Are the new football jerseys for sale anywhere yet?

Has anyone seen any of them online or in stores yet?

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No but should be available withina a few weeks is my understanding.

I've been scoping out the campus bookstore lately. So far nothing. I would imagine they'll be there soon as freshmen orientation is starting and the bookstore will be packed full of people looking to get some Hokie gear.

That would make too much sense

I just received the new Hokie Collection catalog today and got excited thinking they would be in there, but no dice. The wait since the reveal has been killing me.

Alumni Hall has Tyrod Taylor New Jersey in maroon.

Odd that's the only one available.

Link to jersey

Yoooo $100 is a lot

But then again, that does look high quality. The numbers are sewn on and the stripes are different fabrics sewn together... But that's still a lot. Also not a huge fan of the fit of Nike jerseys the last couple years.

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That is my first look at the back of the jersey (been looking for a while since I do the sports customs) and I really don't like how the stripes/neck finish like that. I almost wish the orange from the neck came all the way down to that shoulder seam.

The more I think about it, the more I'm kinda ok with that treatment. The way it squares off the ends, its almost like they're saving that space for something later on. I would be totally on board with sewing on HokieTracks as merit awards, or something else there this year, or possibly using that space for some of the stickers that have cluttered our helmets over the years (graduate insignia, Drive for 25, etc). If they do that, it would be kinda cool.

I'm more bothered by the void left on the arms without a number or a stripe. It needs something, like VTs or a Hokiebird, or something.

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I would be totally on board with sewing on HokieTracks as merit awards, or something else there this year, or possibly using that space for some of the stickers that have cluttered our helmets over the years (graduate insignia, Drive for 25, etc). If they do that, it would be kinda cool.

I'm with this 100%. tOSU has the Buckeyes above the nameplate (or at least used to) and that box that is made from the wrap around of the shoulder stripes looks unfinished. A(n) Hard-Smart-Tough, This Is Home, or Ut Prosim would fit nicely in there.

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Isn't it obvious? Whit is using this season to bring back 'Stick It In', and that will be the wordmark in that spot.

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"In potuisti" is the Latin for stick it in (according to google translate at least). Doesn't really mesh with the chant cadence but I'd be okay with a shirt that had a VT football logo with a crest and that motto printed below it in script.

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

Going by Google Translate (though, I should know this having taken Latin throughout my schoolage years) "In Potuisti" translates from Latin as "In Drinking"

However, if you slightly alter it to Put it In, that translates to 'Ponere Id In', which reverse translates back to "Lay it To"

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I'm ready for a new uniform contract. I kind of feel like our uniforms haven't looked good since Tyrod left.

I want UA to be our sugar daddy

Recruit Prosim

UA, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Walmart... Anyone that is going to put in the $$$ and put in the effort. That new jersey looks like something a marketing intern created on their last day of work.

Thanks a lot for posting this. Sent the link to my brother who immediately made the purchase. I kind of suspect these will sell out unless they are the only jersey that will be available this year

Is anyone else surprised that no one has created a Bruce Smith VT jersey yet? I've seen VT jerseys for Michael Vick, Frank Beamer, Kam Chancellor and Tyrod Taylor. Why haven't they created one for the NFL's All-Time Sack Leader?

I would go nuts if I walked into one of the bookstores and saw this jersey hanging up...

Not going to lie, I'd just like it if they sold the Vick, Chancellor, Tyrod, Beamer, etc uniforms in their period correct template. I don't get the desire of getting a Tyrod jersey in a style he never wore

Oh and (thanks to Pripper for giving me this heads up years ago) Bruce Smith never wore that uniform in a game. This was only created for at least the SI photoshoot (though it might have been the team-wide annual photoshoots) and they added 'VA TECH' because they wanted to make sure everyone knew which school he went to. This was their actual uniform that year:

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I get what you're saying. But I'm going to guess it's a Tyrod Taylor jersey because he's arguably the most current and visible ex-Hokie right now and either 1) he's being paid in some way for it or 2) because he's an ex-player who didn't those have those rights when he wore that jersey, he doesn't need to be compensated.

Otherwise, you're stuck with new jersey with a generic 18 and no nameplate.

I would be beyond shocked if we aren't selling a #25 jersey in this style this year.

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Take this with a grain of salt, but earlier in the summer I was down in Blacksburg and stopped by the downtown Campus Emporium store.

The guy working at the time indicated the jerseys would be out sometime in August, but they had no clue what would be sent to them. Essentially, Nike just sends them a bunch of jerseys and that's "what they get". No advanced heads up, etc.

So hopefully there will be more than #18 available, but I'm certainly not getting my hopes up for 5 different # options in all 3 colors.

We've been selling the #25 ever since Beamer was the coach, and especially with Fuente turning it into a weekly honor. It just makes sense for Nike to use it as our standard annual 'alternate' number. Just program those settings once, and you can either make 3 years worth of inventory at once, or just reload it every year.

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I definitely hope so... Not too excited for another generic #18 jersey.

I'm just hoping they sell all 3 colors - would be good to pick when I decide to pull the trigger.

So would I.

I was simply addressing the "why Tyrod" question. I think we'll see 5, 18 and 25.

I would back that idea...with my wallet!

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When I saw the thread title I thought of UNC.





Just swung by the campus bookstore. They have the new jerseys for sale but only the #5 T. Taylor ones. Kinda disappointing.

Also disappointing is the screen printed shoulder stripes. I just want a jersey without anything screen printed on it. I'm still trying to acquire one official football jersey from any year, without any screen printing on it.

Screen printing...Is that the glued on rubber crap that makes you sweat more?

Yes, and then cracks and peels even though you always hang it up to dry.

Your mistake was washing your jerseys. What were you thinking? You gotta keep all that luck in em.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Unless the bad luck trapped in your jerseys is why we dont have a natty!

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I don't wash my jerseys after a win. Only after a loss.

Campus Emporium has youth sizes online in #25, so hopefully they'll have adult sizes in stock soon.

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Can't help but notice that only the maroon jersey so far is available (TT for adults).

I think I would buy the maroon one but I assumed they would sell the white and orange versions too.

Anyone have any insight as to whether other colors besides maroon will be available for purchase?

#25 Adult size jersey had been released at Alumni Hall.

I like it! This one doesn't look as faux as some of the past ones.

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