Edmunds gets high praise from Kiper

Everyone's favorite draft talking head/punching bag released his first Mock Draft for ESPN.

He had some high praise for Tremaine Edmunds slotting him 12th to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Edmunds is another one of my favorite prospects. At 6-5, he doesn't have the typical frame of a middle linebacker, but he truly could play inside or outside -- he had 109 total tackles and 14 tackles for loss in 2017. If he ended up in Cincinnati under new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, he'd probably be an outside linebacker who could rush the passer on passing downs. I've said before that Edmunds has the most upside of any linebacker in this class.

I think he's right in that Edmunds has the highest upside of any linebacker in this class. If he has a great workout for the right team he could sneak into the top ten. That would be insane. Needless to say he made the right call to go pro.

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Stroman and Facyson are making really good impressions at the East West Shrine game also.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I think Stroman is a serious sleeper in this draft, he didn't spend his entire college career at corner (most of it but not all of it) and is an elite returner. Arguably the best pure shutdown corner we've had in a few years, if someone can nab him on day 2 I think they're going to be really happy.

Rip his freaking head off!

I have to agree. Stro looks like the profile of someone who ends up drafted in day 2, but ends up being a big playmaker at the next level. Not saying that's going to happen, but I think it's very possible.

Somebody will definitely take Stroman. The combine was made for him, and he'll crush the interviews with his Cheerful Helper attitude.

Leonard. Duh.

No surprises there. #DBU

Stroman is being hurt by the NFL's current hard-on for long, tall, and more sizable corners, in the mid 2000's he would be a 2-3rd round lock based on coverage ability. I still think he has the opportunity to sneak into the earlier rounds though if someone is willing to put actual coverage tape ahead of his heigh/weight ratio.

Yeah I don't necessarily understand that trend for focusing on size at this position.

For today's equivalent of a strong safety I understand it, as a lot of teams like big thumpers back there that can keep up in coverage but also have the size to fill the box assist in run defense.

There are plenty of shutdown corners hovering around that 6 foot mark though, Stroman's frame is his real knock. There aren't that many possession receivers that can use their size alone to win, still a lot of burners in the NFL.

I am a patriots fan, and Malcolm Butler has been our 'shut-down' corner since we had Revis for that one last season of his prime. Both of those guys are under 6 foot, but excel in coverage and positioning.

It's all on his weight. He's probably going to be the lightest corner at 6' and lighter than 5'11" corners going ahead of him.

I hope that he falls right to DBU north/east....Washington in the 4th.....

Yep, weight is his issue more than height for sure.

I guess I'm the only one in the world that didn't really think Tremaine was that great... I'm not denying his measurables, but I just didn't see the "wow holy f*ck that guy is a 1st rounder for sure..." from him.


Every time I watched Tremaine close on the ball carrier I had the exact opposite thought of you. He looked like a man among boys more often than not IMO.

That's the thing with him. He's sneaky good. He's not typically flashy, and he has some misses that stand out more at times. You just don't realize how many positive plays he's made until you look at the stats.

Also, with his speed/athleticism he made some "eraser" type plays where he prevented big plays that are easier to go unnoticed. If we don't have a Backer consistently making those plays next season his absence might become more obvious.

I'm definitely afraid that we'll appreciate how good Tremaine was next year after he's gone.

Leonard. Duh.

Agreed. Hopefully, one of the new Backers can bring us 75% of the production Tremaine brought us. His absence will likely be noticed.

Agree- great player, on Adibi and James Anderson level, and that's a compliment. Fans will notice how good he was next year, when our Backer won't make nearly as many explosive plays.

Obviously, we are all hoping Rivers (or whoever steps into that role) will continue to be a playmaker, but I agree with you, there will be plays where we miss the elite athleticism and range of a player like Edmunds next year.

The most important thing is that he is super young and still somewhat raw. Only two years truly starting at the position and wasn't a polished high level recruit out of high school. He's still learning and that's why Mel loves his upside. Roquan Smith could easily go higher than Maine in the draft but for a kid who will be only 20 years old when he first steps on the field in the NFL at linebacker he will have plenty to learn and projects very very well.

I agree with this assessment until this past season. You watch Tremaine close on qbs,rbs and tes in space without giving up any/many yds and see that he is elite. Plus I think he will kill at the combine....I think Rell my be hurt because scouts may forget just how much of a ballhawk he was when healthy.....

Tremaine needs to catch a few charges before the Bengals would take him there, IMO

Loved seeing Edmunds at #12 in Kiper's draft. But I got even more excited at the prospect of Baker Mayfield to the Skins like he has. I don't know why I never thought of that before. It's perfect. I hope it happens. I eagerly look forward to that trainwreck. It's a match made in heavenly schadenfreude

Personally, I'd like to see the Skins punished, maybe tarred and feathered until they start opening the stadium lots up more than 2-3 hours before kickoff. That is a sacrilegious policy Dan!

For WVU, seems i spent as much time on the exit ramp in bumper to bumper traffic as I did tailgating. My best projection is that Mayfield and Johnny Football are co-hosts of some crappy barstool podcast within the next two years, that will feature other major NFL busts as celebrity guests.

High Men's Heismans

Recruit Prosim

There better be some sort of underhanded insult directed at those goons within the podcast name.

I feel the same way but opposite....being a Skins fan.....if that makes any sense.....lol

Kiper also slotted Settle as a 3rd rounder as well as the other Edmunds.

Yep thinks Terrell could even slip into 2nd round, plus he was absolutely gushing over Tremaine.

What's a good comparison for Tremaine? I see a lot of Anthony Barr...or, perhaps, Bruce Irvin?? Anyone else have any other comparisons?

Also, (reading about him in the above comments) does anyone know why Xavier Adibi fizzled out once he got to the NFL? Did injuries take over? Man, I for sure thought that he would've had a 10+ year career in the league.

They put like 30lbs on Adibi and forced him to play at like 252lbs. He did okay for awhile, but ultimately it forced him into a role he wasn't used to playing. He would probably fit better in the NFL of the past few years, where he wouldn't be forced to gain as much weight, much more seamlessly, but alas things don't always time up well.

Damn. He was like 230 when at Tech. That's a "what-if" career for sure...

And he really was probably playing around 220.

One of my all time favorites. What a shame.

Same here. And damn, he looked good in that uniform.

He is definitely one of the coolest looking players of all time, and a personal all-time favorite.

I miss the tinted visors.

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McShay released an updated Big Board today, Tremaine jumped from #31 to #7!!!

- "And now Miami wants to talk about it..."

Land of 10's mock released just now (apparently I Googled right as it was released) has Tremaine going #31 to the Eagles. No way he drops past the Steelers at 27. They had him taking Malik Jefferson there, but I think Tremaine goes before him.


If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Managed to catch this in a look at Falcons DT opportunities. (I think the other guys go before ATL picks in the first.)

Settle to ATL in the 2nd?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Tremaine going #31 to the Eagles.

I'd love to see him at a higher pick but as an Eagles fan, I am okay with this prediction.

As a Giants fan, anywhere but the 3 other NFC east teams pls

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I knew I liked you more then some of the others. Now I know why!


Not an Eagles fan but I'd rather they draft him at #32.

11 bonnets on the ball!

I'm curious to see what the pundits have to say about Teller. Being a fan of a team that needs an Oline overhaul, I would love to see him dish out some pancakes for my team!



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