OT-TKP crowdsources some great local eats

I posted in the best BBQ and burger topics but it was suggested that this deserves it's own thread so here it is. After noticing some of these best places to eat topics and calls to make a map, I went ahead and made one of all the places recommended. Right now, BBQ, burgers, steaks, wings, and pizza are represented, with donuts and Mexican food to come (I think those are the last ones I found). Anyways, this is my gift to the best Hokie group around! I'll keep updating it if you come across any other recommendations for the existing categories.


I tried to not include major chains or even regional chains with many franchises. While generally solid, keeping this to hidden gems makes this map more unique. Enjoy!


All categories have been updated as of yesterday. Some additional ones came through it seems after I updated it so I will get those into the list on the next round of updates. Keep the suggestions coming!

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This is phenomenal, thank you!

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I saw there are no pizza places listed for NC. I will have everyone know that Benny's just opened a location in downtown Raleigh called Benny Capitale's, and they have the Virginia Slice.

Edit: also Bad Daddy's Burger Bar should be on the burger locations. They are in Raleigh, Morrisville, and Winston-Salem.

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I think CowFish has better burgers than Bad Daddy's, plus sushi and burgushi. But the best in thearea is Bull City Burger & Brewery in downtown Durham. That place is on point.

Never been to Cowfish, mainly because I avoid North Hills. Bull City Burger is great though, especially their sides and beer to go with it.

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Live in Charlotte and Cowfish is one of my favorites. Awesome sushi - awesome burgers. Ahi Tuna Nachos are fantastic for an appetizer.


There's a Bad Daddy's in Charlotte too! Good stuff.

I'd like to put in a plug for Jackie Hite's BBQ in Batesburg-Leesville, SC. Right down the road from Shealy's (also on the map) but I think it's worlds better. And those crispy pork skins, too. Friday pig roast is where it's at.

Big Perm right now (as you should be)

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I do, and leg for you because of it!

I got a Mexican restaurant suggestion when you get to it. It's El Gran Rodeo in Christiansburg in my opinion this is the best Mexican restaurant in southwest Virginia The food is awesome it's has reasonable prices It has the best sweet tea I've had in southwest Virginia also you can get in and out in about 30-50 minutes

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Mama DiSalvo's in the Dayton area. The restaurant closes for two weeks every year when she goes home to Italy to visit family, but is always worth it if you're in the area (like for the First Four).

Melt Bar & Grilled is a close second; I believe there are like 4 of those, 1 each in Cincy, Columbus, Cleveland, and Dayton.

Taqueria Mixteca On in Dayton and one in Trotwood (bigger more seating) are hands down best Mexican food in Dayton or Columbus.

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In State College PA you hit the nail on the head with Faccia Luna pizzeria but Hogfathers for BBQ...I guess we don't have a real strong BBQ joint. They ain't bad. Ask for Chili Mac.

There are also Faccia Lunas in Arlington and Old Town. Both really good and underrated.

We put the K in Kwality

What am I doing wrong? I don't see anything on the map

Turn on one of the categories on the left.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Had to turn my phone horizontal for the menu to come up. Thanks!

Love this. Work has had me traveling a good amount so I'll just give out two of my favorites.

Nashville, TN: City House - City House Yelp
Must order: Belly Ham Pizza / Octopus was terrific / Cocktails were awesome

Clearwater, FL: The Bait House Tackle + Tavern - Bait House Yelp
Must Order: Drunken Shrimp / Fish Tacos - so fresh


Blacksburg, VA: TOTS.

I noticed that there weren't any pizza places in NC, so I'd recommend Rudino's in Raleigh. It's a great sports bar with excellent pizza. As for burger joints, I grew up in Wilmington, NC and P.T.'s Old Fashioned Grille was always the go-to spot for me and my friends.

Awesome, thanks Perm!

As someone who travels for business and prefers interesting inexpensive places over dinner at the Marriott, I think this is awesome. I am not sure how to update it in the document, but happy to share some additions here. Hartland BBQ in Omaha is already on your list, so here are some other golden cheap eats I have stumbled across in my travels.

1) LoLA's http://www.lolaparkcircle.com/ 4830 OHear Ave, North Charleston, SC
Cajun Food
I am an etoufee guy, and this was a top five'er for me. Also excellent gator bites.

2) Luberto's Brick Oven Pizza & Trattoria www.lubertosbrickoven.com/ 169 N Main Street, Dublin PA
I had a Philly Steak (yes no cheese) and the bread was super fresh-crisp on the outside, soft and warm inside. There was high quality ribeye shaved beef. My boss and our colleague ate cheese ravioli and it looked so good I almost wanted some. This little place is in the middle of nowhere in between Allentown and Philadelphia. If you are passing through, I strongly recommend it.

3) Blue Dog Cafe http://bluedogcafe.com/ 1211 West Pinhook, Lafayette, LA
There are not many good food options in the southern part of Lafayette. We found this place close to our hotel and our meeting location. The crab bisque was the perfect balance of hot and sweet with a much larger quantity of crab meat than most servings. I followed up with etoufee and it was good (although a smidge sweeter would be nice.) This is a cool setting with interesting artwork and good service.

4) Taco Bamba https://www.tacobamba.com/ 2190 Pimmit Drive
I am a huge fan of the Al Pastor tacos. With District Taco in the area, I have tried both. Taco Bamba is the place I went back to.

5) Astor Mediterranean http://www.astorfoods.com/ 2300 N Pershing, Arlington VA
For a quick, inexpensive, delicious family meal, Astor is my go to when I am at home. I usually get the lamb kabobs. The lamb isn't gamy and is tender. Whatever they marinate the lamb with, it is money. The chickpeas are good. Pro tip- it comes with an egyptian salad (tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.) Ask for a beet salad instead.

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Taco Bamba is awesome. They have a 2nd location open now in Vienna where Magruders used to be and a 3rd location is opening in Springfield off of Backlick Rd.

I agree.

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Great work.... An addition...

Sandfly in Savannah. Converted dinner with outstanding beef brisket, and Brunswick stew.

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Wow, this is amazing. I see that you sourced one restaurant that I cited for San Diego. I can name more SD and LA restaurants, if you're looking to build it out even more.

🦃 🦃 🦃

If you name them, I'll add them!

For San Diego:

Wings - Bub's Dive Bar (the Hokie bar in SD)
Pizza - Pizza Port (also a great beer spot)
BBQ - Everyone else from Cali says they like this place called Phil's BBQ. I personally don't think it is very good, and no where near as good as anything out of NC, TN, or TX. (I would recommend not getting bbq in SD)
Steakhouse - Market (it's not a steakhouse per se, but a fancy restaurant that makes everything good including steaks)

If you add more categories, I've got more locations, especially for Mexican and fish tacos

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We need to add some more wing places to this board.

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Dude this is awesome, nice work man!

Only thing I see missing from Charleston (moved here in January) is Zombie Bob's Pizza. It's in the same space as Frothy Beard Brewery. Good NY style pizza, decent price.

MOAR Charleston wing places!

EDIT: Charleston is missing Mexican food.
Taco Boy is a Charleston staple, and have pretty good stuff.
La Nortena has amazingly great food and good chips and salsa.
Santi's is good, basic Mexican fare.
YoBo Fresca Cantina has amazing lunch salads and burritos. Mostly a lunch place for me, but their food is really good.

Madison - Burger/ Sandwich/ Bar - Jordans Big 10

BBQ - Brickhouse BBQ is spectacular

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Some places in DC to add:

Brookland's Finest
3126 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

Kochix (Korean style wings)
400 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Burger & Wings:
Boundary Stone
116 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

This is awesome!
For Jacksonville, FL:
-Corner Taco is legit and somehow not a lot of people know about it since it's over in Riverside. Started off as a food truck years back. Always grab the special.
-Taco Lu down at Jax Beach is of course another good one.
-Picasso's in Mandarin is a bit of a "hidden gem". It's hidden behind a CVS so you have to know it's there. But seriously this was my wife and my favorite place, all locally sourced food. Good pizzas, but usually went for pasta or the "Ramen noodle bowl" of the day.

If you're adding Mexican restaurants -

La Botana in Winston-Salem is hands down the best I've ever had outside of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, or Florida.

They are kind of Soup-Nazi-ish with rules, hours, and service, but the food is soooo worth the hassle. After eating there, I usually go to other Mexican places just to ask why they are even bothering.

Leonard. Duh.

This is great!

I'd suggest an ethnic category. Basically because feel obligated to share the greatest meal I've ever eaten. Cafe Grillades. San Bruno, CA. Homemade beef sausage in a savory crepe. Blew my mind.

Bump for HokieFireman

Trying Little Richards. Thanks for bumping this.

I had another idea for a map. Hokie Game watch parties. People are always looking when traveling or in their new hometown.

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Love this idea. I know the Charlotte location is Blackfinn Ameripub, both the Uptown and Ballantyne locations.


So either I've never had good brisket or I don't like how it tastes. This was grilled and covered in sauce. Not a fan.

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i liked the brisket at alamo bbq in rva

That doesn't sound like brisket.

For REAL and the best brisket I've ever had, you need to go to EBF Smokehouse in Waynesboro, they do it right and it's amazing. Easily the best BBQ that I've had in Virginia, and I've been to quite a few places including some that have already been reccomended.

ole time barbecue in raleigh/cary is very good
relish kitchen and bar (good bourbon drinks) in raleigh
sassool in raleigh for Mediterranean
leesville taproom for people looking for hokie games who stumble across this
for beer/wine in durham: go to pour taphouse; it's one of those places that gives you a bracelet and you fill your own glass, definitely good bang for the buck but you can get real drunk and drop a lot of money easily

i can list a bunch more places in richmond...need more raleigh/durham ideas

as a high school graduate from the area, I have always recommended ole time to friends visiting the greater Raleigh area

Pepe has been my jam since they were Don Pepes on Hull Street by Chippenham Parkway in the late 90's.

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Two different places. Don Pepe is still on Hull St. Not sure if it's the same location you're talking about, because it's kind of close to the mid point between 150 and 288.

But I haven't been there to recommend it.

Pepe on Midlothian is owned by his son. They moved Don Pepes from near Chippenham toncurrent locafion. They also have one in Chester.

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Here are some more:

Pizza in Northern Virginia:
Valentino's 4813 Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA

Pizza in DC:
Comet Ping Pong Pizza 5037 Connecticut Ave, NW

Mexican in Northern Virginia:
Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe (don't know if you would count it as a chain...)
Arlington: 4301 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Va
Reston: 1827 Library Street, Reston, Va
Fair Lakes: 4251 Fairfax Corner Ave, Fairfax, Va

If you just want to grab a burrito:
Burrito Bros. 2599 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Va

Donuts in Northern Virginia:
Sugar Shack 1014 S. Glebe Road, Arlington, Va; 804 N. Henry Street Alexandria, Va.

Burgers in Northern Virginia:
Big Buns 4401 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Va

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Egbert and Doug's- Lot 18.
Advance request for a particular meal required. Flexibility welcomed.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Any chance we could add another layer to this and have TKP-sourced best bars to watch the Hokies when not in Blacksburg? I know there has to be some heavily Hokie-leaning places in Virginia and the surrounding states at least.

We can definitely add another layer, and I love this recommendation. We can either start a new OT thread or just put them in this current thread. Either works for me.

The map is updated with all the suggestions from the past month. Keep them coming!

Noticed the map was lacking on Michigan recommendations.

Pizza in Michigan:
Alibi of Troy, 6700 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085
Supino Pizzeria, 2457 Russell St Detroit, MI
Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant, 24443 Gratiot Ave. Eastpointe, MI
Harmony Brewing Company, 1551 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Burgers in Michigan:
Stella's Lounge, 53 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Redcoat Tavern, 31542 Woodward Ave. Royal Oak, MI 48073
Telway Hamburgers, 6820 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48210
Checker Bar, 124 Cadillac Sq. Detroit, MI 48226

BBQ in Michigan:
Slows Bar-B-Q, 2138 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48216
Union Woodshop, 18 S Main St. Clarkston, MI 48346

Other notable eats:
Breakfast - Mike's Famous Ham Place, 3700 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216
Breakfast - The Brooklyn Street Local, 1266 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Breakfast- Marie Catrib's, 1003 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Hot Dogs - Yesterdog, 1505 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Hot Dogs - American Coney Island, 114 W Lafayette Blvd. Detroit, MI 48226
Mexican - Imperial, 22828 Woodward Ave. Ferndale, MI 48220
Delis -Zingerman's Deli, 422 Detroit St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Reviving this thread. I've updated the maps with the Michigan suggestions within the existing categories. Keep suggestions coming if you think they need to be in the map!

Best buffalo wings I've ever had are at Old Glory in Keyport NJ. Baked and not fried, but the wings still have a nice outer crisp to em

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If any poor soul ends up in North Dakota, there's exactly one place that will make. your trip worth it. Parrot's Cay in Grand Forks, where you will ask for a full order of wings with level 10 Shark sauce (Shark 10s, if you want to sound like you've been there before).
And then proceed to leave ND as quickly as you came.

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Try Hula Grill in Williston. thank me later

It closed down a few weeks ago. I reside in WILND, as of March.

It's been replaced by a new Jamaican Cuisine place.

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wow, that's too bad. wonder what happened.

And then proceed to leave ND as quickly as you came.

Would you be driving your way out of ND, or will the flames from your ass propel you across the border?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

If you go for the shark 20s you could probably fly across due to said flames

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Oh, I was assuming that Shark 10s contained the hottest sauce. Silly me.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

lookin at their menu and it seems they have 3, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 which would make 10 relatively tame actually

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"But this amp goes to 40."

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

That happened to me at a Grand Funk Railroad concert in Germany in the early 70s. Permanent hearing loss. Really.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

You're not wrong.
IMHO the 10s are the perfect combination of having decent heat while still getting all the flavor of the Shark sauce, which is phenomenal. After that you start to trend towards just seeing how much heat you can handle, at the expense of enjoying the wings.
I enjoy spicy food but I'm no pro so I'm sure there are folks who can down the higher levels and enjoy it plenty.

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This was always my approach to wings. At some point, it's just spicy for spicy's sake and it's no longer for me.

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ND isn't that bad. Cold ass winters, though, this is true. The Badlands around Killdeer are pretty nice scenery.

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No, it really isn't. Easy to rag on though? For sure.
The summer is actually quite nice. While it lasts....
If there were mountains up here, you could make a very strong case for it. Plus you're just a quick jaunt from ALL the poutine.

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I have a few suggestions for my old stomping grounds in Cleveland:
Mexican food - Luchita's ( https://www.luchitas.net/ )
German food - Der Braumeister ( http://derbrau.com/ )
American food - Joe's Deli and Restaurant ( https://www.myjoesdeli.com/ )

Here in SW VA, I'd highly recommend Olykoek Shoppe in Wytheville for doughnuts and the Galax Smokehouse (already on the map, I see) for BBQ.

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I travel a bunch for work, so as I find good places, I will list them here.

Borgne *It is in a Hyatt, don't let that scare you off* New Orleans

Red Roostar, Houston (Memorial City)

It's a Southern Thing, Durham NC

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FYI it seems that the OP link is broken

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What kind of error are you getting? I double checked the link and it's correct.

Error 400. The requested URL was not found on this server. That's all we know.

Edit: it works in browsers other than Chrome for me, so the error is probably on my end.

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Other than Chrome? Funny, since it's a Google Maps feature and it always suggests I open it up in Chrome. Glad it works. I'm going to have to update this map this week with the additional suggestions.

I updated the map with the (relatively) recent suggestions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q8xuTHfGbEGlcc7Krw2wKc7VVDM&usp=sharing

I also put all of the food suggestions under one "catch all" category broken down by regional cuisine (American will have the burgers, wings, pizza, seafood, donuts, bbq, and steak categories) along with some others that don't quite fit those specific categories (southern, diners, and the contemporary catch-all's, for example). Mexican is in the Central & South American category. There's plenty of room for more suggestions!

Doing the TKP lords work Perm.

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Did a quick spot check of Chicago:
- Sadly Glazed and Infused closed all their locations, so that can probably be removed.
- Kumas is good, but you should probably add Au Cheval for Burgers.
- And I'd consider Giordano's a chain, but I guess always a reliable option for deep dish and better than Gino's East. Lou Malnati's is another good one with several locations. As for best pizza in the city, its definitely Pequod's. (I don't think its technically deep dish, more pan, but its delicious)

Ok, I have some new ones:

https://www.gotpizza.com/ in Tarrytown (Westchester County, NY)- the sausage in the Penne San Gennero was excellent

https://chodanggolnyc.com/ Korean in New York City (Midtown/Herald Square area)

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Fayetteville, WV
Pizza: Pies and Pints.
Sandwich: Secret Sandwich Society

Laporte, Co:
Vern's. Enormous cinnamon rolls. Good green chili. Decent prime rib.

Can now vouch for Jersey Shore BBQ with locations in Belmar and East Brunswick NJ

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Roanoke (beside Hollins college)
Hollywood's Restaurant & Bakery
Catfish Matrimony is one of the best things I've eaten. Their desserts are excellent.


Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Hollywoods is awesome and is a great Hokie place. Easy place to get to right off I-81 but it gets very busy at meal times.

I ate at Prohibition Pig in Waterbury VT and it was one of the best meals I have ever had, hands down. Smokehouse and brewpub, and also right next door to a bottle shop. Highly recommend.

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This is not the thread I wanted to pop up with how hungry I am but I don't think I've contributed at all.

Columbia, SC.
Bourbon: fantastic creole style food. Outrageously long bourbon list.

(add if applicable) /s

Just discovering this thread...I hear McDonalds is pretty good. *Ducks*

Seriously though...THANKS!

ATL (not just Buckhead)

Morelli's Ice Cream
So Ba
Grindhouse Killer burgers
Ton Ton Ramen
Grant Park Market
Sweet Auburn BBQ

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