Justin Bibbs Draft Prospects

Haven't seen anything about Bibbs' draft chances. He has good size and seems to play very good defence and obviously an outstanding shooter. Now I am not an expert in anyway in basketball scouting but to me that seems enough to at least garner an invitation to the Combine. He could be an excellent Three and D guy for some team if he can manage to put on some more muscle. Curious what everyone else thinks?

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I hope he ends up in boston! wanna do more with less that's a good place to be. plus I think theyre about to undergo another roster overall to many people to pay.

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Here is my sorta off topic take on Boston.

We are officially becoming a premier destination for those NBA players hoping to revitalize their careers. We sign em' low and coach em' up, so somebody else can overpay them in a summer or two. With the majority of the cap being eaten by your all-stars, you need to be able to sign quality depth players under the guise of competing for a ring and potential earning a bigger contract on your departure.

Evan Turner got 70m over 4 years from Portland. Shane Larkin will get another NBA deal. Greg Monroe opted to join the C's midseason.

Even with some turnover, I expect Boston to pull from NBA vets and guys that are already dominating the euro leagues.

Yeah, would be neat to see him picked by Boston because they will make a serious run at a Championship next year. I do think if they get by Cleveland this year they really don't stand a chance this season against GS. But once Hayward and Irving come back and if all their guys can stay healthy they are the best team in the league, and I don't really know how close it is. They have all their important guys locked up through next year other than Marcus Smart who is on a Team Option next year. But hey, you don't pick up Smarts' option and that definitely leaves an opening for a one Justin Bibbs...would be nice. The C's will win a Championship next year if they stay healthy. Brad Stevens is a genius and my favorite coach in the league. It seems he knows exactly what to say and how to say to get the most out of his Teams. All praise Danny Ainge

so speaking of JB and the Celtics he worked out for them yesterday.

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head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

Oh hey, this happened. He's on the Celtics' summer league roster.

I know!!!!!!!! I really hope he can make the roster!

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head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

came across this looking for a Celtics gif for the above #iDied....... if 2 hokies are on my Cs!

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head scout BSP scouting specializing in north florida/ southern GA highschool football scouting

unfortunately for Bibbs, he's on the older side for an NBA draft prospect and isn't an elite freakish athlete. NBA more than any other league it seems overvalues potential, but so many solid role players have come out of UDFA or second round draft picks. Bibbs probably a candidate for a G-League deal or overseas. and he can probably make better money overseas

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Yeah, sort of what I was thinking. Maybe, in the same way, we saw Delaney and Erick Green in recent years. I have never seen a Hokie drafted in the NBA in my life as I'm only 26. Hoping with Buzz at the helm he will be able to change that common theme.

Erick Green was a second round pick, by the Jazz i think

Dang, your right I forgot about that. Definitely one of the best pure scorers for Tech in a long time. Here's to hoping for NAW to be in that mold.

No doubt, we're the same age, so presumably the same years at VT.

Green was fun to watch. The pride of Winchester. Everyone i knew from that town would remind you of where EG came from.

And you are right, he was just an electric scorer, lead the nation his senior year. That team was so barren and his body of work still won him ACC PoY. I don't when the Hokies last sniffed an PoY caliber player in our ACC tenure.

He was the one of the few things worth watching in the JJ era. I'd always thought/wished he would stick in the NBA.

Granted you were young, but in addition to Erick Green who was mentioned below, Eddie Lucas was drafted in 1999. Last pick in the draft but never played in an NBA game. He must have been a little short of finishing his degree because I randomly sat next to him at commencement when graduated in December 2002.

How did everyone forget Deron Washington in 2008? He was the 59th pick to the Pistons.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I was also looking at the comparison between Wesley Matthews and Justin Bibbs. Does anyone see any comparisons there, as they both played for Buzz and I feel like an NBA scout may see that and maybe convince a GM to take a chance on him in the 2nd Round or something?

I can see it, but Matthews was a better athlete coming out of Marquette (rip his achilles) and probably better off the dribble while Bibbs is probably further along on defense.

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Hope he has a passport.

Barring something miraculous at the NBA Combine where he blows some team away, I expect to see Bibbs in Europe next year. While he may have been one of our top guys in a long time, its kind of like how the NFL looked at Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips, just not the best fit so he likely will go undrafted, especially since there are 130 Underclassmen that declared for the draft so far, although I expect that number to dwindle to about 85-90 once the combine is over. Even with the reduced number, there are only 60 chances to hear your name called and I don't see Bibbs being one of those names unfortunately. Also don't forget that historically now, about 7-10 slots of the 60 go to foreign players and most mock drafts I am seeing for this year have it between 5-7 foreign players getting drafted. Most of those same drafts only have between 8-10 Seniors getting drafted as well, with nearly half the draft being freshman. Unless he gets himself one of the few Two Way Player Contracts as part of the G League, than the compensation in Europe is significantly better than the G League.

His summer league spot with the Celtics should be enough for him to get a G League or overseas deal if he wants it. He's a good enough player.