Hokie Club! Have we forgotten?

Hokies! Remember all the talk in the offseason about boosting Hokie Club donations?
Well I'm still riding high off the big win on Monday night and I'm ready for another round of donations from TKPers. I haven't seen any support for the Hokie Club (SIAP..) this week, so here's your reminder to put your money where your mouth is and reward the athletic department for a big win on Monday.

Also a reminder for those of you who signed up as Drive for 25 Ambassadors that we can be sharing our links and encouraging new Hokie Club members all month long (and frankly, all year long).
I'll share my link below, but I don't care how you donate. I just want to see the Hokie Club grow!

Hokie Club homepage

My donation from today. Any amount helps.

[Mod Edit: Remove personal referral link. Link to Hokie Club site is obviously fine. But since there are benefits based on referrals, it's a self-promotion.]

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Is ECU still on the schedule?


Ok, I'll write my regular yearly check to the College of Engineering.

Seems like giving to the football program might help them schedule better, so we could get can win games like Florida State and Notre Dame.

Just sayin'.

Edit: But any donation to Virginia Tech is to be commended. For me, the point of all of it is to help VT provide a high quality education, comparable to other great universities.

The ACC decides when we play FSU and ND - not our donations.

True, the donations just determine whether we win them or not.

Donations help determine which coach we have, which assistant coaches they have, and the budget and facilities they work with. They determine whether we have the facilities and coaching and staff to stay competitive with the schools we'd like to beat.

So if you want to win those games, donate.

Fan support, enthusiasm, and donations helped VT go from a major independent to the Big East to the ACC. If you want to keep progressing, donate.

I absolutely give to the College of Engineering first, and until recently, my giving stopped there.

Then, a friend's daughter received an athletic scholarship offer from Virginia Tech (and other schools). She's in a non-revenue sport, and really wanted to be a Hokie because of Tech's strong academic programs, compared to her other offers. She's a SC native, and one of four kids, and that athletic scholarship meant the difference between her following her Hokie dreams versus settling for less elsewhere.

So I chose to also begin supporting the Hokie Club, with my contributions earmarked for scholarship funds. Watching my friend's daughter thrive as a Hokie student-athlete has been a joy and a blessing, and while my contribution is small compared to most, I take satisfaction in investing in the lives of students for whom an athletic scholarship may be the only path to a Virginia Tech education.

It's a personal choice, and I get where you're coming from. Just thought i'd share how my own perspective has changed over time.

"Tajh Boyd over the middle . . . and it's caught for an interception! Michael Cole, lying flat on his back, ARE YOU KIDDING???"

Nice! Glad to hear your friend's daughter had the chance to head to Blacksburg - undoubtedly something worth supporting. I am yearly donating to all the places I've graduated from - the College of Engineering at Blacksburg, the College of Engineering at State College (though a significantly lesser amount), and the High School for Science and Technology at Alexandria (a bit more than the school in State College and a bit less than the school in Blacksburg).

An athletic department could join this list - but only when they conform to my draconian demands! 😈

but only when they conform to my draconian demands!

It's not like they're unreasonable.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

I'll throw a counter point out there. Academic programs that charge $22,500 per year (tuition + housing) don't need any of my money to be competitive. The Athletic department on the other hand absolutely needs donations to be competitive.

side note - donating to academics theoretically reduces tuition increases (yeah right) which reduces an operating expense for the athletic department

Is ECU Liberty still on the schedule?


Twitter me

Is ECU still on the schedule?


If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Make the check out on behalf of Florence

So you gonna write that check now?

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

To all those people who were going to give a lot of money when we won a big game:

We won a big game.

Your avatar seems especially appropriate for this comment.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

What's the minimum one could pay?

I don't think there is a minimum donation, but if you want to be a member of the Hokie Club, I think it's $100.

Here's the link: Hokie Club

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

I give $10/month

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

cool, that seems pretty reasonable.

Just donated my $50. I'll try to get in on this "Donate for wins" thing. $50 for big wins, $25 for ACC, and $10 for small teams. Not sure what to do about losses yet though....

Virginia Tech Class of 2013
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sailing the Eastern Seas....on a ship filled with sand....

A loss should like like $100 because it says we need help

$10 apiece for the last two VicTories

Virginia Tech Class of 2013
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sailing the Eastern Seas....on a ship filled with sand....

I will give the Hokie Club $100 for each consecutive ECU game the day the last one is played.

Beat a ranked team? That's another $50!

Virginia Tech Class of 2013
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sailing the Eastern Seas....on a ship filled with sand....

And, just entered the top 25. Again.

Welp, just like my Predictions thread, I was behind a bit here... another $25 from me for UNC!

Sidenote: Hopefully no one finds it annoying that I'm posting updates on this, just trying to keep donations in people's minds, but maybe another thread with a title that's more direct would work better?

Virginia Tech Class of 2013
Mining and Minerals Engineering

Sailing the Eastern Seas....on a ship filled with sand....

Sorry Whit, my budget this month went to a TKPC membership.

That's OK. That's also a good cause, and there's always next month.

Also, for just $10/month...

I would've given this week, but my funds when to copays for the stroke I had during the third quarter Monday /s

We put the K in Kwality

I'll probably up my Hokiematic amount in January. Very convenient way to draft directly so it doesn't even factor into my budget. It's like it was never there.

Any tax attorneys in here? With the new tax code, is there a way to specify a donation is for scholarships and to forego all benefits (ie access to tickets, etc) and still be able to write it off? Or are all donations to athletics depts off the board now?

I know tax deductions aren't the only reason to donate, but it could impact how much we donate. I just haven't taken the time to look into it since the new tax code was put into place.

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.

There is, assuming you itemize.

The biggest change was a lot higher standard deduction, so many people may not need to itemize anymore.

I have done some research since I asked the question, and I'm not so sure you are correct. Other schools have created separate giving funds, and the only one they say is tax deductible is the one that doesn't give them any priority points, etc. This is frustrating as I would like to maintain my giving level with the Hokie club and receive some of the non ticket related perks. I'm not sure why this wouldn't be like the academic giving levels that come with perks such as invites to exclusive donor events, etc. Since we will still be itemizing, any sizable donation that can't be deducted will be a hard pill to swallow. I think Hokieclub needs to come out with some better direction as some other schools have done.

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.

Here's the Hokie Club guidance. It's not the best written guidance I've ever seen, but it's clear enough.

The Virginia Tech Foundation, which acts as the depository for the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Your gift is tax deductible as provided by law. We acknowledge that no goods or services were provided in consideration of this contribution. Any portion of your gift that is designated to athletics may give you the right to purchase priority seating at an athletic event, and IRS rules may limit the deductible portion of that gift to 80 percent of the amount contributed. We recommend you consult your tax advisor to determine how the tax laws may affect you. A portion of your gift will be used to defray the cost of development operations.

This isn't a change, by the way.

That is the old guidance. The 80% is no longer allowed by the new tax law. A Hokie Club rep wrote me back the other day and said they expect to have their updated guidance posted within the next several weeks prior to the end of the calendar year/donation year. He also, of course, said to consult a tax advisor.

I don't have to take this abuse from you, I've got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.

There isn't any segment of tax law that anyone understands right now it seems. Everyone is telling us "we are waiting on guidelines from the IRS"

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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"we are waiting on guidelines from the IRS"

In my experience, those guidelines come in a certified letter requesting more money because they think you paid nothing for shares of stock you sold for a loss. Unfortunately for them, my error in thinking brokerages included that in their forms meant the IRS actually owed me 5 grand. Took a lot of work, but ultimately was a win for the little guy.

Top 25 win = $25


I read this as T.O.P. win = $25

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

another $25 for another top 25 win on the road.

I will now save my donation until 9/25

Me, too.

Let's make sure he pays the max...

My problem is I already gave for 2018. They need a giving day in early Jan for 2019 contributions.

They also aren't targeting you, as you're likely to give again next year. The true targets of these events are people like me, who haven't given yet because of one reason or another, but who now are willing and able (and, most importantly, aware).

Awesome. I'll plan to up my donation and guilt my friends that haven't that day.

Thought I had been donating for the past two years. Turns out, I had only been making 'pledges' to donate. There is no reason the process should be this confusing. I'm in my 20's so its not like computers are a foreign entity to me, the site is just bad and shows a lack of effort. The payment page on HokieClub dot com looks like a relic from the Myspace era (aka, the last time uva beat Virginia Tech).

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

The Hokie Club's lack of outreach and lack of presence on social media is also abysmal. It's like their management doesn't actually care about getting more members.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

They are on twitter and Facebook. They slowed down slightly when they lost the 5 employees in quick succession but still retweet a lot and post unique tweets at least once a week. They also respond quickly to messages on there.
They also need a new direction I think. I'm hoping when they finally fully staff back up we see more outreach.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

The Hokie Club twitter page has 6,166 Followers, and the Tidewater Hokie Club has 366 Followers. For comparison, VT Football has 168,000 followers, TheKeyPlay has over 18,100, and just for shits and giggles the Wolfpack Club has over 15,200. It doesn't cost any money to simply follow an account. Retweeting a bunch of accounts that 99% of VT fans are already following accomplishes nothing. Look at how much The Athletic used twitter to promote themselves. One unique tweet a week is simply a lack of effort. All it takes is giving some witty undergrad access to the account and letting them go all @belkbowl with it.

Look, all I'm saying is that they're missing out on some serious free self-promo. I'm an avid Virginia Tech follower. I have been and will again be a Hokie Club member (once I successfully figure out how to donate haha). In order to reach people not like me, who are going to seek out ways to support the athletic program regardless, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach out to the couple hundred thousand of alumni that are maybe less dedicated.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

I agree with this. When I first began making monthly donations, it took MONTHS for them to acknowledge my donations. Eventually they sent me a welcome package and sticker for my car. It has gotten somewhat better, but still not a ton of outreach.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

And this is for someone who already donated. Imagine the outreach effort put in for the people that haven't donated.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

The academic colleges have better outreach other than they need to learn that I won't answer a phone call at 9pm on a Friday night.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh... The individual colleges aren't calling you, its a student/alum calling from the VT Alumni offices looking at a computer screen that tells them enough information about you so that you think its a personal call. One second they're calling on behalf of the College of Engineering, the next its Agriculture, and each has their buzzwords of the week to cover.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

They aren't calling from the VT Alumni offices, they're calling from the VT call center in University Mall, right next to the Empo. Unless the call center moved.

I thought it had moved. I know it was there next to the Empo but I thought I heard it moved in house a few years back.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Oh I know that, but the colleges are at least employing people to call. It's just annoying that they usually call at 8/9pm. Probably would be better for them to send an email than try to call honestly.

So they really could use your donations.

You're right though, they should be able to get something together that's more intuitive in this day and age.

Trust me I know, thats why I'm donating, but there are people that are going to be much less willing to jump through the hoops in order to do so.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Their customer service is absolutely atrocious. As a season ticket holder and continuous supporter since Babcock was hired I received no email notification that Notre Dame tickets went on sale to supporters. I called in and got nothing but a "whoops, our bad". That really aggravated me.

I know a pair of season ticket holders that are traveling to every Tech game this season. They are diehards that in-part helped the fan base develop a reputation for Tech traveling well. I've seen their questions and feedback via social social ignored by Tech's official accounts. That's bad customer service. Tech needs to understand every interaction is a chance to wow a customer (Hokie Club member) or prospect and treat it is an opportunity.

Long story short, the overall approach leaves a lot to be desired. I still encourage all Hokies to support the athletic department because it will help yield better on-the-field results. However, it's still salesmanship and customer service. Make people feel good about supporting your organization.

They sold Individual Notre Dame tickets?

Son of a B....

Yeah, you'd think they'd have at least mentioned this to long-time Hokie Club members. I'm not a season ticket holder, so my yearly contribution should at least get me on the notification list for that sort of thing. It's the one benefit that I'd appreciate, and it would cost them NOTHING other than seeing me in town for the occasional game.

I get tons of emails from the ticket office, but they may be due to opt-in subscriptions. I got an email back on 1/28/2017 titled "Update Your VT Athletics Email Preferences" and a link to my personal email subscription page with 20+ opt-in lists for various tickets and individual sports teams. They probably should send something out more regularly to remind people and give them option of updating their preferences....

Try searching through your email for any email from sender: updates[at]email.hokiesports.com ... Assuming you have an email (the latest one I got was actually just earlier today, about bowl tickets), scroll to the bottom of it and there should be a sentence "Edit which communications you would like to receive by clicking here." That will take you to the subscription page where you can edit the 20+ options. I would just give you the url but it looks like it's user specific.

What's funny is that I currently get more stuff from Georgia Tech and Notre Dame than VT, so you're probably right about some kind of opt in list.

Yeah, it must be opt-in. I did a quick search in my email and counted 20 emails that I received between February and August about buying season tickets, mobile pass mini-plans, 3-game mini-plans, and/or single game tickets. I got at least 4 reminders if not more on each of those ticketing options.

Like you (and I'm sure many others), I think I'm on the ticketing distro for every ACC school, ECU, ODU, etc. I'm still on UMD's list and almost unsubscribed, but you know 2026 will be here before we know it ...

I get stuff all the time from Duke and Purdue after buying tickets for one game at each site. I almost never get anything except an occasional snail mailing from VT, and I dontate a small sum annually.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Same, except for me it's UVA and Syracuse, and I bought tickets through Stubhub and not their own sites.

Has anyone on here directly contacted/emailed Whit and addressed these concerns to him? Or is he the wrong person to be contacting?

Regarding ticketing process/communications, I think the appropriate person would be Brad Wurthman

Shut it down

Yes because that's what will make the team better.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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It's just really unfortunate that the drive for 25 day will follow this loss

same thought crossed my mind. i'd guess todays loss will drop overall donations by a significant amount.

Really? Are fans that fickle?

I donate about the same amount every year. I'm not likely to move up or down a giving level because of one loss. Even a soul-wrenching one.

Good point, should have clarified. More concerned with this stunting new donations, not those from people who have been. Seems like we're really pushing to turn that fundraising corner by convincing people who haven't previously donated to do so and I do think for people who are on the edge this is justification not to. Not saying right or wrong, just saying I could see it happening.

If anything, maybe they need the money more now.

while I totally agree with that, my point is that I think they're less likely to actually receive it

If we need more money to beat the likes of ODU then we really should shut it down because we are that fundamentally broken

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Bumping for Giving Day Reminder. Looks like we're off to a good start with all the matching gifts so far.

$158k in the first hour.

This is awesome. I think many people forget this is about more MUCH more than football. There are hundreds of athletes who depend on this money to get an education and play sports.


Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Yep. I'm going to wait to see which sports are struggling to meet their 5k match and then choose. Right now, looks like our best program (wrestling) is lagging in gifts.

While this is correct, this is still mainly about football, because football brings in the the most money and the TV/merchandise/ad revenue spikes the better the team plays, bringing in more money for everyone. The only reason the HokieClub should have to get involved with funding other sports is when the results of the football team lag that we can't bring in the funds necessary to keep everything else afloat on revenue alone.

As much as it pains me to say this, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to explore a corporate sponsor for Lane and Cassell to help level the playing field between us and others.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

The Hokie Club is funding scholarships for other sports AND football. That's it's only purpose currently.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Daniel L. Crandall Colosseum doesn't have the same ring to it though.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

The Bojangles Cassell Coliseum at the J.G. Wentworth Sports Complex

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

To get a contribution matched today, do you have to donate in a particular way? Or will any money they get today be matched?

The reason I ask is because of their donations page. It looks like football already maxed out?

Money to the athletic fund up to $250K will get matched. Each sport will get matched up to the $5000 for each sport.

"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

Just threw my $100 in, donate if you can.

My employer offers matches to educational institutions, and VT qualifies of course. I'm filling out their form, and it seems like the form first has to be sent to said institution for some doctoring before the match will be made my employer. Does anyone have any experience linking this kind of form to an online donation? Already made my Drive for 25 donation and have the e-mail receipt printed to include in the letter. What address at the university would this be directed to?

Any advise helps us get more $$$$.

5 sports haven't reached their 5k goal for matching yet:
- Softball
- Men's Golf
- Women's Tennis
- Track and Field / Cross Country
- Men's Basketball (what???)

Track is Techs best long term sport that's a shame.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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That's who I backed, aside from a contribution to the Hokie Scholarship fund.

I donated $60 more bucks, because 60 is a sweet number. Match me, and I will tell you all the reasons cheese is terrible.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I'm going to donate $100, because I like pizza, with 100% real cheese.


Gave 5x that in the hopes that it can cancel out all subsequent posts in this subthread and they'll be talked about in the off topic thread.

Will talk about why Top Gun sucks if you don't give 5 times more.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Hi! You must be from out of town. Welcome to TKP.

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

I probably should have donated that to the women's tennis team because one night at the Main Street Cafe a member of the women's tennis team walked up to me and said "you must be XXXXXX" (she knew my cousin) and then bought me some beer and asked me to dance.

I hope Susie isn't reading this, but it was perhaps the sexiest thing ever. I even think the band was playing "Dream Weaver" when it happened.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Dear Penthouse.....

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Is this how the dance went?

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

More like this:


Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I'm an idiot and didn't realize that football wasn't part of the matching (at my time of donation). Don't be me.

If it gives you solace, the first $250k will be matched as is, and since you got in just under, your money will be matched to some degree.

Hit the first (matched) $250k in under 4 hours. Nice. Also currently averaging $330 per donation which is great.

The events are kind of fun. There are some going on now where you can support a particular program or win prizes.

I haven't seen this at VT, but it's a good way to do this.

Well I hope Will Stewart likes his box seats for the game. He has recruited 165 people as of 3:45 to donate the next closet person has 12.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Huh... I'll be honest, I'm kinda surprised that guys like Will Stewart, Chris Coleman, and Joe aren't exempt from the competition, given the platform they have and their ability to game it...

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

For Stewart it's more the direct sponsorship that TSL now has with the Hokie Club. The platform I think is ok, say Michael Vick tweeted it out he has a large platform. I'm guessing the direct employees like Lansdon and such that are in the top few aren't allowed to get prizes not sure about Stewart.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Money is money

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

After seeing how hard Stewart is crushing this Ambassador competition, I regret not starting a Virginia Tech sports fan site and cultivating a large group of engaged readers/fans via an interactive message board system that I eventually ply for donations in order to earn my choice of ultimate game day experiences 22 years later.

Also why didn't Joe toss up a link? big time missed opportunity.

He told VTmarvel (OP of this thread) to remove his Ambassador link. Joe publishing his own would be a huge conflict of interest.

not really.. it's his site, his referral link would be fine

Joe did the right thing.

Nothing against Stewart, but publishing is also a public service. I'm not sure putting up a link to a fundraising event should entitle a publisher or their employees to fundraising prizes.

I'm sure different people have different opinions.

Edit: though I have to say, now that entry appears now to be listed as TechSideline, and they have 437 contributors, which is over 20% of the total number of contributors, so clearly a successful outreach on their part.

You want my honest opinion?

The Hokie Club should recognize what Will was able to do this year and reach out/work with both him and Joe to make a Techsideline vs TheKeyPlay fundraising challenge where the site whose members donated the most gets some kind of kickback that the site owner and a member (chosen at the discretion of the site) can experience. Pit the two against each other, make it a fun little thing for a day/week/month, and see what it gets. Maybe even allow the two sites to collect a small (5%?) portion of the proceeds for the effort?

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

I guarantee this would raise 100 times more money than 'Paint Your State' did.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

>20% of the giving of Drive for 25 went through TechSideLine... And that was without the HokeClub really pushing it on that site.

Imagine if there was a calculated, coordinated, advertised well in advance push from the Hokie Club on both TechSideLine and TheKeyPlay. Judging from the numbers they got in Dfor25, they'd probably get at least 50% of what they did yesterday almost guaranteed, and if they added a little kickback incentive, even more.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

The Hokie Club entered into a partnership with TSL earlier this year. They have been pushing it hard since. TSL is getting paid to push it.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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So wait, the HokieClub entered into a partnership with TSL, I'm assuming exclusive partnership... And then with the Drive for 25 now we have the owner of TSL set to cash in on an exclusive reward to sit in a club box for a game?

Hmmmm... the optics there aren't good at all

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

I assume they are getting paid at least something. I would guess Stewart isn't charging them too much but yes it's exclusive. That was my concern about it.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Aside from the optics of an exclusive marketing partner cashing in on a giveaway that was open to all, which just appears shady as all hell from the outside looking in, I also have a bit of a problem with the Hokie Club entering an exclusive agreement with one online community over another. Creating a 'Haves vs Have Nots' within the VT community doesn't seem like a good idea, especially when we're trying to increase funding like the Hokie Club is.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

I also have a bit of a problem with the Hokie Club entering an exclusive agreement with one online community over another. Creating a 'Haves vs Have Nots' within the VT community doesn't seem like a good idea, especially when we're trying to increase funding like the Hokie Club is.

Given you and Fireman agreed donations to the HC 'are not an investment,' what concern do you have about 'Haves and Have Nots?' What 'exclusive' benefit(s) do you feel the members of TSL and/or HC would be receiving over anyone else (aside from seats to a single game for one guy)?

Can you elaborate more on your use of the term "exclusive"?

It doesn't make any sense to me that the Hokie Club would enter into an exclusive marketing agreement with a single website. Their mission is to recruit members and $$ from all over.

Sounds like the Hokie Club signed an ad / marketing deal with TSL like any other advertiser.

Agreed. I'm not sure what 'exclusive deal' is 'bad optics' for anyone, if one such exists. It seems pretty innocuous. The only mention of HC on TSL (aside from the link to Drive for 25 on their main page this week) is a link in their list of sponsors under the 'Our Sponsors' tab.

I'm not seeing how this is a negative. If the HC wants donating members, advertising on a place like TSL seems like a wise idea. Looks like it certainly paid off for them over the last 24 hrs.

Do you have a link, article, or evidence of this? I've searched and don't see anything on the topic.

The Hokie Club should recognize what Will was able to do this year and reach out/work with both him and Joe to make a Techsideline vs TheKeyPlay fundraising challenge where the site whose members donated the most gets some kind of kickback

I thought the same thing.

Tech sideline vs TKP for donations. Some randomly awarded prizes for the contributors, not the organizations. Maybe even a small kickback for the organizations.

Done, just donated.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

I just threw a little bit to the basketball team. There's a dollar for dollar matching currently going on for those guys. I figured my donation and the match would be enough to buy some hair product to keep Chris Clarke's style going for at least a few games.

I found TKP after two rails from TOTS then walking back to my apartment and re-watching the 2012 Sugar Bowl. I woke up the next day with this username.

I did the same, as they weren't up to their 5K match at the time.


$461 K raised, just under 2,000 donors.

There's still time to participate and get them over the 2,000 donor point. Seems like they should have at least 2,500...

Thought I'd repost the link. The event is still going on until 1 pm today, I think. About another hour and a half. Still time to get your contribution in.

Drive For 25 Day Link

So maybe I'm an idiot but I was planning on joining HokieClub finally and I knew there was a $100 minimum but it seems you have to donate specifically to the Scholarship Fund as opposed to a sport? Maybe one of you may correct me but I donated to Football and received an email thanking me, but nothing of mention as being a newly inducted member of the HC.

If that is the case they should have done a better job of explaining that up front (nothing of note in the site's FAQ). I am cool with the donation but ideally I'd like to be a member of HC too.

My understanding is that by making any donation $25 or greater you are base member of the Hokie Club... whether that was to a specific sport or to the Hokie Scholarship Fund.

Then by donating at least $100 to the Hokie Scholarship Fund you receive Hokie Club benefits commensurate with your giving level.

Note that donations to specific sports/programs are 100% tax-deductible because they do not provide you any benefits.

Donations to the Hokie Scholarship Fund are not tax-deductible (under new law) as they confer benefits.

Total just jumped big time with the $250k match coming in plus some other last minute 4 figure donations.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Mehul is an animal

Recruit Prosim