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I didn't think it was necessary to remove the negative sack yardage, because you can easily see which quarterbacks are dual threats from the discrepancy in yardage.

rushing yards with sacks included? that would explain the negative yardage.

He deserves to go to NYC. Has any team who lost to a 1-AA gone on to win their conference and go to a BCS/Alliance bowl?

TT has more passing TDs than 7 of the guys on the list. Has fewer ints than all but 3. Has a higher passer rating than all but 3. More rushing yards than all but 4. Anyone that has negative rushing yards shouldn't be on this list.

will stay away from any Hokie because of the JMU loss until it comes time to prove that Boise deserves a shot at the MNT

I think TCU looks better than Michigan State. If Sparty wins at Iowa I'll have to bump them into the top three.

Hey look at me, I beat a team in your top ten by 10. I'm undefeated. Why am I ranked behind TCU?

0-6, but the Hokies win.
I think the worst part was I never got a chance to crack open the Brown Shugga........

I'll take a Hokies win any week though!!!!

horrible picking average this year. I am going almost perfect in NFL in my office pool (maybe because that is for money and I actually take time with my picks haha). Again, I will gladly go 2-4 all year if the Hokies keep winning.

I guess it didn't matter since they beat the spread. 2-4 sucks. The state of OK didn't have a good week.

What a horrible week for BCO and I. We need to step our game up, but yeah, Box and VTjawo you guys killed a really tough week.

I really surprised myself this week...and I'm no longer in the basement of the group either! I couldn't believe that the Oklahoma players touched the ball after it only went ~5 close to going 6-0, but yet so far away...Glad the officials got the call right on the game winning TD for Whiskey. Hoping that I can keep my winning ways!

1) It was good to see a "familiar" face when David Wang took off his helmet after his fumble recovery
2) Not condoning penalities, but the late hit on kickoff return, what a stick...reminded me of those Great White clips where they get airborn after coming up under a helpless seal

those two throws on the first drive were money. its still strange to feel so much pressure and be so nervous on every defensive play.

who told the acc network that the goal post cam is useful for watching live play?


1. Still missing tackles
2. Duke's offensive line is getting on the linebackers (Gibson, Bruce)
3. Hopkins is playing better than anyone could have anticipated or hoped for.


1. Tyrod is throwing the ball more accurately than anytime in his career.
2. Evans has channeled his animality-Liger.

Auburn - Les Miles balls are going to explode
Whiskey - but its a toss up. Both teams have great QBs
Nebraksa - Bo Pelini is the 2nd best Defensive mind in country
Miami - Harris will throw his picks, but they will only land in the tutor's hands
Oklahoma - The best team in the Big XII this season
TCU - but in a close game against the best defense in the land

Beer of the weekend: Northern VA Brew beer for volunteering
You mean I have to pick one? the Dogfish Nunchuck: equal parts of Chicory Stout, 90 min, Punkin. Absolutely delicious!

You better listen to me. I am now under 50% so listen to me and take the opposite picks that I make. Then you will be over 50%, maybe. Sorry, BCO, but 3:30 games are at 12:30 for me and I love them. Thats what I get for living in PST. I love living here but during football season I hate it. Oh yeah, and at least two days a week I have a 6:00 am calls for work, including Mondays. In other news this is the beginning time of year that gets me depressed. I was setting my tivo today to record the Friday night CFL game and saw that 4 letters network was showing a pre-season NBA and a big surprise it was a Miami Lebron game. Now I know that CFL is slowing down but the good thing is I don't have to watch the 4 letter networks much more. On to the picks.

Tigers - Fear the White Hat. Fear future Heisman Trophy winner Jacory Har... ,ugh sorry, I mean Cam Newton. I think the Tigers will definitely win. I kind of think that Auburn scored too many td's versus Arkansas but the LSU offense looks Stiney inspired. So while I think the Tigers will win, i am going to pick Auburn.

Iowa - I don't think there will be a letdown per se from Wisconsin, the Big 10 +1 soon to be the Big 10 +2 is so overrated. I don't think Iowa winning would be that much of an upset. Also Iowa is at home and their coach went to the same high school as I did.

Nebraska - Not only will TMagic pull a rabbit out of his hat, he will saw OK St in half. OK St's qb is the older brother of Chris Weinke and I think his age will show.

da U - How many times must I proclaim that Miami is Back until someone listens to me. Sure there has been a bump in the road here and there but the swagger of Miami rules college football once again, just you wait. Jacory will win this game by handing the ball off or if I am dead wrong like 50% of the time, he will lose it by completing passes to the UNC secondary and tutors.

Sooners - Mizzou's hasn't played in a really big game in a long time. Big game Bob knows how to get his team up for a non-championship game. This should be over by halftime.

Frogs - It hard for me to cheer against either team (and I am full of hate). AFA just wont have the stamina to hop with the frogs all night.

The picks tonight were brought to you by Tre Anelli Dolceto wine. Tomorrow there is a 50/50 chance I will be drinking Rogers Pilsner. Go Hokies.