OT: Civil Engineer (Structural/Construction) job opening in McLean, VA

Hey all,

I've seen a few other posts like this so I figured I'd do the same.

My company just told me last week that they are looking to hire three new people (either experienced, or fresh out of college, doesn't really matter) sometime in the coming months because we are expanding. Our main office is in McLean, VA, and we have a second office in Columbia, MD and are a small company of 17 (8 engineers).

We are Consulting Engineers that specialize in moistureproofing, restorations, building condition surveys and diagnosis, structural repairs, construction/project management, and periodically litigation/expert testimony. We do a lot of work with "Building Envelopes" including roofs, facades, concrete repairs, windows, and doors, along with structural rehabilitation (I'm currently working on a project where someone drove a car into a spandrel beam in a parking garage and cracked the beam in several places). Its pretty fun and challenging because we see every part of the building typically, and are there to find the issue and solve problems for our clients.

Really the only caveat is that there is a lot of daily local travel between sites throughout the DMV/Baltimore areas (mileage is reimbursable per the IRS rate of ~$0.56/mile), and that it requires a lot of time on swing stages, roofs, and scaffolding, so if you have a fear of heights, it probably isn't for you.

Oh, and we currently have 3 UVA alum and 3 VT alum, so we need more Hokies!

If anyone thinks they might be interested, if you know someone else that may, or if you just want more info, shoot me an email at harrism1 (at) vt.edu

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Do you need any help recruiting on this position?


What about support staff?

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Do you think there's a spot for a young architecture grad, or is it confined to engineering? I know someone looking.

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I know of potential openings in the Blacksburg and Radford area.

I would probably lean towards saying they would prefer someone in engineering, but I can definitely ask!