OT - More exciting Tim Tebow news!

So, I just glanced at Yahoo, while heading to an email account, and I catch the news that Tebow was dumped by a stunner by the name of Olivia Culpo:

Seems that Tim is still seeking to keep that whole "abstinence before marriage" deal intact.
Once again...the apparently willing Miss Culpo:

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy...For the love of God, man...
Kinda puts a whole literal spin on that expression, I guess..

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Most people like to test drive before they buy these days...I think Tim is going to find it harder and harder to find someone willing to marry him before getting a taste of what they're locking themselves into. That being said, I hope he finds someone eventually. He's a nice guy, at least outwardly.

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

My reply is bordering on a religious discussion, but I'll put it in neutral terms:

If you're serious about being a VT guy, all you have to do is hang out in VT establishments, and you'll find plenty of people that share your faith in VT.


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That was actually very well executed. Nicely done.

I'll carry on your metaphor from here and add: You don't need to go to the game and hear how loud a fan screams to access their fandom. That does not determine the quality of their commitment to Virginia Tech. During a winning season, a person might scream louder than anyone else and, even bring a huge janitor like set of keys to shake on third down. However, that person might not even show up when times get hard and VT is struggling, when the team needs a true fan in the stands. When those times come, and that person has let you down, you look back, and no matter how loud they screamed, you wonder "why did I waste the cost of a ticket on such a poor fan, I truly wish I hadn't."
Tebow is wise in that he has never felt that hurt, and in not wasting his money on a ticket until he knows that that person will stand and scream with him for all seasons.

Tebow is wise in that he has never felt that hurt

Can't say I completely follow or agree with your metaphor but I'd guess he's felt hurt when he often ends up in the stands alone.

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To further explain: Now imagine that the cost of this ticket is set at how much we value ourselves. To some, it might be a 35 dollar game in Scott Stadium (Hokies aren't even playing). To others it is comparable to the cost of a test drive of some car. To others it is like all our favorite players back in there prime on one team. I am talking 3 Fuller brothers in the secondary, and Michael Vick is back under center. We are up against Nick Saban at Alabama, and we just know we are going to make him look pathetic. What a special game that would be.

Why is this news and why do people care?

It's Time to go to Work

Cause she's hot and someone is turning her down.....

But in theory there is always someone out there tired of her shit!

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Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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For Heaven's sake, a thread about this? Leave the guy alone. Some people have a deeply held religious belief that they shouldn't have sex before marriage. Most people don't. Different strokes for different folks. Big. Freaking. Deal. If Tim is so adamantly standing by his beliefs, I admire that. I hate that so many people are making fun of the guy, or calling his abstinence something else entirely. And "she's hot and someone's turning her down?" Yikes. There are plenty of willing men out there. But, again, that's none of my business. *sips tea*

Alrighty, out of here, and back to prepping for the press conference!

I have 3 favorite teams. VT, Kentucky, and whoever is playing Tennessee.

My inner 12 year old is giggling at the "different strokes for different folks" bit of this.

I'm sorry.

I see what you did there.

I agree 100% with your post. In a society that teaches boys that being players is the ultimate goal in life, it is refreshing to have role models like Tim Tebow out there to point out to my kids. I have two daughters that I have to raise to be different then what I am seeing in high schools now. Lord help me...

List of respectable young role models:
1) Tim Tebow
2) Rashad Jennings (rb for Giants) If you haven't yet, watch the espn piece about him and his dad
3) Bindy Irwin (Steve Erwins Daughter)
4) Sadie Robertson
5) Ariel Winter

We need more young men like Tim around!

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You can easily add Bear Grylls, Russel Wilson, Marcus Mariota to that list.

Bear may not be young, but I read one of his books and hes my #fav so Ill let it slide.

Stephen Curry (curls up into fetal position)

In that case, Dell Curry should come out with a book about Fatherhood in NBA.... pass it around to all the players to read as rookies.

(not saying all NBA players are bad dads but he could definitely help with all the gold diggers in the NBA)

"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

I was really hoping this thread would have been about him coming to Virginia Tech as a GA...

#SadFace, say what you will about his career/mechanics but I don think there's a person out there who would question his work ethic or character.

or leadership skillz. He's a heck of a motivator..no doubt

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

OK, OK...I put OT on there! Thought I saw a bit of comedy in the situation, not trying to start an in depth, life or death analytical discussion.

For the record, I like and admire Tebow, particularly his inner strength.
I find myself thinking he has now taken that strength to legendary status... that's all...

A picture is worth a thousand words. A gif is worth a million.

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Yes. Too late. Lesson learned. Note to self: Tim Tebow =out of bounds.

I'm thinking of dissing Wonder Woman next, though.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A gif is worth a million.

If you mean Gal Gadot the new Wonder Woman, goodluck!!


She is flawlessly..


"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

I mean for the love of God... The man played for the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles, hasn't he suffered enough?

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"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

To be fair, he was gone before the worst set in

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The man stands by his convictions, and I find that admirable. That's my thoughts on the matter.

Mine too.

If I'm having a giggle at tebow's expense it's going to be in regards to the horribly inaccurate arm punting that he does.

And skip bayless' undying love for him.

The other way to look at it is that he just got dumped because despite his mindset that marriage means a lifetime commitment, his now-ex is more concerned with mostly the physical parts of a relationship (which we all know fade the longer a relationship lasts). He likely dodged a bullet, in my book.

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Agreed, and let's be honest, he is a high-character individual by all accounts who stands by his convictions, he's attractive, and he has money, but probably not so much that he will be dealing exclusively with gold diggers. I think he is gonna have other chances to find a quality woman.

She could have dumped him for any number of reasons, right? Maybe he's an annoying companion, maybe he's just too good to be true. Who knows. She is hot though.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Maybe she just couldn't get over the fact he played for and got cut by the Eagles.

Yeah, right?

Reel men fish on Wednesdays