OT: Article on the folks keeping the NCAA Football video game series alive

For those of us who cherish, love, and miss the NCAA football video game series, E$PN posted a frontpage web article about a group dedicated to keep the game alive.

A 17-year veteran of law enforcement who once walked onto the football team at USF, Bullard works with a group of nine gamers to keep the defunct franchise alive. Each offseason, they go through a painstaking process to input data to build out the updated rosters of all the FBS programs.

Every player is created from scratch, down to his name, likeness and hometown. Then there's the empirical method they've devised for assigning player attributes like speed, agility and strength -- those "little stupid numbers," as Bullard's fiancée put it.

"She'll get up at 3-4 in the morning and go, 'Ah! You're still up working on this game? You're not even playing!'" Bullard said. "But I'm editing. Let. Me. Live. I'm living my best life right now.


EDIT: What's puzzling is that E$PN had a strong partnership with this series and the fact it published an article on its importance. It's as if Big Mouse is calling out EA to bring this video game series back. Your move EA! Do It!

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I really wish they were coming out with new ones each year. I used to love that game.

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A few years back, I sold my 360 because I assumed backwards compatibility would render it useless. Last fall, I bought another one when it became clear that NCAA 14 would not be coming to Xbox One. It's the only game I have for 360, and I play the shit out of it. EA and NCAA need to sort this shit out, because college sports games are the best. It may be partly nostalgia, but I miss having current NCAA football, baseball, and basketball games

If the lawsuit could have just waited one more year than we would have gotten a Xbox One version and the new playoff format in '15

Before I spent my summers working, they always revolved around when the NCAA Football game came out. I would preorder it and pick it up on the release date as soon as my parents would take me. I would stay up till 3 in the morning playing that game, wake up at noon, and play some more. By the time summer was over and the actual football season had started, I would be at least 3 seasons into dynasty mode. Coincidentally, the last summer the game was made (the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of high school) was the last summer that I didn't have a job. Since then my summers have consisted of early-to-bed, early-to-rise, and without a new NCAA Football game. I still download the new rosters, but I miss the excitement that I got out of noticing the little things in each new version, like new uniforms, new ballcarrier moves, new tackling animations, etc. I really hope that EA and the NCAA can reach some sort of agreement on how to compensate the players for using their likenesses (a free copy of the game at least) because at this point, it's just another thing that was a part of my childhood that I'll never get back.

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You mean you weren't working prior to your freshman year of high school? I started working at 6 years old. Talk about never getting a child hood back... Sheesh man up and put down your avocado toast and pull up your big boy pants. /s

I still download the new rosters on NCAA 14 every year too. Someone has done something really similar in NBA 2K18 too where they added in about 30 college basketball teams (and still adding more) and their arenas into a mode...it's beautiful and so fun to play. Although having to play NBA rules during the college games gets confusing at times.

Just like that, Patrice was off and running, noting how Bullard's level of dedication is akin to an actual relationship. All that time he spends deciphering clips on YouTube and poring over preseason college football magazines? All those numbers he inputs? It takes months -- "Months!" she reiterated -- for him to finish.


Does anyone know his or of a good updated 2018 roster?

Can you find Xbox360 rosters here?


With madden coming back to PC this August, I really hope someone makes a good NCAA mod.

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If we don't get a functional NCAA mod within 3-6 months I'll be surprised. The PC modding community is huge, and some of the things they come out with are absurd.

EA NCAA Football was always the unofficial start of football season for me. Gotta say I miss it.