Potential Offensive Coordinators

I'm sure someone will complain about this post but whatever.

So I've never really felt a way (good or bad) about Cornelson, but at this point the play calling is frustrating. It's not even that it's predictable, but more than it's mind boggling sometimes. Like calling plays that have a lot of movement in the back field post snap or where Willis has to wait on routes to develop when the line isn't able to consistently stop penetration and pressure.

Not calling for his head or anything just an idea of who would be a good fit, as I think Fuente has a hard time keep Cornelson especially if we don't make a bowl.

If Maryland doesn't keep Matt Canada as their head coach, I'd love for Fuente to give him a solid look.

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I think Matt Canada will either be a HC somewhere next year, or will be making serious money as an OC at one of the blue bloods.

Canada is known to be very difficult to work with. There's a reason he's been an OC at NCst, Pitt, LSU, and UMD, all in a 7(?) year period. I think he's a great offensive mind, but I question if he'd be a good culture fit.

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But if/when his offense struggles, at least we can Blame Canada

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They're not even a real country anyway

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I don't even know what that means, but they have real Tim Hortons.

To be fair, the main reason he left LSU was because he was trying to innovate and implement some spread concepts, and Coach O just wanted him to run a traditional power offense. That marriage was doomed for failure from the start.

Lol. Wpuld love matt canada. But he would probably compete with Fuente and we'd have to pay him $1mil plus.

What's wrong with competing?

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I don't think it would be a healthy competition

Not a good idea to compete with the boss.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

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Why thank you

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Hey maybe they compliment each other too, you never know

Too's complement?

Lol a little CPE humor

Well I know where one of the legs came from. Is it stilled called CPE? I know a guy that graduated in 2015 and I think he mentioned we're lumped into ECE now.

Both EE's and CPE's are lumped into the ECE department. Has been since I was a student, over a decade ago.

Yes. Way back in 1998 that was also the case. So the designation CpE still exists?

he helps me with details

Checks out.

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Well, that's good.

Haven't you heard, apparently we already have coaches that don't want to share the stage! /s

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+1 on Canada. He is a fantastic offensive coordinator. My only issue is that he is not a spread guy at all. Could he adopt, maybe, but most coaches like to use their own system.

I think Corn is here one more season, and if it doesn't go well, he Fuente will take over play-calling until the end of the season.


Furnte should take over play calling this week.

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They are going to give him a pass because of how young we are. That's why it won't be until next year, which sucks, but it's just reality.


Not necessarily just Canada, but it would be interesting to pair someone who has a background in a more traditional power run oriented offense with Fuente's knowledge in the spread and passing game. I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that we are never going to be a truly dominant offense until we get a running game going. We can't rely solely on misdirection, sweeps, and QB draws to pick up rushing yards. I'd like to see a physically dominant OL and bruising rushing attack more than anything.

ACC lineman and linebackers are too smart, big and fast for these plays to work consistently.

Worked in the SEC for quite a damn long time.

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And now?

Yeah, because Clemson isn't rolling over every ACC team while employing a Spread Attack. /s


I would be so happy to go back to pro style i formations

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What successful P5 team is doing that as a base offense?

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Idk probably none. But we're an unsuccessful team running a butt version of the spread so what are we losing?

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Georgia and Bama do it a lot. Pitt. Mich St. stanford.

Not a spread guy? I love him already!

I beg to differ if corn stays and the offense is as bad next year I don't think Fuente lasts the year

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From a buyout perspective he'll last until after 12/15/19.

Buyout Information:

12/15/2017-12/14/2018 $9M
12/15/2018-12/14/2019 $5M
12/15/2019-12/14/2020 $3M
12/15/2020-8/30/2021 $1.5M
On or After 8/31/2021 $500K

Basically Fuente has time if he makes changes. It could also be justification for contributing more.

Whitt absolutely has to be addressing his concerns with him. Especially about the UVA and bowl streak. Losing both forces Fuente's hand.

Where is your info coming from?

The buyout figures on 247 are triple that.

Good catch...

The only contract I could find.


And I only read this part:

Fuente's new deal does not alter the buyout figures in his contract by much.

Of this article:

However... If you scroll down:

Conversely, Virginia Tech would owe Fuente $15 million if it fired him without cause prior to Dec. 15 this year and next, with that figure dropping to $12.5 million 2020, $10 million in 2021, $7.5 million in 2022, $5 million in 2023 and $2 million in 2024.

Murdering our streaks should be cause

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I was thinking about how undoable that contract is with the exception of regulatory and legal issues.

WVU's OC calls a hell of a game.

Yeah. I think with our money situation we will likely have to pull from G5 or FCS. Just like we need a way to identity player talent, we need a way to identify coaching talent.

Yeah, our record has shown that we can really scout offensive coordinator coaching talent /s


need a QB that can run the zone read/inverted veer more than a new OC, imo

With our financial situation, idk if we can afford one

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Obligatory.... Lane Kiffin?

LOL. to be fair, he's not great as a head coach, but he did do a pretty good job as an OC at USC and Bama

I feel like OC at Bama is a nice job...


Mike Locksley was at UMD at one point. Alabama does a great job of hiring potential future coaches by bringing them on as analysts. Either they get promoted or they move on to a full-time coaching gig somewhere else.

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That dude was a dumpster fire on a train track getting hit by a train as HC at New Mexico. I think the world is aware of his HC acumen. OC at Alabama is his ceiling.

Biggest hail mary suggestion of the day: Maybe Michael Vick ? He's apparently an OC forthe "Atlanta Legends" who play in spring 2019. You would see a big recruiting uptick as well................. I want to put a /s, but don't know if I should

Personally that'd be cool. However, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not sure what Vick's offensive ingenuity and IQ is. He basically looked god-like because he was head and shoulders more athletic than anyone else on the field. Also, there a percentage of the fan base that don't want Vick to be celebrated by the program let alone work in it. Just my two cents

Vick also worked under Andy Reid as a coaching intern.

yeah technically you are right. but i think he changed his approach to the game a lot after he got out of prison. his years in philly behind mcnabb really changed his approach and work ethic. he started watching more film. becoming more a student of the game. when kobe came into the NBA he was living off his athleticism alone and then he developed the mamba mentality, mike vick did a little bit of the same, besides if he can recruit elite players you don't have to call an elite offense /s

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As long as they execute

Rich Rodriguez.


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I've heard Chuck Long is going to get a look as well..../s

I don't know if this is possible at all but one thing that is lacking in our offense is the Balance, running game is completely shot and passing game should be better with all the Wide receivers but that doesn't seem to be that great either. If we want balance, the best OCs we might be able to get are in FCS: South Dakota state (Eric Eidsness) and Eastern Washington (Bodie Reeder). Included in both teams arsenal are high scoring offenses scoring a ton of points.

My biggest concern would be how that would come into play at the Power 5 level. Reeder though has a pretty good power resume and coached QBs at Oklahoma State.

From the few clips that I saw of our own practices, it seems that Fuente works with the QBs a lot. I don't know if he is the defacto QB coach. I would have no problem if Fuente took over as the QB and offensive coordinator role. I know that HCs are supposed to be these guys making appearances and making themselves available for all kinds of stuff but if he has proven to have the mind for it, lets do that at least. And if that is the case, they can hire a real coach and get rid of that video coordinator to help with the offense, may a QB coach. Get rid of cornelsen too and may hire a PR type guy who can handle press conferences and step in for Fuente. I don't believe Cornelsen has what it takes.

One thing I liked about loeffler was he wanted to go after good QBs anywhere in the country. He was making offers all around. I don't know that CorFu is really that great at recruiting as we think they are. But based on how CornFu have been blaming everything on execution, I would say that there will be no moves.

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I don't see how QB recruiting is any different geographically than Loeffler. We got a Chicago guy. Worked a guy hard from Iowa this year. I think we've been working CA guys under Fuente.

Worked a guy hard

As long as they aren't doing hard things together!

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I'm looking for a new job and I feel like I maybe a better fit for the program.

(add if applicable) /s

My NCAA 13 offensive stats are out of this world

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lmao works every time in NCAA 14

The worst is when you're used to going 5 wide in NCAA 14 every play and scoring a touchdown. Then you randomly decide to buy madden 19 and get picked off every single time and get blown out most likely by some 14 yr old kid.


LT3 is excellent in the 5-wide offense. It's a great way to jump up on an opponent early. Then when you have control of the game, switch to power running and kill the clock.

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Gundy maybe?

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Is this a joke? You think Mike Gundy, who is the winningest coach in the history of Oklahoma State, is going to leave his Alma Mater, where he's been a head coach for 13 seasons, and take a $3M+ pay cut (yes, he's paid more than Fuente right now) to be an offensive coordinator at a school where he has no ties?

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I was talking about George Gundy. He has consistently broken records at two G5 schools, and his system is similar to Fuente's. He's also supposedly a huge players coach and kids love him. Currently makes 150k, and his contract is up. Not sure if your post was sarcastic, but give me a bit of a break!

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Sorry to ruffle your feathers just saying if you can pick anyone he knows his stuff and I had read where things weren't looking as swell at Stillwater with a down year but I'll just keep my thoughts to myself since its so stupid to suggest anything else

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I couldn't for the life of me tell you what system he runs but David Beaty is obviously out at Kansas and he's getting a lot of praise from national CFB writers who have essentially said he's a great coach who was in an impossible situation.

He's been a WR coach (Rice, Kansas), OC (Rice, Kansas & TAMU).

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I know this thread is about Offensive Coordinators, but there was a named that just popped up on the radar and can prob help Bud with the defense and that's Brad Lambert former HC at UNC Charlotte and former DC at Wake Forest. I think he's a good coach but he was in an impossible situation here at UNC Charlotte trying to build a program from the ground up. We could bring him to help with the secondary and possibly to help recruit here in the Charlotte area. Just my two cents...

He'd be a good defensive mind to bring in, but isn't part of the reason he was fired was his lack of inroads in Charlotte?

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Kinda hard to compete with the Big Boys when your program is just starting out...he's had some good players come through but it's going to be tough to get kids out of Charlotte when you're not on a "big stage"...im sure he has contacts here in the coaching community, but he didn't have enough backing behind him as he would at VT

Makes sense. Just saw the AD had emphasized it with the new head coaching search, and have seen probably misinformed Charlotte students and alums complain about it.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

I would think we could find someone that could recruit, plan and execute a good running game. Find that guy and the rest will fall into place. If you can run AND pass the ball, you can sustain drives, score points, and help the defense by staying on the field. We haven't had a good running game in years. Find an OC that can recruit good backs, design blocking schemes and effectively run the football.

Coach Kline???

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Maybe not...

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Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

Oh you simple, simple, minds.

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Malzahn probably going to be fired. But I'm sure he'll end up as a P5 coach elsewhere.

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