TKP crowd source help for which game to come up for.

Ok TKP with my season tickets should I come up for Wake game to honor Bud? Come up for one of the FCS games and sell Wake and Duke game to pay for that trip and maybe go to Miami too instead?

Need to make this decision this weekend to book things.
(All games isn't an option)

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This will either be the rowdiest game of the season of or the day we remember as Fuente's game that sealed his fate. Either way, worth coming!

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I hope we send them back to Division 2

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Bud's final game will be special. I'd hate to go to Miami if we lose that game. I'm going to the UNC game with a bunch of friends and hoping we are a pleasant surprise. My vote for you would be Buds final game (fuck that sucks to type.).

My vote for you would be Buds final game ( final HOME game) (final game IN BLACKSBURG!)
(FTFY-Since we will still have the home game in Lane North after that).

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I would selfishly vote for coming to Duke game because me and LancerHokie are going to be tailgating all day and it would be good to hang out with you all day.

Assuming all else is equal, I'd go to Wake. It will be a special day. That said, I'd go to which ever game your friends and family can go to. In my experience, that's what makes a trip fun.

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Family/none they don't go to Tech events not alums or fans.
Tech Friends basically TKP so......

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I'd go to an ACC game in Blacksburg. None of them stand out to me as assuredly better games so at this point I'd choose whatever works best for your schedule/budget.

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I'd save your money and go to our Jan 13, 2020 game

I'm going to Wake, and I'm pretty pumped about it.

Wake and Pitt would be my suggestions for likely important/meaningful home games, plus Bud reasons.

ODU and UNC would be great for revenge and narrative reasons, respectively.

Im hoping to be able to make it to another home game myself. I'd like to go to one of UNC, Wake, or Pitt, but at the moment I am planning on going to one of the FCS games with my dad (our tradition) and his schedule is pretty tough to traverse this Fall.

I vote Miami or Lane North's Last Bud Beatdown

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I am also going to wake. Bud foster has been the defensive coordinator in Blacksburg since the year i graduated high school. Hes been around my entire adult life. I am super stoked to get the chance to cheer him on in his final home game.

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I think Pitt is the final home game, but for some reason I feel like I saw somewhere that he would be honored during the Wake game. I have not been able to find where that was reported.

Whit announced that at the press conference.

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