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I may have given them more than a one spot bump, but not much more. All that matters is they keep winning

There's a middle chunk of SEC teams right above us that are going to fall at some point. Auburn, A&M, LSU... No way those three teams keep winning.

Up one spot on a bye week with all the chaos sounds about right. Clemson staying in the top 10 is a bit surprising.

You complain about our nasty defense, but then make remarks about a very questionable offense. With that in mind, what exactly is your reasoning to have aTm at 8th? They have a top 5 offense, but their defense is ranked 120th in total yards, and 104 in scoring defense, which is overall worse than our own offensive ranks. And really other than Alabama, they haven't played any great offenses.

I disagree, before the FSU defense manhandled the dispirited Clemson offense, Clemson handed them the first quarter.
FSU could have handed the game over to UMD to finish for them about midway through Q2.

The FSU I saw yesterday might give Alabama a run for their money. I'd rather see FSU play it close or beat Saban Co. Than see Oregon wipe the carpet with them.

1. Alabama (Until proven otherwise)
2. Oregon (Until they beat Bama or Bama falls)
3. FSU (Impressive win)
4. Ohio State (Not sold on them... but who else?)
5. Baylor (until proven otherwise that they can't put up massive numbers)
6. Stanford
7. Missouri (Not sold on them either... but even with their back up they keep winning)
8. Texas A&M
9. LSU
10. Clemson

** I'd like to make some of those SEC teams drop further ---> I do believe the SEC is overrated but they're starting to look like the ACC did a few years ago. Lots of parity. The only difference is that they have Alabama. Until proven otherwise I won't move them from #1 **

**Also, I'd hesitate moving VT any higher than #19. Our defense is nasty. Our offense? uhhhhh. Logan Thomas has shown improvement, true. But without a running game more talented teams can plan to not only stop our non-existent running game but they can also bait him into making some errors. Against other teams not named Western Carolina, our highest was 29 pts against Marshal in triple OT. This year has been a major improvement... but we haven't arrived YET.

Passing - 82nd
Rushing - 106th
Scoring - 96th

Just remember the transitive property. If team A beats team B, and team C then beats team A, clearly team C is better than team B!

Yeah but Stephon Diggs has a broken leg. So does one of their other receivers. Injury bug biting Maryland again this year.

Clemson's strength of schedule is looking worse every week the UGA loses, but the win over UGA was a great win. They hadn't suffered any injuries yet, which is absolutely killing them.

Anyone who compares college football 2013 to college football in 1992 is being willfully stupid

Hey Michael Rocco, no need to be a dick. Hokie Respect!