th round or so. I think Cam is also slightly underrated as a possession receiver and could end up anywhere from rounds 5-7.

Yeah I can totally see Teller going from round 3 to 5.

Pretty crazy since, he gave up all of 5 pressures on 443 snaps. That's an insane rate. Then add in his pancake abilities.

He is going to be a mid to late round steel.


I'd take Teller in a heartbeat for my Ravens in Rounds 4 or 5. I think that would be a steal. Groom him as Marshal Yanda's replacement at RG. It would be Pancake-City for the run game.

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bUt TiM sEtTlE iSn'T rEaDy FoR tHe NfL hE wOn'T eVeN mAkE a TeAm !

my only hope is that we get our guys drafted before anyone from LOLUVa.

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HT: 6'4 1/2"
WT: 311
Arm: 33.875
Hand: 10.125

That is a lot of beefy Fritos burritos

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I think a lot of those rankings sound about right.

I'm surprised to see Teller grade so low ... but this past season he looked a lot less dominating than in previous years. You just didn't see nearly so many highlight blocks and pancakes. Maybe that was a difference in what the coaches were asking him to do?

Cam has been an amazing receiver for us, but without having that elite speed it's harder for him to draw attention from the NFL.

I think Facyson is probably rated higher than he'll actually go. He's got all the talent in the world, but he's had so many injuries ... I could see him sliding quite a bit, and 3d round feels like a stretch.

Tim Settles Measurements

#NFLCombine Key Measurements thread...

109. #VirginiaTech DT Tim Settle
Height: 6-2 6/8
Weight: 329
Hand: 9 1/8
Arm: 33
Wingspan: 78 6/8

No surprise here, although would have liked him to be about 15 lbs lighter

I think he's going to surprise people at how well he moves at 329 lbs. Might not be as surprising at 315.

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As I recall, Dontari Poe rode this very narrative to the top half of the first round in '11 or '12. Came in at like 335 and then blew doors in all the drills.

EDIT: "blew doors" is an understatement.

Wow. I'll leave these here just for shits and giggles, but if Timmy Jim can approach these numbers, he's a first-rounder if you're a team in need on the interior DL.

6'4", 346, arm length 32", hands 9 5/8"

Vertical: 29.5"
Broad: 105"
3-cone: 7.9
20yd shuttle: 4.56
40 dash: 4.98
Bench: 44 reps

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Cam Phillips came in at 6 feet 199lb, hands 8 7/8, 30.5 arm, couldn't find wingspan. No real surprise here. His 40 will make or break him

NFL Scouting Combine: Tremaine Edmunds Checks In -

Height: 6-foot 4 1/2-inches
Weight: 253-pounds
Wingspan: 83-inches
Arm: 34.5-inches
Hands: 9.375-inches
247sports.com/college/virgin... via @247Sports

Those are very impressive measurables

Wyatt Teller ran a 5.3 and a 5.24 40yard. I thought he would've been a bit faster

He managed to somehow have a .01 second slower 10 yard split on his 5.24.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Man, I really wanna see Cam at the next level. Hoping someone grabs him but nervous based on what happened Ford last year.

Brandon Facyson...#NFLCombine 🦃

HT: 6'1 1/2"
WT: 203
Arm: 32 5/8"
Hand: 9 3/4"
Wingspan: 78 1/2"


@IAM_GSIII Measurements

5' 11"
182 lbs.
🖐🏾 8 3/4"
💪🏾 29 7/8"
🦅 71 1/8"

#LPD 💼 at #NFLCombine

Greg Stroman came in a little smaller than hoped, this could hurt his draft stock a little

#NFLCombine Key Measurements thread...

235. #VirginiaTech SS/LB Terrell Edmunds
Height: 6-0 4/8
Weight: 217
Hand: 10 4/8
Arm: 32 6/8
Wingspan: 79

Terrell has huge hands and a massive wingspan for his height

So all 7 Hokies measurements are in and I think they all came in at good sizes, the Edmunds brothers have insane wingspans and Wyatt and Tim came in at good weights so that is a testament to Hilgert. Stroman can in a pinch smaller than his Hokie profile. Hopefully they all kill their 40s!! Wyatt was a little slower than I hoped but he is still having a great combine, I've read he is now likely 3-5 round

So according to NFL.com these are our new draft grades:
Terrell Edmunds 5.59
Tremaine Edmunds 7.28
Brandon Facyson 5.4
Cam Phillips 5.0
Tim Settle 5.9
Greg stroman 5.33
Wyatt Teller 5.42

Terrell is the only one who improved

Terrell Edmunds +.05
Tremaine Edmunds same
Brandon Facyson -.02
Cam Phillips -.09
Greg Stroman -.07
Wyatt Teller same
Tim Settle -.27

Being objective, Tim didn't exactly set the world on fire with his combine performance.

I agree about Tim but I thought Teller and Stroman had good combines