VT Nike Hoops tourney shirts for sale at Fanatics

All of you know how little VT hoops gear is for sale anywhere, and these are the official "bench" shirts for the NCAA tourney- pretty cool too. Check it out if you are interested.


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Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Anyone know if the "Verba non facta" (sorry I if butchered that) shirts they're currently wearing for practice/workouts are/will be publicly available?

Typically "weight room" and "work out" shirts are sent to VT as a generic nike shirt and the VT equipment guys screen print those motivational things on there- or have them sent to a local shop. Rarely are those sold to the public. Nike issues like one "slogan" shirt for public sale each season as a template for all teams. VT has had "tech triumph" and "Sacksburg" slogan shirts sold by Nike in the past. Your best bet for the verba one would be someone like TKP doing "unofficial" ones like the horse on tredmill or quit cussing ones.

Yeah, let's let Joe and this site take a bunch of shit for straight up knocking off a football team shirt.

The answer is, those are the maroon shirts that the players earn at the start of spring work outs. If you're not a player on the team, you don't even have a shot at earning one.

Someone with more experience with the VT surplus auction might know if those shirts eventually get auctioned off like some of the outdated uniform equipment.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

In my experience with the surplus actions, no. Typically only jerseys/hoops shorts- you might see a warm up "jacket" but I've never seen a t shirt or polo on there

where is this surplus at?

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

thanks fam!

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

Has anyone ever attended an auction? Is it worth it?

I used to live behind gables and would go each month. It's an investment of a day and a half. Professional eBay-ers will drive up the price on a lot of stuff but if there are multiple lots of the same things (computers, jerseys, whatever) there's usually some courtesy of letting the amateurs win some. Also, for the large quantity items, no one bids too high because they don't want to buy a lot for $100 then see the next go for $50. So you can get some good prices. For the one offs, though, it can get out of hand pretty quickly. I would just use it as an excuse to grab breakfast at our daily bread, go do the auction and maybe grab lunch at cookout in the middle. If you're ok making a day of it, it's not bad.

Go to the preview day (Thursday before the auction) and write down lot numbers for what you want to bid on. They let you turn on things to make sure they work and open some boxes to check quality. They have a nasty habit of putting all the good stuff in the last lots to get people to stick around all day. You don't have to be there all day but a lot of people do to make sure they don't miss the lots they want. About halfway through the lots, they go out to the outside portion and do the cars, bikes, and other large purchases. This would be when I'd go grab lunch.

TL;DR - it COULD be worth it. Just impose strict ceilings on your bids or you could have those "yay, I won...oh shit, I won" moments

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Thanks for the advice. I'm in Roanoke, so I might do it one of these days.

I don't think DC was advocating for (or even suggesting that) TKP to replicate the shirt, just that it would probably take some private third party fan group to decide to do that for him to be able to get one.

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I hope not.

I don't see how someone could read that post in its entirety and think that he is.

Chem PhD '16

No sir, I was just saying that in general the shirt would probably have to be a replica to get one.

10-4. Thanks for the clarification.

They are baller!

You did have it backwards though, as the butchered Latin would then read "Words not Deeds"!!

It is cool that they kept to the same theme with the Maroon ones, just in English obviously. Pic of the Maroon ones

It is a cool motto, you see it plenty of places and in the military for units and such, its even the motto for the Highty Tighties in the Corps.

Good catch on the Latin!

I thought I saw the Latin ones in maroon too?

I know it's not logical but I like the Latin look a lot more.

I thought VT had a new twisty logo. Shouldn't this logo be put on the new merchandise? (not that many people really want that logo on their shirt, but if that's VT's new mark, VT should have that be their mark)

🦃 🦃 🦃

That logo is for the university and replaces the old Invent the Future. The athletic logo is a different brand and will remain the classic VT, if I understand it correctly.

Yea, the twisty logo is like the drunk uncle to the athletic logo. You're related but not proud of it.

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oh, ok. That makes sense. I was thinking it was athletic since it was so similar.

So, the academic went from something very different from athletic to essentially the same as athletic with a twist? That's confusing.

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LOL yep- the Academic side went from "Virginia Tech" in times new roman-ish font with 1872 under it, to a more modern VT with open areas (swirl things) on the V and T to signify "inclusiveness". the Athletic side kept the traditional VT and latest Nike "font"- probably because the open swirly VT would look ridiculous on a football helmet!

What's silly is that the academic side came up with something so close to the Athletic brand that they shouldn't have even bothered with the rebrand. I mean seriously, compare this:

to this:

The Academic logo is aesthetically weak, and the wordmark looks like a cheap generic Walmart ripoff of the official Athletic one from Nike. Just... no

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Yeah, but the rounded edge represents the well roundedness of Virginia Tech students and the open notch at the V signifies the openness and inclusiveness of the...I....I can't even do this anymore, even as a joke.

Folks already addressed the difference in use between the logos but if you're interested anyway I did see a t-shirt or two on the fanatics site with the twisty logo.

welp, guess i snoozed on the dri-fit one, only 3xl left

It's dangerous to your wallet to browse fanatics.com

I ended up buying a couple shirts, including the retro gray fighting gobbler.

My wife is not happy that site exists right now because of SB52. That being said, I do caution anyone who is trying to buy any Fanatics branded stuff, their sizing is all over the place and not consistent at all. For Tech, at least for now that isn't a big deal as we still are a Nike school but trying to find a decent jacket that fits for the Eagles has been a nightmare, because it's almost all exclusively Fanatics branded at this point and it's a crapshoot on how anything will actually fit, regardless of ordered size.

"Some days you’re a horse and some days you’re a horse’s ass. I’ve been a horse’s ass for a little while." - Roy Halladay