ODU Game Roll Call

We're just days away from a rare (but soon to be less so) visit to ODU. Who's attending and what are your plans? Having lived in Larchmont (about 3 blocks from the stadium) I know the tailgating options are somewhat limited and haven't settled on anything yet.

For those that will be in the area, there is a pep rally on Friday evening from 8-9 pm at Waterside in downtown Norfolk. There will also be an alumni tailgate on Kaufman Lawn arranged by the Tidewater Alumni Chapter.
Info on each is here.

Let's paint the stadium orange and maroon! Go Hokies!

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I will be watching from the parking lot at Richmond Raceway. Get at me!

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

Same! Hoping to get to the lot around an hour before game time.

I might also be a the race this weekend. Should be a good time.

Lot H if either of y'all want to come find us. We will have full tv and sattelite.

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

I want to hear some of the reactions from ODU fans. I can't imagine many of them have big boy setups like many Hokies do. Some wives might be upset with you giving their husbands ideas.

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there are a few banks that run nice setups and there is a bar that fold down/up pulled by a guy on a bike that's baller.


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I'll be there. Not sure about tailgating location yet. My significant other's uncle has some big ODU tailgate, but IDk how long I can weather that.

probably in the silver or black lot ... those lots are pretty corporate, but can be pretty fun.


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Confirmed black lot. Looks like we'll start there when the lots open and then wonder from there.

Ill be there, tailgating at my in laws. Just a couple streets away in the neighborhood behind the stadium.

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I live in Virginia Beach and will be there. I brought some ODU friends with me to the game at Tech last year and they had fun so I expect they will treat us well in Norfolk.

Jeremiah 29:11 and Go Hokies!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I respect their decision to cancel for student/player safety, but hindsight is 20/20 and since it was only overcast with no rain in Blacksburg on Saturday, if we're forced to keep the "rivalry" alive, I needed to start the trash talking early.

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Go Hokies!

I'm tailgating in my front lawn than watching the game at a bar somewhere in ghent! There'll be quite the hokie crowd there

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Hoping to score cheap tickets the day of the game so I can catch the game with my ODU alum brother in law and nephew. We all went to the game in Blacksburg last year.


thanks for posting about that Friday pep rally...I sent that link to every 757 Hokie I know so we can outnumber the Monarchs on their own home turf!

sitting section 107.

arrive at gold lot about 1130, eventually making my way to blue lot, before hitting the silver lot, along with 10k other tailgaters if going by previous experience. will be a mad house.

i haz benchtop, veil and triple crossing ipas ready to go.


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Ill be there woot woot! I live in Norfolk so these VT away games are actually freaking amazing for me.

I'll be at the game, parents have had ODU season tickets since they started football. Just an FYI to those visiting, ODU opens up the lots 4 hrs prior to the game for tailgating. Depending on the parking attendant you can get in a little earlier or at least that is how its worked when I've tailgated in the White Lot. They are also pretty strict with tailgating during the game/halftime.

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I'll be there! My former boss is an ODU alum and season ticket holder... I started working on him two years ago to get one of his tickets (and hooked him up with tickets to last year's game in Blacksburg). Seeing VT play in such a small venue is going to be downright surreal - especially after watching VT play in Bristol two years ago.

I was very excited about a Tech game in my back yard but man, it was really hard to justify that steep price tag for ODU. I'll be watching from home and save that money for ND but I hope you all have a great gameday experience there!

Ill be there. Tix will be at will call so don't know where I am sitting. I'll be tailgating somewhere too.

FYI for the out of towners, some of ODU's tailgaiting rules are a little different from ours, so you may want to familiarize yourself:

  1. Tailgating areas will open four (4) hours prior to each football game's kickoff. TAILGATING AT HALFTIME AND DURING THE GAME IS PROHIBITED and fans must vacate the parking lots no later than two hours after the completion of the game.
  2. University and Virginia state statutes and regulations on drug and alcohol consumption will be strictly enforced. University policy and state law precludes the serving of alcoholic beverages to anyone less than 21 years of age. Hosts who furnish alcohol to underage students may incur criminal risks and personal civil liability exposure.
  3. Glass containers are not permitted in the tailgating area.
  4. Kegs, party balls, drinking apparatus, drinking games and/or mass consumption purchases of alcohol are prohibited.
  5. Grills are permitted in University surface lots and restricted areas of Kaufman Mall only and must be elevated at least one foot above the parking surface so that heat does not cause damage to the asphalt. Coals from charcoal grills must be disposed in marked fire retardant receptacles on campus. Open pit fires are prohibited. Gas grills are restricted to 10 gallon propane tanks per vehicle.
  6. Gas generators are prohibited.
  7. Pegging tents in parking lots is not permissible.
  8. No animals will be permitted in any designated tailgate areas and/or spaces, with the exception of trained service animals for fans with disabilities.
  9. Waste food items and trash must be disposed of in appropriate containers provided throughout campus.
  10. Tailgating areas may not extend beyond the designated parking space per vehicle, and may not impede vehicular traffic in the assigned lots/areas.
  11. No household furniture, sofas, recliners, etc., are allowed within designated tailgate areas and/or spaces.
  12. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and roller blading is prohibited within the designated tailgate areas and/or spaces.

From: http://www.odusports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31100&ATCLID=208427186

I know some people have been planning on tailgaiting during the game and watching on a TV using a generator. They absolutely will kick you out once the game starts as it has happened to me multiple times when we have been slow to pack up.

They say no drinking games, but we've never had a problem. Just don't be obnoxious or infringe on other peoples' spaces and you'll probably be fine.

I've also used a generator before without a problem, but it is super quiet, so I don't know that I would use one if it's loud.

stick it in, stick it in, stick it in!

Thanks for the info. Got our tix and will be there. Might make it to the pep rally at Waterside Fri nite too.

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Does running my F-150 and using the built-in AC inverter outlets constitute a gas generator? LOL

PS: Will be at the game, not sure yet about tailgating. We are camping the whole weekend at a campground about an hour away. Will be interesting to see the ratio of Hokies to Monarchs!

JHC, no gas generators? How do these Monarchs even tailgate properly?

I'll be at the alumni tailgate, still looking for a game ticket though.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

I'll be at the game with my dad.

If you haven't been to SB Ballard before, there is free parking near the basketball arena (Ted Constant Center parking garage). It is a pretty short walk from there to the stadium (not much longer than AJ to Lane).

Edit: Also, Waterside (site of the pep rally on Friday) is kind of a cool place to visit if you are traveling. A bunch of bars/restaurants all together kind of food court style, right on the water. Not a great place for family dinner, but good to grab a drink with some friends after work or while on the road. Plus the fudge place has been at Waterside as long as I can remember there being a Waterside. Worth your time if you have a sweet tooth.

In. Tailgating approx. 3 blocks north of the stadium.

I'll be there. If that stadium dollhouse isn't more than 50% orange & maroon I'm going to be disappointed.

Don't know about that. The tickets were so god damned expensive.

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

Well, the stadium is so small, so we only need 10k Hokies which I figure is pretty doable.

To your point, I know the tickets aren't cheap, but the seats are also really close to the field. The cheap nose bleed seats in Lane just don't exist there - the worst seat at ODU is like a low double letter sideline seat in Lane. I actually don't think the prices are that much different than comparable seats in Lane. You're right though, anyone used to just buying a cheap "get in" ticket and then squeezing in with friends probably won't be able to do that for this game.

I do think we'll see a good turnout form Hokies that live in the 757. Even if they pay a little more for a ticket than normal, their all-in cost is still less than a game in Blacksburg because they don't have the gas/hotel costs.

ODUsports.com posted some useful notes about the game:

  • There will be FREE shuttle service to the game and back from a number of hotels/businesses in Norfolk including Waterside, Norfolk Sheraton, and the Main
  • Free concert Thursday night in Town Point Park starting at 6 PM (parking opens at 5 PM)
  • Game is completely sold out
  • ODU fans are asked to wear white, so rock some maroon and orange

I'm going with orange to stand out

Section 108. Tailgating at VT event on Kaufman Mall. They're serving local microbrews, Wasserhund pilsner and O'conner El Guapo.

#Let's Go - Hokies

always upvote Wasserhund

nice, both breweries are owned (or spouse) by Hokie alums.


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is the O'Connor owner married to a Hokie? from what I've read, he's a Monarch graduate...

Edit: I saw that Aaron and Christine Holley of Wasserhund are both Hokies ('10)

yes, the owner, kevin, his wife is penny, she went to tech, i had a couple of classes with her back in the day.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

I'll be there. Think I might do the joint tailgate since it's close to the stadium.

Gonna be in Asheville this weekend. Any bar ideas for the game? Wife is wanting to watch the Louisville-UVA game as well.

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I love Asheville. Plenty of good beers to be had, although a lot of those breweries aren't really setup as places to watch sports. I would suggest maybe trying Catawba Brewing Company. They are one of the few breweries downtown that I can recall being a good size with several TVs above the bar. May be able to convince them to tune accordingly (UVA is on ACCN and we are on CBSSN, so I'm sure you'll need to work with them to figure out what channels those are there...). Enjoy the beers.

Catawba had a few tvs. I was there during the NHL playoffs and the upstairs of Green Man had a projection screen with the Caps game

Wife just surprised me with 50 yard line tickets for my 30th. I be there.

Settled on just bouncing around the area Saturday. Maybe hit up a brewery or two, find somewhere to eat and just walk around taking in what is hopefully a town turned orange and maroon before the leaves start changing.

you should hit up Benchtop to try their Rippin' Freshies. it's basically an IPA made from unprocessed whole hops picked 24 hours earlier. i just got back from there and was told they only have enough supply to last two more weeks until this batch is gone.

here's a reference point: Benchtop Rippin' Freshies fresh hop IPA

i've never heard of this type of IPA and found out it's a popular west coast thing where hop farms proliferate. i liked what i had and will probably visit a couple more times before the batch runs out.

Benchtop is a favorite. They're one of the best in the area. I was hoping to walk over to Bold Mariner as I have never been, but alas they have a private event from 12-5. Someone must be throwing a heck of a tailgate party or they blew it missing an opportunity to be open to the public during tailgating time.

yeah, benchtop is my jam. them and commonwealth are easily the 2 best in the 757. ripping is draft only, no crowlers. all their ipas are good, why the gong face is money. they still have soft crash, natural juicy and diamond star Halo cans I believe. of the 3, diamond star shines the brightest. see what I did there.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

...easily the 2 best in the 757...


I am partial to Wasserhund, Smartmouth and Big Ugly myself. There is a lot of really good beer in the 757.

I stand by it and I'm friends with Porter, Evan Shawn and Jim and like them and their breweries a lot. wish I were closer to BU.


"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily."-John Blutarsky

Does anyone have any experience with what game day traffic will look like around the stadium, especially with the sellout? I'll be tailgating at my house about 15 minutes away (on a typical day) and I'm curious how early I need to shut that thing down and head to the game.

Hampton Blvd is stupid on game day both in and out of the stadium. Things move, but not quickly.

It isn't bad on foot but it is two-lanes in either direction with stoplights and businesses on both sides of the road. There will be some police doing traffic duty, but don't expect to move quickly around campus.

Slightly OT: Roll calling from "somewhere near the Bahamas".

Really OT: What's the best "game cast"-style site? I'll have low bandwidth and Firefox/IE but want a way to follow the action. If I were at home it would be ESPN.com, but looking for options.


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