World Cup For College Football Fans Part IV

Hello. Welcome to the final installment of our World Cup Preview for College Football Fans. I hope this has been a thought provoking, heart warming journey that has moved you to tears and laughter, due to the gratuitous nut shots I kept showing.

If you're like me, you watched the U.S. in their recent warm up games get ready for the tournament and actually looking pretty damn good in the process; at least during the last game against Nigeria when everything seemed to come together for them. Just as with my Hokies, that was the final nudge I needed into completely blind optimism before the competition actually begins. I'm now convinced that not only can the U.S. make it out of the group stage, but if they play like they did on Saturday, they will win the group and have a casual stroll through the knockout rounds to their first true test against Brazil in the semis.