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USC East

PS: I had way too much Evan Williams before the game on Monday.. couldn't move off my couch on Tues. haha

1. South Carolina - i agree if Spurrier is talking, they're decent
2. South Florida - no way Florida can be as bad as last week, even though I hope they are
3. Florida State - Big 12 sucks
4. Michigan - Nothing makes me happier than watching Notre Dame lose
5. Miami - all i can think of is McGahee's knee exploding
6. Alabama by 4+ tds- Penn St really did not look that good against Youngstown State

and for grins & giggles:
Cal, Iowa, Oregon, Stanford, U....SC

Beer of the Weekend: TBD shortly before kickoff

1. UGA
2. USF
3. OKie though I would rather FSU win it
4. ND
5. The Convicts
6. my cousin went to Penn, so lets go Penn

beer of the weekend"

with so much overtime this weekend I splurged a little ($15 a four pack here)

1. USCe
2. Florida
3. Oklahoma
4. Michigan
5. Da U
5. Alabama

Beer of the week: Makers Mark

Going out to Boise and having them come to Lane would be pretty cool. I'm itching for another shot against them. I don't think it'll happen anytime soon because our non-conference schedule is full and their stadium is small (less fans == less money).

At least until late in the season. Polls shouldn't come out until October but then networks and pundits and probably bloggers wouldn't have anything to talk about would they? I just looked it up and last year we went into the Alabama game ranked #7. They were ranked #5. The next day, they moved up to #4 and we dropped to #14. I guess the formula is if you are ranked in the top 12 and lose to a top 5 team, you drop 7 points. If you win, you move up one. That way you don't have to watch the game.

I think we need to go to Boise and play them. I also think we should schedule the hardest game we can each year, the losing streak has to stop sometime doesn't it? I like the warm up game as well but it was good to see a great game unlike the snoozing, personal foul, gang sign flashing, so you think you can dance the normal FSU - Miami match up was the past couple years. Until the ACC brings up its rep, and that will take a while, the only 1 or 2 loss team that will ever make the NC game will come from the Big 10ish, Tex/OK or SEC. That's the way the BCS is crafted. Losing a game, whether it is week 1 or 2 will doom us every year. But I agree, we flip flop JMU and Boise and maybe there is a different outcome.