What game best showcases Virginia Tech Football?

The newfound bye week and tension across the site has worn me down. Let us have a discussion. I present you with a scenario:

Your friend is looking for a college football team to cheer for and has agreed to watch one Virginia Tech game. Pick a game that says here is 60 minutes of Virginia Tech football. Which game are you showing him?

I have a feeling a certain Miami game is going to ring loudly.

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2007 @ Clemson:

Eddie Royal's punt returns, Macho's KO return, smash-mouth defense, amazing uniforms...
So many highlights and great talent on the field.
We played a complete game in all three phases.

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Thanks Frank!

This game and 2009 Miami came to my mind immediately.

60 minutes? The first half of VT-Clemson 2007. Pick six, punt return TD, KO return TD, Tyrod being Tyrod and Jacoby Ford being hit so hard by Macho that he pukes on the field.

That hit broke his shoulder pads.

The hit was by Brandon Flowers I am pretty sure.

Brandon had a similar hit on a wr screen later that game but Macho definitely hit Ford in the air and broke his shoulder pads.

I thought one of those hits by Macho or Brandon (I'd have to go back and look) on a WR screen broke his ribs? Didn't it knock him out of the game? At minimum, I remember it knocking the wind out of him. I'll go look at the highlights at lunch.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Looks like VMH to me! Thanks.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Dang. All these years I remembered it as Flowers. My bad.
Was at this game. I remember it being the longest game ever it seemed like. We got up big and just kinda hung in there in the second half as they threw it about every play trying to get back in the game.

If you want to take this to a place of brutal truth, I'd suggest watching the 1999 MNC game, or 2007 BC game, or the 2010 Boise game, or the 2006 Peach Bowl. Our Hokies mostly take us to the top of the mountain, and then toss us off the edge of the cliff.

This comes from a Hokie heart filled with deep, eternal love, mind you.

Leonard. Duh.

No lies here.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I rewatched the 2010 Boise game for the first time since the actual game the other night on 30mincfb, it still hurt. We absolutely should not have lost that game.

I was thinking about this the other day. Specifically the Bruce Taylor personal foul on Boise's final drive. Nauseating.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Absolutely horrendous call, everyone including the ballcarrier thought he was inbounds. Taylor hits him a second or two later and the ballcarrier was 100% running down the sideline as if he was headed to the EZ. No way Taylor at the end of a one score game is going to not make sure he goes out of bounds. Unbelievable call, it was infuriating even 8 years later.

That combined with the horrendous block in the back on the punt return lost us the game. As frustrating as it was to lose, it's even worse that the refs decided it and not the players on the field. I'm never letting that one go.

It was a catch! Just completing the cycle.

The accuracy hurts.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

I think I would take the bowl game off that list. That was just the Eddie Royal show. If not for him, we would have straight up lost that one 24-3 or something from the start.

At first glance, I thought you were 'HokieStone2006' and wondered how you escaped the eternal penalty box!

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Add on the USC game with the invisible offensive PI

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No lie, I was going to suggest the Boise State game. A thrilling heart breaker.

Well said!

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And I was there in person for all of these but the 99 bcs game. Can confirm lots of heartache. Infinite sadness...

every win

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I think if you want to showcase the Fuente Hokies in the best light, you show them the 2nd half of the Belk Bowl.

If they ask about the first half, just deflect as much as possible.

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2007 BC (round two redemption)

2007 Clemson (Maximum Beamerball)

2006 Wake Forest

Edit Add: 2009 Miami and 2014 tOSU

I've seen 2011 Miami, but I feel like that game was actually one of the least "on brand" games in our history, with the large exception of the incredible "Now Miami wants to talk about it..." ending.

We got absolutely gashed on the ground, the game devolved into a shootout with very little defense, our offense made all the big plays in the 2nd half, and Logan Thomas went like 23/25 with an outstanding day passing the ball. Pretty much all of these things are not very "on brand" for us.

2014 - VT @ anOSU

I'm surprised no one has used this...HUGE road upset for the program

Clearly shows that even though we were outclassed across the field talent-wise, if you have a solid scheme and a QB with some moxie you can beat anyone.

Bonus points awarded for the fact that anOSU went on to win the natty that year as well.

Have I mentioned lately that Brewer had some balls. He wasn't here long but one of my favorites.

This is a good one.

Was it the following season that he took a big hit and got right up and said something that the cameras caught, to the likes of 'It'll take more than that to knock me out'

Within a couple of plays he got completely walloped and broke his collarbone, out for 8 weeks. That was cringeworthy.

He is a tough SOB though, no doubt.

I also remember buckeye fans taking that quote to mock his injury afterwards

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

I live in OH, and one of my longtime coworkers did the same thing afterward, then doubled down on it when I called him out for cheering an injury. I haven't spoken to him since.

Yeah, and we were supposed to be surprised they didn't care about Meyer covering up domestic abuse?

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

You know, I asked my old neighbor (who is a diehard anOSU fan and homer) about what he thought of the Urban Meyer suspension. He replied "It's over. It's done. They've decided it already." Then he proceeded to "qualify" his position.

In my mind, I reserved what I truly wanted to say because there was no convincing him otherwise. So when we moved on and I found a moment, I said something to the effect "You can thank us for making anOSU national champs that year. Ya'll didn't gel until we handed ya'll the loss."

He knew I was right. And deep down he knows, like all of us here, that the outcome is different if Brewer didn't break his collarbone in Blacksburg when anOSU came to town.

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FSU to start this season would need a look. It was the epitome of what we always associate with some of our better teams. Great special teams play including a blocked kick for TD, and lights out Lunch Pail defense. It wasn't the prettiest game for offense but people typically do not associate that with our brand of football.

The Stiney Years?

Miami 2003... Defensive ass whuppin. Running game worked decently, and passing game sputtered.

The Loeffler years?

The Fuente Years?

Not quite ready to step up as one of the true top dogs in football, but man are we dripping with potential. We didn't quite lose to Clemson in 2016, we ran out of time. And Clemson won the National Championship. But damn if we won't make the game exciting in the process.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

That 2016 game is the about the only time that I felt good in a loss.

I was at the 2001 Miami game. I still have mostly fond memories of it, especially in hindsight after seeing so much of their roster go on to have great pro careers.

May be an unpopular opinion but I felt pretty good about the auburn sugar bowl. We had no business being as competitive as we were with them. The barners had a point to prove that game and vt fought until the end. Walked out of the super dome with my head up that night

this... there are a lot of eras of hokie football. its grown, and changed, and adapted to the CFB world around us. the only constant has been special teams and creating turnovers. our once dominant run game has came and went and will come again, our passing game which was once 2 TEs and 1WR is now 4 and 5 wide sets, slow grind is now the hurry up and score.

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The last few years vs. LOLUVa???

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14 is considered a few?

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2016 ACC Championship game
Got killed early by a NC team (some bad calls too), came back and made it a game (sparked by special teams and defense), put a great scare in 'em with a chance to win but ultimately came up short.
Sums up 1999-present day

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I read the title and was thinking this season's schedule. My past games have been mentioned, except maybe 2004 season finishing with @Miami. Two passes batted down to seal the 16-10 victory in Orange Bowl Stadium and first ACC title were glorious.

As far as this season is concerned, FSU is too early to tell but great introduction. I'm thinking GT (for timeslot) and ND (for viewers / marquee / possible great timeslot). Oh and the ACC title game.

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Andre. Davis!

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lol this is legitimately getting downvotes. sheesh people

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Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

I am compelled to downvote you for this bullshit.

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Thanks Frank!

No you're saying it wrong, you have to say "I respect you, but I will downvote you for that"

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

I am compelled to downvote you for this bullshit.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

take your leg only because I laughed out loud at my desk

Oh, we're going that route? Then might I suggest the bowl game against Rutgers in 2012. ..I think it was 2012. I'm still not sure which one made me hate myself more.

What about the Temple game where we missed the extra point... (sad emoji)

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

I watched the replay of that bowl game the next morning because it was so awesomely bad.

It was so awesomely bad I made this last winter:

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I forgot this is where we got the glorious mullet whip gif from.

I forgot this is where we got the glorious mullet whip gif from.

DRINK! reesejenks520 beat you to it!

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

With how that game was going, I'm surprised there were no punts in that game once OT was hit...

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This is what we're known for on Reddit.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

I've always felt that the 2014 win over UVA at home after Wakieleaks is extremely underappreciated. It's probably second only to 38-0 bro in my tier list of wins over UVA during the streak. This game was gritty and tense as hell and we willed it away from them late.

  • Coming off what is almost certainly the worst offensive performance in program history
  • Both teams are 5-6 putting bowl eligibility and the streak at stake
  • Cold as hell, pregame scuffle with the Hoos
  • Blocked punt for a touchdown
  • Brewer separates his shoulder then comes back in the game as the only remaining healthy QB and wins it throwing the ball when it looked like we were doomed late in the 4th
  • Dadi and Ekanem destroy Lambert and UVA's final drive comes up short under Matt Johns

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

For the Fuente era, I really enjoyed the 2016 Notre Dame game. Tons of heart to come back and win on the road. Also, that was the game CJF got the sideline penalty for going off on the ref - fun times.

2011 Miami because someone had to say it

Thankfully, we've a ton of games that we can be proud of and that epitomize VT. One that no one has mentioned was LSU at home in the early 2000's, I believe. The game had SEC refs and one of them was known by a friend of mine. The ref said that he'd never seen LSU intimidated like they were that day. With all the tough places to play in the SEC, he'd never seen fear in the LSU players eyes like that day.

That one was literally my introduction to VT football. I might have enjoyed it more if I actually knew anything about anything going on that day. And if I wasn't a freshmen in the Corps, one week into classes. But hey, I got on ABC!

My freshman year. The "Riot bowl" is what it was called the next day. Blacksburg police had to get in riot gear to break up crowd downtown.

I couldnt remember for sure, so i looked it up. HC Nick Saban, OC Jimbo Fisher, DC Will Muschamp... pretty good opposing coaching staff that was dominated. Also, largest crowd in Lane Stadium at that time

I lived at Center St apts during that game. I didn't go to the game but I was a couple hundred feet away.

Anyway, someone with a Louisiana license plate and tons of LSU stickers managed to find a spot in our parking lot, which didn't have enough cars for even the residents. There was a sign saying that you could be towed if you weren't a resident but since we were so close to the stadium people would always try to steal a spot in our lot.

So their car was the recipient of various food stuffs. I wasn't there to see it but I heard the car owners were not happy as they drove away with a filthy car.

Of course... the one mofo that really deserves to be towed in Blacksburg isn't.

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2009 Miami. Great running game. Opportunistic passing game. Savage defense. Awful conditions. Ruined a Miami QB. Jacory Harris was never the same. RMFW.

My favorite is still the 1999 Syracuse game.

VT BSEE '98, VT MSME '01

62-0 versus a ranked opponent, with Game Day in town.

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My freshman year. Grew up in B10 family didn't know much about VT football. This game is when I realized this team was a legit contender. Still one of the most dominating FBS vs FBS performances I've seen.

But they got there revenge many times over.


2004 Maryland game. Coach Beamer's mother died earlier that morning, so he was coaching with a heavy heart. The team was up like 41-3 at halftime and ended up winning 55-6. Just a dominating performance on a Thursday night in Blacksburg.

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Ah yes. The game that made me dislike Lee Corso.

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Yeah, him acting like Beamer was running up the score by kicking a field goal at the end of the first half was stupid. What you can do in one half the other team can do in one half, so score early and often.

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Well to accurately portray the Team in a realistic game, I would have to say the Sugar Bowl in 2005.

We fought tooth and nail against a stacked Auburn team , and were very close to winning, but a few missed opportunities and we didn't get over the hump.

Hopefully in the near future, we can be described as getting over the hump, but until we do that's our identity.

(Bonus Points: I'm in a ton of the sideline shots!)


It's very clear why we lost this game. HOAT in 3...2....1...

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You mean getting greedy early in the game and going for the TD instead of taking the safe FG, or the part where Allen dropped a sure TD catch and letting it fall right through his lap?

I can explain to you in 140 seconds why we lost that game.

Is that how long it takes to say "Time of Possession"? It's usually no more than 1-2 seconds to say it...


Let's Go


Sorry you should have started counting at 16800. I thought we won this game, according to the official stats

I believe I would feel better about that game had we scored before the middle of the fourth quarter.

During the walk through Stiny installed a trick play where Eddie Royal orbit motioned and took a handoff and then passed the ball down field.

I was super disappointed we never got to see it in the game.


Super Bowl XXXI

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

I'll see myself out.

I would consider the 1998 Music City Bowl win over Alabama. Blocked several punts (against a punter who had never had a punt blocked), and shut down Shaun Alexander and the Alabama O. Scored 38 points in the sleet and freezing rain, in route to a 38-7 victory.

There is nothing in the world like Thursday night in Blacksburg!

I think I'm still thawing out from that game...

Welcome to the Terrordome

I would say the 1999 Syracuse game, but no blocked punts. Probably 2004 vs WVU, 2005 vs Georgia Tech, or hell, even the FSU game a few weeks ago would be better examples.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

We blocked a punt in the 1999 Syracuse game. It was just after the TV feed went to another game because we were kicking their ass so badly. I think it was the last score of the game as we returned it for a TD.

Edit: My bad, the punter dropped the ball and we landed on it in the endzone. Still a good special teams TD.

There is nothing in the world like Thursday night in Blacksburg!

the FSU game a few weeks ago

Dude, that was still just last week.

Woof I guess it was, time has been a blur lately

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Honestly this year's FSU game is a great showcase. Also 2010 ACC championship game is great.

ECU 2000 showcases #BEAMERBALL so this would be my pick but Miami 1999 is my favorite game of all time (other than 38-0). That Miami team was stacked. Possibly most talented team we ever beat IMO.

Oh. You meant an actual game.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I'm going to throw 2010 NC State into the hat. Went down by 17 early but fought back with David Wilson igniting the second half comeback with a kickoff return for a TD. We intercepted Russell Wilson 3 times in that game and Tyrod threw a dime to Jarrett Boykin for the go ahead TD. We gave up a few points, but still played a hell of a game against a future NFL QB.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

That was the first time we had come back from 17 down to win, at least since I started VT in 2002. The Boise game was the first time we had come back from 17 down, though.

At the time it was our biggest comeback victory. I remember seeing the stat, but I forget what game had the record before.

In any case, it's a record that's since been broken at least twice, IIRC.

Only because they found a way to use mother nature as an excuse to continue to get away with academic crap...i'd recommend any of the UNCheat beatdowns we've handed to them. Since the NCAA refuses to heavy hand them, we'll do it ourselves EVERY gameday.

Let's Go


I think FSU 2018 is a pretty good representation of our football program's identity. Aggressive defense, attacking special teams, and a mildly effective don't-fuck-it-up offense. It checks every box.

Most fun game to watch? Had to be Clemson '07. FSU in 2010 is up there too.
Best game to be in person for? Miami 2011. Loudest I've heard Lane, fun game too.
Best road game? Easy. OSU 2014.
Best bowl game? Haven't actually watched it myself, but it has to be 1996 Sugar Bowl win over Texas, right?

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2003 VT-Miami:

VT was a heavy underdog. DeAngelo Hall predicted a VT victory, and then made good on it. Defense and Special Teams overwhelmed a Miami team that was basically an entire future NFL roster. It was a quintessential Terror Dome game in which the Miami coach said that they were focused on not letting Lane Stadium beat them. Pick 6 by Eric Greene, DeAngelo Hall Stripped ball from Roscoe Parrish and ran it for a TD, VT secondary shut down Kellen Windslow to 48 yards on 8 catches. (Oh, and the offense showed up after a bit too.)


That was the game with the call to arms email that got everyone to show up for the team walk. It was an insane atmosphere all day leading up to kickoff, and the loudest I've ever heard Lane.

I wish DeAngelo had kept his cool at the end of that game. He got ejected for fighting Antrel Rolle, then was yelling at Keith Willis on the sideline right on camera. You can hear him saying "haul ass." He was out for the first half of the Pitt game the following week which hurt considering they had Larry Fitzgerald.

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only for the high-quality video, not the block!

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Sad thing, that's a penalty in today's game...

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Doubtful. Hezekiah Grimsley has already had some blocks about this vicious so far this season. Ward hit below the shoulders and from the front. I don't think this draws a flag in today's game.

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All time: 1995 Texas game.

Fuente era: UNC last year. Whole game was basically a highlight reel.

The Nebraska home and home series for me.

Not much stands out about either game except for the late game heroics from Tryod and Coale (which may be a product of my fading memory), but we won two games against a strong (not elite) opponent by fielding:
1) a relentless defense/special teams
2) a sporadic offense that looked elite one drive and inept the next.

This team has always been about the lunchpail. The defense gets it done and the offense responds to the emotional high. Both end up being greater than the sum of their parts.

2009 Nebraska game....coming in as a Freshmen, the loudest I've ever heard a stadium get (till the infamous Miami game that is). Still remember sitting top on South end zone and slowly watching the play unfold: Snap, look left, pump fake, heaves a dime to Danny Coale., and then an absolute rope to Roberts.

Tyrod did it Mikey!!!!!!!

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that would make a great signature..

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

It certainly would. ;-) Nebraska and "Tyrod did it Mikey!" go hand in hand.

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Nebraska at home, Clemson 2007, Ohio State in the Horseshoe, and 2011 Miami. They've all already been said but these are the games.

2014 ECU game *ducks*

-Stick it in

Give me the 2009 Miami game. Pouring rain, a high ranked opponent, a night game in Lane, and complete domination in all phases of the game.

It's Time to go to Work

It probably felt like a night game because we wore all maroon everything and it was overcast and raining, but it was actually a 3:30 game.

Ended at night... kinda counts

I always loved the game in 2012 against Georgia Tech. You could also just show this person the power hour and they will become a fan if they have a pulse.

exit light

That game was fun. The rest of that season was not. 8 straight 10-win seasons to 7-6, and it was the beginning of the end of Coach Beamer's career.

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Srsly, no 1995 UVa game?

Wait, what?

ACC Championship where we stomped FSU

2018 FSU game?

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I strongly suggest buying a case of beer and watching BillDozer's PowerHour 2.0. Excitement, emotions, chills, Hokies.

You guys are useless. I thought there would be some clear consensus and I would watch that game tomorrow. You've listed about 15 great games and I want to watch them all.

Maybe we can get a poll?

1) Find 1-hour versions of each game
2) Add to a Youtube playlist
3) Press play

And this is a problem why? There is no live Hokie football tomorrow because Flo decided to be a be-atch and wreak havoc. What else do you have to do? I mean if you are going to watch football tomorrow anyways, you might as well watch a days worth of games that you know are excellent. So get up early, and watch them all. I mean HokieEnginerd will be watching football from the first game until the last game (except when we are running around doing stuff ).

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