Interesting writeup (part 1 of 2) on the Gulf Coast Offense (USF -> Oregon -> FSU)

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The USF Gulf Coast Offense Comprehensive Breakdown

Maybe some of you more details-minded folks can comment on how FSU's personnel might fit this attack mode.

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Link didn't work for me

Working link

With this game just over three weeks away, this article might be worth a review for Xs and Os types. Will be interesting to see how Taggart implements it at FSU.

Will Bud's defense be ready on Labor Day?

1) We will preview their offense and defense
2) If you don't want to read the article, take Cornelsen's playbook, run at a much faster tempo, with more use of Stanford's power blocking concepts executed from the spread offense.
3) FSU's two healthy QBs in the spring didn't look particularly comfortable with the RPO passing.
4) The running back position is loaded.
5) Defense is changing from a 3-4 to a 4-2-5. Normally this is a major adjustment, as 3-4 DL are eating blocks. Brian Burns, who was a 3-4 OLB "elephant man/Fred Dean" type last year, will play with his hand down. He will benefit.

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Excellent! Looking forward to your analysis.

Cornelsen's playbook at a faster tempo sounds downright lethal.

Part 2 was posted just a few days later, but it doesn't have much utility here.

How and Why USF's Offensive Game Plan Failed in 2017

It's all about how USF's offense regressed in 2017, but since Taggart had moved on to Oregon by that time, it doesn't bear much on what Taggart could show offensively at Florida State. Just including the link for completeness, since my original post said (Part 1 of 2).

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