Devon Hunter to Redshirt


Virginia Tech plans to take advantage of the new NCAA redshirt rules to develop Devon Hunter, one of the program's highest rated signees in recent history.

"We've talked to Devon," Fuente said. "We really feel like we need to continue to develop Devon, so it's looking more and more like he's going to redshirt this year so we can continue to bring him along."

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I figured someone would beat me if I tried to post this story. Based on what we saw against ODU it seems like he needs more time to develop. I just wish we had more depth...

My guess is if Ladler goes down in the next game or two that we don't go through with this. The lack of certainty in Fuente's quote makes that all the more likely to me. They will likely slow play this decision throughout the rest of the year.

Five years working with Bud Foster and Hilgrant while receiving a world class education for free. Seems like a no brainer for any defense of player that is not a sure thing to be drafted

I agree with this decision, if you look at the ODU game he was the alley tackler and missed on some bad tackles. His instincts and positioning are not bad at all along with some quickness but if he can improve some technique, this would go a long way.

Having said that, I'm not sure if it is Fuente/Bud or Devon himself who prefers the defensive side. Just looking at his highlight film from High school, he was so good as a running back. At 6 Ft, 225 LB with some speed he could be a home run hitter. FU reiterated today that they want to keep him defense. He was so highly recruited, I'd hate to see him go 4 years without being an impact player. But such is the situation with some players, we had some guys who just didn't turn out. Let's hope he takes the time to improve.

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Can't always just take a great player and put him at Running Back cause of his high school highlights. (see Caleb, Joel)

Better than the alternative of riding the bench for 4 years because we kept him in a position that he didn't fit well. (see Deablo, Divine)

What? He is a great defensive player who has had injuries....

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23 can't read

I know. Referring to him changing positions and sides of the ball.

Deablo came in as a wide receiver. He was a great wideout in high school because of his physicality. I watched him a lot in high school... you didn't want to cover him, because he doesn't mind a little contact (or a lot for that matter.) He wasn't cracking the two deep in year one at Tech... so, because of his physicality, Bud moved him over to safety where there was immediate need.

At the risk of straying, Deablo is just the latest example of how good Coach Foster is at evaluating talent. Kid comes in to play receiver, and Bud sees something, and then all of a sudden he's probably the most important player on defense.; a la Kam Chancellor, who came in to play QB a few years back.

Leonard. Duh.

Agreed. He was a terrific move over to safety and we have missed him quite a bit when he hasn't played.

My point being, hopefully there will be a similar success story with Devon Hunter IF he were to change position and/or sides of the ball. Just really hope we do not squander this talent.

That is all I was trying to say.

I'll give you most important in the secondary, but would argue for Ricky Walker as the most important player on our defense.

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Agreed....Ricky Walker is our heart on defense....although Reggie Floyd has a lot of good leadership as well. I wasn't and didn't say he was most important. Just that we have missed him when he has been out.

I agree with you. I was replying to Leonard.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller


I can dig this.

Leonard. Duh.

consider it dug

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

He also couldn't catch the ball when he came to VT.

Yea, the devil is always in the details.

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If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Calebs time in VT stings. I didn't know how we didn't figure out how to properly use him.

Pour some Beer on it

I just don't know that Caleb fit anywhere. He was a HS QB but definitely not a QB at the next level. Didn't stick/make an impact at WR or RB, and didn't really bulk up or have the physicality to play D. Just don't know where he would have honestly made an impact.

I dunno - he won a Heisman in NCAA 14. Just sayin'

At 6 Ft, 225 LB with some speed he could be a home run hitter.

I'd heard that it's best to move RBs that size (e.g., Trey Edmunds) to LB. /s

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

There's word (behind the scenes) that they are going to give him a look at RB in the spring.

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Am sad to say that I was completely wrong about this one. I had heard for months that' Devon was playing like a bat out of hell against the run and coverage was still a work in progress, but the staff was confident it was turning around. It's a shame because when he was out there against ODU it seemed like his head was tying up his feet. So strange how someone so smart, athletic, and hard working (he truly is elite at all three of those things) can struggle to find the field. I know he was a good RB in high school but I wonder if he doesn't get a look at backer since he apparently wants to stay on D.

I had wondered if his size was enough for backer (not sure)??? Seems like it fits what he does well more so than whip.
Thanks for all your coverage. We are lucky to have your insight!

I think the obvious move for him is back to rover. It's his natural position, and he is more likely to see the field there before whip or backer. As far as current whip depth, I'd have to imagine Quillen starts getting reps there. He has the whip skillset (i.e., better open field tackler than coverage ability), and he's a junior so providing depth at 2 positions (whip and CB) is not out of the question mentally for him.

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he was a really good RB. I'm hopeful that's the direction he decides to go, he could be McClease's partner next year.

scratch this seems less ominous now

Yes. It was his idea to redshirt.

To clarify, it was Devon's idea?

Good news, thanks

I'm a little impressed by his maturity here. I feel like I just hear so many stories of primadonna blue chip recruits getting butthurt when they don't see the field right away.


Devon is going to be the leader of the defense in his third year in the program, book it and invest now

That's good because we'll need his leadership then. Just thinking about all the young guys on this defense with their talents and a few years in the program (hoping they stay together) this could be a dynamically special group.

Sure hope that's the case. At this juncture, I'm not sure who any of the team leaders are. Diablo appears to be a significant presence as evidenced by him not being on the field for the 2 losses thus far.

Maybe this takes some of the pressure to perform off of himself and he can step back, get a ton of reps/film, and return as a force in the spring. Really looking forward to seeing him take advantage of this situation.

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Looking at his HS tape a little bit again, and it looks like he was just asked to sort of roam the defensive backfield and lay the wood to whomever had the ball in his vicinity. Definitely a heavy hitter, but wasn't really tasked with a lot as far as coverage. I can see the potential, but can also understand why there would be a learning curve here.

Can also see why some would want to see him at RB. He's got great speed and size. Seems to be able to make a guy miss and cut and get up field in a hurry. Could also see this being worth taking a look at if he's willing, as Peoples is gone after this year, McClease has shown flashes but not yet consistently, Holston isn't getting any reps at all, and Wheatley is more of a change of pace option at this point. Need someone to step up in a big way next year.

I had a dream last night that Wheatley was transferring

Outside it's night time, but inside it's LeDay

I've always felt like we could use more hunters in our secondary.

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Hope he's not wanting to redshirt so he can transfer..

So he can burn one of his years of eligibility sitting out his transfer year? Unlikely.

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He would need to transfer right now and get into a school on the quarter system, then hit the books really hard to achieve the minimum number of credits completed to remain eligible. Or as VT_Fencer says, he'd lose an additional year of eligibility.

Doesn't sound like that's the plan.

Note that guys like Jalen Hurts and Kelly Bryant may transfer and play immediately, because they have graduated or will graduate this semester. I hear that Hunter's a very bright kid, but I doubt that he's close to graduating, this year.

He's not. I would be surprised if Devon wasn't here for the long haul, even if he never steps foot on the field again. He loves VT

Man. Is he really struggling that hard?

I know the ODU game - he just didnt look ready or like you mentioned the old Bud Foster quip "his head was tying up his feet" - he looked confused on a few plays.

I had just heard he was doing well in practice. Hopefully hell pick it up, glad hes being mature about it. If anywhere can develop him into a pro caliber prospect it would be Virginia Tech.

LAHokie was commenting more on Hunter's love for VT than Hunter's chances of playing regularly.

He's a sophomore struggling with picking up college zone pass defense, it's not the end of the world. A ton of players struggle with that transition.

Rumor is transfer coming soon. AND YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHERE HE'S GOING! I'll get the scoop with @sullivti from @Hokie_Haven tomorrow at 5pm.

That's better.

Who told him that rumor? Some dude at a bar?

And tomorrow came and went with no posts out of the guy.

I was expecting something to come out (if he actually had info) after his show.

I trust LA and BAG, and hope they're right on this one.

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Seems to be built for traditional SS/Rover in this defense. Floyd is better than he is right now, thus he is working a Whip. I say move him to rover behind Floyd, and if he starts foe one season, so be it. Sometimes there are guys that are just better that were not as highly recruited. And I would also love for VT to be able to sign or develop a couple of elite RBs so that we can leave Hunter on defense.

This is where I always thought he would end up. He has the speed and size and can really jump into a gap and lay out a RB. In Foster's system the SS/Rover has to be able to make the read and set up a defense and then know which gap the nine guys in front of him are spilling the play into. I would love nothing more than for him to nail down the mental side and come out crushing next year.

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Worked for Ricky Walker. Hope Devon makes big strides and can come in and dominate in the following years.