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first day of school, kindergarten 4 ... well, i call it glorified day care ... the wife wants me in attendance, so i can watch her cry.

The beauty of the designated driver. I remember when Barney Gumble was my DD one evening. Like, woah!

Not staying the night? How are you going to enjoy 100 beers if you're driving home after?

Do you HAVE to be at work at 8pm Tuesday morning or something? Based on past Redskins games it will take at least an hour to leave the stadium parking lot. Probably longer as most people leave during the 3rd Q at Skins games...

hurricane winds and rain .. make driving around work (water/flooding) too dangerous.

hell yes!

driving to the game and then driving home 4 hours!

How is everyone getting to the game? My friends and I were thinking of taking the metro to Landover and walking.. anyone know if this is a bad idea? We want to start at ~10am so we're gonna grill and booze somewhere in Arlington til ~3 and then head over.

Sorry but I will be joining various other Seattle area Hokies for drinking and watching multiple games (I hope no preseason NFL) at our regular Hokie bar. I will be twittering until my batter runs dead.

If Morgan is shifted to whip I'm interested to see what Exum can do. He's a freak athletically and the future at rover. It's a good sign the coaches are comfortable doing this, I don't think it's a desperation move as much as it is a reflection of how much Exum is maturing in Foster's defense.

I have introduced this pose into the bedroom as "the Tyrod" the hokie GF approves. It very versatile however I feel its best deployed mid climax.

Pitt - For the mustache
UConn - Sorry MissAgain you have sucked and will continue to suck. By the way...what has happened to the Big Least when UCONN is picked to win
TCU - The non-BCS upset of the weekend
LSU - UNC might not have a single RB for the game
Navy - Sorry Fridge...the will be no comeback this year.
VT - In Tyrod we trust. Continue to worry about our lines until I see them. Hope Foster has worked his magic with the secondary as we will need it!

Beer of the week: Stone's Arrogant Bastard. Since that's what BSU is. Secondary beer of the week: Bells HopSlam. Even more delicious in August than in February!

1. Pitt - Dion Lewis is a stud. I am from Pittsburgh, my nickname is Tino and the QB's first name is Tino. My dad is friends with Tino's dad. I can't pick against that.

2. UConn - The wheels fell off Meeechagan a long time ago. I think most Michigan fans are cheering for UConn on this one.

3. TCU - The horny frog the fans make with their hand is the sissiest fan celebration I know of. And I love it. Frogs over Beavers, too early in the season for the Beavs to overcome this defense.

4. LSU - I can't wait to see the UNC kicker filling in for Marvin Austin on the DLine.

5. Navy - Maryland does there best to make the ACC look like shit.

6. Boise St - Why, well I am giving Boise St all the respect here. Frank's record is abysmal against top 5 and top 10 teams. Also, I almost always pick against us b/c I see my beer glass as half empty. Also everyone so far has picked Tech besides BCO, and you could tell he wanted to.

My beer of the week is any pilsner. That's the beer I like but when i get to FedEx I will drink anything anyone puts in my hand. Go Hokies

Make us proud. Make the 2000+ miles I am traveling to see you worth it. Make me love the uniforms. Come on Tyrod, this is your time, this is your year, this is your team. Take us to the House!

wooo hoooo

What do you all think about the new DC at Boise St? I'm undecided on it's impact to the game, but I'm a little surprised it hasn't been mentioned more.

will on the interwebs.

does your wife know?

give north georgia hell for me ... oh, nevermind, it's been beat down enough.

1. Utah
2. Uconn, sorry Blue.......not quite as bad as Appy St, but "two men & a truck" will be making an appt. soon at the dickrod household.
3. TCU....watchin' out the corner of my eyes while playin' cards once LSU goes up by 14..
4. LSU......still no love for the miles even with a win.....might change channel to watch TCU....miles gonna be collecting Obama's unemployment w/Spurrier and DickRod next year.
5. MD......showin a little luv for he fridge......Octoberfest brews gonna be in my fridge this weekend; hot damn.
6. boys gotta fun field in HD; but Bud will have a lil' somethin' somethin' for 'em. we play 'D' in the east.

1. Utah
2. UConn
3. TCU
4. LSU
5. Navy
6. Virginia Tech

Following zames150's lead...

Beer of the Weekend: Yuengling and PBRs

I will also be going hard at a bottle of Maker's Mark.