English Premier League January 2018 Transfers

As a Liverpool fan, this transfer window just got real with the sale of Philippe Coutinho to FC Barcelona for $192.5m (first Settle leaving early and now this as a nice New Years dick punch).

Here's a list of the most notable transfers so far:

Theo Walcott - Everton, £20m (Jan 17th) from Arsenal
Francis Coquelin - Valencia, £12m (Jan 11th) from Arsenal
Cenk Tosun - Everton, £27m (Jan 5th) from Besiktas
Ross Barkley - Chelsea, £15m plus add-ons (Jan 5th) from Everton
Adrien Silva - Leicester City, £22m (Jan 1) from Sporting Lisbon
Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool, £75m (Jan 1) from Southampton
Philippe Coutinho - FC Barcelona, £142m (Jan 1) from Liverpool

This thread will be updated as more transfers happen. Feel free to discuss your favorite teams transfer activity

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Chelsea just stole Ross Barkley like a bandit. Barcelona just did the exact opposite, good on Liverpool for getting that much for Coutinho.

Barkley's contract was up on June 30th...so a fair deal for both sides. Wish we had done something similar with Oxlade-Chamberlain...$50m for a squad player going into the last year of his contract (deal was done in August 2017)...madness.

i mean given what you just got for coutinho you could literally get anyone for any price and id be like eh youve got money to spare

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As long as they don't do like last time they got a bunch of money. They replaced one star with 3 very average players from Southampton and really got nothing. Should have just saved the money.

I don't think it's fair to complain about Ox being a 50mil squad player. I have seen this a few times and I disagree:

-Bought on 8/31/2017, the day before transfer window closed. He missed our entire preseason, 3 EPL games, and the two CL qualifiers against Hoffenheim.
-Klopp's pressing tactics are incredibly difficult for any player to master but is most demanding of his central mids, which Ox has been signed to play.
-Ox is only 24. He turned 24 in August, two weeks before we signed him--very young still.
-He is tenacious, hard working and has shown some bite in our midfield.
-His two set piece free kicks resulted in game winners against Burnley and Everton.
-Had we waited until his contract was up Chelsea would have had him. They were in for him at the same time offering a very similar deal. Not much to complain about when the market dictates a certain price. He even turned down more money from Arsenal to join us. In other words, Klopp has found another player who wants to play for US instead of some Catalonian team I can't think of the name to.



He is young, was signed after the season started, has taken time to adjust and is currently establishing himself as a starter. A midfield of Ox-Keita-Lemar/Mahrez excites me. (yes I left Hendo out, and Wij, and Milner, and Lallana...Hendo is getting injured more and more, lallana and milner are aging, Wij is the squad player, not Ox).

Point taken, but Ox was squad player at the Arse and he was considered a winger at the time of his signing. Still think we overpaid but if he gets deployed in the middle and thrives there I'll admit I'm wrong ( and be happy about it). There's just no evidence of him as a creative force in the middle of the park so far in his career. I thought he was quite poor against Burnley and the bluenoses in the cup, TBH.

I agree price was high but it's just like any other market. Other buyers and comps set the market value and if you want him then you pony up the cash. I don't really care tbh, FSG said they have a 200 million (pound) war chest in the summer...VVD-75, Keita-60, Salah - 35, Ox - 35, Robertson 8 is a pretty sound window for having 200 million spent. Imagine what Rogers would have done!!

Now we have 142mil (pounds) to go spend in addition to any funds we may need in the summer. Just need to put it to good use for some proven players plus maybe a prospect or two.

Barkley went for half price because a) He has been injured all year b) as noted, only half a season on contract left c) he didn't want to be there

Love LFC for this sale. I think they will be able to sustain this loss better than they did for Suarez or Torres. They still need to hit the transfer market wisely, I'm hoping they get someone else during the Jan window instead if waiting till the summer.

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Agreed, he's a fantastic player that often goes missing and has rarely been the deciding factor in games. He's physically more suited to the style of play in la liga and will probably do very well there, but plug in any number of players with vision to feed Salah and Mane and my Reds will be as well off as before. I'm more concerned with fixing the defense, finding a good defensive midfielder to replace Can and finding a consistent keeper.

Agreed, VanDijk is a GREAT start, clearly by the FA Cup outcome. I mean he almost accounted for two headers and was stout in the middle with brief training with the squad. But we certainly need to keep retooling that backline for sure. I look at how much they got for him, and I say to myself he's no Neymar, so they surely got a steal. Barca was clearly anxious to get rid of that Neymar $ to keep the fans happy.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

If we add Adjani from Basel (Central Defender), Lamar and/or Mahrez and finally the Brazilian keeper Alisso that's our team sorted for the near-term. With Keita coming in the summer, all we need is a holding midfielder for a formidable lineup. Looks like we missed out on Goretzka for a free...that would've been a coup.

I didn't hear a lot about these names Kop, got a URL you frequent with a lot of these rumors? I think a keeper is the biggest need if they want to take the next step. Mignolet isn't getting it done in my opinion.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

My favorites are www.thisisanfield.com, www.spiritofshankly.com, or good old soccernet (specifically their transfer talk section which summarizes the gossip for all clubs each day).

EDIT: TIA has a section called Forums and under that is "Transfer Talk"...thats where the gold is and a full 50% of it is nonsense.

Thanks! I've been on Anfield's for awhile now, but not your second suggestion, adding it to my RSS feed immediately.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

I usually linger around www.reddit.com/r/liverpoolfc but tend to not comment as people can be fairly volatile. What it does ensure is that every tweet, rumor, article gets posted from every source available and it is usually clear in the comments on it's reliability. This is Anfield is good but it is also a site similar to Bleacher Report where people can write and submit articles to get posted. I am not saying it is bad by any means but they are not "In The Know" when it comes to transfer speculation. Melissa Reddy, Paul Joyce, James Pearce are the names that usually come up as reliable. however after the whole VVD tapping up saga in the summer, those three reporters have trouble getting information to release early so we are having a tough time finding sources that actually know things ahead of them being announced.

The Liverpool Echo website is a good resource as well...they feature several ITKs like Melissa Reddy.

Really, I mean look at the progress since the Suarez sale. Used to be if Stevie got hurt, the season was a wash. We've been without Clyne all year, Moreno hurt, Hendo hurt, Lallana missing most of the year so far, Coutinho missing unnecessary games to try and push a transfer, and we've still been pretty consistent. It took a few years for the pieces of the Bale sale to fall together for Spurs, and it looks like we're getting to that point now. A few more quality additions and this is a squad that should be able to legitimately push for the league with plenty of depth.

I had forgotten about Adjani since it has grown quiet over the past few days. That leads me to believe we may have something developing but I heard we are OK agreeing to a deal similar to keita where we pay now and get the player in July. Lamar would be preferable but I am sure Monaco are standing by their exorbitant asking price since it is January and I don't think we will make amove for him this month (would LOVE if we did). Allison would be a huge signing but I wonder what that would mean for Migs/Karius/Ward. I would estimate we would sell one of Karius/Ward and loan the other out while keeping an older experienced (albeit limited) Migs. Would rather see Karius get a long run of games to prove his worth but Klopp must see something else in training to go after Allison.

Get Allison now...if we wait for the summer hell be the most expensive GK ever...like 60m+..migs is done Kloppo has lost confidence in him. I'd love to get Oblak but that'll have to wait until summer and it'll cost a boatload to get over the line. Alisso is with Roma, and that means Monchi who's a notoriously adept director of football and superb talent evaluator. Staying in Rome, we'd love to get de Vrij, but don't see it happening. I don't see a future for Sturride, Clyne, Origi, Markovic or Ings at the club. Expect them to move on by August...see if we can get 25m from Soton for Sturridge...they need a striker. These are exciting times.

Oblak would be a dream as well, but Allison seems most realistic. I know a lot of people talk about de Vrij but isn't he super injury prone?

As for the "no-future" players, I'll agree to Sturridge, Origi, Markovic and Ings. But Clyne has been the best defender on the pitch bar none until his injury. I have heard rumors that he isn't playing due to drugs. If that is the case then he may very well have no future. We are supremely lucky TAA and Gomez have stepped up to the plate. I think they both attack better but I still think a fit Clyne is the better defender. Plus Gomez is a CB at heart and TAA was brought and groomed in the academy to be a #6 (CDM)

I really wish Ward could break into the first team. Just wish he would be given a chance. I don't know if it's my affinity for baseball and the minor league system, but I always am a fan of "home grown talent." Wonder in Klopp's mind, how far Ward is away from starting.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

There are a lot of us who would agree with you. One of the things Klopp has done since being hired is made a clear path from the Academy to the Premier League squad. He gets to see Migs, Karius, and Ward on a daily basis.

Migs: He is a known commodity. He is steady, going to make some good saves, and some howlers, just bang average.

Karius: I thought he looked good last preseason until he broke his hand. Has never solidified his spot even after a full preseason this year to take it away from Migs.

Ward: still very young and clearly valuable since Klopp did not want him on loan.

Allison? If we sign him I expect 2/3 keepers to be gone. I go back and forth on which keeper I would want gone and I lean towards Karius just because of Migs and Ward's experience in England.

I had such high hopes for Karius before breaking his hand. I think for all the press that the backline gets, and it surely deserves its bad press, the keeper situation doesn't get enough press. The keeper and backline work hand and hand at providing a club a stout defense.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

Liverpool were 9-1-1 without Coutinho this year. He is a natural #10 which flourishes in a 4-2-3-1, the 4-4-2 diamond or any central attack role. When put in the midfield on the left he tends to not cross the middle and allows defenses to stack the left side. It is no coincidence that Mane has gone out of form when Coutinho is on the field. The defenses clog the left side of the field and know that all of our creation was going through Coutinho which led to so many frustrating draws. the team is more balanced when he is either played properly in the central role (which our current 4-3-3 does not accommodate) or on the bench, ironically.

Klopp has done a magnificent job making this an actual team and not a couple of star players surrounding by a supporting cast. All I hope is that IF we buy in January we are smart and don't pull a Aquilani/Carroll/Balotelli type signing.

Explain it to Highlander: is "buying a player" essentially a club trading a player and the other club buying out or buying a portion of that contract? I'm not big on soccer, but do enjoy the occasional match.

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Buying a player is essentially buying the rights to a players contract. Players who are out of contract or less than 6 months on their existing contracts are considered free agents..in that no club owns their contract rights and therefore there would be no transfer fee. Transfer fees have nothing to do with a players actual contract. Hope this helps.

That's kinda what I figured. Thanks

"I'm a Miller Lite guy, always have been, since I was 8." -John Daly

I know you were just summarizing but I think its important to note one nuance that buying a player means buying their registration (i.e. right for a club to play a particular player) and not their contract. The distinction is important because in order for a transfer to occur the club must agree a transfer fee with the selling club AND agree to a new contract with the player. This gives a player the opportunity to veto any potential transfer to a club they don't wish to go.

I just find it funny that Highlander referred to himself/herself in the 3rd person...lol.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

Highlander likes to think of himself as a man's man. Nah, that's a PMT segement, "Explain it to (whoever wants something explained to them)".

"I'm a Miller Lite guy, always have been, since I was 8." -John Daly

Anddd that was taking Highlander.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

The fee you see reported is essentially a "conditional bribe" to let a team have negotiating rights with a player.

ESPN FC describes how a transfer works

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Expect Wenger at Arsenal to spend big!



Give me umtiti!!!! id also love some fred, i know fred isnt needed but we need some cover at LB (umtiti can shift out) and kompany is hardly reliable (as much as i love him). Mostly id love to see a LB though, relying on an injury prone delph worries me

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Considering that Aguero is probably gone by then end of the season, there will be plenty of cash flow for City and Umtiti would be an insanely good fit for how pacey this squad is. It'll be interesting to see how much Pep balls out over the summer, but with the way they are playing now I think it'll be a quiet Jan. transfer period.

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eh aguero leaving rumors come out every damn year, ill believe it when i see it

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Silly, silly move by LFC. Trading away your 2nd best player at this point makes no sense. Tottenham is breathing down their neck for top 4 and no replacement can bring the magic Coutinho brings in terms of setting up other players. Even players like Lemar (who Monaco says is not leaving in January) is a different type of player. They had a decent shot at CL but now that's out the window as well (no guarantee they would have beat the likes of Barca or Real Madrid even with Coutinho, but forget about it now). LFC had all the leverage (Coutinho doesn't sit the spring before the World Cup). Panic move that opens the door for players like Salah to leave this summer

Seriously. Obviously Salah is a stud, but he's also not going to play this well for the entire season. Coutinho is more valuable to Liverpool than a lot of fans are giving him credit for, as evidenced by last season where his injury completely derailed their season. I still think Liverpool are good enough to make top 4, but that's because I expect United to fall apart the second half and make it easy.

The Salah to Madrid chatter is already starting up now for the summer transfer window. Having set the standard with Coutinho, if he wants to leave, he knows exactly what to do now. LFC will ultimately cave in. Puts the team decision making in the players hands.

Interesting thought on Man U. I can see that happening. They need to utilize Martial more as Rashford seems to be sleepwalking. Would be interesting to see if they add Ozil

When Coutinho got injured last season, Liverpool won 4 and drew 2 in the EPL, drew a league cup game and won an FA cup game. Zero losses, a win over Man City. They lost a league cup tie as soon as he returned which coincided with the 7 games Mane missed at AFCON in which they managed only one win in an FA cup tie against League 2 side Plymouth Argyle. I'm not going to pretend I won't miss Cou in the team sheet, but I was saying last year that Mane was more important to the team, add Salah to that this year. Coutinho is great on the ball but has consistently gone inconspicuous, with an attack featuring Salah, Mane and Firmino, I'm confident his presence can be replaced.

Liverpool are 8-10-2 (W-D-L) with Coutinho and 10-1-1 without him. If Klopp was playing a formation that allowed for the #10 (CAM) to exist on the field I am sure he would be a lot more important. Instead, playing the 4-3-3, Coutinho finds him self on the left central mid role and this allows defenses to key on him easier. This means they focus on shutting down the left side of the attack, and Coutinho being a natural #10 finds himself too far advanced leaving the left (and weakest) side of our defense vulnerable.

Coutinho offers very successful dribbles, longballs, free kicks and vision. Ox has shown his free kicks (while not going for goal) are very effective especially with VVD now. Salah and Mane are good dribblers. TAA, VVD can take good free kicks at goals and both have good long ball qualities. What I think we will miss is the magic he had but Klopp has established a great squad so the loss isnt as dire.

I've seen that stay on wins with or without but one point to even it out coutinho has played the games against the top teams this season and missed the smaller team games etc not disputing your point justcfelt that stat is a bit skewed
It's diffic to know how coutinho leaving impacts a tough final half of the season but we will get to see a little sample Sunday against city I don't expect a win but in a game where Liverpool will be wanting to maximize every second they have the ball the ability of coutinho could be missed, salah,mane, firmino are great but you need that magician to pull the strings

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He's not worth the 190 mil, especially considering he has told LFC that he doesn't want to be there, Just look at Arsenal and what can happen when a player insists on leaving. Sanchez should have been sold in August.


The difference between the situations is that Coutinho had a 4 years left on his contract, while Sanchez only has 6 months left. Barca and Coutinho did not have much leverage against Liverpool, so Liverpool were able to name their price and Barca were willing to pay it.

Not sure if I buy Sanchez escapes this month but who knows it's not like city desperately need help attacking by any means
Can't see Ozil leaving either not sure anyone wants him that bad
Heard a lot of rumblings about Malcom to United is a serious thing but not sure if it'll get done in time
Mahrez is intriguing I'm perplexed someone like Tottenham aren't interested he could be a fine addition for them after missing on Barkley
United could use some spark but can't say I see anyone itching to move that won't be stupidly expensive considering the market

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i mean jesus is out for possibly a year, his knee is getting rescanned could be a ligament. so we have an injury prone aguero to lead the charge and thats it.

you bring in a guy like sanchez, for pennies considering his potential, who is familiar with peps system, can play all along the front 3, why not? i mean we have sterling sane and i guess silva for the wing (silva is gonna find his way back inside) we dont have that much depth especially because foden could be out for a bit.

is it necessary? no, but we have a decent shot at the champions league and he isnt cup tied so hell yeah bring him on.

as for your other topics, mahrez might not wanna leave the going is pretty good in leicester for him hes a legend, plus i bet the fee for him is absurd right now. as for getting a playmaker atm good luck, barca and psg inflated that market sooooooo much. it makes me wonder what kind of money de bruyne would go for right now (not that hed EVER be sold)

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Huh I hadn't heard the Jesus news I thought he was only out a month or two that slightly changes things but I agree the markets nuts right now but still feel Spurs need more to challenge Liverpool for a top 4 spot
On another note I apologize my spelling isn't great but Burnley have signed N'Koudu from Tottenham on loan I believe looks decent for the clarets

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With City's injuries and now Moreno sniffing around, my guess (hope) is that MC buys him for 30 mil, we sign lemar and Malcom to "replace" him. Maybe even look at adding Mahrez if Leicester will let him go.


Not quite sure what to make of the Sanchez to UTD coming out as a man u fan im all about it but sounds more like assumptions based on what Man City are doing instead of serious reports out of the UTD camp so far but wilder stuff has happened

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frankly im glad city are backing off, word on the street is united offered 400k a week (!!!) which would destroy our wage structure right now (debruyne makes 250k). If arsenal are asking for absurd money screw em, jesus' scan came back negative so no ligament damage was done and could be back as soon as 3 weeks.

I kinda hope he sticks to arsenal at this rate just so he can leave for free this offseason, and I'm manu I wouldnt want him. Hes got a history of temper tantrums if not used correctly or if youre not winning. I just dont see this ending well with mou's playstyle demanding wingers to defend a lot

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Yeah I heard the scan results are a big part of UTD getting interested since City wont be desperate to add to their attacking ranks now but I feel UTD could really use his ability on the wing but as you said whether Mou uses him properly or not is a big IF but as a UTD fan Id rather not see him go to city where he would be lethal

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Fair enough but at what cost? ya know? I have a feeling city are more than happy with their attacking options right now, really all we need is depth and a future prospect at cm behind fernandinho (who weve apparently tabbed as Fred from shakatar)

Iunno if im sanchez, im trying to swing back into laliga, or Napoli. I think he'd excel in Napoli's system and he seems to like being an untouchable which just wouldn't fly with sane, sterling, and jesus atm.

I really dont get United's interest, I think you have plenty of attacking talent in rashford and martial on the wings, its just how mou utilizes them. I mean by all accounts united are having a really good season its just what city is doing right now is flat out absurd (coming from a city fan), Dont pull an SEC and fire a coach because they cant beat Saban ya know? Not saying city are going to have the long-term dominance that saban has, just that if I'm mou I'd just sit tight, but him picking fights with the media is just kinda dumb and egotistical imo

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

The way City has stockpiled talent, teams are going to have to go big themselves. I cold see Moreno trying to get Sanchez just so Pep doesn't.


But the point is city dont need him, if mourinho is buying him for the sake of city not getting him its pretty pointless. Id much rather have fred from shakatar

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

When Sanchez is playing up to form, he is a great player, maybe one of the best in EPL. If MU can get Sanchez to play he is as good if not better than anyone they have. You may be right though, City has pretty much wrapped up the title this year, so MU may want to hold off. I don't see them catching City this year.


United need to replace Mhki. Think that's their main motivation.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Iunno if im sanchez, im trying to swing back into laliga, or Napoli. I think he'd excel in Napoli's system and he seems to like being an untouchable which just wouldn't fly with sane, sterling, and jesus atm.

Sanchez probably wants two things: a hefty pay increase and to play for one of the best teams in the world. Napoli would have trouble matching his wages at Arsenal let alone what City and United can offer. The only two La Liga sides that could offer him both have zero interest in him.

Personally I don't thinks it's a negative to sign him just to spite city I don't think bringing Sanchez in hurts the young talent with martial and rashford I think it would allow mou to use rashford centrally more with martial and Sanchez out wide would be better and help the depth as well and nobody here will question how good Sanchez is on his day so I think overall it's not a bad move at all

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it goes beyond that though, theres squad chemistry and getting players that fit your system. this isnt fifa, in this day and age you cant put good players on the field and expect a masterpiece, hence why leicester won the league 2 years ago they had a squad that meshed really well together. I just really dont think sanchez meshes well with uniteds current coach, system, or roster. his defensive play is a liability and that would lose mous patience quickly

furthermore you have to think about contracts on top of that. if hes getting paid 300k a week and being the top paid british player and doesnt mesh well with the locker room immediately that could spell a ton of trouble. i mean where do you play him?

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Could be wrong, but it looks like its all but a done deal with him not on the team today. Can't imagine Wenger would leave Sanchez at home with Ozil "hurt" and not in the lineup at the same time.


Total randomness: But that MCU/LFC match was so good! Love my reds, and I really think they are headed in the right direction. I feel like they are one or two signings away from competing for championships. They truly showed that Saturday.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

yall desperately need a keeper still, you guys played phenomenally we really missed david silva

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

A keeper is huge! I'm hoping they get someone during the winter window, but my hope is waning. Karius looked terrible on that Sane strike. 95% of EPL goalkeepers would stop that, including bench players. Just plain unacceptable.

Pep is an amazing tactician though, and deserves the league title this year. But if we can pick up a keeper by the summer time, watch out EPL/CL.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

coming from a keeper not as easy of a save to make as youd think. the modern goalkeeper especially against a pep team is probably told to not hug the post as hard in order to cheat on cross a bit. pep loooooves playing the ball across the face of goal for a tap-in and karius was in position to take that away, just an absolute rocket from sane.

that being said you guys have had a ton of low-lights this season and while they happen it shouldnt be at nearly the same frequency that it does. I love klopp and im really happy to see liverpool stick with him and reap the rewards. among the other big 6 i gotta say liverpool is #2 for me

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Completely agree, it was simply a bullet form Leroooooy Sane. I've been a Klopp fan ever since his Dortmund days, and I was so happy when LFC gave him the keys.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

I've seen the criticism of Karius' game against Citeh and frankly don't see it. How many keepers in the world would've saved a shot from close range like that? I'm NOT a big Karius fan as he's too timid for the EPL and doesn't control the 6 yard box like a good GK should (neither does Migs). Oblak has a 100m (Euros) release clause...that's crazy money but if he's our GK for the next 10+ years it just might be worth it (or at least less crazy...Utd spent crazy money on de Gea and for my money he's been their best player since he was acquired). Can you imagine LFC with a world-class GK AND VVD in the heart of defense. Mouthwatering.

All I want out of the transfer period is Liverpool to sell Origi to Wolfsburg. Not likely this window, but it seems apparent that Liverpool are fine with letting him go, and he's been one of few bright spots for Die Wolfe.

Looks like theo walcott is set for a 20m pound move to everton

Chem PhD '16

word on the street is johnny evans is coming to city as well. hopefully the delph injury isnt as significant as originally thought

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Brilliant signing for everton yes walcott isnt a beast but with a manager that will give him regular time i think he can be big at everton.

Had you bet the mortgage on Sanchez to MAN U a couple weeks ago I would have laughed so hard but per Wengers press conference the deal is all but done no cash just a player swap for Mhicki, honestly its a good deal for all parties involved. Sanchez gets out of arsenal and a fat contract and United get a real star forward for a few years in his prime. Mhicki gets away from Mou to a club hes more suited for style wise and arsenal get a player much better than what a 20m or 35m fee could have been used to get so arsenal actually come out of the deal not too bad off.

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I'd be thrilled with a flat trade at this point. Alexis has been more of a detriment than a help this season so I'm not sad to see him go at this point. Getting him and Walcott out of the lineup will improve our defensive woes to an extent because those two have turned the ball over at an extreme rate this season (they're not alone, but they're big offenders).

Mkhitaryan is has some work to do to regain his confidence but I agree that Arsenal suits his play style better. If we bring in Auba as well, those two obviously have a very positive history on the field.

Obviously not many Arsenal fans are in a good place right now, but I have to admit that the new front office hires from Dortmund (scouting) and Barca (football operations) have me optimistic for the future. The question is whether Wenger will stop being so stubborn and let the changes flow. This month it seems like he's doing that. He's also throwing mad shade recently (Mike Dean can go pound sand, doesn't deserve to be in his position) and I'm kinda enjoying it.

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Hi there, one of those Arsenal fans here. I think an Alexis-Mkhitarian swap would suit both sides. I agree with club direction, but I think asking Wenger to not be so stubborn is a nonstarter. He is who he is at this point. Even the switch to a back three was months late. Even the pragmatic approach that won the game at Man City a few years ago (the Coquelin game) was because the players begged him to use some different tactics. I don't think Gunners can pull back a UCL spot this year (short of winning the Europa) and if they can't, Wenger should go. His biggest draw over the last 5 years has been the incredibly high floor for the club under his leadership, and that is no longer the case and players are beginning to realize it. If Alexis and Ozil leave and Wenger points to Mavropanos and Mkhitarian, he's lost it. Aubameyang or bust at this point, and if he can't get serious business done before the world cup, he ought to go.

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He's not going. His contract has another season on it and Wenger won't break it. Arsenal could, but that costs money.

The fact that we hired a director of football operations is already Arsene giving up on his ideal structure, so I don't think it's a ridiculous notion that he could continue with that.

Also my guess is Ozil will stay. He's certainly not leaving this month.

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Of course Wenger isn't going... but he ought to. The only thing more depressing for a United supporter than the Moyes/LVG-era would have been getting those same results but SAF was still in charge. This is that.

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This is that.

Not exactly though. Arsenal can't spend the dollars that Utd. did then and still does. There's no way they'd ever be capable of paying Alexis the money he's about to get. For years, Arsenal overachieved with their available money, but that's not happening now so people are upset.

Now, they could (and I think are working on) do a whole lot better about spending the money they do have. Players like Walcott had no business getting the wages they had, and we've signed a lot of players over the past several years that are simply not Arsenal quality. I think that's where the new front office hires are going to help a lot.

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There's been plenty of trumpeting every year when Arsenal indicate that they have made a new record annual revenue and are sitting on 200m pounds cash reserves. They haven't spent wisely lately, but there's a definite reason for the criticism that Wenger needs to splash the cash.

As far as a comparison to united, i just meant it as watching a legend go and the team flounder without him. But then imagine it where the legend loses his edge and the team flounders with him and anyone with any sort of external perspective can see it but him. No DiMaria- or #Schmidfield-shaped transfer flops required.

Edit: This column actually does a decent job of explaining why things are bleak at the moment.

There was a clear subtext implied in Wenger's comments upon Mavropanos's signing that Mislintat and Senllehi would have to work the Arsenal—and Wenger—way. Wenger said that they would have to "adapt to a new environment [and] discover suddenly a different structure" and that, despite Mislintat's arrival, the club already knew "every single player in Europe before [he] arrived." Wenger clearly still views a club hierarchy with him at its head.

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Does Wenger have the authority to spend what wants or does Kroenke control what is spent?


Think only two people in this world know the answer to that. Each keeps his mouth shut in exchange for more money.