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LOL...I was thinking the same thing! Quite visually appealing!

If we go 11-1, earn a spot in the ACCCG and destroy the opponent there's still a chance we could be playing for the crystal.

I want to agree with vtbaz, but I think we are going to lose one game this year...either UNC or Miami. Almost hoping UNC as then we would have enough time to climb back up in the rankings. If we lose to BSU it will be very hard to get back as they have an easy schedule the rest of the season.

But unfortunately I also have to pick the Hokies to lose one, and I think it'll be Miami. I think we'll take care of BC though, especially since they just lost their best WR for the season due to injury. Their two new starters now have a total of 20 career receptions between the two. Ouch.

Undefeated. MNC! MNC! MNC!

(don't you take this away from me dammit)

Yes....we need to keep the opposing defenses honest and then pick them apart. TT's mobility/reading is how we beat Nebraska. From reading the interviews of TT, RMFW, Coale, etc I am really hoping that Stiney lets TT have more say/flexibility on play calling.

Doesn't make the least bit of sense especially after his UVA rant praising VT a few years back. If TT is mediocre, what was Glennon, Marcus, et al?

was starting to think he was our very own Rudy

so i can only assume he ran it in.

F4H beat you to number two.

I'm going to have to award 2 points for that one.

Maybe it was a mock celebration then?

on the qb is david lamie, who in 77 had a remarkable 0-10 TD-INT ratio.

I really hope those pants are orange and maroon.

True about usually mentioning VT as a "big boy" school. Heard it many times. I find Colin to be interesting listening, but often a contradiction.

No idea who it is, but so digging the pants.

1. working on it
2. Florida State

Vacation means you are not ignoring work to read about the hokies and you have more than just bathroom time to read Phil MF Steele's College Football Preview. Also, unless you were is some sub equator country that I can't spell, your smart phone can always get Hokies news. Shame on you for the lame excuse. Use the my dog at my answer next time, it never fails.

I agree that we need another chant to use. During games it's not a big deal, but I can remember being at College Gameday in Atlanta this year for the Bama game. Us Tech fans used "LETS GO....HOKIES" and "Lets Go Hokies (Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap)" a million times. We also threw in the "Old Hokie" at one point. Bama however had a tons of different cheers to say, I also noticed the same thing at the Chick-fil-a Bowl this year against UT and the Orange Bowl against Cincinnati. It's not a big deal, but a few more chants wouldn't hurt.

if foster left in the next couple of years, he would take wiles as his DC. Cav would move to DC grooming Gray for it. If he left say 3-5 yrs out and Gray is still at Tech, he would likely get it.

they are keeping the same slogan?

is w-efn-vu's slogan "cousins can't count to 20?"

I guess thats what you get for sleeping in while on vacation!

That scenario would be my preference as well. I wonder how much of the defensive staff leaves with him where ever he goes?

and I think reality is Foster will take a head coach spot somewhere and go through a few tough losses there. When Beamer retires they will offer Bud the head coach position no matter where he is and he will accept it. I think Bud loves Blacksburg that much that he will make sure he gets the HC here, but obviously he can not turn down a HC spot if it comes along anywhere else first.

is Wilson has claimed that he has never hit full speed in a VT uniform because he has never needed to. We have to find a use for him and LT IMO, these kids are to good to waste a year of eligibility on the sideline