Do we need a sports psychologist?

Slightly OT but still FB related: I know Saban and company (and other schools with deeper pockets) have these folks on their team to help them get focused in. Do you think Tech needs this? I feel like we as a whole don't do well against the big-name teams and perhaps this would help? What say you? Unnecessary?

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If we got a sports psychologist I don't think it should be to get us focused vs "big-name teams." If anything teams need a psychiatrist or counselor for mental health.

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If anything teams need a psychiatrist or counselor for mental health.

this a thousand times over

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The people who keep the team focused on big-name teams are called "coaches".

Yeah but Saban still has this for his team. The coaches can't do everything and having a dedicated support staff for something along these lines seems to be becoming a thing.

support staff

Here we go...

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Can't co-sign on this enough either.

One things from college that's stuck with me was from my experiences in leadership of the MVs. Dave would always tell us at the beginning of the year that sometimes people go through things that none of us are qualified to deal with as non-mental health professionals. There's no room for heroes in the band (despite what some of the 1st trumpets think), and there's definitely no room for heroes when dealing with mental health issues. Anyone who has been in a leadership position knows the importance of keeping the pulse and morale of the people you're responsible for, but sometimes you have to recognize the things that are beyond what a supportive, friendly face can do. And I respected the fact that despite all the responsibilities as the director of the MVs, he realized that there were things he was not qualified to do.

Not saying everybody goes through things that require a psychiatrist or counselor, but the benefit of having these people around that are qualified to deal with mental health issues cannot be overstated.

Yeah, using one primarily as a goal oriented asset as opposed to maintaining the general mental health of the players seems a bit manipulative, or at least misguided.

Simply have a team full of healthy bodied and healthy minded individual will pay dividends on the field as well as in their lives.

Oh dang - didn't even know we had this. I wonder how much our coaching staff uses this resource actively with players.

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I saw this headline and read it as "does the TKP community need a sports psychologist?" and thought oh hell yeah.

We need to recruit a psychologist to TKP before the next offseason. Some people around here don't take it very well. This offseason has felt especially unhinged.

My vote's for fernley since he used to be some sort of a counselor.

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Is this a paid position?

I'll start with McGruber here. You have a condition known as: "fuck, no, damn't" gameday hyperbolic temperament. This is where your emotions get away from you while watching sports, and at other times, and you yell (or type in all caps) "fuck, no, damn' t" followed by some pessimistic hyperbolic statement.

That and you have a poop fetish.

Other than that you're mostly keeping your cool and I'll admit growing on me.

(this is meant in good fun)

Won't matter, that psychologist recruit will just flip to Penn State, which is fine because after a year of being a young quality starter fans will be clamoring for the next guy up anyway. Also, he's a bad person because he cheats in class, and on weekends he's basically Tony Montana.

Am I doing offseason right?

I think you're making the argument that what's needed is maybe a fan psychologist.

I'd pay a couple of extra dollars a month to bring one on to get French over his fear of cheese. The fact that he eats pizza with just sauce and toppings is alarming to even a non PHD.

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Yeah, that's just wrong.

Maybe they can help Fireman conquer his fear of paper airplanes.

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I don't know if you can get over something like this

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I would say yes judging form this thread. Be happy for the kid!


Live look at the TKP Community Counselor's first day on the job:

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Let's just say they better be very comfortable with mayonnaise.

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Is Wendy Rhoades available?

As I've mentioned before, my wife played softball at Louisville. They had one available to the players whenever they needed/wanted them. I'm sure if a player at Tech were to ask, one would be provided near immediately.

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see i feel like this one of those things that should be required every month or so for the players like seeing a guidance counselor/adviser because often times the ones that need the help the most do not seek it out. Mental health like physical health needs a check up every now and then.

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This. Everybody knows these big schools roll out a red carpet for their athletes, but damn it is a freaking grind 24/7. Between a full course load, meetings, early morning workouts, practices, travel during season (in the case for a softball team not located on a coast, they'll go to Cali, Texas, Florida, etc. early season pretty constantly just to get away from the cold)...something has to give. She went and met with them a couple times, said it really helped. And that's just softball. I cannot imagine the stresses on a big time college football player.

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Do you think Tech needs this?

I think it's a huge advantage, especially if that person works with the coach to improve his methods. I grew up playing tennis, which is arguably one of the most mentally challenging sports out there. I can't tell you how many books I've ready on the psychology of tennis (Inner Game, Winning Ugly, Think to Win, and more). They've all affected how I think about not just sports, but life in general.

I can't help but think that Fuente's bench-anyone-who-fumbles strategy fucks with running back's heads. If you go out there, and all you're thinking to yourself is "don't fumble, don't fumble, don't fumble," you're going to tighten up, get nervous, and not play freely/confidently.

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If all you're thinking is "don't fumble", you'll definitely fumble.

If, on the other hand, you're thinking "take care of the ball first", then your ball handling might get better.

Still, that's coaching. Turns out there is a lot of psychology in coaching.

Tech actually is among the leaders in this. I'll work on finding the articles but Tech has been in front of mental health for athletes for years.

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I don't know, that guy doesn't even work there anymore.

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I know. He's a clown, bro.

Andy's back y'all!!!

But seriously Andy, this was a nice piece of writing. Rereading this has cemented my decision to pony up for an Athletic subscription. I'm looking forward to reading in depth articles like this one.

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Nice! Glad you're on board.

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Cannon's trying to help break that taboo, and it's something Virginia Tech has addressed since the mid-1990s, when clinical psychologists specifically for athletes were first made available

So the reason I remember this is I got to talk to one of the trainers and student trainers about changes they have seen at Tech and how much of an impact donations have had in keeping up not only the physical and coaching size but mental health and just well being from nutritional but the psychologist office being updated.

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