French talking Spring Football on Two Deep Podcast

I speculate about the offensive line, linebackers, and secondary for the Hokies as I join Robbie and Pete on the Two Deep podcast.

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Well, now I know what I'm listening to on the commute home

French dropping the wisdom. Nicely done, thanks for sharing, and I DO hope Fuente was listening!! :)

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Shhhhhhh (nothing I haven't said on here before though.)

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Listened to half on this evening's commute, finish it during tomorrow's. Thanks!

Update: so, let's say Hunter moves in over Reggie Floyd...would Floyd have the opportunity to be moved elsewhere, or would his lack of coverage ability regulate him to second string? And I feel much comfier with the linebackers after that.

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At this point, if Mook and Deablo both are uncertainties, Devon has multiple paths to get on the field. My point was that when camp opened, I would have expected that if Devon forced the coaches to play him, it would have been at Floyd's expense. Floyd was listed at 220 plus and that seemed a bit heavy. And rover is the position where Hunter had the most experience.

This is a strange situation. The good news is that Hunter has earned the opportunity to get on the field. I just get all icky if that happens while another player can't compete due to injury.

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Whenever I think of the rover position my mind typically goes to Aaron Rouse...he played pretty heavy didn't he?

Just looked it up...6'4" at 223.

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Pretty sure Farley was participating in the open practice. He was wearing a knee brace, but a regular jersey and full pads. Maybe he's been limited, but I'm fairly confident he's participating at some level right now.

Looking forward to listening on the drive down to BBurg this evening.

What a savings

Same, but drive up.

Wait did you create a thread about you appearing on a podcast? Shameless plug much? /s

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One should never be ashamed of a well-deserved plugging.

Great information as always French, and great podcast overall. Do you feel with the defensive line limitations/depth issues, there will be more blitzing packages put in place since most of our "high end" talent is beyond the front four?

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That is possible. Bud's way of countering the lack of DL size and inexperience (along with one linebacker not knowing which gap to fit) forced Bud to go with the static Bear and lots of aggressiveness in 2014. It had moments (Buckeye) and also had issues (East Carolina.) I would argue that Walker is going to cause a lot of problems. Hopefully he can hold up and that will give the young linebackers time to go. I do expect them to blitz a bunch because when a young defender is just running to a spot instead of reading the play, they can play faster.

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Most of the proven talent is on the dline Hill. Walker and at least you know Mihota is solid. Gains looks good.

Mihota dressed. He is much bigger than we last saw him. I hope not too big.

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Didn't know if i was listening to French of Bud Foster talk Hokie Football. You guys sound the same!

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...of course it is, ...looks like I'll have to catch this when I'm not at work. Which is pretty much impossible since the Mrs is deployed, and our children are loud.

14:45 is when the interview begins, if you want to skip the intro.